STOCK ANALYSIS | DITO Telecom | An honest opinion

DITO Telco is one of the favorite stocks by retail traders. This is due to the notion of having a lot of potential in terms of growth and profitability, being the third Telco player in the Philippines. In this video, I will share my honest opinion about DITO as someone who is relatively new to the stock market.


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The Pinoy Investor
The Pinoy Investor:
LATEST UPDATE on DITO - Senate Hearing, Technical Launch, Deadline Extension -
Angelo Templa
Angelo Templa:
I need help, where do I invest, and what is the recommended broker?
justin whitley
justin whitley:
Be careful starlink owned by Elon musk going worldwide soon high speed low orbiting satellites 1000 Mbps 20-50 ping
al hayward
al hayward:
Is there a possibility that penny stock of DITO will be priced with the same price as GLOBE and PLDT stock?
Czar Florante
Czar Florante:
Galing! new subscriber here. Keep on doing this kind of video because it's very helpful especially to those who are new in stocks and want to learn more about stock market. Good job!
AUTO PINAS: Form & Function
AUTO PINAS: Form & Function:
6.81 per share ngclose ang DITO today. 10/6/2020.DITONATICS mag-ingay! :P
Bull Trade25
Bull Trade25:
Great stock analysis! Do more on other stocks pls.
Daniel Maches
Daniel Maches:
Thanks bro for this practical and relatable review. Aside from DITO, I plan to buy stocks of Converge ICT once it goes for an IPO this October. I plan to keep buying shares of it and hold these for some 10-20 years, applying the peso cost averaging method. I'm not really into technical analysis or evaluating stocks but I've done some research about the company and it seems, it has vast potential for growth given the rapid demand for broadband services. I'm just curious if based on your technical analysis and valuations, would you be buying Converge stocks for the long term? Thanks so much bro and hoping for your kind response.
Joel Mahinay
Joel Mahinay:
The sentiment of the public is based on the news and blogger.. without bad news and negative opinion of so many blogger and tricks of financial managers/advicers there will be no or less downs of the price. Psycological factors drives emotion..big boys drives the price.. we are competting driven machine in trading that follows algorithms. Be aware of big boys and advicers/ trickers online.
Hi, I already have an Account sa COL. Pero i’m not familiar with it pa. Any advise po kung anong specific stocks ang maganda? Thank you
Pretty Nice
Pretty Nice:
When will the infusion of 40B pesos happen? Thanks for the video!
Kaka Jay
Kaka Jay:
Sir anong pwede mo marecommend na magandang platform para mag invest sa DITO.
liberato Ventura
liberato Ventura:
baka mahirapan sila magrollout kc totally smashed na ang huawei which is the affordable equipment na mostly ginagamit nila, and partner nila china telecom... d nila maaford erecson or nokia... madami namang ibang 3rd party sa china like zte and other pero d mashado stablished like huawei
Benjie De Jesus
Benjie De Jesus:
1st stock ko ang dito bought it for 2.2. Di ko lng sure Kung bbenta ko na today around 3.6 na or keep it. New lng kse ako sa stocks.
Invest4 success
Invest4 success:
Too many DITO traders in the comment section 😱
Alexis ĒJAŸ Montecarla
Alexis ĒJAŸ Montecarla:
Sir kelan ba magsisimula mag opparate yang 3rd telco nayan? Excited na kami dyan kc sawa na talaga kami sa globe at smart mga walang kwenta 😂
Aida Ramos
Aida Ramos:
how to invest a stock market i want to know how to become a traders...
Mia C
Mia C:
I have a positive sentiment toward it. TY
Emilio Mason
Emilio Mason:
IS THIS ALREÀDY FOR OFFERING? I checked pseudoephedrine and DITO is mining at hindi telecoms
Pinoy VloggersPH
Pinoy VloggersPH:
Good content!
Elaine G
Elaine G:
DITO is my first stock buy last two weeks,, wla pa ako masyado alam sa stockmarket pero i'll just give it a try for experience na rin
kevin ortega
kevin ortega:
Lemme be your 299th Sub brother!! kalkalin ko mga vids mo for info.. Arigathanks men!!
Emilyn Buenafe CARE
Emilyn Buenafe CARE:
how to invest in dito po
Danica Marie Villa
Danica Marie Villa:
I've just subscribed to your channel Sir, very informative po ang videos nyo, simple ang explanation so it's easy to understand. Keep those videos coming and updates po sana on DITO pa din as they get closer sa target launched date nila by March 2021. Thank you po Sir :)
Christian Santos
Christian Santos:
si converge po ba ndi cya third telco..or mccnsider na telco?
