Tempted - EP9 | Joy Finds Condoms in Woo Do Hwan's Bedroom [Eng Sub]

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About Tempted (위대한 유혹자):
Many people wish to be the great tempter who has power over love. However, once they actually experience love, they begin to understand that what they once wished for was foolish and useless. In this drama, all the characters are in love just like us. To be frank, they all desire someone. The desires to love and to be loved clash with each other as the story unravels. Some regret the mask they hid behind in front of love and express their disappointment and anger to others. Through love, some learn to love themselves while others get too hurt to stand back on their feet. But then again, through many hardships, some get back on their feet and learn to love once again. Tempted hopes for the viewers to laugh, cry, and go through these stories together. Just like how everyone′s interpretation of love is different, this drama wishes that we can all love passionately without any comparisons.

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Tempted - EP9 | Joy Finds Condoms in Woo Do Hwan's Bedroom [Eng Sub]

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aroha aroha
aroha aroha:
I got scared when she yelled at him for pouring the sause.
Norhanisa Lumna
Norhanisa Lumna:
I don't know why people criticize this drama but for me this is one of the best drama 2018. You know the chemistry is really strong.
Mina Meredith
Mina Meredith:
She looked at him like "I ain't straight"
Ali 7053
Ali 7053:
She picked it up with scissors 😂 and just the line of condoms came with it
Pia Angelica Bughao Olegario
Pia Angelica Bughao Olegario:
I only remembered Joy screaming "yah!" when she asked sungjae who's prettier between her and the flower in Hainan then Sunjae answered "the nature is prettier." "Yah!!!"
Maddie Kove
Maddie Kove:
hahahahah, his outfit says "saint hood". oh well, shi hyun, not today!
monica andrade
monica andrade:
In the US it’s very common for a 16 year old boy to carry condom actually
That shout at 1:34 was better of a jump scare than any horror movie I have seen
I honestly don't understand the hate for this drama. It was pretty interesting and I watched the whole thing. People were coming after Joy for her acting skills, but I really don't see the problem. She's a good actor. Not the best obviously, but it's better than most of the people that are criticising it. One of the best dramas of 2018. Period.
Jahanavi Jodha
Jahanavi Jodha:
The phrase written on his shirt mean a lot
Sheena Marie Domingo
Sheena Marie Domingo:
This is a very good drama to watch I swear. I think the plot was too intense for them. And its american based drama cruel intentions. I just noticed that every korean version dramas are not famous in korea and it is always criticized.
Changxi Official ♍️
Changxi Official ♍️:
Why use real names for the thumbnail?
Mark Angelo Ventura
Mark Angelo Ventura:
he get me every kind hahaahahhaaha ...
Mia Janes
Mia Janes:
I kinda felt bad for him when she was yelling at him
Miku Kim
Miku Kim:
i love how she didn't forget to take the food with her when she left asjshhdhdhd
His jacket says saint hood and his drawer is filled.with condom 😂😂😂
joy has greats acting skill
Pursia 634
Pursia 634:
"he got me every kind" hahahha im dead 3:07
we’re back no more brakes
we’re back no more brakes:
The plot of this drama would be perfect if they lessened the family drama and focused on the leads. And Idk but, the way they shot this drama is off. Good cast wasted.
Sila Ali
Sila Ali:
Why didnt I realize before how harsh she was in this scene.
Shang-shang Shang
Shang-shang Shang:
I like how she went out with the foods ♡ ♡ ♡ I can relate
Isaac Carr
Isaac Carr:
They should have casted Sungjae
•ᄉ•the Best of me
•ᄉ•the Best of me:
Awww I felt like crying when she yelled at him and he was so innocent omg I felt so sad
kealene zurita i am me.
kealene zurita i am me.:
Mmmmmm remember when they. Where at this show and he said he was getting closer to joy from red velvet. .the one where he said "did you eat " like he did just now he was hitting on her infront of Sun-J 🌞 from btob.😀😀😀🌺❤💋
Lorist Norton
Lorist Norton:
She is one of my favorite female leads in kdramas. And the male lead's acting is top knotch. Loved him on kingdom too.
