Taal Volcano Muling Nakitaan ng Steam or Usok September 25 2020

Taal Volcano Muling Nakitaan ng Steam or Usok September 25 2020.


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Team Payaman Trailer
Team Payaman Trailer:
Type nyo sa youtube propesiya Tv dahil sasabog ulit ang taal vision nya like nyo to kung gusto ma update sa mang yayari sa 👇👇mundo.
Rheimart mendoza
Rheimart mendoza:
Lord please guide us we need your helping hands❤️
Kurt Matthew Aquino
Kurt Matthew Aquino:
excuse me those steam that you see is maybe called sulfuric gas and it is a sign that it will erupt sooner or later
ikodeko22 vlog
ikodeko22 vlog:
OMG active olit
rodel cruz
rodel cruz:
kapag sumabog yan kakatakot..
rodel cruz
rodel cruz:
kakatakot naman kapag sumabog ulit yan..
Ryan Romulo
Ryan Romulo:
Sabi vission baldwin parang usok lng sya pero isang napakalakas na pagsabog nya kaya magdasal tayo na sana wag ng mayare tayo ay tinataeag ng dyos na tumawag sakanya
Channel of Testimonies
Channel of Testimonies:
napapadalas na ang paglindol.. pasaglitsaglit lang pero nakakatakot..
still active?
filipina expat in ecuador
filipina expat in ecuador:
Sana hindi sumabog ulit. Ang dami pa nating problema ngayon
Glory Amago Vlogs
Glory Amago Vlogs:
Active na naman
John Marlin
John Marlin:
Hope its just stream . PHIL does not need any more problems !
stressfree life
stressfree life:
i hope matulog na yang bulkan na yan for good
Jovy A’s Kitchen
Jovy A’s Kitchen:
Nasanay na hehe
Jasmin's Blog
Jasmin's Blog:
Oi hala ng-active na naman sya. Sana magsleep sya forever
Rosas channel OFW
Rosas channel OFW:
ingat kayo sissy
Jhen Torres Ofw
Jhen Torres Ofw:
Ganon talaga na siguro sis
Lennie OlilaVlogs
Lennie OlilaVlogs:
naku sana di na maulit muli
Jhen Torres Ofw
Jhen Torres Ofw:
Pero dangerous