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Radwimps - Sparkle
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Your Name. / Kimi no Na Wa.



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Naughty Nox
Naughty Nox:
I put together the text so you can sing along :)

Mada kono se kai wa boku o kainara shi tetai mitaida まだこの世界は 僕を飼いならしてたいみたいだ
nozomi tōri īdarou utsukushiku mogaku yo 望み通りいいだろう 美しくもがくよ
tagai no su nado kei nagamenagara ki su o shiyō yo 互いの砂時計 眺めながらキスをしようよ
`Sayonara' kara ichiban tōi basho de machiawaseyou 「さよなら」から一番 遠い 場所で待ち合わせよう

tsuini toki wa kita kinō made wa joshō no joshō de ついに時はきた 昨日までは序章の序章で
tobashi yomide īkara koko kara ga bokuda yo 飛ばし読みでいいから ここからが僕だよ
keiken to chishiki to kabi no hae kakatta yūki o motte 経験と知識と カビの生えかかった勇気を持って
imada katsute nai supīdo de kiminomotohe Daibu o いまだかつてないスピードで 君のもとへダイブを

madoromi no naka de namanurui kōra ni まどろみの中で 生温いコーラに
kokodenai doko ka o yumemita yo ここでないどこかを 夢見たよ
kyōshitsu no mado no soto ni 教室の窓の外に
densha ni yura re hakoba reru asa ni 電車に揺られ 運ばれる朝に

unmeida toka mirai to katte kotoba ga dore dake te o 運命だとか未来とかって 言葉がどれだけ手を
nobasou to todokanai basho de bokura koi o suru 伸ばそうと届かない 場所で僕ら恋をする
tokei no hari mo futari o yokome ni minagara susumu 時計の針も二人を 横目に見ながら進む
Son'na sekai o futari de isshō iya, nan-shō demo そんな世界を二人で 一生 いや、何章でも
ikinuite ikou 生き抜いていこう

`Hajimemashite' nante sa haruka kanata e to oiyatte 「はじめまして」なんてさ 遥か彼方へと追いやって
Zen-Nen shūki o tsuitachi de iki shiyou 1000年周期を 一日で息しよう

jisho ni aru kotoba de dekiagatta sekai o nikunda 辞書にある言葉で 出来上がった世界を憎んだ
mangekyō no naka de hachigatsu no aru asa 万華鏡の中で 八月のある朝
kimi wa boku no mae de hanikande wa sumashite miseta 君は僕の前で ハニかんでは澄ましてみせた
kono sekai no kyōkasho no yōna egao de この世界の教科書のような笑顔で

Uso mitaina hibi o kikaku-gai no imi o 嘘みたいな日々を 規格外の意味を
Higeki datte īkara nozonda yo 悲劇だっていいから望んだよ
Soshitara doa no soto ni そしたらドアの外に
Kimi ga zenbu kakaete tatte ita yo 君が全部抱えて立っていたよ

Unmeida toka mirai to katte kotoba ga dore dake te o 運命だとか未来とかって 言葉がどれだけ手を
Nobasou to todokanai basho de bokura asobou ka 伸ばそうと届かない 場所で 僕ら遊ぼうか

aishi-kata sae mo kimi no nioi ga shita 愛し方さえも 君の匂いがした
aruki-kata sae mo sono waraigoe ga shita 歩き方さえも その笑い声がした
itsuka kiete nakunaru kimi no subete o いつか消えてなくなる 君のすべてを
kono me ni yakitsukete oku koto wa この眼に焼き付けておくことは
mō kenri nanka janai gimuda to omou nda もう権利なんかじゃない 義務だと思うんだ

unmeida toka mirai to katte kotoba ga dore dake te o 運命だとか未来とかって 言葉がどれだけ手を
nobasou to todokanai basho de bokura koi o suru 伸ばそうと届かない 場所で僕ら恋をする
tokei no hari mo futari o yokome ni minagara susumu 時計の針も二人を 横目に見ながら進む
Son'na sekai o futari de isshō iya, nan-shō demo そんな世界を二人で 一生 いや、何章でも
Ikinuite ikou 生き抜いていこう
The TPN:
This feeling is still, this feeling is tormenting my heart
Gabriel Caspe
Gabriel Caspe:
This movie massacred my heart, and I still don't know why
10k subs before 2065
10k subs before 2065:
Showed this to my girlfriend.

