Thai protesters confront royals in Bangkok visit - BBC News

Pro-democracy protesters in Thailand have confronted a motorcade carrying members of the royal family as it passed through a rally in Bangkok.

The protesters, who were pushed back by ranks of police, raised the three-finger salute that has become a symbol of the protest movement.

They have called for curbs on the king's powers and for the resignation of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha.

The protests on Wednesday follow months of escalating tension in the country.

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British Empire
British Empire:
Thailand has the richest king in the world. But most of the people were poor, the king lived in Germany, lived a rich life, ignored the people, even COVID 19.
Alexandria Monteiro
Alexandria Monteiro:
You can't blame the younger generation for their Intelligence and being open minded for their Future.
我愛台灣 我爱台湾
我愛台灣 我爱台湾:
Stand strong Thais, from Taiwan.
Muhammad Adib Arham Alias
Muhammad Adib Arham Alias:
Without people there are no King, People created the King, so people have the right to make changes
Rick Keylock
Rick Keylock:
He is a disgrace. His father would be ashamed of him.
Splash 29
Splash 29:
Im not thai but i dont like new thai king. So sad for thai people have useless king.
Noy P
Noy P:
His wealths came from taxes money , while Thai’s people are struggling. He is a dictator
toni ace
toni ace:
I dont know alot about him, but him in a bikini while driving his bicycle. Is One of the weirdest thing i’ve seen😂😂😂
Johnny Irenchi
Johnny Irenchi:
The King has a personal wealth of $30 Billion U.S dollars! That's the people of Thailand's wealth, stolen wealth indeed. Go people of Thailand hope you win, and political reforms are implemented, support from Australia.
I do not understand why in today's day and age and we still have monarchy? They are nothing but sucking hard working people's income.
Critico de Olaf
Critico de Olaf:
There should be no longer royals in this generation. Let them get a job and work.
P Oh
P Oh:
The wealthiest ruler in the world but does he care about the Thais? NO!!!
Is that the King who was seen wearing pantyhoes?
Miko Antoro
Miko Antoro:
Thailand, as you know Indonesia is stand with you! Support on behalf for democracy! From people, By People, and For People!
Wide Eye
Wide Eye:
when you keep ALL the money for yourself and don't help YOUR own People i'm surprised He aint been shot,,,,,, I lived in Thailand for a year and they don't help their own!
Ianroy Well
Ianroy Well:
I stand with the Thailand people. Here's my three fingers salute in the skies.
Ray Mak
Ray Mak:
What's gonna happen to Thailand?
Andy ng
Andy ng:
Bring down this corrupted dynasty, they did notthing for people of Thailand.
jim parsit
jim parsit:
Enough is enough: the evil government for 300 years. This mafia family has long been corrupt and slave millions of people survive on a lease than $2.00 a day. Another mass murder by the thug mafia family will happen again soon. People must aware and prepare to fight to the death. The barbarian does not know dialogue, power is in the barrel of the GUN. Do it the smart way, please. Get rid of the barbarian elites that cause the problem, and the less will surrender.
Thank you BBC for delivering truth to the whole world. We are working very hard to bring back our rights and democracy. Right now, all of the mainstream Thai media refuse to do their job and help the government to twist the truth. All of the protesters are unarmed and they are surrounded by armed police who might attack them with tear gas or weapons anytime. Please give Thailand a lot of attention. We will no longer tolerate this unfair system anymore.
Good luck Thailand for the Freedom !
thumsaroch kittiphon
thumsaroch kittiphon:
May everyone in the world speak out loud for the democracy of the new generation of Thai children. Dictatorship shall perish!!!
Ever Green
Ever Green:
So proud of you Thais, I wish this Will serve as an Eye opener for Filipinos', too
Long live democracy
Long live democracy:
I 'm thai Thai military government hundreds of people have been killed just because he wants democracy
Kevin Parratt
Kevin Parratt:
The current 'king' is an insult to his father's legacy. He's a bloody crook.
God of Manga V2
God of Manga V2:
I From Thailand 🇹🇭 :
Thank you very much international news agencies for making news on this matter. Now domestic news agencies are afraid to make news because they will be persecuted by their powers. Some Thai news agencies that made the news were arrested. Some live streams are still being captured during the live broadcast.
rapeepong inyam
rapeepong inyam:
I am Thai, I hate him for taking the money from the people and he doesn't use anything to make my country better, only worse. He just wants to get comfortable on other people's heads. The hard earned money But he wasted😩
Chakri King
Chakri King:
They’re in a dictatorship and the politicians are just ex Military leaders. The Thai people deserve better and deserve democracy ... they need to throw him off the throne, his father was respected he has bought disgrace to his family. I lived in Thailand for many years it’s a wonderful place with bad leadership.
john smith
john smith:
Maybe he wants to be king of germany rather than king of thai
Andy Kh
Andy Kh:
Mongolia with Thailand. Down with the tyrants all around the world.
Package Nepal
Package Nepal:
The king must be kicked out .We support for the freedom of Thai people
The Thai people are coming to their senses.
สะก๊าก TV
สะก๊าก TV:
สู้ๆๆๆๆ ขอให้ทุกคนปลอดภัยด้วยนะครับ. อย่าให้มีการใช้ความรุนแรงกับประชาชน 🙏🙏🙏
It seems like Thailand Civil war where Royalist vs Parlimentarian from English civil war
David Phillips
David Phillips:
There are no "parties" because the military dictator who seized control in 2014 outlawed them and anyone who goes against him usually ends up in a river with a belly full of cement and their families rotting in jails. The first thing the dictator did was threaten the media with death or jail for speaking badly against him--which is why many of these Thai reporters are being really careful of what they say.
The whole world is going crazy
Fei Long 黄飞龙
Fei Long 黄飞龙:
The Thai King gave his pet dog an official military rank and the dog actually earns money 😂... This man is insane. The last King was not that crazy, that's why Thailand used to love their king.
Thailand has the richest king in the world
And Thai ppl never ever get anything help from them 😡
sister saison
sister saison:
government​ in​ Thailand​ trying​ close​ their​ people​s​ eyes​ from​ news​ from​ social​
Bill O’Neal
Bill O’Neal:
When you have a corrupt dictatorial government that is destroying the country and the lives of its people, little wonder they are protesting!
The protesters!! Traitor !traitor !💀
Warrior Queen
Warrior Queen:
Yes, they should remove that useless king and his minions..
ht moh
ht moh:
When money is involved. They will kick their own family members down.
Nav J
Nav J:
It is 2020, Kings and monarchy should end .. Thai people are one of the nicest people in the world. Good job thai's dont give up..
I’m THAI 🇹🇭
Thai government use violence against unarmed protesters , depriving the people of our rights to freedom of expression , Thai government has shown us how fragile and shameful they are .
Lar M
Lar M:
The Thai Royalty is falling. When I was in Thailand in the early 1970's people respected their royalty in general.
Rulx Jean charles
Rulx Jean charles:
So the king have 30billions dollars and the other side most of the people are living in extremes poverty.arrest the king put him in jail he's a corrupt ruler he's no God
Mmapara Pilusa
Mmapara Pilusa:
Very few men throughout human history have ever been worthy of the mantle of King.... I doubt this guy is one of them.
For Thailand - Three Demands Not One Less!
For Hong Kong - Five Demands Not One Less!


