TCM Remembers Golden Age of Hollywood icon Olivia de Havilland (1916-2020)

‪Today, we say goodbye to one of the last leading ladies of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Olivia de Havilland not only leaves behind a versatile body of work but was a champion for labor rights. We are grateful for her on-screen performances and for being a trailblazer off-screen.‬

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82 komento:

She and Kirk Douglas made it over a 100!! Their legacies will live on and they can finally rest easy. RIP to both of them.
I hope the clip of her walking up the stairs in the last scene of The Heiress (1949) will be in the TCM Remembers montage at the end of this year. Rest in Peace Olivia de Havilland. We were graced with your presence.
Wow, 104! That's quite a life! Does anyone know how she was doing the last few years? She will be remembered for a long time.
She had a good long life
what a great actress of the golden age of film..
and what a beauty.
Stone Salter
Stone Salter:
One of the greats and a blessed long life. How ironic, in Gone with the Wind, she was the only one of the four main characters to die, but in real life, she outlived the other three by at least half a century.
JM Clickster
JM Clickster:
De Havilland came into her own on the screen in the post-WWII era, after she broke free from Warner Brothers. I wish the tribute had included clips from such gems as "To Each His Own" (Paramount, 1946), "The Snake Pit" (20th Century-Fox, 1948), and "The Heiress" (Columbia, 1949). Like Barbara Stanwyck, she only got more beautiful as she aged, as anyone who has seen "Light in the Piazza" (MGM, 1962) and even "Hush ... Hush, Sweet Charlotte" (20th Century-Fox, 1964) can attest. She and Robert Osborne were such great friends; ironically, TCM first announced Mr. Osborne's death right before a showing of Ms. de Havilland in "My Cousin Rachel" (20th Century-Fox, 1952). I hope these two wonderful people are celebrating a reunion in that Great Screening Room in the sky.
Mark Pedroza
Mark Pedroza:
R.I.P. Maid Mariam 🙏🏻❣
Suz Valentino
Suz Valentino:
God bless you Olivia . Rest in Peace.
Anthony Hebisen
Anthony Hebisen:
About Gone with the Wind, she said that one day; she would join her friends again and anytime we watched the film , they will be immortalized forever; always young , always together for us till the end of time.
Very wonderful tribute. She is most likely the last of the Golden Age and surely one of the best. The clip with Errol and Olivia from "They Died With Their Boots On" is nearly a perfect scene.
Tim Coker
Tim Coker:
One of my all-time favorites, back when actresses were breathtakingly beautiful!!!!!
Richard K
Richard K:
Good one. The music complements the video. I watched the Heiress last night.
Liberty 4Ever
Liberty 4Ever:
I wrote her a fan letter back in 1993 and after 9 months received a wonderful typed note from her along with a photo of herself as Melanie in GWTW and signed! (I found her address in a Who's Who book from the library. It was a PO Box in Paris.)
I was so thrilled with her note and photo and must have showed it to a hundred people! I wrote to thank her and yes...she wrote me again for my nice thank you note.
I have these items beautifully framed and have treasured them and will continue to treasure them as long as I live!
Robert Medaska
Robert Medaska:
The End of Classic Hollywood......I so wish I could have been there.....goodbye Olivia......and goodbye to the greatest stars we will ever see.
MarkR. Katzman
MarkR. Katzman:
Not much left of Old Hollywood that had a lot more class than the "rif-raff" Hollywood of today...many of Hollywood's finest back then went to War and many went to entertain going to dangerous areas...Olivia de Havilland was a terrific actress...I always enjoyed her....her pairing with Errol Flynn was great - Robin Hood, Charge Of The Light Brigade, Capt. Blood, and many more...thanks for all of the great films.
Alyce B
Alyce B:
Loved this lady! What tenacity and a great gift for life! RIP, dear Olivia!
Rip beautiful lady, rip stands for replacement isn't possible never with u Mrs Olivia.😢😢😘😘❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😢❤😘
Amparo Howell
Amparo Howell:
😢 the last one gone and with her, an era gone forever 😞
Rest in Peace Olivia de Havilland. Jesus said to her: “I am the resurrection and the life.  The one who exercises faith in me,  even though he dies,  will come to life; and everyone that is living and exercises faith in me will never die at all. Do you believe this?" (John 11: 25, 26)
Dennis White
Dennis White:
Opening with her last scene with Errol after 8 films together truly memorable. His perfect line for the scene and their pairing, and for us enjoying her great career. But... the one and only Maid Marian then, now, and forever!
I guess Olivia's patching things up with little sis Joan at the Pearly Gates right about now.

