Streamers Reaction On Dr.Disrespect Permanent Ban On Twitch (TimTheTatman, XQC, Hasan etc)

Streamers Reaction On Dr.Disrespect Permanently Banned On Twitch (TimTheTatman, XQC, Hasan etc)

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Oliver Wright
Oliver Wright:
If Doc is banned for something illegal then I want Alinty gone for animal abuse.. but that won’t happen
Honestly, Doc could make his own website and stream there. He has the following to do it.
Kwame Ayeh
Kwame Ayeh:
if DOCs ban is gonna remain perma. I'm done with twitch.
Monty Swingwell
Monty Swingwell:
Twitch is a joke
Marinella Porta
Marinella Porta:
Body language 101: he texted Doc, and he knows.
Waylon Mercy
Waylon Mercy:
Banned for practicing medicine without a license
Hes probably banned by the deer woman from the security cancel council
i feel like Tim is not being truthful but i get it, its his homie
Doc breaks tos on purpose to get banned, Twitter blows up bringing free publicity, doc announces his new streaming platform so he can take 100% of sub money instead of 50-60%.

Shroud, ninja join doc's new platform and soon all the big streamers follow too. Twitch becomes a meme "just chatting" site.
Kyle Vernon
Kyle Vernon:
Mixer left at the worst possible time. Twitch is literally imploding and we need a new platform for gaming. Twitch is just pornhub live lite at this point.

Ninja needs to make his own platform with tons of ACTUAL gamers.
Justin Conner
Justin Conner:
Doc is smarter than not disclosing a sponsor. Don’t believe it
Doc starting his own streaming platform.
Hayden Perry
Hayden Perry:
So... It's weird how he got banned right after mixer went down. Even weirder that Doc was recommending David Icke in his last stream. Very strange
Tjay the simp
Tjay the simp:
Doc on Facebook Gaming by next month lmao
Kovu The Great
Kovu The Great:
That's scary man
Kayla B
Kayla B:
I’m just gonna say this right now I’m not going to speculate what happened because nobody knows but I highly doubt he didn’t know what was going on. From what I have heard this is a legal issue it cannot be talked about so when Tim contacted Dr. disrespect he can’t say anything so he has to say I don’t know what’s going on but twitch is not going to turn around after somebody streamed and perma ban them without notifying them at 17:58 He brings up again how Tim is laughing but if you notice for a couple seconds Tim goes out of frame almost like he’s trying to compose himself because he knows he’s now getting into Fishy territory that he shouldn’t be in. Like we need to remember he’s alive on stream right now having a conversation with a friend sometimes you tune out and forget that you were on stream so you start talking then realize you’re stepping in it to me that’s what it seems like Tim got nervous realized shit i cant talk about this. Its more that music its more than a sponsorship.

But I also wanna point out the fact that twitch is not putting out a statement and Dr. disrespect has also not put out a statement which seems very unusual. This has to be pretty big if they wont even discuss it so
Marcus Gabrielsson
Marcus Gabrielsson:

Quick summary of the state of twitch right now. If they don't get their act together people should really start boycotting them, simple as..
Letter Slayer
Letter Slayer:
dude i cant even understand what that second streamer was saying, he needs to lay off the energy pills man
Denzel Weathers
Denzel Weathers:
Well we'll have to wait till more news comes out.
Doc mentions David Icke (who is being canceled on multiple platforms for conspiracy theories). Doc may have discovered nefarious activity after he signed with the talent agency CAA. If you believe in the Illuminati or more specifically the global elite power structure in which Icke often discusses its members are involved with that agency. Look up CAA Illuminati symbolism. Doc may be trying to dispense a red pill to the CC or maybe just pointing out he is being canceled because Twitch has a political agenda much like everything in our lives now at this moment.
Best Streamer on Twitch EVER
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson:
“TimTheTatman is bating for views” lmao he does not need more views bro
johnny wolf
johnny wolf:
We dont whatch Tuitch we Whatch THE DOC.
Caesar 209
Caesar 209:
2020 is filled with surprises
Aryn Odinson
Aryn Odinson:
Maybe Doc killed Epstein?
Alex Font
Alex Font:
if only george carlin was alive,i would of love what he might of thought of CANCEL CULTURE,I WOULD LITTERALLY GIVE A FOOT TO BRING HIM TO LIFE
yep reporter for cnn absolutely viable. 100% gospel
Marcus Watson
Marcus Watson:
6:20 okay L. Damn that was hype fr. I need to watch death note again
Dr Disrespect said on his last Twitch stream that he liked conspiracy theorist David Icke after watching a documentary about him on Netflix. Critics have accused Icke of being a Holocaust denier and anti-Semitic, with his theories about reptilians being a deliberate "code".
Craig White
Craig White:
Watching this collaboration of streamers makes me realize how much more entertaining the doc is than all of them.
MCM Movie Reviews
MCM Movie Reviews:
is 2020 a nightmare?
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson:
Probs something to do with the vid that shroud released of docs reactions, some of them were recent some weren't, so he might of said something long ago and now biting him in the arse
I stopped listening to David ike after high school and most of his sht got debunked. so no it wasn't that
JJK Gaming
JJK Gaming:
The banning of doc is just a @#$& joke Doc was the only reason I even clicked on twitch
7:00 in I laughed my ass off
I dont know if anyone else here saw the last stream before the ban. But at one point he checked his phone and said
"champions club we gonna get through this". And to me it looked like he was trying hold back tears and the rest 4minutes he was just watching
some roblox video with no expression. here is the link to the video with the last moments in the stream.
Yo Tim is a bad liar, looking up like that when saying he doesn’t know anything.. I understand there might be a screen up there but those are unconscious eye movements that he is doing to avoid “eye contact” with his stream.
s a m p l e t e x t
s a m p l e t e x t:
Not to add fuel to the conspiracy fire here, but i think the logical assumption outside of it being something nefarious and/or criminal would be that Doc was caught entertaining outside offers from possibly Facebook or Youtube and someone at Twitch caught wind of it. Remember that Doc is actually employed by Twitch, he's not just a partner.
Twitch actually pays him to stream on their platform under contract.
While out of the realm of possibility i would hope it was something like Ninja, Shroud, and Doc are going off to make their own streaming platform, but that's just glass half full thinking.
Robert Baltierra
Robert Baltierra:
Doc,ninja, and shroud are starting there own streaming platform
Native Boy414
Native Boy414:
im hear to listen to Breaking the Habit from Linkin Park
Based on the lawyers video, it sounds like Twitch wanted out of their multi million dollar contract so found a reason in the TOS to terminate him, to get out of paying.
Damn L's theme from Death Note made that guys speech epic.
Lol CNN legit. Saying that should be a bannable offense.
Whichever platform Doc reappears on, I hope he has more freedom to entertain on his own terms and not constantly walk on eggshells.
Dave Oum
Dave Oum:
It would be huge if it were a publicity stunt from Twitch in collaboration with Doc to counter the news of the purchase from Mixer by Facebook.

