Sung Hoon "Doesn't seeing someone eat make babies want to eat?" [Home Alone Ep 328]

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61 komento:

I read the title as, "Doesn't seeing someone eat babies make you want to eat?", I was shocked at first LMAO
Priscilia Mellark
Priscilia Mellark:
I respect those who did their dishes when they went to other people house
i always wash my dishes at someone else's home, but never right away at my own. In my house, my mess is my mess and that's my problem. But in someone else's home my mess shouldn't be left for them to clean up later.
Lama M
Lama M:
A true fact that you should be aware of “washing the dishes after finishing right away is easier” 😂👌🏻 fr tho
Evelyne So
Evelyne So:
Human version of baby yoda soooo cute. He literally looks like the baby emoji with those lil curly bangs👶🏻
junie jash
junie jash:
The baby looks a little like Minguk!
h zol
h zol:
Soo hyun is so cute. Esp w that eyebrow lifting. He must really like his uncle sung hoon. He keeps looking at him and smile.
Serena Peterson
Serena Peterson:
Still sexy with a mouthful of food and messy hair, perhaps more so.
How does this baby raise one of his eyebrows? I still can’t do that
Adoro os atores coreanos, mas n consigo me acostumar com o hábito q possuem de comer e falar de boca cheia. 😂😂😂😂
Christopher Winters
Christopher Winters:
Love seeing this man, truly wish him the best in life and a life time partner that will love him 💜 hes just so kind-hearted 😢
SYazRoll VideoScriberscrew
SYazRoll VideoScriberscrew:
I don't know why but...I love to watch sunghoon makes me happy
Melody Anfilla
Melody Anfilla:
Soohyun so cute 😍. Maybe That's why Jesung always talk about him
Kasturi Saikia
Kasturi Saikia:
How can he be so cutesome💜😂💜
This baby's eeeeeeeeeeeeeeears 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
salmon mayo spicy rice
salmon mayo spicy rice:
What's the etiquette for eating at someone's place? I feel like if you just wash the dishes you used ppl would expect you to might as well wash all the dishes together?
Pusang Iyakin
Pusang Iyakin:
0:58 he actually kinda smiled
Ah yes, seeing people engage in cannibalism does in deed make me have the munchies.

I LOVE that my mind COMPLETELY erased the word make
Nadiah Basir
Nadiah Basir:
sung hoon 😂😍
I mean.. Sunghoon + a cute baby, isn't this a perfect combo?
lizquen QuenLiz
lizquen QuenLiz:
Sung Hoon Bany, please notice me. Youre my crush forever.
Suga plum
Suga plum:
I also do dishes after eating when eating at relatives . That way I feel less burdened 😅😅
Thecla Okwara
Thecla Okwara:
Took me a few minutes before i understood the title 😂
Vanna Bee
Vanna Bee:
So excited to see you, Sunghoon! 😍😍
Wang Jackson's
Wang Jackson's:
This MAN is to die for!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Charlene M
Charlene M:
Omg he reminds me of my son 😭😭😭 so cute
Crazy Tahlia
Crazy Tahlia:
Mr muscles “ oh my Venus “ 🤪
M Saya
M Saya:
That's it - I need Sung hoon as a babysitter content now XD and possibly with the idiot team (si eon, Henry and Kian)
Pritisha Tamang
Pritisha Tamang:
Me: after eating a full bowl of rice with chicken
Sung Hoon: at the moment eating ,asking wanna eat
Me: shamelessly Nene
Hazal Besiktas Aşığı
Hazal Besiktas Aşığı:
Hwasa my queen
Hwasa my queen:
1:23 hey girls i'm gonna be your future oppar
Jennifer Defoy
Jennifer Defoy:
that smile was everything
Lolo Popoki
Lolo Popoki:
He is like the perfect man
a-wanderingcloud 0-0
a-wanderingcloud 0-0:
He’s soooo cute 💓
Sandy g.
Sandy g.:
The baby kinda looks like a baby boy version of jamjam 🥰
sasa kihei
sasa kihei:
I'm confused with the title hahahaha
a-wanderingcloud 0-0
a-wanderingcloud 0-0:
He’s sooo cute 😩💓
mi casa
mi casa:
I hear my Filipino aunt crying in pain because guests shouldn't do house works ksjdksk
That baby is so cute!
Nature Nut
Nature Nut:
Can't say who is more cute big baby or tiny baby
Lisa Koenen
Lisa Koenen:
I'm the same, I'm not tidy at home at all, but at other people's places I am.
a-wanderingcloud 0-0
a-wanderingcloud 0-0:
Sunghoon ♥️
Corrine Kim
Corrine Kim:
A show for hwasa ang sung hon mukbang chuseyooo😂
What ep is this in kshow?
Nur Izzati
Nur Izzati:
Nooooo the baby is so cuteeeee
Nd. Eric
Nd. Eric:
If this baby doesn’t become an idol idk who will
Cai Kuz
Cai Kuz:
Love you sung hoon from Philippines
Vminkook Vminkook
Vminkook Vminkook:
Oh god I don’t what but when this baby’s grows up he is going to look so good and when he raised his eyebrow omg tell me he didn’t look like baby Taehyung I swear to god he be watching so bangtan shit and learned it from V
Ayu Haliza
Ayu Haliza:
Su hyun so cute😘
Hwing Eban
Hwing Eban:
Muhimmah Ima
Muhimmah Ima:
Dani Ela
Dani Ela:
BABY is so cute!!!!! Should be on Superman Returns!
Yuke Yuke
Yuke Yuke:
I still can't access Kocowa website from Italy. 😑 Why tho? Where can I watch the full episode? Anybody knows? Thanks.
Khang Nguyễn
Khang Nguyễn:
Cute quá anh ơi 🤣
Gloria Tsops jami
Gloria Tsops jami:
Sung hoon you are my crush😍😍😍😍
Anishka _7teen
Anishka _7teen:
Ole le baby is so cute😘😘😙
Prachi Singh
Prachi Singh:
Choooo cute ❤
Lisa Darwisah
Lisa Darwisah:
Baby so so cute
Arielly Yasmine
Arielly Yasmine:
Oi song hoon
He could've at least washed all the dishes if he really wanted to be all the way helpful, I'm just saying. Then again, don't start something you know you're not trying to do all the time. 😆 But such a cute baby 😍 aww I wanna hold a baby now.