the best of emma roberts

i’m inspired.

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if you’re gonna comment about how she “abused” evan peters please don’t waste your time. we have no idea what happened in their relationship + they were both injured just keep your comments to yourself thank u !
Alexander Mongado
Alexander Mongado:
Emma Roberts really does a great job at her innocent roles but she is also great at playing bitchy roles.
Katrina Madrai
Katrina Madrai:
She kinda underated
Wyatt Derp
Wyatt Derp:
"Have you ever won a contest, giveaway, or lottery?"

She won the genetic lottery.
poop poopy
poop poopy:
I think she is the most funny actress in Hollywood. Why dont we have Scary Movie 6 with her!!
Ink Addict
Ink Addict:
I seem to have a celebrity crush and obsession with her.

H P:
when she went ''are you guys gonna do this the whole way, its the same photo''
Hahahahhaha YAS. So true, its so annoying. Take the pic and go
Rachel Writes
Rachel Writes:
Scream Queens is so underrated.
This Is DJ
This Is DJ:
Chanel Oberlin is just like Madison Montgomery
Matt P
Matt P:
how did youtube know i'm obsessed with emma..
Park ChimMin
Park ChimMin:
Any of y’all remember her on Wild Child?
Lisa Simpson
Lisa Simpson:
Only the ogs remember psycho Emma in Scream 4
Katie murusidze
Katie murusidze:
bitchy Emma my favorite Emma <3
Bias Baddie
Bias Baddie:
2:53 me as a celebrity
Rita Flov
Rita Flov:
2:53 lmfaoo I love this woman
James Warzyniak
James Warzyniak:
Buffy Reboot emma roberts would be perfect!
Kyle 2006
Kyle 2006:
She’s just iconic no cap
Jada Allen
Jada Allen:
Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander:
Who here after her pregnancy was announced?
Trevor Talbert
Trevor Talbert:
I love Emma Roberts so much beautiful woman
Big Bad Bellèdawna
Big Bad Bellèdawna:
If I was a celebrity I would keep a water gun with red dye in it just for paparazzi
And I'm talking big gun like super soaker
Hope that expensive equipment is waterproof
Tate Connor
Tate Connor:
the fact that she mentioned wanting to marry a ghost then followed it with a disturbing story about fearing being pulled under the bed by an evil spirit is inspiring, I thrive to reach that level of carefree attitude.
John Murray
John Murray:
How would I impress someone like her?
Mukhammetali Yeleubekov
Mukhammetali Yeleubekov:
First movie starring with her which I’ve watched was Scream
I’ve looked up to her since I was 10 ❤️😫 she is such an icon! 💖
adrian davila
adrian davila:
So we just going to ignore the fact that their was a demon being portrayed as being within in herself via the bubble gum
Kelsey Kel
Kelsey Kel:
Idk how a person can not love her.
Jacey Sprecker
Jacey Sprecker:
Its so crazy how young emma was when she did some of these roles. Like she was 20 when she did scream 4
kim j.a.
kim j.a.:
scream queens was so ahead of its time
Jérémie Magnac
Jérémie Magnac:
Aquarius perfection !
infinite monkeys
infinite monkeys:
Well, now I have another dream that will never come true, feeding Emma ice cream.