Wonderful memories. I'm saddened that they didn't include a clip from The Heiress, her best performance. However, I love the clip of her and Hattie McDaniel walking side by side and conversing like the equals that they were.
Maleah Diggs
Maleah Diggs:
🕊🙏🏾❤ One of the last surviving stars in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Such a beautiful, classy lady. She lived a full life. Rest In Peace, Olivia. Thank you, TCM for making a wonderful tribute 🕊🙏🏾❤
I am a man I was born in 1976 I saw Olivie de Havilland for the first time in the movie Captain Blood from 1935. Her appearance in the film was not only the appearance of an excellent actress but also an amazing beautiful girl when she was 19 years old she was young and beautiful actually hypnotized me You can it was possible to fall in love with her without memory at first sight. This film, due to her amazing beauty, not only spiritual, but also beauty, was deep in the mine mind. As soon as the news of her death appeared, I immediately remembered her actor creation in this film. Olivio died for the world I can only write rest in peace for me and for many other fans who love your by film creations you will live forever and you will always remain in our memory Robert from Poland
Cynthia Story
Cynthia Story:
Olivia deHavilland, has left behind a great number of memorable films. Many you can view on Turner Classic Movies.
I hope she had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Kevin Riley
Kevin Riley:
The Snake Pit is my favorite. BTW Catherine Zeta Jones IMO was miscast as her in Feud:Bette and Joan
Goodbye de Havilland, you absolute queen.
daniel stanwyck
daniel stanwyck:
really? 1 minute and 11 seconds, half of which were an ad for TCM. She's beautiful. you did her no honor at all.
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith:
Farewell, Ms. DeHavilland, you are now Gone With the Wind as well. Olivia De Havilland was a fine actress who help turn the history of Hollywood for actors and actresses today going against the studio system. Many great films include A Midsummer Night's Dream, Captain Blood, Anthony Adverse, Charge of the Light Brigade, Adventures of Robin Hood, Dodge City, To Each His Own, The Snake Pit and the Heiress. A true star of cinema has left us.
Black Raven
Black Raven:
God bless! She lived a very long and interesting life!
Jerry Carreon
Jerry Carreon:
She was one of the greatest actresses ever.

R.I.P. Madame Havilland
She was a one of a kind lady and beautiful class act that will be missed greatly.
Nathan Jennings
Nathan Jennings:
A classic beauty and a wonderful lady who blessed us all with her God given gifts and talents. She will live in my heart forever. So grateful I got to spend quality time with my grandparents as a kid in the 80s. They and my parents passed on to me a love for that wonderful era...
penny george
penny george:
I always smile when i think of her , I watch TCM way to much she really was one of the greatest God bless you Olivia de Havilland . To bad they don't make movies like they used to !
1916-2020, that's amazing!