Like he would come back as Doc 2.0 with a new name and setup or something.

That would be huge (although risky).
Kungen Kungnsson
Kungen Kungnsson:
I think it was the playstation event he made fun off XD
Bruno Rivademar
Bruno Rivademar:
Doc spoke up about 5g and questioned Covid narrative. Also mentioned Icke. Mistery solved. Time for people to realise twitch is a censoring platform of the establishment.
Nick Schill
Nick Schill:
I love it when people say “I confirm with my sources” as if they’re important but they’re sources are just reddit. Lol
Chris Lambelho
Chris Lambelho:
Talk about David Icke you get owned. How dare you seek something that should not be seeked
Doc. And a few other streamers can just start their own platform and take over. Twitch is ass anyway, they hold no power, nor do they have any content pulling in viewerships. Especially since ninja and shroud just got rid off the exclusivity deal with mixr
This videos gonna blow up. Just wait, good informative clips,
first AJ and now Doc,, d u notice a pattern
Uchiha Boruto
Uchiha Boruto:
Craig Martin
Craig Martin:
It's Shroud and Ninja bro!!, they want Twitch back
Murda DoinHits
Murda DoinHits:
Doc was banned for violating his twitch agreement. Twitch found out he was planning on doin something else
Bryan Lutz
Bryan Lutz:
Not disclosing 1 sponsor wont get you in serious trouble with the ftc to the extent you're thinking. It does happen but 95% of the time its just a fine and some lawsuits this was done on twitchs end.
Bird - Jaguar
Bird - Jaguar:
Dr Disrespects Last MOMENT BEFORE BAN WAS CAUGHT LIVE ON STREAM. At around 2min you can see this. Then he goes to promote and leave us with an author. David Icke who happens to write on the NWO. THANK YOU DOC , Everyone pleAse go watch this for yourself. “WAKE UPPP” -Doc
"A video game reporter for CNN"
If Doc is banned for something stupid then I’m going to stream on YouTube exclusively 😤😂
He got permatly banned, Discord also dropped him without saying anything and Twitch refunded Subs money...this isn't a ban for something stupid that happend on Stream...this must be some serious legal shit. Oh and Twitch removed all of his emotes...nah this must be major for companys trying to get as much distance between them and him.
Tyler Morrison
Tyler Morrison:
Tim clearly knows lol
There are people in the system corrupting it(the whole world). This is just part of purging the people who wont conform
Captain Mike Meloni
Captain Mike Meloni:
You'd think one of these guys would bring up David Icke ?
As silly as this sounds, with Doc continuously saying (In character) insults towards twitch, to simplistic things such as how he insults "Chubby cheek kids" and how he says he would kick their Dads in the throats and choke them out" (Which is all comedic themed) ON TOP of the fact that twitch would love to free up money for Shroud and Ninja and on top of THAT, with everything going on with cancel culture, this may be as simple as using Doc as an example of saying "Hey we will ban ANYONE is 'hateful' no matter who it is." And obviously it's making news so if its publicity against someone breaking TOS in their eyes, then its working.
Im following the Doc. Deleted my Twitch account on the back of this news and happily let them know why in the reason section. Hope everyone else does the same.
The Millennial Gamer
The Millennial Gamer:
He was banned for mentioning David Ike.
Seiko F.
Seiko F.:
yo what's your profile picture from, i can't find it on google search
Duck Tracy
Duck Tracy:
Well if doc isnt on twitch i guess il just uninstall twitch ha
Brian M
Brian M:
anyone have any idea what sponsor could be that Doc didn’t disclose ? All i could think was possibly not disclosing his Warzone streams ? that’s all he’s been playing for the last 3 months and possibly didn’t mention he was being paid to stream the game to his stream viewers
Daniel DartMan Hill
Daniel DartMan Hill:
I think they found out that Dr disrespect and Ninja were making there own streaming service.
So if I mention that I cheated on my wife / girlfriend on twitch I get banned as well ?
spore chrome
spore chrome:
The DOC got paid millions from twitch..why doesnt he just start his own streaming platform?
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez:
Cancel culture, case closed. It’s happening all around us and has somehow permeated the video game sphere where we can get away from all the toxic political negativity. Yet here we are. He must have said something “they” didn’t like
warren Thomas
warren Thomas:
Hes signed a deal with some1 else .. docs.the mainstream streamer 👍
you will find out on the 29th keep watching
stonedraider420 Toke toke
stonedraider420 Toke toke:
Doc has been dropping 20 bombs recently but I don't think he would
2020 is just half way... what will happen next?
FearPlayz 2004
FearPlayz 2004:
I bet there is no reason for his ban and all of twitch are secretly simps
One Two
One Two:
This is all a cover because Doc returned to his home planet.
Nick Scott
Nick Scott:
I think that was a nervous laugh. No cap
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher:
twitch is trying to play him but the doc is going to sue twitch for everything they got.
Mac Abbs-Vicenza
Mac Abbs-Vicenza:
"ALLEGEDLY" The Twitch Streamer he was having an affair with tried to use that situation to illicit a better deal from Twitch and they weren't interested in doing that so maybe she showed them private text messages or communications that showed him in a negative light. Given the current climate of cancel culture and allegations presumably Twitch Senior Management messed the bed and thought "If she posts a public statement sharing this and sharing the fact she told and us and making a big whoop about her contract not being big and him still being partnered it could do serious harm to our brand" so they panicked and Permad him as a protective measure which is an over reaction in extremis and pretty cowardly. He may have a good legal claim against them considering the amount of money involved and his contracts IF this is true. People are human, affairs arguments and other unsavory moments happen but when they are private they should remain so. If having an affair got you the sack no President since Carter would be in office, nor some Twitch Leadership.

