South Korea: Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon found dead after being reported missing

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Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon has been found dead in northern Seoul on Friday, just a few hours after he was reported missing by his daughter on Thursday afternoon and a massive police operation was launched to find him.

Reports indicate his body was found in hills in northern Seoul, early on Friday.

On Wednesday, news reports said one of his secretaries filed a complaint with police over alleged sexual harassment that began in 2017.

Park, who was a longstanding mayor of the capital city, was also considered a leading contender in the country's next presidential elections in 2022, according to reports.
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Red Rabbit
Red Rabbit:
Whenever Japan, South Korea, and China try to establish the free trade zone, either someone from Japan and Korea who supports this idea magically died, or some disputes between these three countries randomly occurs. I wonder who is the one behind all of this. Also, notice how nearly no western media is reporting on this. I mean if you did some dirty tricks, you would not want people to notice a thing right?
This is the place where they found him?
D. I. D
D. I. D:
i dont get my news anywhere but al jazeer
Daniel E. Jang
Daniel E. Jang:
Hi everyone, I'm a Seoulite so I'll break this story down for y'all. Mayor Park was days away from being questioned by the police after a former female member of his staff filed charges against him for sexual harassment. He supposedly informed his wife and daughter about the immanent investigation then went off into a mountain alone and off-ed himself. There were constant allegations against him by his female staff dating back to '12. This is just the first time anyone spoke up and went to the police. What is truly baffling is, this man is the 3rd most influential person in S Korean politics, and his supporting base has always been...get this...women! He had unwavering support from young Korean women for his work in civil cases, becoming the first lawyer in the South Korean court system to successfully sue an employer for sexual harrassment. Circumstantial evidence suggests that he chose the quick and easy way out rather than to live through the humiliation and the theatrics of a trial. All eyes are now on South Korean President Moon, as the deceased Park was a close political ally of Moon. Will the sitting president of S.Korea attend the funeral of a man who was mere days away from being the subject of a police investigation for sexual misconduct? Or will he display discretion and wait until these allegations are verified? (Korean funerals are a 3 day event that begins on the day of the actual death)
Nathan Polk
Nathan Polk:
Zion Jacob Romero
Zion Jacob Romero:
Condolence from the Philippines ❣️😔
Abdul Marashi
Abdul Marashi:
I would say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, there WAS foul play involved. This guy cared too much for the common man, to the detriment of the selfishly rich. So they offer him.
ko napi
ko napi:
There is an image that people who have noticed something in Korea will die, but in South Korea, isn't it a country where someone else has a lot of control?
I'm more likely to have received a group stalker from people from a music company that has the biggest connections with Korea in Japan, and I'm not safe now.
They also have strong ties to the police. I felt despair and loneliness. But even before that, I was experiencing a mass stalker when I was pursuing fraudulent claims from Japanese dental personnel. At that time, the scale was smaller than that of people involved in music, but I was very scared because I was followed while pushing the stroller.
With that experience, I was able to improve my anger control, but I was often filled with sadness.
We must see and awaken from all perspectives.
Farabi Official
Farabi Official:
azzam _sazzam
azzam _sazzam:
Is this a korean drama case?
Kejian Shi
Kejian Shi:
He was a left-wing politician and those Korean oligarchs hated him. He was also an advocate of china-japan-korea free trade zone, which harms US interests. If I say he was killed, directly or indirectly, by CIA, would any one agree, at least some suspicion? edit: he sued the cult shincheonji church of jesus earlier. maybe that's another suspect. I don't see the alleged sexual harassment could lead to a suicide, it's just a scapegoat borrowed from 3 years ago.
Vegan Forlife
Vegan Forlife:
Cia ?
Zhuofu Li
Zhuofu Li:
@Samsung @Hyundai @LG @SK, don't pretend you are innocent, you guys must know something huh?
Rasmus Pedersen
Rasmus Pedersen:
I Think north Korea have are finger in this becurse they have called South Korea the enemy so they have maybe send someone to kill him and Force him to White are letter before they Killed him
wtf was that unsubscribing
Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee:
Died without paying debt to the public and those being harassed
Rasmus Pedersen
Rasmus Pedersen:
I Think north Korea have are finger in this i Think they have send someone to kill him becurse they have Called South Korea the enemy and Force him to White are letter before they killed him
goose gander
goose gander:
Kim means business!!! // Make America And Israel Great Again 2020!
Utavin Zo
Utavin Zo:
it's normal in Korea
Lincoln Wikipedia
Lincoln Wikipedia:
if he's dead somebody killed him it can be Russia China or North Korea
Little China.
zz zhou
zz zhou:
I knew that the president of South Korea is the most dangerous job in the world, but I didn't know that the mayor of Seoul is the same?
jamie mcniel
jamie mcniel:
North korea is to blame