She said this really sucks

Now she's single.
just rewatched the movie. did i cry? yes. am i still crying? yes.
kbgaming comics
kbgaming comics:
When people say anime is weird they need to watch stuff like this a silent voice and your name
The TPN:
again , just more time , just more one time
Marso Uno DIANCIN:
your name is the most aesthetic movie in all time tho
Everyone talking about the song but no one talking about how well edited this video is.
Shashikant •́ ‿ •̀
Shashikant •́ ‿ •̀:
No one:

The guy who still replie's comments after 2 years
Doctor: You have 5 minutes to live.
Me: *Plays this *
Doctor: But that's 6 minut-
God: Don't worry, I'll wait.
The TPN:
still this feeling , the felling of always hurting my heart alays felt strange . Whatever Your Name has ended long ago
clare marysse
clare marysse:
100 Reasons Why You Should Stay Alive

1. Your friends, your family, and your pets would miss you.

2. It's not worth the regret. Either by yourself if you failed or just simply left scars, or the regret everyone else feels by not doing enough to help you.

3. It does get better. Believe it or not it will eventually get better. Sometimes you have to go through the storm to get to the rainbow.

4. There's so much you would miss out on doing.

5. There is always a reason to live. It might not be clear right now, but it is always there.

6. So many people care, and it would hurt them if you hurt yourself.

7. You ARE worth it. Don't let anyone, especially yourself, tell you otherwise.

8. You are amazing.

9. A time will come, once you've battled the toughest times of your life and are in ease once again, where you will be so glad that you decided to keep on living. You will emerge stronger from this all, and won't regret your choice to carry on with life. Because things always get better.

10. What about all the things you've always wanted to do? What about the things you've planned, but never got around to doing? You can't do them when you're dead.

11. I love you. Platonically. Even if only one person loves you, that's still a reason to stay alive.

12. You won't be able to listen to music if you die.

13. Killing yourself is never worth it. You'll hurt both yourself and all the people you care about.

14. There are so many people that would miss you, including me.

15. You're preventing a future generation, YOUR KIDS, from even being born.

16. How do you think your family would feel? Would it improve their lives if you died?

17. You're gorgeous, amazing, handsome, and to someone you are perfect.

18. Think about your favourite music artist, you'll never hear their voice again...

19. You'll never have the feeling of walking into a warm building on a cold day.

20. Listening to incredibly loud music.

21. Being alive is just really good.

22. Not being alive is really bad. And boring.

23. Finding your soulmate.

24. Red pandas. Just… THEY ARE SO CUTE!!

25. Going to diners at three in the morning.

26. Really soft pillows. Or blankets.

27. Eating pizza in New York City.

28. Proving people wrong with your success. Take that!

29. Watching the jerks that doubted you fail at life. Take that!

30. Seeing someone trip over a garbage can.

31. Being able to help other people.

32. Bonfires.

33. Sitting on rooftops.

34. Seeing every single country in the world. And not being ignored. Because, y’know, if you were dead everyone would run into you… it would suck.

35. Going on roadtrips. Have fun doing that as a ghost, or whatever.

36. You might win the lottery someday, who knows! How would you enter while you’re dead?!

37. Listening to music in your own special place.

38. Going to the top of the Eiffel Tower, staring down at everyone with the wind in your hair.

39. Taking really cool pictures.

40. Literally meeting thousands of new people.

41. Hearing crazy stories.

42. Telling crazy stories.

43. Eating ice cream on a hot day with your best friends.

44. More interesting books or episodes could come out, you never know. It’s gonna be hard to get books or watch Netflix/Hulu/Etc while you’re dead.

45. Travelling to another planet someday. It’s gonna happen.

46. Having an underwater house.

47. Randomly running into your hero on the street

48. Having your own room at a fancy hotel.

49. Trampolines.

50. Think about your favourite movie, you'll never watch it again.

51. Think about the feeling of laughing out loud in a public place because your best friend has just sent you an inside joke.

