Stephen A. reacts to Vince Carter announcing his retirement | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Vince Carter announcing his retirement after 22 seasons in the NBA.
#FirstTake #NBA

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100+ komento:

It took 22 years but Vince Carter has finally landed. Congrats on a special, special flight, VC
TC Candler
TC Candler:
For the bulk of his career, his stat line was indistinguishable from Kobe's. He just didn't get to play with Shaq or get coached by Phil.
Zack Hayes
Zack Hayes:
Sucks he didn’t get to play his last season.
Wavy Christian
Wavy Christian:
Vince carter is greatest dunker of all time💯
Junaid Shahzad
Junaid Shahzad:
Without Vince Carter, Canada never falls in love with basketball
If Tracy can make the hall of Fame then Vince can make the hall of Fame end of conversation
Johannes Zheng Du
Johannes Zheng Du:
Vince Carter: I'm retiring!
Stephen A: I disagree and here's why!
Jumpman T
Jumpman T:
Vinsanity air Canada was my gateway drug into the NBA. Salute half man half amazing 🙏😎
Alan KS
Alan KS:
43 and still playing minutes whether on a good/bad team, that's dedication in sports. Let's see if korver can play til 43, I honestly can still see him go for a good 2 more years.
DJ Leg-N-Hip Bone
DJ Leg-N-Hip Bone:
Vince Carter: I’m retiring
SAS: you’re wrong and here’s why
West Side Dame
West Side Dame:
This man played in 4 different decades, he's a hall of famer without question.
Sports 311
Sports 311:
He was always be “Half-Man Half-Amazing”. He to me is a HOF player 👍
Branden Thomas
Branden Thomas:
So we just gonna forget what he did in New Jersey??
Jimmy Lam
Jimmy Lam:
man put Toronto on the map and played through decades, HoF!
If T-Mac made it, Vince definitely deserves it.
JayAllen WitThaShot
JayAllen WitThaShot:
Wasnt Vince the guy that gave up his starting spot in All Star game for Jordan to start his last All Star game?
Seriesscratch X
Seriesscratch X:
Max makes great points about Carter's career.
Rodney White
Rodney White:
The day we all never thought would come due to how long he’s played for. Seeing him still be playing in 2020 honestly made me believe that Vince could actually play forever. Wow. I can’t believe he finally retired.
Derrick kennedy
Derrick kennedy:
A Superstar in his prime, one of the most electrifying players to ever step on the court. Vince was a dawg. enjoy retirement OG
Conrad Sly
Conrad Sly:
"one of the greatest talents we've ever seen..." he should have stopped there. What a douche. Vince should definitely be in the HoF. It's the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Champions. Vince Carter was one of the post popular and important players of his generation.
zaying Hui
zaying Hui:
I’m shocked to say this but....I’m with max for once lol
Leo Kizzo
Leo Kizzo:
Did Stephen A really say Vince deserves “consideration” for the Hall of Fame?🤨He’s 100% first ballot. Disrespectful to even debate
Jay Styles
Jay Styles:
Stephen A speaking facts Vince carter was suppose to be kobe rival like T mac
Roman Roach
Roman Roach:
Vince in Toronto was another level. Could’ve been a superstar his whole career,. not just talented but had plenty of skills
vince said he didn’t like being the man. if. after took as many shots as kobe he would be top 10 in points all time. he’s still 20th all time
Michael MacRae
Michael MacRae:
Dude should've have stayed with the Raps. Him and Bosh could've been amazing.
VC is the Greatest Dunker of all time! Like if you agree👍
One of my favorite players ever
Vince is the goat one of my favorite players ever!
Hörður Ingibjargarson
Hörður Ingibjargarson:
I feel the same as Max. Vince became a vet and a player that defied his age. Unluckily in his prime he had injuries and not enough help around him to take him to the next level. But his understanding of the game, his ability on the floor and work ethic made it easy for teams to see his value for 22 seasons. Half man, half amazing.
Brian Boyages
Brian Boyages:
To say he’s a borderline HOFer is so crazy. He’s certified.
I think longevity 💜 goes a long way...
Pac Meez
Pac Meez:
VINCANITY!!!!!!! 🙌🏾
Vince deserves a final season tour to the likes of Dirk, Dwyane, etc
2000 dunk contest is gonna be the greatest ever
Drop First Radio
Drop First Radio:
Shout out to MAX! The realest! (If they can play in a bubble, they can figure out there own league)
J N:
Thank you Vince for putting Toronto on the map!
Justin Bray
Justin Bray:
Vince Carter literally saved the Raptors organization by being must see tv. He definitely is a Hall of Famer
sp ce
sp ce:
I only skip to laura's parts
TG 3
TG 3:
The league isn’t gonna be the same ❤️😭
Brandon Hung
Brandon Hung:
Half Man Half Amazing, Dunk of Death, played in 4 different decades, HOF for sure!! Still one of my favorite player of all time.
Bobby Qureshi
Bobby Qureshi:
Stephen A sounds too depressed in this segment😂 agree with Max 💯
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith:
He reminds me of Kimi Raikkonen in F1 in terms of career trajectory.
Kimi at McLaren was Vince at Toronto.
Tony Muñoz
Tony Muñoz:
Man he deserved the farewell tour 😥
Oves Du
Oves Du:
His legacy is greatest dunker all time
tin and gonic
tin and gonic:
Dunno why I expected anything sensible from Stephen A.
"His career points are 16 ppg".
Well yeah he played as a role player until he was 42 course his numbers are gonna drop. Also, his first Nets years were actually better then his last in Toronto.
Niko Lombardi
Niko Lombardi:
Stephen A acts like VC still wasn't elite his first couple years in NJ. Man hit game winners on the Raptors 😂
Mason Albert
Mason Albert:
Unfulfilled? Vince Carter is legend, but better than that: He is the coolest dude, great human being.
Charles Barkley didn't get a title, and his legacy is doing just fine.
Vince Carter's agent probably could take some heat for playing short term numbers game, but that's been true of lots of guys who languished or moved around just to sell tickets.
Look how long Mailman & Stockton hung around on a team that should have signed Vince when he was better than Kobe or MJ in their prime compared to his prime.
And while Bron is proving he's Da GOAT, Vince in his prime was scary talented. He never had a team or coach matching his skills. Treated like the freak sideshow to fill seats on teams struggling to sell tickets.
Anyway, I don't mourn Vince's career...he was great on the court regardless.
But the man he is - the person - is what stands out.
Hall of Fame 100%.
Em B
Em B:
Dude never had Shaq or the Lakers front office to carry him
Michael bell
Michael bell:
Dunk of death, best in game dunk ever!!!!!
T Mo T
T Mo T:
Echoing what Stephen A said, VC and TMac 😢
Paco A
Paco A:
Agreed, I loved watching him dunk. He never really had a consistent jumpshot early on, and is defense was never even 2nd all defense.
Sejo Botonjic
Sejo Botonjic:
Maybe we will see " coach Carter " soon💁‍♂️. Mad respect to vince, he must me in HOF
I like Max’s take on this one. Congratulate him for what he was. Kobe is so good how can you expect that from anybody
Shaun Crawford
Shaun Crawford:
The moment he became a Maverick I screamed, it was a dream come true seeing him in Dallas.
Naleen Phimmasone
Naleen Phimmasone:
I wish he'd somehow gone to the Spurs early on. I think 5 championships could've been 7-9 if he'd be there with SA's big three. This is coming from a Celtics fan btw.
Brandon Goodfood
Brandon Goodfood:
I can see him joining the Big 3 for the fun of it.
D Brown
D Brown:
I agree 100% w Max!!!!
Ri4ver · H
Ri4ver · H:
One of my favorite players EVER... Glad I saw him for so long. Love u Vince
Duversond Poulard
Duversond Poulard:
In my eyes, vince is a champion, if previous teams that VC was on would've build a team around him got him the help he needed, He would definitely have a chip.

