Sung Hoon's Graceful Figure Makes the Camera Work Hard! [Home Alone Ep 302]

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100+ komento:

I like how he doesn't have a six pack or anything and isn't that muscular, he's got lil belly and he's comfortable with himself as is
The thumbnail thoughhh 🔥 Is Sunghoon really 36 years old??? 😩😩
No abs? No long as your Sung Hoon.
Sometimes it reminds me of SHINee Jonghyun when seeing him smile, does anyone feel the same as me?
Ma rwa
Ma rwa:
When u realize he's 20 years older than u
Jackie Lee
Jackie Lee:
sung hoon is truly the happiest when he's eating XD
Hes 36, i- I wanna be a camera in my next life lmaooo
Neha K Bhele
Neha K Bhele:
This Man, if he ever settles, trust me, his wife will truly be blessed. He eats his heart out, smiles to make you go crazy and he is pure at heart. His personality is that of a simple, humble, no nonsense male. Adore you Sung Hoon Oppa
Paw Paw
Paw Paw:
“He’s good at opening his mouth “ 😂🧐
Kim Vilenleza
Kim Vilenleza:
He’s hotter than the weather🤪🤪🤪🤪
Shawols in da A.R.M.Y
Shawols in da A.R.M.Y:
This man is dumb cute😍😍
Nicky Empress
Nicky Empress:
😆😄😃 some people are blessed with beauty while others aren't
Please support his newest drama level up👍
Puteri Irdina Ayra
Puteri Irdina Ayra:
Do tell me what episode did Henry shirtless is in
Jerlyann Santiago
Jerlyann Santiago:
Lexy N
Lexy N:
pls identify song at 1:39
Lupe Franco
Lupe Franco:
I want to know where i could watch this show it seems so funny 😂
His belly omg i can't stop looking... I love men with a little belly sooo cute
Really thought this was Jonghyun from the thumbnail and it gave me a minor heart attack
Subscribe to pewdiepie
Subscribe to pewdiepie:
Sorry but this is the definition of a DADDY 😍🤤
Onny Sai
Onny Sai:
I am not mocking at all but did he change his trainer? It seems like he lost his abs 🤷‍♀️ I mean he is hot either way just curious 😂
Min Holly Water
Min Holly Water:
He's so fine when he's all cleaned up and when he's at home eating cereal out of the bag💀
Shirley Cortez
Shirley Cortez:
Oh my goodness, what can I say?😍😍
Ramona Malepeai
Ramona Malepeai:
He’s ok, regular not hard body not muscular but cute
Daisy Alburo
Daisy Alburo:
Came here after watching his new drama "level up" henry is right he looks so good (handsome) when he wear's suit.😍😍😍
SunReef 143
SunReef 143:
Can anyone tell me what's the song at 2:08 ? Pliz 😫
La bellaXia
La bellaXia:
He’s not as fit as before but still handsome!
Jake Soh
Jake Soh:
How can someone be so good looking naturally. Im so jealous. Yet i cant stop looking at him. Wish im half as cute. But i guess looking like a human is my best already.
Angel Lee
Angel Lee:
Can't take my eyes off Mr. Bang. He is so handsome 😍😍😍
rebecca kanya
rebecca kanya:
Chaddy G.
Chaddy G.:
I just love him, he is so real. Haha ❤️
Elon Musketeer
Elon Musketeer:
all this years, after watching this video it turns out that im a potato
min skijju
min skijju:
sung hoon u'll end up in my dreams at this point
my life down under
my life down under:
He's a pretty boy no matter what he does. His broad shoulders is absolutely a +++++++
Arlene Lovesyou
Arlene Lovesyou:
My 1st time to watch Sung’s movie on Netflix. I’m in love 😍 from America
Jenn 7
Jenn 7:
How can anyone be this hot! 🔥🔥
claire de lune
claire de lune:
when kian84 try to follow sunghoon opening mouth lmao
He’s SO handsome 😫
Maja Hultquist
Maja Hultquist:
The fact that he doesn’t have a six pack is just immaculate, i love ittt
gosh he has the most perfect face!!!
Kim Beverly Villalobos
Kim Beverly Villalobos:
Who isn't here for the thumbnail? He's so hot and he's 36. What a daddy. ♥
caramel latte
caramel latte:
damn what a fine man, park narae you better snatch him fast lmao
Kris Bordon
Kris Bordon:
Why so hot mylove!💚
Carolina Beleño
Carolina Beleño:
Wang Jackson's
Wang Jackson's:
This MANNNNNNNN!!!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Shoilee Mondal
Shoilee Mondal:
You're telling me I'm half his age and look older than him?
Hugh Jazz
Hugh Jazz:
Omg this guy really looks like my uncle
SYazRoll VideoScriberscrew
SYazRoll VideoScriberscrew:
His belly is cute lmao..hahhhahhaa
Natalie Marion
Natalie Marion:
Im'ma fan gurl over this guy over and over again 😍
Jean M
Jean M:
Always adorable SUNG HOON...six pack or not-just doesn’t matter.😘
Dayah Ahmad
Dayah Ahmad:
Sunghoon is sooooooo 😍
Wang Jackson's
Wang Jackson's:
Food n Him is ma lyfeu!!!!! 🔥 😍
Mimi Lalaleo
Mimi Lalaleo:
He doesn't needs abs do be that sexy 👌🏽😍
Princess Leslie Daily Vlog
Princess Leslie Daily Vlog:
Witty shot then hits on a heart attack!!! 😋💕💕💕
one ib
one ib:
Some jobs around that face? A lil skinny n mild dark circle
Sanaa Azeghi
Sanaa Azeghi:
He's cute, handsome, pretty, hott Oh my God oppa
P A:
Cam someone tell me where i can get this magazine he is shooting for?
Dissi Fb
Dissi Fb:
He is acting like a princess 😂😂😂😂
Rizkyah Dewanti
Rizkyah Dewanti:
His smile is look like jonghyun shinee's smile😂😂
Gloria Tabares
Gloria Tabares:
Gorgeous ♥️.
Carolina Ortiz
Carolina Ortiz:
hot guy <3 his smiles is beautiful
Princess ChocoCake
Princess ChocoCake:
does anyone know the song at the end ?
Sanaa Azeghi
Sanaa Azeghi:
He is in another level, love it
Mary Mooh
Mary Mooh:
He is so sexy... and what really makes him stand out to other i live alone guy celebrity— he doesnt act cool. He is effortlessly sexy specially when he opens his mouth. Yeeee damn youre so cute at times and looks so rough when hes doing sporty stuff. Geeeee Im so in love with Sung Hoon 😍
I would let that man destroy me, thank you very much
Gg Dd
Gg Dd:
When u realize he is 10 yrs older than you but looks younger than you😳
suho's belly button
suho's belly button:
do you realize that this sunghoon is the guy that eats a ramen, a kimbap and a rice meal at the first episode?