Stand With Thailand💛
Stand with Hong Kong💛

After rain there’s a rainbow, after a storm there’s calm, after night there’s a morning, and after an ending there’s a new beginning.
The Black Freighter Tattoo Co
The Black Freighter Tattoo Co:
Even if the people can get rid of the king,they need to change the army then bring in a non corrupt govt. This just seems highly unlikely and sad 😞
Polat Jumadurdyyev
Polat Jumadurdyyev:
Actually he looks like Admiral General Aladeen without a beard 😂
kunkeeree sreesunthon
kunkeeree sreesunthon:
I lived in thailand and i have learned that under the rule of the dictator you could have even gone silently if you don’t keep your mouth shut or questioning the monarchy but now the people has tolerance to these kind of injustice no longer.
Now the people from every corner of the country have gathered to show their righteousness of freedom.
Under the peaceful protest all of the protesters are unarmed and still the government have ordered the officers to arrest and treat them like they are prisoners when they are just normal unarmed person.
Please the rally needs the public support to succeed be the voice of us shout out for our freedom and for one less dictator will be remove from the world.
Yuri Romero
Yuri Romero:
Respect all Thais for this equalities in every part of world is a must, we are all human and must be treated equally
Jeff White
Jeff White:
Where's human right?
Where's free of speech?

