Thailand cracks down on pro-democracy, anti-monarchy protests | DW News

Pro-democracy protestors in Thailand are threatening to defy a ban on gatherings and stage new demonstrations today. Police are setting up checkpoints in the capital Bangkok to prevent demonstrators from congregating. The government has declared a state of emergency as part of a crackdown on the demonstrators. At least 20 including three protest leaders have been arrested. The protestors are calling for a change to the constitution and an overhaul of the monarchy.


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ted CyX2o
ted CyX2o:
We ask the world to understand what we are moving in this time. We don't want to be slaves to a dictator.
If the king likes staying outside the country, can they just not let him back in? It's a win-win.
Damian Oh
Damian Oh:
Everybody wants democracy. It is desired by ALL modern peoples.
Our milk tea alliance sis and bro, all my respect to ur courage and actions. We will always standby you. Love from Taiwan❤️
barigala Prashanthkumar
barigala Prashanthkumar:
Who won't be angry when they see their king enjoying in foreign hotels when the country is struggling
Carl Geomari Linobo
Carl Geomari Linobo:
The late King was really really Great, a Devoted King, hands down to that, but the son is not that great, let's face it thai or not, no great King would spend most of its time in Germany and Shop in a mall in a crop top😂.
R F:
When COVID-19 started, the Thai king flew to Germany with her consorts and stayed there with all the luxury wile average Thai people are losing their jobs and falling into poverty. He is so out of touch.
Naki Armstrong
Naki Armstrong:
A lot of Thais lost their respect for the king. He spends most of his time in Germany with a harem of women whom he gave them military ranks. There is no other monarchs in any countries in this world that reside outside their countries. He has a luxury life style on the expense of taxpayers money whereas a lot of Thai people in the rural areas lives under poverty.
Abdulai Bah
Abdulai Bah:
I stand with the people. Never give up.
Putri SN
Putri SN:
I hope this will start a reformation. Monarchy should not be exist no more.
Sha Mee
Sha Mee:
Shame on thai army...respect democracy not the womanizer playboy mad man...
The Leader
The Leader:
Covid revealed a lot of facts about dictatorships.
This is why the US has the 2nd amendment that allows citizens to own firearms. Because if the government oppress the people it is their duty to fight back and with arms they can
Much support to brave Thai people. You have to fight for your rights and democracy cause those dictators and totalitarianism governments will take away your basic rights as a human eventually.
This man whom made his dog the ‘Air Force General’ cannot be allowed to continue like that.

The king have to be stripped off uneccesary power. Royal power shall be highly restraint by law.

Power shall be only granted to elected head of government.
mark wiedle
mark wiedle:
Kings just are not what they used to be. Time to a-bol-ish the king idea.
Doug Texas
Doug Texas:
The youth of today are tomorrows leader. The old people will die off. The Thai people want a democracy. The Thai government is not dealing with this well.
Hati Lee
Hati Lee:
The professor dare not to say anything against the present king.
Davy Heron
Davy Heron:
Take down the king 🤴no one have any king over them Jesus is the only king.
Skogsjärven Ab
Skogsjärven Ab:
The wonderful Thai people deserve at least a piece of democracy.
Jeff White
Jeff White:
Where's the human right?
Where's free of speech?