Tasnim Tabassum
Tasnim Tabassum:
The fact his top says sainthood makes it even funnier 😂
Im gonna miss him 😭😭😭😭
I bet he actually really shocked when Joy yell at him🤣
Lucky Defyuu
Lucky Defyuu:
Unbreakable sword ♥️🤣
"he got me every kind" 😔🔫
They put their real names instead of the character names 😂
rouie krg
rouie krg:
this is the best scene, next is when he was trying (like desperate) to catch cherry blossoms
ᑕᕼIᑎᑕᕼIᑎ ᗰᗩᖇᑌ
ᑕᕼIᑎᑕᕼIᑎ ᗰᗩᖇᑌ:
1:34 *do y'all hear that dripping sauce ASMR?* | ͡ᵔ ﹏ ͡ᵔ |
Rochelle Stewart
Rochelle Stewart:
I'm sorry but I just realized what's on his shirt, SAINT HOOD. In this moment upon discovering the sexual protective wear. I can't stop laughing
Sonal Sherchan Thakali
Sonal Sherchan Thakali:
Both of their acting are so real depending on the situation.. I got here after The King: eternal monarch...
I dont stan Red Velvet but woww.
Tehya Lim
Tehya Lim:
😂😂 he was wearing a sweater that said Saint Hood when she found the condoms lmao
STARMY is me
STARMY is me:
omg he’s like a puppy, i bet bts they kept breaking out into laughter when she yelled at him about pouring the sauce
I love this scene 😂😂😂
Neomi Blake
Neomi Blake:
Damn he got the whole aisle of condoms😂😂
I love Woo Do Hwan. His acting is bomb
Read some books!!!
Read some books!!!:
He's so handsome😍😍
1:34 he's cute lol
Steliana Jasmine
Steliana Jasmine:
Both of the leads are hot as hell
Wa yo
Wa yo:
Gosh, Woo Do Hwan is so hot. 😍
Fox Rain
Fox Rain:
At least he is responsible.. 😍😍😍
Angelica Trino
Angelica Trino:
If somebody shouts at me like that, i would walk away and eat in peace somewhere quiet.
hobi Song
hobi Song:
is no one gonna talk how those delivery guys had such a bad character ,i mean they already got paid,and they just stayed there waiting to get money again,if they saw her taking money out her pocket they could have said they were already paid or smth,da frick
luna 루나
luna 루나:
he prepared too much tho :>
Susana .3.
Susana .3.:
This is a drama where I wish it focused more on the other main couple
Sejla Dzankovic
Sejla Dzankovic:
Lmaooo he's like "why so many??" 😂
Marisa M
Marisa M:
I love it when Woo Dohwan makes that cute little sound as he giggles contently😔🥺
Average looking Gamer girl
Average looking Gamer girl:
Literally some of my 14 year old boy that are friends have condoms with them....... =/
They get surprised when they find stuff like that because over there having sex is kind of well not allowed till your older and they don’t really teach sex Ed
Kade Lynn
Kade Lynn:
I’ll never forget the interview dohwan and joy had and dohwan just looked at her and went, “wow” and she started giggling like a school girl. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH 😭
Christine Amistad
Christine Amistad:
Wow he is so handsome 😍 even thought he is the antagonist in divine fury i can't stop drooling 🤤 to him.. 😂 😂
I loved every minute of this drama y’all r tripping-
bubbly asmr
bubbly asmr:
pm step29
pm step29:
1:35 cute lol 😂😂😂
Mano21 21
Mano21 21:
Anyone here in 2020 after watching the king eternal monarch
Andreea Ene
Andreea Ene:
This is soooooooooo funny😂😂😂😂
I scream you scream gimme that gimme that Ice cream
I scream you scream gimme that gimme that Ice cream:
This kdrama came out really good and cooool. Until the plot gone too clingy and cheesy
BM's Tiddies
BM's Tiddies:
The girl is a really good actress, she made me wanna punch her on the face, that's really good acting
Shimu Amin
Shimu Amin:
HA HA HA. It is so funny. 😀😁😂😂😂😂😂😂
I watched a movie with woo do hwan as the villain so it falls cool seeing him act completely opposite
Im Bored
Im Bored:
I'm watching so much Korean dramas that I actually understood when she said "봐? 진짜?" ( well that's at least what I think what joy said) and I'm proud wow
Azissah Pasandalan
Azissah Pasandalan:
3:05 so cuteeeeee
Lilo Gc
Lilo Gc:
She shouldn't be that freaked out because of the condoms. I find it very responsible from a guy's part.