Didn't western country see this or double standard!
Kevin Toner
Kevin Toner:
"The wealthiest ruler in the world"
Highly doubtful. Unless based entirely on publicly known wealth
Monarchy is outdated
God bless this brave, active, and wonderful Thai people and their democracy.
Platonggoah Chooppangtod
Platonggoah Chooppangtod:
Truly, the former king signs to certify the coup d'etat for 11 times but there are many people who still respect him because of good propaganda in the past. I'm thai and I used to be the one of them. Conversely, the new king didn't have a good image since the past. so there are many thai people who like "I'm like the former king but I dont like the new king" which make it harder to remove the monarchy in thailand. Furthermore, the mass media agree with them so everything is harder. English is not my native language but I hope you still understand.😢
Mon RY
Mon RY:
No one could endure any more. Tax money to spend lavishly People in a critical situation are dire. Income was not enough with expenditures, people lost their jobs, suicides due to the terrible crisis, but king take the tax money to the girls in the harem.And meddle in politics, self-governance as an arbitrary setting
Public taxes are not used to develop the country or help the poor......... !!🤐🤫😢In these economic conditions the world is dire. Do not aggravate each other. Should sympathize with people.
Tim Travasos
Tim Travasos:
Throw those "royal" weasels out onto the street and let them live as commoners do.
komarela kobayaxi
komarela kobayaxi:
BBC and CNN:
"oh, my god, this is a beautiful scene."
The King of Thailand should really be in his Kingdom and not be hiding in a foreign land in Germany.
Sky Per
Sky Per:
Save the Thai people from the dictatorship please
Wong wan chung
Wong wan chung:
This Thai protests is Similar to the Hong Kong protests Demonstration.
สปอยล์ ฟรอยด์รั่ว
สปอยล์ ฟรอยด์รั่ว:
ระบอบประชาธิปไตร จอมปอม แต่นี่คือระบอบเผด็จการจริงๆ ทำร้าย ยัดข้อหา
ดำเนินคดีสำหรับคนที่เห็นต่าง นายกออกไป
REPUBLIC OF THAILAND !!!! hong kong, taiwan milk tea alliance
Jame GoDTH
Jame GoDTH:
ตอนนี้ประเทศเราเป็นข่าวขนาดนี้ เขาก็ยังกล้าอยู่ต่อเนอะ
Our milk tea alliance sis and bro, all my respect to ur courage and actions. We will always standby you. Love from Taiwan❤️
'When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.' - Thomas Jefferson -
Pray from Korea for democracy of Thailand.
Peter Kovinski
Peter Kovinski:
All Brits have to go to Thailand to support these people. Posting YouTube comments isn't enough. They need your help.
Harry Barry
Harry Barry:
Odd how you didn’t show the anti tv license protestors.
The king killed the people.
I want the UN to come to the attention of human rights. In my country.
Perfect Students
Perfect Students:
Why is the US government very silent about the crackdowns on PEACEFUL protesters in Thailand? The US imposed sanctions on the Hong Kong government for confronting VIOLENT protesters.
Dr. Bruno Recipes
Dr. Bruno Recipes:
Sending lots of love and peace to everyone ❤️
I live in Bangkok. I used to complain about living in the UK. Now I don’t. Wish us luck. 😈
Manoon K
Manoon K:
Pull down the monarchy to combine with the Thai assembly, the Thai government is doing it.
The protesters just a few people,The most people are happy chill! chill!
Lar M
Lar M:
This king sided with the power hungry military government in assulting their own people. Sick.
The Thai government prevents opposition and love groups from killing each other. You know !!BBC😈
Nidia Luccioni
Nidia Luccioni:
Good Luck to Thailand in your future Money talks bul-s—-t walks that’s the way it is
Paul Hoye
Paul Hoye:
Thais hate the king, but "god save the queen" of england😅
Opposition supporters who lost the election
Juan Dela Cruz
Juan Dela Cruz:
adds to 2020’s worst moment!!
War of the roses Thailand episode?
Also, I wonder if this could/would happen to the Windsors?
ไอ้ไก่ Thailand
ไอ้ไก่ Thailand:
Manggon Tv
Manggon Tv:
Im thai people
I just want to say there are a lot of thai people that didn't agree whit this protesters​ and a lot of thai people that love our king because our king help us in the past
if u are protesters didn't mean everyone will agree whit u
(sorry for bad English)
AllahDallas MuhammadSetthathirath
AllahDallas MuhammadSetthathirath:
Thai protesters comfort a playboy king in Bangkok.
Name less
Name less:
Im Thai. We are democratic country which have been ruled over for many years by dictatorship either they are royal or dictators. Its not different. It should be revolted by now. #Fightforrights
Can Do it
Can Do it:
The Queen
The Queen:
I lived in Bangkok during Bhumibol's rule when he was still alive. Hopefully Bangkok gets better. No country deserve a useless monarchy, but then again monarchy sucks
I worked with a family who are Thai. They have a lot of respect and admiration for the former king but don't feel as much for his son. They view him as more of a "playboy" enjoying his status rather than a monarch acting on behalf of his country. I've heard his father was well educated and did great things to help the country. It's a shame his son doesn't take the same pride in or motivation to continue Thailand's national and international identity.
This remembers me when I got stuck in the Hong Kong 🇭🇰 protests
Veena M.
Veena M.:
They were shouting “let our friends go” soon the government will put charges to the students leaders
Kamin Oni-Chanシ
Kamin Oni-Chanシ:
Thailand not Happiness 😢😢
Thailand No more happiness.
Twenty Channel
Twenty Channel:
ขอบคุณสำหรับการตีแผ่ข่าวสารว่าประเทศไทยจริงไเป็นอย่างไร ไม่มีเสรีภาพ ประชาธิปไตย เห็นต่างเท่ากับผิด
Isbat Ul Kareem
Isbat Ul Kareem:
criticism is nt allowed in thailand though about monarchy ..this is call strict law🤣🤣the west brainwashing our ppl...
แฟลชประกายแสง ฮีโร่คลาส S
แฟลชประกายแสง ฮีโร่คลาส S:
This is the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life with this government.
Devjani Manoban
Devjani Manoban:
I really love Thailand because of Lisa😍