'Spider-Man: Homecoming' | Unscripted | Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon

What better way to celebrate Spider-Man's first, full-length entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe than with a "Spider-Man: Homecoming" episode of "Unscripted"? Right?!

"Homecoming" stars Tom Holland (Peter Parker / Spider-Man) and Jacob Batalon (Ned) sit down to answer your questions -- and make up a few of their own -- in Moviefone's signature series ... and things get unpredictable in record time. Topics discussed include making dinner arrangements with co-star Robert Downey Jr., creative uses for discarded toilets, and a not-entirely-scientific numerical breakdown of eating spiders in your sleep. Oh, and Tom Holland recalls his first (and still best) kiss.

"Spider-Man: Homecoming," directed by Jon Watts and starring Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr., Marisa Tomei, Jon Favreau, Gwyneth Paltrow, Zendaya, and Donald Glover, opens in theaters everywhere July 7th.

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100+ komento:

*Tom* “It would be very irresponsible of me to take stuff.”
*Chris* “I have stolen two Thor hammers.”
Anh Huỳnh Kim Nguyễn
Anh Huỳnh Kim Nguyễn:
His first kiss has the initials MJ
He was born for this role
Nicholas Deguzman
Nicholas Deguzman:
Tom does not look 20 lol I thought he was 16
*Jacob:* "no one ever really asked about my childhood"

*Tom:* "Well.... How was your childhood Jacob?"

*Jacob:* "...Good"

*Tom:* ".. That's... That's it?"

omg I thought Tom said “dead” not “dared.” lol
elizabeth smith
elizabeth smith:
The minor characters in the spider-man homecoming movie had more personality and well-developed characters than the entire cast of twilight,
premium babie
premium babie:
"remember that time when someone replaced your set chair with a toilet"
"why'd you bring that up man?"
*cracks up*
*sits there thinking about that dark dark time*
Mari Weber
Mari Weber:

Tom & Jacob: *talking about the shoes that Jacob bought*
Tom: "were they too big or too small?"
Jacob: "too small."

Tom: *gets disappointed* "Jacob!"

My little blue cabin
My little blue cabin:
Damn that girl must be slamming her head on a table now
Nuria Shafqat
Nuria Shafqat:
Jacob: "It must be nice to be in everything"
Tom: "You're about to be in everything though."

My heart <333
katherine raymond
katherine raymond:
“i’ve been thinking about the names of my children for a long time”

toms face i-
Meloney Lin
Meloney Lin:
did anyone else hear Jacob say "very tiny" when Tom asked "how big?" @ 5:08? 🤣
The Hunt Rock Band
The Hunt Rock Band:
When Jacob was like “I’ve been thinking of names for my children for a long time” Tom looked at him so weird lol. I think Jacob would be a really great dad since he’s so tender with children.
A Human
A Human:
"Does it feel special when u shoot webs"
"I dont...its fake Jacob..its movie magic" *pats shoulder*

My life is a lie
Danica Widjaja
Danica Widjaja:
*Every girl getting jealous of Megan Jossa
Bri M
Bri M:
"no one's ever asked about my childhood"
"Okay. How was your childhood?"
"Pretty good :)"
"That's it?"
Sondra Sue
Sondra Sue:
Tom: ask me anything Jacob

Jacob: *has to think* what was your first kiss like?

Tom: *blinks*
JoAnne Hoffman
JoAnne Hoffman:

tom: london.... there arent that many spiders

me: I'm moving to london
eva martinez
eva martinez:
Tom: the first time I ever made out with someone?

Jacob: 👁👄👁
You know you’re successful when you had lunch at DowneyTown
Elena Bala
Elena Bala:
Can you imagine what Megan is thinking😂
Jacob: remember when they swapped your cast chair with a toilet.

Tom: am I a joke to you?
Emily Jane
Emily Jane:
Jacob: someone with a nice smile...
Tom: aaaawww..
so cute.
Tom kissed Meghan Jossa (MJ)
In the first SpiderMan movies, Peters love interest was Mary Jane (MJ)
Lovely Subliminalss
Lovely Subliminalss:
3:05 I love it that Jacob laughs at legit everything Tom says.
klara n
klara n:
him: “i like vision”
me: ohhhhhh sorry bud
Jacob: It must be nice to be in everything

Tom: You're gonna be in everything

Muhaimin Zulkarnain
Muhaimin Zulkarnain:
Jacob seems like the most chill person to hang out with.
Zane Baltazar
Zane Baltazar:
Tom: *Pencilvisania? I always thought it was spelt PENCIL*

Me: 💀
Q: Why does Tom Holland have such a large following.
A: Because he's cute.
Angel Su
Angel Su:
Tom being a mad parent about jacobs $500 shoes.. being like "Jacob"
jacob is an angel he must be protected
Miko Fusco
Miko Fusco:
Tom Holland: *breathes*
Adriana Bainbridge
Adriana Bainbridge:
Tom: how big is
Jacob: giggles uncontrollably
“I bought the shoes online”

“And you didn’t try them on”

elena cantu
elena cantu:
Tom-Dude I'm gonna go dark.....
Jacob- dies laughing
CPPower10Gamer -Norsk Gaming
CPPower10Gamer -Norsk Gaming:
*unscripted pops up* 5:02
Tom: I'm gonna go dark. How big---

Nathany Branco
Nathany Branco:
_"still until this day best kiss I ever had"_
Nobody is saying anything about it, that was, *SUPER CUTE DAMN*
Liz J
Liz J:
Tom: *MoVie FoN*
Jacob: *Movie PHONE*
Tom: *iS thAt NoT wHaT I sAiD???*
Sophie Spangler
Sophie Spangler:
Tom is the cutest human ever I am in love
Humzah Aslam
Humzah Aslam:
"Nobody asked me about my childhood"
"How was your childhood?"
"It was good."
Mranank Sharma
Mranank Sharma:
I never thought I’d see Ned as a bald guy
Ruby C
Ruby C:
Jacob: They were 500 dollars

Tom: And they didn't fit you?

Also Tom: Were they too big or too small?

Jacob: Too small

Tom extremely dissatisfied: Jacob...

😂 10:40
11:12 ok it's scary how much he sounds like jacob
OnlyMichaelJackson (Angel)
OnlyMichaelJackson (Angel):
8:00 lmao poor guy...these celebs get asked the same damn questions over and over
"Too big or too small?"
"Too small"
"I'm a little embarrassed"
when tom said “what what have you bought” with his cute lil accent made my heart S T O P
Tom: There’s not many spiders in London.

Me: *starts packing* IM MOVING TO LONDON
Emina Emma Tasliđan
Emina Emma Tasliđan:
It’s Danii
It’s Danii:
Jacob: no one asked about my childhood
Tom: how was your childhood Jaco-"
Jacob really good
Tom: that was it ...
This isn't unscripted because if it was, Tom would be cursing throughout it.
Snowfall Bloom
Snowfall Bloom:
Pencil-vania, not PeNa-Z-lAvAl-E-Ah.
Ivana Guerrero-Guillen
Ivana Guerrero-Guillen:
He made me feel so special when he looked into the camera after saying
“Still to this day, the best kiss I’ve ever had”
julia pigletlover
julia pigletlover:
Question: why do you think the Spiderman community is so big

Answer: because Tom Holland is hot
Sara Sharma
Sara Sharma:
“500$? Were they (the shoes) too big or too small?”
“Too small”
Aww! 😂❤️
Kathryn Bowes
Kathryn Bowes:
5:03 "I'm gonna go dark...how big.."

Tom you're so bad for that omg 😂😂😂
bxby. dxy Vlogs
bxby. dxy Vlogs:
tom: “dude ima go dark ... how big”
jacob: *cracks up*
me: 😳 *cracks up*
McKall Denney
McKall Denney:
1:55 oof... That laugh tho. I could listen to that for hours
Karina M
Karina M:
Dang I also wish Tom Holland answered the “What do you look for in a girl” question? I’m all for hearing that answer.
Jessica KAPOOR
Jessica KAPOOR:
3:03 he seemed so excited to talk about it 😂
H A:
jacob is just sooo pure like hes genuinely just really happy to be here and he deserves all the love and success , they are honestly the best cast , god bless the casting department
sᴀᴛᴀɴs ᴀɴɢᴇʟ
sᴀᴛᴀɴs ᴀɴɢᴇʟ:
I love how Jacob's always laughing. He seems like such a chill dude :)
"whos your favourite superhero apart from spiderman?"
me, under my breath visibly shaking:

Christian J Foster
Christian J Foster:
Jacob: Remember that time someone replaced your set chair with a toilet
Tom: ... Why did you bring that up?

Alternate question for Tom:
"How does it feel to be yourself?"
Horsegal 21
Horsegal 21:
7:12 Tom is like "why we talked about this I told you to never bring that up"
Sage Aroon
Sage Aroon:
Why do u think Spider-Man has such a big fan following?

Might be coz of u Tom
And zendaya
And Jacob
But mostly Tom for me...
Cara Hanna
Cara Hanna:
I like a girl with a nice smile
Tom: awwww
He’s such a cutie pie aghhhh I can’t 😭🥰😍
4:15 poor Jacob he needs more recognition, but he needs to feel confident about himself, he brightens films with his hilarious actions and acting!!!
1 like = you can't wait til' Jacob becomes even more popular and successful!!!
Door Bell
Door Bell:
I feel like Jacob could be the rock if he became ripped
Elena js
Elena js:
nobody's asked about my childhood
what was your childhood like jacob?
really good
Harika Vadamodula
Harika Vadamodula:
I was just crying and I watched this and I was smiling
Tom: “how big”😂😂
Jacob: “very tiny”🤣🤣
Mara’s World
Mara’s World:
4:00 it's because everyone has a crush on him
"No, it's RegImAY"
"I'm pretty sure it's Reg—"

CIVIL WAR (2018)
Madison Ayuso
Madison Ayuso:
"I've been thinkin about names for my children for a long time"
mata gee
mata gee:
7:38 for a second I thought he meant Sam Jackson and I was wondering HOW DID YOU COME OUT OF THAT ALIVE
Charlotte D
Charlotte D:
if i was that megan girl i'd be losing my mind right now
Sage Waddell
Sage Waddell:
Lovely how there are so many comments on here shaming both Jacob and Tom for something in this interview. But those who are bashing Tom for correcting Jacob need to chill. Yeah okay, it's an instinct to call him out for correcting Jacob, but need you all be reminded that actors/actresses are humans, too. They'll make mistakes. I'm American, so I also didn't immediately understand until after reading some comments from people who do live in Britain about 'regime'. But that's all the more reason to not bash him because he may have just never known how different the two were.
On a happier note, I hope these two do an interview like this again because it was just absolutely hilarious and amazing to see how real and relatable they can be.
Melissa Hernandez
Melissa Hernandez:
4:19 tom: “you’re about to be in everything everyth-“
jacob: “neXT QUESTION”
this boy is so good at giving out spoliers
Hannah Shermak
Hannah Shermak:
Jacob: I’ve been thinking about names for my children for a long time
Tom: *Weird look*
Noreen Hussain
Noreen Hussain:
First spiderman movie: spider man homecoming
Second spiderman movie: spider man far from home
Third spiderman movie: spiderman homeless
Audrey *
Audrey *:
jacob: i want someone who will make me laugh
also jacob: laughs at everything tom says
Anik Alam
Anik Alam:
I wish Tom Holland makes it far in Hollywood, such a chilled out kid.
powered ._. by ._. notes
powered ._. by ._. notes:
I was eating Lays Sour Cream and Onion chips and I took out this one that had a dark spot. I was like "wot is that" so I looked closer and I shit you not thERE WAS A LITERAL SPIDER BAKED INTO MY CHIP. I could see its individual legs and u g h

Needless to say I lost my appetite and put the chips away.
eighty da vinci
eighty da vinci:
tom: imma go dark.... *how big-*
I'm from Pennsylvania and I even had trouble spelling it growing up 😂
jacob was the absolute best casting as peter parkers best friend. jacob is so funny.
Parker Knight
Parker Knight:
"Whyd you bring that up man..."
the hurt is real.
Norma Armstrong-Ravula
Norma Armstrong-Ravula:
5:50 don't worry Tom I always used to think that too until now😂
Diwya T
Diwya T:
Jacob is the cutest being ever. I want to be friends with him so bad.
Karina Leija
Karina Leija:
Tom: London there aren't many spiders ... if you lived in the jungle I can justify how you can swallow a spider in your sleep

Me: or if you live in Texas
Eloise Logarta
Eloise Logarta:
when Tom corrected Jacob about pronouncing "regimen" when in fact Jacob pronounced it correctly hahaha lol
"Shoutout to Meghan Josser, wherever you are"
Mara Haley
Mara Haley:
The Pennsylvania makes me cringe so hard cause I am from Pennsylvania and still live therr
Serene Chkifi
Serene Chkifi:
Tom straight up just explained water polo and he doesn’t even know what 😂😂😂
what the hell tom, it is reg-i-men not regime 😂jacob was right
I died of laughter when Jacob was explaining how he bought 500 dollar pair of vans and they didnt even fit him.
K.Y Darling
K.Y Darling:
Noooo Hon, he said regimen correctly! Regime and regimen are two different words😬
Minty Fresh
Minty Fresh:
When Tom said 'Why'd you bring that up man?' it reminded me of when Harry said 'Why'd you bring that up Liam'