Thank you Vince for a memorable childhood.
Vince Carter must be in every NBA video game since live on the playstation1 or possibly dreamcast&Nintendo 64 🤣😀😂😀🤣🕹🕹🕹🕹
Black Cat Raider
Black Cat Raider:
Vince carter was a beast on the nets
Ali H
Ali H:
Would’ve been nice if the raptors got him instead of Jeremy Lin at the deadline last year
Johnathan Fernandez
Johnathan Fernandez:
Smith is always so negative just show the dude love god dam
Ice In My Veins
Ice In My Veins:
When Kobe, Tim Duncan and KG retired, the 2000s fell ill
When Dwyane Wade and Dirk retired, the 2000s was on its deathbed
When Vince Carter retired, the 2000s passed away on June 25, 2020
Vince had potential to be amazing but too much talent in his era from Kobe, AI, KG, Dirk ,Duncan, ext was too much. He's in Tracey McGrady tier who played many years without 1 ring
When I saw Vinsanity jump over a 7”4 center I knew he was different man. Vince was more gifted athletically than Kobe. But Kobe and MJ are mentally two of the greatest athletes of all time and thats where Vince fell horribly short. As a kid I saw him fold vs philly and AI who eventually reached the finals. He just seemed to shy away from the pressure. After that his knees went out. And he never developed that old man game that MJ and Kobe did. (Fadeaways, post moves etc) Listen Vince is a first ballot hall of famer and a model citizen. And its hard for me as a fan of his to knock his longevity But he had all the gifts to be one of the goats. And he fell very short of that. Thats just the truth.
ongo longo
ongo longo:
greatest Dunker who ever lived not in the HoF? don't understand why this is even an argument. Vinsanity is CLEARLY a Hall of Famer
Hawaii 808
Hawaii 808:
The man with the most memorable dunk EVER
good_tea nice_house
good_tea nice_house:
“Half Man Have unfulfilled” Such a good guy, and great player. Vinsanity was insanity in Toronto. Too bad he got sour when Dr. J was not hired as the new Toronto GM. I’m sure he surely regrets his actions back then.
Trigger Warning
Trigger Warning:
One of the most exciting players to ever do it. Thank you Vince Carter for some great memories as a basketball fan. 🙏
Eric Lee
Eric Lee:
One of the most unappreciated sfs/sgs of all time. He doesnt get any respect
The Awesomes
The Awesomes:
Finally... taking up playing time from other players
Matthew Molinaro
Matthew Molinaro:
I'm tearing up man
Duran Bell
Duran Bell:
After all those injuries in his career for him to play to this age was amazing.
Weng Kwong Wong
Weng Kwong Wong:
Vince Carter is one of the very few NBA player ever played with players like MJ ,KOBE & LEBRON....
One of the greatest talents we've ever seen "unfulfilled?" Again Smith in bad taste
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson:
Not a “Hall of Famer” great longevity in the league, a great vertical jump with the ability to throw it down with the best. Ultimately could not close out a game by myself.
Hector Taleon
Hector Taleon:
VC will always be remember as the Best Dunker in the Modern NBA ERA.. Give it a thumbs up if you would also like him to play 1 more time for a proper farewell..
Tyshon Khan
Tyshon Khan:
Vince Carter had wonderful career...I remember they showed him literally jumping over a 7 foot dude and throwing it down..."Half man/Half amazing"...
bill bixby
bill bixby:
First and foremost, the MAN/MAZING layed down THE sickest dunk in recorded history, period.

