Sophie Turner Was Very Awkward Meeting Justin Bieber

James asks Sophie Turner about the musician she loved before she fell in love with her now-fiance Joe Jonas and learns that Sophie long had a thing for Justin Bieber that culminated in a very awkward first meeting between the two that Joe won't let her live down.

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Sophie Turner is such a GODDESS! Her beauty is only matched by her sense of humor. I can see why Joe wants to wife her, she's a keeper!
Bunny in the Box
Bunny in the Box:
I enjoyed all 3 of her accents.
Michael Autrey
Michael Autrey:
poor joe because he had to know right then and there his girl was getting pretty excited for justin bieber.
Sky Dalbah
Sky Dalbah:
what the hell she's freaking gorgeous!!!😍
I'm not even a Jonas fan but how can you get excited over bieber when you've got Joe??
Reno Moshavi
Reno Moshavi:
Future Bond girl.
Jeakin 88
Jeakin 88:
She’s hilarious! 🤣
Joe: “Here she is!”
Sophie: HiayaAAa... ✌🏻🤪
Marie Jan
Marie Jan:
I love her vibe, she does not usually look happy in her pics with Joe but she has radiated in this interview, I never expected her to be bubbly.
Woah she's only 22 I would have thought she's a fair bit older
The Ferryman
The Ferryman:
She looks like Diane Kruger...
Aylén Guevara
Aylén Guevara:
Sophie is literally all of us when we meet justin
2:23 I would never be able to continue living if I did that in front of anyone, let alone someone I admired 😂
hanna -
hanna -:
this is the funniest thing I've ever seen. I died laughing at 2:22
MisaAmaneSan B
MisaAmaneSan B:
Love her. She deserves praise for her talent. So excited to see GOT actor do well in Hollywood, they all deserve it.
Susie Holden
Susie Holden:
Awwww I love how comfortable Sophie looks with James ☺️❤️
David Sison
David Sison:
And that my friends is the LADY OF WINTERFELL! hahah
J J:
I’m English private school like her but I am still confused by her accent, she seems to have 3 or 4 like Christian Bale!
Being a belieber all the things I had ever thought i'd do but 2:22 wasn't one of them....😂😂
mohin pat
mohin pat:
Kinda feel the interview was a bit short....esp when you have these 3 phenomenal guests......darn....
Divz Bam
Divz Bam:
Thought this was gonna be click bait but Sophie delivers lol
Omg i would have died of embarrassment 😂😂😂
Diya Desai
Diya Desai:
She's all of us when we meet Justin Bieber ❤
Mardi Hassanuddin
Mardi Hassanuddin:
She’s funny! Another side of Sansa we don’t get to see 🤣
Moony_ Sourenza
Moony_ Sourenza:
She's a Queen!!!😂😂
ester ferreira
ester ferreira:
Oh wow i tought she had an awkward meeting with him when she was 15 not while dating joe
This is ten times more awkward 😂
Her accent sounds less British and more American.. Dunno if it's just me?
Bea Latorre
Bea Latorre:
I don't know her, but I already like her 😂.
Sparshita Sahu
Sparshita Sahu:
0:58 u know she's a true fangirl when she knows to brag
The Vegan Twins
The Vegan Twins:
Anyone else binging all GoT interviews in depression from the finale?
Sansa be wilding since Little Finger died
Thats obv. She's in love wid bieber...i mean who doesn't even love biebes?