52. Your survival will make the world better, even if it's for just one person or 20 or 100 or more.

53. People do care.

54. Treehouses, you won’t really be able to have a treehouse while dead.

55. Hanging out with your soulmate in a treehouse

55. Snorting when you laugh and not caring who sees.

56. I love you. Platonically.

57. I care about you.

58. Because nobody is going to be like you ever, so embrace your uniqueness!

59. You won't be here to experience the first cat world emperor. You won’t even be influenced by it.


61. Starbucks. Or caribou coffee.

62. Hugs. The kind that make you squeal because of how tight they are, the kind that you really love.

63. Stargazing with your favorite person in this universe at 4am because you can’t sleep, the grass brushing against your toes as you snuggle together.

64. You have a purpose, and it's up to you to find out what it is.

65. You've changed somebody's life.

66. Now you could change the world.

67. You will meet the person that's perfect for you. Maybe you already have.

68. No matter how much or how little, you have your life ahead of you.

69. You can’t look at any more memes if you're dead.

70. If you end your life, you're stopping yourself from achieving great things.

71. Making snow angels.

72. Making snowmen.

73. Snowball fights.

74. Life is what you make of it.

75. Everybody has a talent.

76. Laughing until you cry, with your stomach screaming and your lungs flaring in heat. Rolling on the floor, grinning ear to ear.

77. Having the ability to be sad means you have the ability to be happy.

78. The world would not be the same if you didn't exist.

79. It’s possible to turn frowns upside down.

80. Be yourself, don't take anyone's crap, and never let them take you alive.

81. Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary. Be your own hero.

82. Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.

83. One day your smile will be real. It will, I promise you.

84. Having a really hot, relaxing bath after a stressful day.

85. Lying on grass and laughing at the clouds.

86. Laughing insanely hard with your best friends.

87. Eating weird food.

88. Staying up all night watching your favourite films with a loved one.

89. Sleeping in all day.

90. Creating something you're proud of.

91. You can look back on yourself 70 years later and being proud that you didn't commit. And if you did, feeling regret that you did.

92. Being able to meet your Internet friends.

u93. Coffee.

94. The new season of your favorite show.

95. Staying up late with your best friend.

96. Being stupid in public because you just can.

97. If you are reading this then you are alive! Is there any more reason to smile?

98. Being able to hug that one person you haven’t seen in years

99. People care enough about you and your future to come up with 100 reasons for you not to do this.

100. But, the final and most important one is just being able to experience life. Because even if your life doesn't seem so great right now, literally anything could happen.

This is not mine I'm just passing this comment when I feel down
Espeacially when locked indoors
Have a Nice Quarintine People.
If you haven't seen this movie, don't worry about it. Think about how many times you'll watch it.
Boys4Jesus Prince Robert
Boys4Jesus Prince Robert:
Can we have a shout out to this guy who is still liking every comments.
Sebastian Martinez Buitrago
Sebastian Martinez Buitrago:
Vamos amigo es la mejor película que he visto te mereces like bro :,) por hacerme llorar
Ketchup Lover
Ketchup Lover:
This movie gives true meaning to Maya Angelou's quote here:
“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
virginia flitton
virginia flitton:
i remember when i was driving to yellowstone probably for the last time with my whole family i turned on this song on in my headphones we were driving right through the woods & the mountains. it was a sight i will never forget. the trees were so regal & green, we were so high on the roadside we could almost feel the clouds our ears kept popping it was so funny, when we looked down we saw the most beautiful waterfall, we saw all of the streams & rivers feeding into one big body of water, there were three little bears running with their mother. as the song hit its chorus we saw what looked like a sea of trees in the sunset, there even was some snow on the top of the mountain we were on. the sky was purple, orange, blue & so much pink, the sun & the moon were both out saying hello to each other almost as if switching places. the mixture of the scenery, the setting, my family, and the music created the most ethereal experience i’ve ever felt in my life. that part of life will always be with me, no matter where i go. times are the most impactful when we remember their memory. thank you so much for creating this beautiful masterpiece, i will for er cherish it.
Richie Ho
Richie Ho:
A moment of silence for who can't find this song.
Atlas next
Atlas next:
Your name more like
Direct DUDE
Direct DUDE:
You have 2 mins until cancer kills you
Me watches this
Cancer take 12 minutes instead
Después de ver esta hermosa película queda una sensación de vació y felicidad,no sabría como describirlo pero llega a lo mas profundo de la capacidad emocional de una persona.
Rich John Concepcion
Rich John Concepcion:
every year ill put a check on these
2020: ✔
This video doesn't deserve to be liked