Yisun Shin
Yisun Shin:
Good Day sir. Parehas lang po ba ang ang DITO CME and DITO Telcom when it terms of investing in their stocks, while I'm conducting my research po kasi napansin ko may mga nagsasabi na ang Dito CME is different from Dito tel which is unlisted and the other one is the listed one. Gusto ko lang po malaman ang opinion ninyo sir ukol rito since newbie po kasi ako. Anyway, I learned a lot from your videos Thank you and Godbless!
James Colaljo II
James Colaljo II:
sir ask lng po ako sana mapansin .ang dito cme holdings na po ba ang magdadala ng dito tel?
suisei starlight
suisei starlight:
May update na po ba kung kailan yung 40b increase in authorized capital stock?
Adan Corpuz
Adan Corpuz:
HI , halos mag kasabay lang tayo nag laro sa stock market, nag start ako halos ka sagsagan ng GCQ, any way yun sabi mo kanina about the additional Autorized cap stock na gagawin ni DITO bago kita mpanuod , a few minutes before im asking my self hangagamg kelan muna ako mag sstay kay DITO.......nung nabangit mo yun,,, mejo nap aisip ako... sya yun una kong binile at 2.2 4000 share.... wala kase ako magawa nung GCQ
Myrna marie vicencio
Myrna marie vicencio:
Me too... Big potential talaga since Duterte sinusuportan ito.
Rap Baluyut
Rap Baluyut:
Ano kaya effect sa may mga hawak ng dito tapos biglang nagkaroon na nung 40B?
Tessa Alaba Salo
Tessa Alaba Salo:
ilan months processing ng COL Financial
Jerome Moral
Jerome Moral:
Hi sir pa help po ako meron po ako mga kakilala na may bakanteng lote na pwedeng pag tayuan ng cellsite paano ang process thank u.and gusto ko rin mag invest sa dito telco.
Jester James Jore
Jester James Jore:
Pano ba mka una ng bili ng shares nila if ever mka dagdag na cla ng additional authorized cap?
Luperz Mellejor
Luperz Mellejor:
Saan po tayo pwd makabili ng stocks ng dito?
Bruno's outdoor Adventures
Bruno's outdoor Adventures:
Is it still a good time to buy dito stocks?
Jet Silva
Jet Silva:
Are Dito tel & Dito cme d same?
Shan kc David
Shan kc David:
paano po ba mag invest jan?
Eljin Mauron Navarro
Eljin Mauron Navarro:
By monday kaya sir pwede ako bumili ng DITO?
Jeroline Zausa
Jeroline Zausa:
Inaabangan ko na nga ang DITO kasi ang hina ng connection namin
junar constantino
junar constantino:
Sir paano ba makabili Ng share Ng dito telco saan ba ako makakqbili
Cryptic xXX
Cryptic xXX:
i invested in dito got it at 2.15 tp ko is 4-5 pesos
Eljin Mauron Navarro
Eljin Mauron Navarro:
Hi sir pwede ko po ba malaman sana ako pwede makapag update regarding kung kailan maipapasol ang 40B? Thanks
Mike D
Mike D:
bago mag increase ng authorized capital stock hahatakin muna yan means papataasin muna yong price malamang pag operational na ang catalyst ngayon ay ang first test call sa july 18 pag ok yan angat agad yan
Jack Daniel's Vlog
Jack Daniel's Vlog:
Wow nice cover thank you for sharing
Ano pong pinaka mababang price sa dito?
pa ba mag invest at magkano ba?
Daryl Joe Callo
Daryl Joe Callo:
Sis! :D
kurtvlog official
kurtvlog official:
Ang Galing naman hehe
Francis Vizcarra
Francis Vizcarra:
sabi nga ni marvin germo, its a year away pa para malaman ang potential ni DITO, which is sa Q2 ng 2021 kasi sa Q1 palang sila magoperate. parang best parin talaga for trading to hahaha.
Kapil Sahijwani
Kapil Sahijwani:
Bro do you have fb. Can I pm you
Elevate Designs
Elevate Designs:
JC the Great.
JC the Great.:
How to invest Sir?
Roxane Talisic
Roxane Talisic:
Hi po! What can you say now that DITO is around 7 did you regret selling it? Paano po mag let go, esp. when you bought it a low price tas later you sell it and after a month mas nag boom pa siya? Thanks po
Billy Medina
Billy Medina:
How much it cost to buy a stock in dito?
Lee D
Lee D:
Sir is it safe to invest using
Jack Daniel's Vlog
Jack Daniel's Vlog:
Thanks for your tips
Nil-yonaryo P.
Nil-yonaryo P.:
Happy VIEWING sir
Marlon Bonus
Marlon Bonus:
Pano mag invest jan
Alvin D Music
Alvin D Music:
Hi ! do you think pd na now bumili ng stocks ng DITO?