He’s kind of arrogant
Lolo Popoki
Lolo Popoki:
He has such a warm, honest & friendly personality plus with his good looks, who would not want to dream about Sung Hoon😍🤩
Song at 3:03??
Pompa Pakhi
Pompa Pakhi:
Sung Hoon looks so sexy with his facial expression omg . But , it's so sad that he is struggling for this
He gives me a Jon Kortajarena vibe, like an Asian Jon Kortajarena, similar mimics and looks with a dad bod.
Lama M
Lama M:
The thumbnail killed me 💘
a-wanderingcloud 0-0
a-wanderingcloud 0-0:
1:20 😂
1:25 🤣😂👏🏻
1:50 Oh myyyy goood 😍😘❤️
3:03 Narae 😂 So true tho 😄
Deer Yoong
Deer Yoong:
Kalami ba! HAHAHAHHA
Cherry Cheol
Cherry Cheol:
Ugh I clicked this because of the thumbnail, he looks like jonghyun from SHINee... DAMN I MISS HIM SO MUCH! But the guy is so attractive though ♥‿♥
Ramona Malepeai
Ramona Malepeai:
His face makes up for any lack
His tummy UwU
Katherine Canon
Katherine Canon:
Like when see him on drama or pictures that's work. At home it's I'm hungry (I can't eat but eats anyway), non shaved, wear shorts and tank top. 😂
Liliana C
Liliana C:
anyone know the song when he’s modeling?
You don't need no abs to look handsome when you have a face like sung hoon
Boy With luv
Boy With luv:
*the thumbnail shook me*
Lita Volante
Lita Volante:
I'm 61 but wow Sung Hoon....the looks.
Muhimmah Ima
Muhimmah Ima:
Very Handsome uri oppa 😍😍😘😘
im embarrassed
im embarrassed:
not to be dramatic or anything...but i wish i was the sand
Yuuki Asuna
Yuuki Asuna:
Anyone know what the song is at the beginning of this video?
Christine Doan
Christine Doan:
Does anyone know the song name at 1:42?
Hailanie Pedtamanan
Hailanie Pedtamanan:
Where's that place?
Hailanie Pedtamanan
Hailanie Pedtamanan:
Where's that place?
Sam My
Sam My:
2020 and i still ship him with song ji eun😢😢😢💔
Roosmitha W.D
Roosmitha W.D:
Love him
LOL! Just him being himself gives them so much material to make jokes! Could watch him on this show forever!! Too real, too cute, too adorable!!
Yagami Jin
Yagami Jin:
Okay, I officially ship him with Hwasa~
Jezelle Gay
Jezelle Gay:
He's so fine! ❤
stepx rv
stepx rv:
He looks like kang ha neul
rachelle martin
rachelle martin:
He's so cute
Chimiichim Chim
Chimiichim Chim:
H-he’s 36??? ▼・ᴥ・▼
Sexyummy sherep sherep
Sexyummy sherep sherep:
Grace Fernandez
Grace Fernandez:
can someone pls tell me the name of the song played on 1:40
Cris Ling
Cris Ling:
Juskoo bat ang gwapo mo hoiii!!!