It deserves to be loved
Aulia Ackerman
Aulia Ackerman:
let's be real guys, your name will be an unforgettable anime you've seen.
This feeling is just amazing I swear this movie is a master piece who ever DOSENT think it's a Master piece DOSENT have a heart ❤️ I swear man this is for sure going on my animes that I will remover my life man thank you Japan 🇯🇵❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭
can somebody tell me why i still feel sad although it is a happy ending?!
Hazel Grace Morano
Hazel Grace Morano:
renu papnai joshi
renu papnai joshi:
When I saw the ending I was struck on the ending scene coming in my mind again and again asking questions what happened next did they remember each other . And I cried like hell
Izy Chick
Izy Chick:
i cant imagine how beautiful has to be watch this movie on theatre.
My connection is horrible today. I'm watching in 144p and it's still better than seven deadly sins season 3
Ryan Hwa
Ryan Hwa:
this movie taught us : The minds can forget, but the hearts will always remember.
Taki kun
Taki kun:
“Wherever you are in the world,I’ll search for you”

“I love you”
*pen drop*
*intense eye sweating*

weathering with you

“I want you more than any blue sky”
Amaze Girl
Amaze Girl:
"Words like "tomorrow" or "future" or "fate". No matter how far they extend their hands"
This part got me in chills ಥ‿ಥ
Bruh, after watching this with other romance anime and movies, the concept of love keeps encircling me. I feel desperate for some reason, it's like if i would ever be lonely without love, I will be lost in the dark. Also being with that person, the person who you value the most. Once you discover the essence of love, you keep clinging on it, that person who is the light towards your loneliness or that darkness you've been succmbed in. You keep clinging on that light, because that light is the one that you value the most; would never leave that person no matter what.
Liam Alfred
Liam Alfred:


iTz änna UvU
iTz änna UvU:
yyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyy
yyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyy
yyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyy
yyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyy
yyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyy
yyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyy

oooooooo ooooooooo
oooooooo ooooooooo
oooooooo ooooooooo
oooooooo ooooooooo
oooooooo ooooooooo
oooooooo ooooooooo
oooooooo ooooooooo
oooooooo ooooooooo

uuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuu
uuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuu
uuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuu
uuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuu
uuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuu
uuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuu
uuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuu
uuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuu
uuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuu
uuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuu

rrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
rrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
rrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
rrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
rrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
rrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
rrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
rrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
rrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

nnnnnnnn nnnnnnnn
nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnn
nnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnn
nnnnnnnn nnnn nnnnnnnn
nnnnnnnn nnnn nnnnnnnn
nnnnnnnn nnnn nnnnnnnn
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nnnnnnnn nnnn nnnnnnnn
nnnnnnnn nnnn nnnnnnnn
nnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnn
nnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
nnnnnnnn nnnnnnnn

aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa

mmmmm mmmmm
mmmmmmm mmmmmmm
mmmmm mm mm mmmmm
mmmmm mmmm mmmmm
mmmmm mm mmmmm
mmmmm mmmmm
mmmmm mmmmm
mmmmm mmmmm
mmmmm mmmmm
mmmmm mmmmm
mmmmm mmmmm
mmmmm mmmmm


me encanta esta pelicula uwu
Patipan Patipan
Patipan Patipan:
Who listen in 2020 :3 TvT 👇👇👇👇👇👇
Sahiljeet singh 11-B
Sahiljeet singh 11-B:
I feel bad for those who
dislike this video ........

They are crying like hell they cant even see where is like botton 😭
Mark Sean
Mark Sean:
im not crying you are

Tranquility:( ◜‿◝ )♡
malik ibrahim
malik ibrahim:
This video has been 2 years, and this person is still replying and liking to the comments🌌
Shadow Joker
Shadow Joker:
This is what i mean, the real true Love. Altho i can't really meet you at person at first but someday i will break this world dimension to find you. Until we meet again☺
No Chan
No Chan:
Pls make the vid tutor how to make AMV like this, because i want to make for my friend
Shiro Todoroki
Shiro Todoroki:
Truly a masterpiece
I can listen to this song nonstop❤❤
I want more of the ending tho
I wish it had an Epilogue in the end of the movie
Like to see if they got married or did they even remember their memories😢
Jaymar Mapuyan
Jaymar Mapuyan:
Who whatch this movie and at the end you feal empty and weird
Wania Syedd
Wania Syedd:
I love how he still likes the comments even after 2 yrs.
Aryan Maharjan
Aryan Maharjan:
Never wrote a reply but been listening to this for months!!!