Such a great lady and terrific actress.
History LVr
History LVr:
She was pure class and elegance! Her spotlight will keep on shining bright from above...Rest In Peace Olivia! We will never see or experience professionalism, talent and natural beauty such as hers with a beautiful soul to match!
Jerry Rathgeb
Jerry Rathgeb:
I feel as though I'm sitting alone in a movie theater as the credit roll ends and the lights come up.
Olivia de Havilland was always a star, from the time when that word really meant something. All we have now are "celebs".
I've long held the view that GWTW was, in fact, the story of the friendship between Melanie and Scarlett: when Melanie dies, the movie's over!
God bless you Miss dH! I know Errol's by your side and Bob Osborne is introducing you around☺️
Richard Long
Richard Long:
She was a truly great actress but it's a shame she had such hard feeling towards her younger sister Joan Fontaine who also was beautiful and great actress also.
Jennifer Donlin
Jennifer Donlin:
They must've had this in their vaults for a few years.
Favs forme
Favs forme:
One of my favorites, such a long life!
Blond Thought
Blond Thought:
Well, we knew this day would come.
We'll always have her films.
Patrick Alred
Patrick Alred:
Green Tea
Green Tea:
00:40 Love that era!
Kevin Bouchard
Kevin Bouchard:
She was the last breath of cinema. Rest in eternal peace, Olivia de Havilland.
... Stunningly beautiful creature .. Her scenes with Errol Flynn are priceless ...
Linda Easley
Linda Easley:
Beauty ,grace,class. The end of a golden age
Among the greatest actresses of all time. Love!
simon Vans
simon Vans:
i just saw the heiress with this great actress goodbye dear olivia
Liam Brannelly
Liam Brannelly:
One of a kind. A beautiful woman and a great actress. Rest in peace, you WILL be remembered!!!
Rajendra Biswas
Rajendra Biswas:
Such Hollywood legends . Just going away . We should value such cinema
Alberto Bello
Alberto Bello:
Love her! May she rest in peace 🙏
Wens Trends
Wens Trends:
I wish she knew how much we love her.
Joe O'Malley
Joe O'Malley:
Beautiful, classy lady. RIP
What a lovely lady! Greetings from Northern Ireland
peter smith
peter smith:
great video, loved her in robin hood, and many other films
104 years old - unbelievable! She was the last link to that golden age. I loved that she was still alive, up until a few days ago. It doesn't get any better, but it still makes me sad somehow.
dorsky sacdalan
dorsky sacdalan:
Love her movies,RIP.🙏
Cesar Murga Alvarado
Cesar Murga Alvarado:
0:27 she looks like Bree Larson
Antonia Torres
Antonia Torres:
Hasta siempre❤
G Clever
G Clever:
Good by Miss Olivia you always be our Melanie go and bright like the star you were.
Jim Fromearth
Jim Fromearth:
What’s with this grant fixation?
Gabriel Sanz
Gabriel Sanz:
Olivia, Joan, Bette 💜
Rigel Moon
Rigel Moon:
Nobody does it like TCM Remembers.
Amazing actress. 🌹🌹
Jamie Pash
Jamie Pash:
RIP Olivia De Havilland
Sankeerthna Vedamtam
Sankeerthna Vedamtam:
Hello! Could anyone tell me what films were used in this tribute?
Redeye007 Collecting Movies
Redeye007 Collecting Movies:
She was good in the movie Hush Hush Sweet Charolette
G Ulmerton
G Ulmerton:
She and Kirk Douglas outlived EVERYBODY from the golden era! Actors, producers you name it! She should’ve told Errol Flynn: “ you see, I will live 60 more years after you die. Which is 10 years more than your entire lifetime.”
Jean OBoyle
Jean OBoyle:
What a queen. May she RIP.
Ahndrea Sprattling
Ahndrea Sprattling:
Rest in peace Ms. Olivia.
Michael Spilman
Michael Spilman:
from maid Marian in the adventures of robin hood to Virginia Cunningham in the snake pit .that's quite a range. you will always be remembered Olivia. rest in peace good night god bless you my dear. from Michael from Yorkshire and proud of it.
Mike Vellutini
Mike Vellutini:
A treasure!
I really, really hate 2020
The last of the stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Earlier this year we lost Diana Serra Carey "Baby Peggy", last of the living stars from silent movies as well.
Alejandro Ramos
Alejandro Ramos:
I know this is for Olivia but since i dont know how to get TCM attention, which i hope this does and since we are all movie lovers here. We know of the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman yesterday i implore TCM to do a tribute video for him his talents deserve that respect. I hope some would agree with me and that TCM sees this and it happens for him.
Żaklina Łuczkiewicz
Żaklina Łuczkiewicz:
What a beautiful and elegant lady. Now try to compare her with Kardashians or other celebrities like them
Claire Pierson
Claire Pierson:
so sad
Bingham Guevara
Bingham Guevara:
Myriam Alvarez Diaz
Myriam Alvarez Diaz:
Elena Maxmanix
Elena Maxmanix:
Cid Vasconcelos
Cid Vasconcelos: