Tati Westbrook EXPOSES Jeffree Star AND Shane Dawson



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Gaby M
Gaby M:
i like how shane calls tati manipulative when she brings up her assault but he ALWAYS plays the mental heath card
This whole beauty community drama is just honestly annoying at this point
Crabby McCrab
Crabby McCrab:
I feel like Tati is just as guilty as Jeffree and Shane. She isn’t making sense. She just wants to not be dragged and pounced
Jamie L
Jamie L:
It sickens me that Jeffree is just “showing off” a victim’s audio like its jewelry wtf.
When James Charles is the ONLY one acting like an adult
I can absolutely believe what Tati is saying about Jeffree and Shane...but I also think she's trying hard to save her own butt. She messed up BIG TIME too by getting so salty over vitamins, that she almost destroyed the life of a 19 year old. Even with Jeffree and Shane manipulating her, she should be old enough to make the judgmentcall herself.
I don't understand why everything is Shane, Shane, Shane and he's getting the downfall, but not Jeffree. Jeffree is the common denominator so why does he keep getting away with EVERYTHING?!
Not gonna lie, I can’t wait to see how Jeffree tries to worm his way out of accepting any responsibility.
Nayden Rodriguez
Nayden Rodriguez:
“This is insane” “omg, omg, omg” while he walks around his million dollar house
Lucianne Sanchez
Lucianne Sanchez:
Tati is way to old to be playing the “they made me do it” card... they all are to be acting like gossipy children.
Hades Of The Underworld
Hades Of The Underworld:
Shane getting on that live was the greatest mistake to his whole career, if he has any
Hillary V.
Hillary V.:
Baby girl is in her 40’s. How is she still being manipulated by rumors like a highschool teenager? She’s at fault too.
i wanna know why three adults all in their 30’s decided to drag a then 19yo to the point he considered suicide
Sparkle Sparkle Bitch
Sparkle Sparkle Bitch:
Isn’t it funny how “the beauty community” is truly the ugliest community on YouTube.
David Esteban García Sandoval
David Esteban García Sandoval:
girl they're over 30 already and they keep behaving like toddlers, the big "issue" with the beauty comunity is that is full of kids with acces to social media
Doris Natasha Mani
Doris Natasha Mani:
Meanwhile Bretman is prolly talking to his plants, and living his best life in Hawaii
Kaylee Bryant
Kaylee Bryant:
wow the Shane's live is legitimately scaring me, it's like he's unraveling
As much as I dislike Shane, Tati is a grown woman. She also stated that she was extremely close to James but somehow blames Jeffrey and Shane for it.
Girl, how are you going to throw away someone you took under your wing and one of your closest friends for people that you don't even know like that... smh

Tati, Shane and Jeffrey are all shady period.
Sheree Kinsel
Sheree Kinsel:
i knew ever since Shane “joined” the beauty community he would be in drama. surprise, surprise.
tati: i was sexually assaulted
shane:that’s so manipulative
also shane: i was depressed that’s why i did blackface, said the n word, and was a pedo
Élise Archambeau
Élise Archambeau:
Doing that live stream was the worst possible thing Shane could’ve done
Tati: mentions her abuse
Shane: mAniPulAtive *rolls eyes*
Shane: *gets confronted*
Also shane: I was abused as I child sooo-
natalie noels
natalie noels:
Tati is so washy. One minutes she’s this way and one minute she’s not. She reminds me of a complete narcissist
Ma Fl
Ma Fl:
If Tati wasn’t close to Shane why would she tell him the very “deepest of her secrets”? Nah girl
DO NOT FORGET FOR A MOMENT that this woman LIED to her viewers and publicly “exposed” JC as a predator. That damage will never be repaired and could have seriously ended his life and career.

How are we supporting these people in 2020? Even if JC forgave her, why would we as viewers want this toxic manipulative woman in the community still? For what?
shane's live: 😤🤬😠😡
the chat: 👋❤️😍😂
Tmntmikeygirl tmntmikeygirl
Tmntmikeygirl tmntmikeygirl:
I love how he says she's fake crying after saying something about being abused
I am very tired
I am very tired:
i don’t think anyone is right or wrong, just like before. i think this is a big mess and they are all wrong. they are doing what they can to hold onto their career.
Nina Lopez
Nina Lopez:
I don’t believe Tati, she lied once so how do we know she’s telling the truth 🤷🏻‍♀️
elite1Demolover rr
elite1Demolover rr:
He’s making himself look so more guilty by doing that live
Tati westbrook mentioning being molested.
Shane dawson: that's manipulative
Whenever Shane gets into drama: I had a hard childhood
alisa winters
alisa winters:
if she really was fed “countless lies” about james from shane and jeffery, it was still her choice to make the video. she should’ve talked it over with james instead of instantly believing shane, someone fairly new to her at the time.
sophia i
sophia i:
Shane's live has the same energy as Onision's breakdown vids. Pure panic, he realised at that moment he is completely over
I feel like the 3 of them were jealous of James and since their plot didn't work, now they're all pointing fingers at each other
Eliana Maya
Eliana Maya:
Tati: Calm and mature demeanor, has lawyers involved
Shane: Cursing and screaming because he got exposed for the 5th time this week
Thea Eskey
Thea Eskey:
Now Shane knows how James felt when he was served that slice of humble pie.
Milli Phoebe
Milli Phoebe:
Shane: "I don't want to say mean things about people"
Also Shane: *laughs about a baby that died from sexual assault on his podcast*

Yeeaah bye 👋
Myliee Love
Myliee Love:
She chose to makes those videos about James. Even saying things he did in front of her. She loves playing victim
bad bitch energy
bad bitch energy:
the chat on shane’s live MAKES ME SICK
Daniella Lesina
Daniella Lesina:
shane just embarrassed himself. I was cringing watching him go crazy in that live stream. He is crazy and such an awful person.
sc: keagen_cheexd
sc: keagen_cheexd:
Ryland was quick to respond to Tati but he can’t speak about Shane’s racism and pedophilia.🥱
Angira Mitra
Angira Mitra:
When Tati's lawyers allow her to pull all the receipts, it's all over for all. If she has lawyers then I believe she is really frightened and wants every backup.
Jacquelyn Baldwin
Jacquelyn Baldwin:
shane saying tati is manipulative when he uses his anxiety and depression as a scapegoat constantly
Nanners Parker
Nanners Parker:
Didn’t she also state that James Charles went after straight men and she even witnessed it?!?!?
Why is everyone being blind about the fact that tati is sooooo toxic she’s looking for drama when she’s not the center of attention. Just wait for it she’ll drop another pallete or anything, mark my word.
Margot's Creations
Margot's Creations:
Lol She's literally going to drag everyone down. She has this savior syndrome. She thinks she's helping these people by posting. But she only wants her hands clean. Stop playing the victim tati.
So you're telling me, that at 40 years old, you let two random people, one of which is always in controversy, "trick" you into putting up a defamatory video??
If you're that weak minded and not bright, you need to stay in the house forever.
Shane: “I don’t want to say mean things about people”

What he actually means he doesn’t want to say mean things about people when other people other than his friends are listening!
Eve c
Eve c:
“I don’t want to say anything mean about anyone” literally makes racist and pedophilic jokes!?
Gabriela Lagoda
Gabriela Lagoda:
Shane dawson reacted awfully bad for someone that claims to be innocent and uninvolved 👀
Marleigh’s Bazaar
Marleigh’s Bazaar:
Shane tolling his eyes when Tati mentions her assault but won’t acknowledge all of his own shit🤪 ew
1,000 Subcribers With No Videos
1,000 Subcribers With No Videos:
I feel so ashamed that I ever liked Shane and Jeffree. I would like to formally apologize for my wrong doing.
Thorsty Pig
Thorsty Pig:
It’s so sad to see FULLY grown adults act like children.
christle nwole
christle nwole:
Tati can honestly go away too because she’s a grown ass woman acting like she’s a child 🙄
Lollipop Pop
Lollipop Pop:
Tati: *Dragging James Charles*
Shane: Yes, I'm a 100% AGREE with what she said, she only speak facts and the truth
Tati: *Dragging him*
Shane: yOu aRe sOo mAnipUlatiVe, yOu aRe fAkE cRyInG
When Jeffrey and Shane were talking bad about James, what did she do? Did she defend him? Did she stay silent? Did she join in? I would like to know.
this is literally the women that whenever drama happens she records a video fake crying about it
Xzandriah Rachel-Rose
Xzandriah Rachel-Rose:
You need an “IM GONNA EXPOSE YOU, OH MY GOD EXPOSE YOU” sweatshirts
Alexander Chan
Alexander Chan:
Choose Your Character!!!!!
Tati: Cancelling Shane and Jefree
James: Living his best life with almost 20 million subscribers
Jefree: Losing Subscribers by the minute
Shane: Defending Himself On Insta
Nikita: Breaking her silence by saying something about the situation
Honestly, i don't believe in any of them at this point. Everyone had a part in all the mess.
Jeffree hiding in his cave sipping some tea and will probably come out when this is all over...
• pEachy •
• pEachy •:
I’m sorry but I don’t know if this is just me or Tati always acting like the victim and cry’s on camera I think everyone needs to just calm tf down all of them did something wrong
Sofiri Chof
Sofiri Chof:
The fact that James seems to be the least problematic in this whole situation speaks levels
Regina Getter
Regina Getter:
"I only made that video bc of the poisonous lies fed to me by Shane!" *Proceeds to recount experience after experience that ONLY SHE had with James, that Shane wasn't even there for*
But okay sis..

Also.. she claims that it was her first time ever meeting Shane, and that she never even saw any of his videos.. so she believed a total stranger when they told her stuff about someone she frequently referred to as "family" and her "son"? Once again.. okay sis..
didi lina
didi lina:
Shane looks crazy like literally as if he lost his mind
Corri Bischer
Corri Bischer:
When James Charles (The Youngest) is the one acting like a adult unlike the ACTUAL 30year olds: 👁️👄👁️
Queen Lexa
Queen Lexa:
Shane kinda scares me now. What the hell kind of reaction was *that?*
everyone’s at fault here, even Tati, they just need to own up to this already
Malaya Osuba
Malaya Osuba:
So have you addressed the point where Tati said she didn’t know how any media outlet had any info on her video prior to uploading. She said she had conversations with you and HFTT in Bye Sister... what is the truth??
Priscilla A.
Priscilla A.:
Dude you know Shane Dawson has lost it if he's actually drinking water for once
Eliana Olivencia
Eliana Olivencia:
I just don’t understand why they’re starting all of this drama over a year after the incident. This entire situation would have been better handled in private but they all decided to take it to social media for the only purpose of popularity and views. If it wasn’t for this drama no one would really be talking about them, especially Tati.
I feel like Shane reacted that way because he’s watching his career slowly come to an end. No sympathy for him. These are grown adults, don’t y’all have stocks to trade? 😭
poetry minnie
poetry minnie:
tati trying to get out of this mess (she herself created) as a victim ain't sitting right with me
Veronika Necasova
Veronika Necasova:
Moral of the story: Some adults should not be left unattended.
Harper B.
Harper B.:
"this 40 year old woman!" shane dawson (age 31) exclaims, about tati westbrook (age 38), as she talks about him and jeffree star (age 34).
oorange chikken
oorange chikken:
"why would she make a video claiming these allegations" -Ryland
"oH MY GOD OH MY GOD" -Shane freaking out.

Huh. Imagine how James felt, hurts doesn't it? Being put on blast like that.
Vence The Rapper
Vence The Rapper:
Tati’s weird explication
video is literally 40 minutes of her fake crying and deflecting blame at Jeffree and Shane.
Imara Person
Imara Person:
Girl you’re a grown ass woman how do you get manipulated like that
Bibiana Reyes-Perez
Bibiana Reyes-Perez:
8:01 This rubbed me the wrong way considering that shane litteraly uses this same dialogue to get excused from his actions w/ out taking responsibility. 🐸🍵
Lolly popwolf
Lolly popwolf:
The one comment on his Instagram live has me dying It’s so random. “You guys are really worrying about this when the government was caught human trafficking at 11 daycares?”
Funny how the only one out of Shane, Jeffree, Tati, and James to show receipts was James.
Brezney Lyon
Brezney Lyon:
So r we just gonna ignore that she’s a grown ass women that can take responsibility for her own actions
So.... she’s saying as a 30somethong year old....other 30somthong year olds told her what to do? Really?
Yo Yo
Yo Yo:
Another reveal of character; the fact that Shane just went on an Instagram live to scream and yell instead of calming down, collecting his thoughts, reflecting on them, and then releasing a real, put-together explanation/apology.

It really makes me sad, to see how Shane Dawson has fallen. I was a fan of his until recently, because I thought he had changed and grown from his past of risqué ‘jokes’ and extremely questionable actions. It makes me sad to see that he seemingly hasn’t.
Bryle Salazar
Bryle Salazar:
Honestly, Tati is just trying to clean her name. She is as guilty as the others involved. They are 30/40 year old grown adults that mess with a very dramatic boy that was getting too much attention. I don’t like any of them. The beauty community is ruined at this point.
Holy Grain
Holy Grain:
This isn’t the circus it’s the whole entire entertainment industry
Becky B
Becky B:
They’re all at fault and she’s just as guilty. Also, “how did they know before I knew I’d post a video?” GIRL YOU TALKED TO TWO DRAMA CHANNELS BEFORE RELEASING YOUR VIDEO. she’s manipulative like the rest of them.
mikay /
mikay /:
Nobody is completely innocent. Everybody did something in this whole mess. Kind of petty to go pointing fingers now. For all we know, nobody is actually telling the truth...
S B:
I like that james didn’t intervene in this whole mess and just let them tear each other down cause honestly what he went through last year was not little
I don’t buy this. Tati needs to stop blaming other people for the mistakes she makes.
Fenia Sklika
Fenia Sklika:
I still believe Shane in this whole mess... Tati HAS lied before, and recently as well. Whearas if Shane or Jeffree have said horrible things in the past it was yeaaars ago and they have gotten the chance to redeem themselves with their actions, multiple times in recent years. No one is a saint and the beauty community is so toxic but if I had to pick a side I’m sorry but it would be Shane’s...
gandalf the grey
gandalf the grey:
Show the FREAKING RECEIPTS SIS!!! I just can't, Tati is SO FAKE
Everything is so messed up at this point that i don't believe tati
Morgan xvxv
Morgan xvxv:
Y’all literally cancelled james over gummies but can’t cancel jefree and shane for this smh
Kat Lps
Kat Lps:
I literally love that James just turned the legal drinking age (21) on May 23 but he is more mature then people on their 30’s
Karissa Rodriguez
Karissa Rodriguez:
6:25 why hasn’t Shane gotten an Oscar for his dramatic performance already???
angie jaime
angie jaime:
Tati just want attention smh 🤦🏻‍♀️
My thing is that why would anyone believe Tati? When her video about James was a flop.
Jaylyn Hernandez
Jaylyn Hernandez:
The way Shane responded makes him look like he’s afraid of what’s going to happen