Haven't watched the movie yet,
OK Ok!!Ill watch it!!
This movie is a 10/10 from the beautiful animation, the unique storytelling, the soundtrack, the characters, literally everything.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
The music makes you feel like your life is worth more than you think
Naimul sheam
Naimul sheam:
It's been more than two years and Tranquility is still liking and replying every single comment. Hats off❤❤🤕
This song is having me memorise that l first watch this
Happy ending 💕 but still when i see this anime i cried and i don’t know the reason. But still love this anime Again and again 💖 because love is interesting 💝
okay but the fact that he wrote “i love you” instead of his name on her hand 🥺.
like imagine finding someone thats as special as taki to mitsuha
Just some guy with a donut on the eye
Just some guy with a donut on the eye:
Every picture of this movie can be a wallpaper
Lester Manginsay
Lester Manginsay:
This song hits different just like how the movie touches our hearts
sangeet pradhan
sangeet pradhan:
This anime deserves Oscar.
My favorite anime song❤️
If you want to upload a photo and u runout of captions just look at this song's comment section u definitely get one 🖤🖤
gary mamaril
gary mamaril:
"Hey, Mitsuha?"
"I wanted to tell you."
"Wherever you are in the world, I swear I'll find you again."
"Your name is Mitsuha."
"It's okay. I remember."
"Mitsuha, Mitsuha, Mitsuha! Your name's Mitsuha!"
"Your name is..."
"are you?"
*Sparkle started playing* 🎹
"did I come here?"
"For her! I came to see her!"
"I came to save her."
"I wanted her to live!"
"Who was it?"
"Who? Who did I come to see?"
"Someone dear to me. I don't want to forget. I *can't* forget!"
"Who are you? Who are you?"
"Who are you? Who are you!?"
"What's your name? 😭
06じゃレッド [jareddo-kun]
06じゃレッド [jareddo-kun]:
played over 50 times, now I am Taki
kajal Chauhan
kajal Chauhan:
Can anyone describe the feeling with words coz I'm just not able to.........this is so strange, beautiful, happy and sad at the same time
Today i watched this movie for the first time, i'll never forget how i felt ;D
I just wanna experience this movie how it felt to watch it the first time again 😭😭
Manas Sarvankar
Manas Sarvankar:
Spoiler alert 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨The director himself told that irrespective of the timeline, taki and mitsuha remember everything and get married.
Also their wedding images can be seen in weathering with you (light novel) when hodaka goes to taki's grandma's house. Also taki's grandma wears a thread which mitsuha and taki had.
Check makoto shinkai interview , he mentioned this point. 🤞🤞🤯🤯
Bhuchandra Singha
Bhuchandra Singha:
The reason we feel so attached to this movie it maybe coz something like this happened in our lives but we forgot. Feels nostalgic.
Saadmaan Saakib
Saadmaan Saakib:
This movie was very nicely done

Also this video is nicely edited
Yann Yan
Yann Yan:
The rhythm of the chorus tho I mean

Juicy lemon
Juicy lemon:
Everyone is a gangesta till this starts playing
Imagine how boring if our earth​ don't​ have​ japan
Carmen Santiago
Carmen Santiago:
la mejor película de anime que es visto después de la de los estudios ghibli
did it reach her?

nah, sorry wrong anime
clare marysse
clare marysse:
Are u crying?

Well let me explain(according to what i searched)

Why Do We Get Emotional When We Listen To Music?

Any human of a music-listening persuasion will know the tie between music and emotions: the rush of happiness at a good gig, the delight of singing angrily along to a ferocious song after being dumped.

Do we actually feel emotion in response to music?
What we're feeling, the theory suggests, is a kind of tension and relaxation in turns, based on whether or not our expectations of what a piece of music will do next are met.

from heart rate increases in
we may "feel" the emotion of a piece of music as sad, but actually experience pleasure while we listen to it.

to songs that might recall the "calls" of our pre-language ancestors. "Upwardly rising, staccato sounds tend to put us on edge, while long descending tones seems to have a calming effect.