Didn't western country see this or double standard!
no place for monarchs in the 21st century.
b cole
b cole:
He love to go to Germany bringing 20 women in hotel . Now that’s a great way to be lockdown
“Democracy is ten well armed and trained Sheep to every one Wolf.”
As a Korean, I support the Thai Democratic Protests; democracy demands a lot of sacrifice.
Ramiro Perez
Ramiro Perez:
I fear this will happen here in the USA when the election reveals the winner between Trump or Biden. End of times 💯
อภิวัฒน์ สีดาเเหลม
อภิวัฒน์ สีดาเเหลม:
Please​ Stand​ with​ Thailand.​ I​ am​ from​ Thailand.​ We​ are​ fighting​ for​ the​ real​ democracy.​
Chille Liu
Chille Liu:
USA at it again.
The former king will never be able to rest in peace with the country under that selfish person. Never
I am Thai who is in trouble. Now my country has a lot of people being carried and assaulted.
No more king and military, power should be returned to people of Thailand. This is 21st century King makes his dad was better.....
Lar M
Lar M:
Thai people respected their roaylty in the past but always resist the power hungry military government. Now they are protesting against both.
Chin Han Tsai
Chin Han Tsai:
Really they love the country? Or they love to get paid daily.
cyn free
cyn free:
Thailand has future becos their young people are standing up for their future.
Real American
Real American:
Look how much germs they’re spreading, protest during a pandemic? Don’t copy us.
Vladimir Cmero
Vladimir Cmero:
Why I have a feeling that the Thai king will end up like the French king under the guillotine. It is clear that Thai people are losing patience with this monarchy and putting opposition leaders into jail will not help in the long run.
Gerhard Beltran
Gerhard Beltran:
What are they doing there's a virus outside?!
Микола Моргун
Микола Моргун:
It’s 21st century, time to change
This way Thai economy will be ruined lol special visa Shame on king
นี่คือสิ่งที่เกิดขึ้นในฟิลิปปินส์ในช่วงเวลาที่มีมาร์กอส ...... ตอนนี้ฟิลิปปินส์ล่มสลายเพราะเหตุนั้น
himanshu singh
himanshu singh:
Everyone is protesting
Me: it's lockdown effect.
The whole world is angry this year. Every continent everywhere 😳 wheres justice. Sighs*
Indra Juanno
Indra Juanno:
So the previous king successfully makes people happy but he failed to educate his son, that is how Monarch falls :D
Long Quang
Long Quang:
Guess the king stayed in quarantine with his concubines for too long lol
บอกเเล้ว ไม่เชื่อ
บอกเเล้ว ไม่เชื่อ:
Long live democracy
Thailand is basically no more a democracy than China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea.
I stand with the people
I miss king Rama 9, before all this chaos.
The Master
The Master:
Thailand... Indonesia is with you! Support on behalf democracy! From people, By People, and For People!!!!
Matej Eber
Matej Eber:
Why US doesn't impose any sanctions like in other non democratic countries?! Because the government of Thailand are friends with US. The same is for Saudi Arabia. So it is never about democracy.
ฤทธิไกร การภักดี
ฤทธิไกร การภักดี:
ประเทศไทย สู้ๆ 🌹👍
We have same situation with Thai, stay strong. Love from Indonesia
Vee Cee
Vee Cee:
🇬🇧 💕 🇹🇭 please stay safe everyone. God Save The Kingdom of Thailand. 👑 👑 👑
Joseph Årrr
Joseph Årrr:
×€&#£*×¥*You should talk about protest in indonesia/kyrgyzstan too........
Edit: thank you for deleting my comment twice.
Bai Wu Li
Bai Wu Li:
''Imperial Thailand''
David Nelson
David Nelson:
Future belongs to the young generation in every country, and for this, democracy should prevail . . . . . . .
McLaren Klaveren
McLaren Klaveren:
Another protest for democracy?
Any american hand in it .
toni ace
toni ace:
royalist be like :You guys his just living his best life!, his just driving his bike in his bikini no big deal😂😂😂
Save Thailand protester. Thai need real democracy
I want to overthrow the monarchy.
John Johnson
John Johnson:
0:27 my entire life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
😏 Conspiracy theories of Thai Elite like White Terror (白色恐怖) in Taiwan
3:37 - tank top guy was inspired by the king.
Juander Food
Juander Food:
I hope ph (this generation) have courage to do this :’( we all deserve goverment that prioritize its own people..
อาราชิ มุรามาสะ
อาราชิ มุรามาสะ:
The legends and military are the important tools of the King's kingdom to lie to the nations that Thailand governs the word of the matter and the military trusts not rule with fear
Job. olo
Job. olo:
Death Boy
Death Boy:
0:40 I quit my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
long live democracy, down falls monarchy and dictatorship
Thailand of decent... law-abiding the protesters... just like everyone. The most Thai pleple respect this the law
Penguin Hunter
Penguin Hunter:
Thank you we need more international awareness to help with this.
Keith WS
Keith WS:
"less popular than his father" wow! Now there's an understatement.
The previous king did a lot for the people. The current king is the dictionary definition of hedonism.
His quarantine was "lock me away... With 12 of the hottest models you can find"
ตัวเก็บ สำรอง
ตัวเก็บ สำรอง:
dang Shorty
dang Shorty:
CIA’s work again!!
dick heder
dick heder:
thaksin will soon be back as prez, thailand should institute a constitutional monarchy like d UK
France: Two years of rioting. Even the fire brigade side with the protestors. Our media are silent.
America: Months of rioting, militias on the street, threat of civil war. Our media are silent.

Thailand: Has one weekend of protest rallies. Our media: "Their government should resign."
There just need to be no more kings. No more royalty no more of 1 person holding all the power. It just doesn't work
We have the freedom in my country. love love Thailand, King
mark suckaturd
mark suckaturd:
Sonja Hand
Sonja Hand:
They should model their monarchy after Britain. It helps to become more Pro Democracy Republic 👍 It's good to limit the ideology of a few to benefit the Mass.
Long live the king 🇹🇭🙏❤️
America is behind the real one.
Michael Kligel
Michael Kligel:
Famous quote from fable จักรพรรดิไม่มีเสื้อผ้า
Kinston Lek
Kinston Lek:
The technique use in Hong Kong is smilliar in Thailand my guess is those country have human right group and ngo it time to kick them all out before the same situation happen in your country.
Un Potato
Un Potato:
We want to reform the monarchy because the king of Thailand using Thai people taxes. He's enjoying his life but doing nothing for his people.
Dottie R
Dottie R:
Same with States representatives. They no longer live in the States they supposedly represent.
Valon Muadibh
Valon Muadibh:
You know what to do with a forest which became sick, right?
P Oh
P Oh:
At least the late King Father had respect and cared for the Thai people. This playboy is NOT fit to be king!!! Military rule no longer has a place in a democratic Thailand!!!
Damin Chapos
Damin Chapos:
Covid is, tension everywhere 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mark Petch
Mark Petch:
Stand up for the Thailand people
Against this greedy dictater.
Adi Farhan Yusof
Adi Farhan Yusof:
Kirin Sama
Kirin Sama:
Long live the king of Thailand!
maria chavez
maria chavez:
Respect Right on Thailand 🇹🇭 Stay United
The Rain Piano
The Rain Piano:
1:36 Wow so this is the tradition so present him a bill. This king should definitely abdicate. Even Queen Elizabeth dont treat people like this. For me a king/Queen should only be like figurehead like in UK and not hold any power.
Joshua Mcdonald
Joshua Mcdonald:
Oh god let’s hope it doesn’t turn into the next battle of Bangkok
Green Cruz
Green Cruz:
Fight for democracy.🔥
martin p
martin p:
3 fingers by me .....its time for democracy in lovely Thailand
ben chan
ben chan:
the hunger game? really Thailand? can't come up anything more original? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Umbrella Corporation
Umbrella Corporation:
Super spreader 😂
ฤทธิไกร การภักดี
ฤทธิไกร การภักดี:
ประเทศไทย สู้ๆ