South Africa lifts liquor ban, school openings delayed

In tonight's edition: Many South Africans lined up outside liquor stores and celebrated with cheers as alcohol sales were allowed again after a two-month ban because of the coronavirus outbreak. For schools, the government postponed the planned opening of the two grades for another week so that under-prepared schools could make preparations like issuing protective clothing to teachers. The date for the return of schools nationwide is now June 8. 

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6 komento:

Hielke Klooster
Hielke Klooster:
Well the NCCC has granted you permission to purchase liquor from Monday to Thursday... I suspect they figured out a way to keep you away from work the next day.....
Prins Ricky
Prins Ricky:
Should have stick to the law! banned Alcohol and Tobacco! Wish more country can do this..
Prins Ricky
Prins Ricky:
Look at what alcohol has done to people, they are singing and cheering upon open the shop..SMH show's their alcoholism!
Memcha Laishram
Memcha Laishram:
In india the government allowed to open liquor shop but not essentail shops earlier. Is liquor that important ?
Robert Brown
Robert Brown:
Let's get legless.🤪