And here's another one I found

The study found that music that creates pleasurable emotions lights up the mesolimbic pathway, the reward bit of the brain that gives us happy feelings.
It appears that music has a unique power to evoke emotional memory. Memories formed around music can have strong emotional centers, and those involving emotions can be drawn out by using music that was either explicitly part of the memory, or is tangentially related to it.

What does it mean when you cry while watching a movie?

What this all suggests is we cry during emotional movies because of oxytocin, which makes us feel more connected with the characters while increasing levels of empathy, altruism and even fulfillment. As Zak explains: Oxytocin makes us more sensitive to social cues around us. ... So, go see a movie and laugh and cry.

Is this helpful to you?
Kindly Help Me Gain 10 K Subs, Please ToT
Kindly Help Me Gain 10 K Subs, Please ToT:
Legends never die they live in our hearts RIP:
Michael Jackson ❤️
RIP: Paul Walker ❤️
RIP: Johan Cruyff ❤️
RIP: Freddie Mercury ❤️
RIP: Stan Lee ❤️
RIP: George Michael ❤️
RIP: Muhammad Ali ❤️
RIP: Lil Peep ❤️
RIP: Stephen Hawking ❤️
RIP: Avicii ❤️
RIP: Mac Miller ❤️
RIP: Cameron Boyce ❤️
RIP: Juice Wrld ❤️
RIP: Kobe Bryant . Gianna Bryant ❤️ RIP: Irrfan Khan ❤️
RIP: Sushant Singh Rajput ❤️
RIP: Pop Smoke ❤️
RIP: Naya Rivera ❤️
RIP: Chadwick Boseman ❤️
I just successfully forgot the movie. Now, time to rewatch.
Aiden Ram Consolacion
Aiden Ram Consolacion:
This anime is a *M A S T E R P E A C E*
Vivek Gujar
Vivek Gujar:
This song has the power to lift you up wherever and however you are.
This Movie makes me cry, Even though this song ...
Noble Abraham
Noble Abraham:
is it just me or does anyone feel like they're missing something in their life when they hear this song??
Khem Rejas
Khem Rejas:
2 years later im still crying to this
dian Kalbar
dian Kalbar:
Love song 🤩
LBP Lwh:
I love it 🥰🥰🥰🥰(your name )
the quality BYE- THIS IS AMAZING
Settequattro Nove
Settequattro Nove:
Friend: “i still have to watch that movie”

Me: “you can’t understand how lucky you are”
Willy the Whale
Willy the Whale:
I haven't watched it yet where can you watch it?????
Kate Lynneth Fernandez
Kate Lynneth Fernandez:
Who is here, listening to this music while studying

Kentcliokdg Chan
Kentcliokdg Chan:
This song literally made me go insane for 4 days just because of the sadness I felt at the time
Nihal Shrestha
Nihal Shrestha:
That “I LOVE YOU” literally crushed me
Indira Devi Sorokhaibam
Indira Devi Sorokhaibam:
Why am I watching this yet today's my exam ??! :-(

Cuz we can feel that feeling when we listen to this , which is just more than enough to motivate me with my studies .
T ^ T
Legend says: Uploader still hearts comments.
I'm so thankful that i'm still here and hearing this song makes me feel calm and peace ( ◜‿◝ ).。o♡
Ty tranquility ( ◜‿◝ ).。o♡
marc huang
marc huang:
"Your name" is such a beautiful anime movie
This is how many people cried while watching the movie or listening to this
Johnsxd 321
Johnsxd 321:
It has the story! And it has the Song!
Arindam Mondal 9F
Arindam Mondal 9F:
This is 2years now and this guy is still liking comments
Being Unknown
Being Unknown:
Tranquility tf did u liked all the 23k comments?😧
Everybody: Truck-san or car-kun
Me: Meteor sama
Kenneth Apostol
Kenneth Apostol:
this is my first anime i watch and became my favorite then i watch weathering with you and became my favorite too knowing that its both created and Directed by Makoto Shinkai🥰❤️
Earl Jersey Batu
Earl Jersey Batu:
This makes my heart crack. Also shout out you still replying to everyone
Random dude: What anime is this from, it sounds nice!
Me: This is anime is your name.
Random dude: It’s name is Bob?