Also, Madison Montgomery is just Chanel Oberlin with supernatural powers. And not in a bad way. I was so pissed when they cancelled Scream Queens.
yasmin sara
yasmin sara:
i can’t get enough of her omfh
Aprille Mangcoy
Aprille Mangcoy:
I just really love her ❤️❤️
adoring jeonghan
adoring jeonghan:
Definitely my favorite actress. Thanks for making this compilation.
6:08 Jesus Christ how hasn’t Ariana been caught out for blackface
M D:
sweet Emma 💖
Alex P
Alex P:
She’s pretty cool.
Jilian Santiago
Jilian Santiago:
4:06 Emma's scream is Soo cuteeeeeeeeee
carlos Mares
carlos Mares:
She is gorgeous and a great actress ♡.
The Aviator
The Aviator:
I would love to be her ghost
Gorgeous lady
Josslyn Chavez
Josslyn Chavez:
I literally am in love with her
selma bnz
selma bnz:
i love emma roberts so much ugh ❤️❤️
Today is February 10th, 2020. Happy 29th birthday to Emma Roberts!
Joe Card
Joe Card:
Love her
Minatozaki Sana makes me gay, help
Minatozaki Sana makes me gay, help:
My fav!!
Jawjajah hahhehw
Jawjajah hahhehw:
Shes so amazing
N o e m i
N o e m i:
i love her sm.
jeremy holland
jeremy holland:
I’m glad I watched this😍
k bondyel
k bondyel:
My favourite actress!!! I've been watching her since I was 12
joseph cramutola
joseph cramutola:
Simply an amazing actress & just ridiculously drop dead sexybeautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
zuko 4321
zuko 4321:
I like emma Roberts. Aquamarine, hotel for dogs, scream 4, nerve, scream queens etc. Don't bring up the past relationship unless you were them.
Sergio F
Sergio F:
Emma Roberts is my fav actress
Viorel Nicolae Strimturean
Viorel Nicolae Strimturean:
what a babe! <3
jk im serious
jk im serious:
I loved her role in Nerve
Chanel#1 Oberlin
Chanel#1 Oberlin:
My baby Emma Queen forever !!!
Kiri Like Siri
Kiri Like Siri:
😂 Emma is a doll
Mutlu Yener
Mutlu Yener:
Bu kızı ne zaman görsem aklıma çığlık 4 filmi geliyor
Divine nesixa
Divine nesixa:
I love channel is my favorite 💕✨
where was the opening scene from?
a B
a B:
shes so pretty funny and smart
DeAnna Lopez
DeAnna Lopez:
I have never looked at her the same after she sold out lobster boy... and got sawed in half... 😭💔 (edit: my comment was NOT for evens, it was for “lobster boy” I’m not one to speak on their relationship offset . Obviously they are both happy separated and living their lives.) ✌️ & ❤️
Mister Oblak
Mister Oblak:
So beatifull Emmy😀
Nya Fertile
Nya Fertile:
She is beautiful.
Bruhh wow.
Bruhh wow.:
I just love her
N y c t o p h i l i a
N y c t o p h i l i a:
“What fresh hell is this”
Emp Tee
Emp Tee:
YEEEEAAAARRRRGGGHH! she is such a babe!
Dominique Holzle
Dominique Holzle:
She beautiful
Sea Melody
Sea Melody:
She's sort of look like avril lavigne.
Ocean Smith
Ocean Smith:
I like Emma Roberts but her true personality definitely does show in the show's /movies she plays in. I still love Emma Roberts as a actress tho.
Jeff Camacho
Jeff Camacho:
Emma Roberts will play I've princess in the future pathetic voltorb needs a new plan...
Iblis Syaitan
Iblis Syaitan:
I love you emma
Abel ZL
Abel ZL:
she's so skinny i loveher ♡
Travis Lee
Travis Lee:
Dang emma is fine
Zero Cool
Zero Cool:
Audio out of sync.
Miguel Sosa
Miguel Sosa:
Que!!! Hermosa mujer!!! Está chica va por los mejores Oscar es grande Atriz
I love her
Joe Joe
Joe Joe:
Most people don't realize this is the little girl from the movie Blow. this was George's daughter
Rodney Lewis Jr
Rodney Lewis Jr:
I love me some emma roberts
can I plz get a link to 6:00?? she is soo cute
Hitting Evan Peters
Jeff Camacho
Jeff Camacho:
Emma Roberts will play Ice princess in the future pathetic voltorb needs a new plan...
Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher:
Your thighs were hot on Miami Beach on 12/13/17
I love her sm
Markel Ellis
Markel Ellis:
I remember Emma Roberts. She's a really good actress. She played Papi Moore in Wild Child the movie, a teenage girl in Hotel for Dogs, and I remember that I saw her play another teenage girl in high school on the movie, Scream 4. What a really good actress. I certainly would like to meet her and get her autograph someday. She's a really cool girl.
iFazer8 AKA The Doctor
iFazer8 AKA The Doctor:
Rayven bird
Rayven bird:
I love emma roberts she is the best
There weren’t any scenes of her abusing Evan Peters, damn what’s that about
Madison Montgomery
Madison Montgomery:
Leandro Pinheiro Channel
Leandro Pinheiro Channel:
Emma Roberts is Very beautiful and perfect 💓💓💓 i love much her 💓💓💓🥰 she is my dream and i AM Very Crazy for her 💓💓💓 because she is amazing 😻😻😻
Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher:
You are hot
Prison Mike
Prison Mike:
You forgot the part where she punches evan peters
Micaela Fazzio
Micaela Fazzio:
link de película nerve
Fisher Maxim
Fisher Maxim:
Too skinny....
J P:
Aww no clips of her beating her bf
redblue streak
redblue streak:
Emma Roberts is the perfect cast for Chanel Oberlin, she portrays Chanel brilliantly, plus she's so gorgeous, just cute and adorable, she's polite, well spoken and love to read, so darn smart, she's the whole package, she's such a babe.
Lorenzo Montagna
Lorenzo Montagna:
Is she also the best at beating up her boyfriend pretty badly?