Again this is all allegedly and there could be something very serious going on and there could be a vulnerable victim we just don't know but given the way Twitch are responding to media enquirys right now theres no "We take allegations very seriously.... etc...." which makes me think this is tactical and panic from Twitch and wrong but time will tell all....
Duarte Faria
Duarte Faria:
ahahah, content creators....pffffff....nice portfolio.
Sanku Roy
Sanku Roy:
No one -
Jesse Jumper
Jesse Jumper:
He was Banned for Speaking of David Icke he has some pretty crazy books I would Highly Recommend
He was trying to Open your Eyes and Expose the Things Mentioned in the Book Below

The Biggest Fear is Exposure Proven By His Ban Immediately Following his Mention of David Icke

Children of the Matrix
Book by David Icke
Tony Crabb
Tony Crabb:
Notice the timing of this? Mixer shuts its doors. Shroud and Ninja become available. Doc had recently signed a big deal with Twitch. To get out of the contract, they say he has broken T&Cs.
Saves them the money to spend on trying to get Shroud and Ninja back onto the platform?
Could it be that simple?
Everyone keeps saying twitch this twitch that. But he also supposedly lost his discord partnership as well. Which means whatever it is it has nothing to do with twitch specifically.
Jose Olivarra
Jose Olivarra:
I think the viewbotting might be it that's a good one
Buster Lindsey
Buster Lindsey:
Could be something he did outside of twitch.
Hama Sarwar
Hama Sarwar:
I'm done with twitch if doc is gone.
Rional Gaming
Rional Gaming:
betting they added a moral clause to the contract and found his past behavior was violation. so they termed him
guys, i know why and cannot say.
Tom Verköuter
Tom Verköuter:
Its for promoting david icke probably. Either way the dude always seemed "a bit off" to me. Also he's really interested in keeping his face hidden, that may be because of skeletons in his closet.
No one knows only Dr knows what happens.
None of the stuff they are saying would get you permanently banned. It would have to be something like viewbotting or sexual assault type stuff. If he got banned for anything else it's bullshit.
Zed Fury
Zed Fury:
See's CNN as a credibility BOOST? WTF?
Everyone calling bullshit before knowing literally anything about what happened. Let’s just wait for more details.
TugaTuga no Mi
TugaTuga no Mi:
What's the music with the piano the guy in glasses is playing while reading?
Doc doesn't use music that would get a DMCA strike, I wish people would stop thinking that.