That effort has to be up there amongst the greatest in all of sports, not too many people can say that.

Let's face facts, it's up there with the great Al Bundy scoring 4 touchdown for the Polk High Panthers in 1966 city championship game.

The first time I saw VC was on the back page - fresh talent section - of an early edition of SLAM magazine. He was probably a junior or senior in high school.

I read that SLAM at a 7-11's mag section - after that I walked around the corner to the arcade to play Street Fighter 2 Alpha. The original Friday was playing in theatres that summer... the middle 90s, basketball helped make the world go round, you could ALWAYS find a game to jump into on an outside court here in Texas.

And Vince just unannounced his retirement today?!

Nobody did it better for longer and might I add, he did it with a touch if class.

Of course starting on my All-Time fanasty pick-up game are both VC & 'Nique...LOOK OUT BELOW!!!

👏Mr. Carter 🏀
Carl Hinds
Carl Hinds:
Respect Carter nuff love I enjoyed your hole carrier
He should be on the legend addition of 2k
Naveen Dhak
Naveen Dhak:
What a great career.
House Grumpy Boys
House Grumpy Boys:
The last player drafted in the 90’s has officially retired. The end of an era and the start of a new era.
I thought Jimmy Carter was dead 🤔
Mitun Shah
Mitun Shah:
I distinctly remember as a kid being amazed by Vince Carter. One day I read an article in my local paper about how he essentially admitted he didn't try his best in Toronto by choice. Stephen A is right, he could have been a lot greater than he was. I lost a lot of respect for him when I heard he intentionally gave less effort in Toronto. He gained a decent amount back by having a great 2nd act, but still.. Imagine what he could have been if he "tried"
He made mistake by leaving Toronto
Jorge Blasini
Jorge Blasini:
This new and improved Molly is 🔥
Strange Plum
Strange Plum:
I wish he can play the last game when the NBA returns plsss
Come back for one more season, Vince!
Hus Qua
Hus Qua:
0:27 wait....What?....didn't he averaged better numbers with the Nets?
John Doubt
John Doubt:
Greatest dunker ever my favorite player ever no one like Vince half man half amazing Carter...I loved everything about his besides leaving Toronto for the nets could of been any other team but the nets..
I was so mad I went to my second best player which was Kevin Garnett..Now I'm a Celtic for life..but yeah VC for hall of fame
Vincent 90
Vincent 90:
Vince -anity had a anti gravity hold when leaping dude still has serious hops period.
young savage98
young savage98:
Vince been playing just as long as I’ve been alive 😂😂💯....great career my guy
Justin Case
Justin Case:
Mind you he was still hooping in New Jersey,. He got regular in Orlando, then washed at Dallas. VC is another great talent who exhausted his prime with the wrong teams 🤷🏾‍♂️
tb3 zone
tb3 zone:
VC HOF in near future 💯 put some respect on it the greatest dunker ever
YOOOOOO Havent watched first take in a min. Is this new lady Molly's replacement??!!! Please say yes!
And there it goes. The last player from my childhood is officially retired. Talk about time flying by.