Taetae K
Taetae K:
I feel so bad for him she’s so mean to him🥺😫😖😥
Pop to K-pop
Pop to K-pop:
I was literally unable to stop laughing when she screamed..when he was pouring sauce
At first I didnt know RV Joy can act. Thats why out of curiosity I watch this drama and It didnt failed. She is a talented girl. So this how I became a fan of RV Joy man. Hahaha
Paige Boyd
Paige Boyd:
I laughed at this SO hard 😂😂😂
Manuel Sanchez
Manuel Sanchez:
Do Hwan sounds a loooot like, in spanish "Don Juan", which is a surname for a guy that likes to have a lot of girls
Can we just take a sec to agree o. The fact that her fashion Is impeccable
Bella Hinch
Bella Hinch:
I am in love with the show 😘😘
I miss Oppa already and its only been a couple days since he left 😥😥 How am I going to last the next two years 😣😫
Paowe Guite
Paowe Guite:
Joy is soo cute jst my type of girl
Debbie Marty
Debbie Marty:
I actually jumped when she yelled lol
Drew Tabili
Drew Tabili:
Condoms and korean guys reaction to it... so cute
the panic he experiences omg hahahahah
Isn’t that a postive thing
Kialmi Art
Kialmi Art:
He looks like Rain from Ninja Assasin and Full house. Anyone's with me?
I don’t understand humans treat each other so foul
On screen and off
Natalia Andrea Perez Hernandez
Natalia Andrea Perez Hernandez:
Bro but why does viki used their real names for the title lmao
Watched it for Woo Do Hwan. That’s all.
did she just went out with the food tho? so meee lmao
Unity in Diversity
Unity in Diversity:
She finds just about a 100 condoms and he goes "Should I dip pickled radishes in vinegar?" while wearing a hoodie which says "sainthood "!! 😂😂😂😂😝😝😝 omg, so suggestive.
I really love them ❤️🖤
Issy shipstone
Issy shipstone:
Oh...so those were the things in my dads drawer
varanamaayiram 96
varanamaayiram 96:
Anyone here from after watching The King Eternal Monarch ❤ well yes I came after that💕
mo chi
mo chi:
What did that poor man do to make her so angry? Hahah He must have screwed up pretty badly lol
This dramas is great. It gets you thinking about choosing between your closest friends and your partner. I love this drama
Charlotte Ricaña
Charlotte Ricaña:
Omo he's busted
Madison Meyer
Madison Meyer:
"Saint hood" oki den
Sarah Fajardo
Sarah Fajardo:
I like actress Joy!
Kutet Tangalin
Kutet Tangalin:
I just finished this beautiful drama for the second time 😍 after a year i will watch it again 😍
I had no idea ppl didn’t like this drama? It’s one of the best.
Sajna S
Sajna S:
I didn't like him back then. But Yeong and Jo Eun Seob won my heart 😍
Hana Adan
Hana Adan:
It's just condoms lol I dont understand the reaction
Soni Lee-mbo
Soni Lee-mbo:
I want joy again in dramas