Grass Eater
Grass Eater:
What? So she's definitely more thirsty over Justin than Joe
She sounds different
Ivone owl
Ivone owl:
Ok Sophie get JB a skit on Game of Thrones. SLAY,,,,,😘🔥⚔
Oxnard Montalvo
Oxnard Montalvo:
the guy from the i.t. and this is 40
Camila López
Camila López:
Omg😂 this probably will be me when i meet him😭
Retaj Bieber
Retaj Bieber:
Awww i was waiting for how justin reacted to her reaction ksjdskjdss
2:22 I was laughing so hard I cried! 😂
life is worth living
life is worth living:
Oh sophie is a belieber that's awesome😂💕
Beatriz Gonçalves
Beatriz Gonçalves:
This is why I love sophie, I just love her to bits!😂😭❤❤❤😍
Jewell Smith
Jewell Smith:
i really love james corden's shoes😂
Yamen Nazer
Yamen Nazer:
OMG Sophie you are the most gorgeous lady in the world💜❤️
noorah nn
noorah nn:
She reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence
Ratna Cempaka Yelestine
Ratna Cempaka Yelestine:
Didn’t see that coming 😂
Fredah kanampiu
Fredah kanampiu:
James corden:what kind of life is this?😂😂
Me:can't relate 😶
Bruna Mori
Bruna Mori:
She is so cool. lol
Yeahjustmilex20 Yeher
Yeahjustmilex20 Yeher:
Lmfaoo felt secondhand embarrassment 😂
Martina Rhy
Martina Rhy:
Justin should watch it lol, love sophie
Fatima Mahjabin Tasnim
Fatima Mahjabin Tasnim:
When I finished my GCSEs my mom asked me to go buy books for my A levels 😔
Bella Kok
Bella Kok:
I laugh because I had a cardboard cutout of Niall Horan 😂
I would react really awkward meeting him also 😂
Her voice is so different. Has she really changed that much since season 7 of GoT?
Nayops 19
Nayops 19:
She's stunning like always!
Sky Hope
Sky Hope:
Schmidt is me this entire interview
Bizzling Abhinav Gupta
Bizzling Abhinav Gupta:
Justin Bieber is my Idol !! #BelieberForever 💝
O O:
Would make a great bond girl
Damon Persona
Damon Persona:
It's been 10 yrs since I've had a celebrity crush...
But ya, I officially have a crush on Sophie after watching this
Wincarylle Floresta
Wincarylle Floresta:
as she matures, she reminds me of emily blunt omg
Caitlyn Pondel
Caitlyn Pondel:
She’s literally so relatable with how she acts😂
Fiza kanwal
Fiza kanwal:
Joe jonas is a very lucky man and nick jonas too☺☺☺☺☺
raku ichijou
raku ichijou:
That reaction was Game of Throne effect😂✌✌😜
John Dominguez
John Dominguez:
I like her she is pretty cute and funny but she looks like she likes alot of men and i salute joe for not being bothered
Nguyễn Trang
Nguyễn Trang:
Her and Joe’s coolness... perfect match
Soras Precious
Soras Precious:
At 1:58 I’m so glad she said “massage” after head.
Bri Terry
Bri Terry:
Lol I don't get celebrities.. JB is an A lister but like Joe's pretty famous and I thought Sophie was huge but she's nervous to meet JB? Weird good thing I'm not in the industry I'd be in like one low-budget film and act like I was Micheal Jackson
That's still sane reaction, God knows what i'll do when i meet Justin x-D
Jessica Y
Jessica Y:
Lmao she’s so funny, this story makes me love her even more. She’s so relatable
Max's reaction is the best. I also have no idea what's that gesture about.
Sohail Ansari
Sohail Ansari:
Her expressions
Agalya Kotigala
Agalya Kotigala:
Tbh ive done the exact same thing when my dad walked in while i was dancing alone 😂 literally clueless about what i was thinking when i did that lol 😂😂
This sounds like a watt pad story!😄💕
vous mevoyez
vous mevoyez:
First time i saw her and fell in love with her personality already. Gosh girl!! 😍😅
Nolan Merzouk
Nolan Merzouk:
She's so fkn funny i'm actually looking every interview she has done ahah
R M:
Just goes to prove we're all just human! You gotta just love her personality!
Bara Thrum
Bara Thrum:
James Corden is definitely the best animator of Late Shows
Egha Artama
Egha Artama:
2:00 oh my god sansa stop. 🤯
I hope Sophie Turner does some screw-ball comedies--she beautiful, just a little bit awkward, and very, very funny!
Benz Magistrado
Benz Magistrado:
I’ve suddenly become a Sophie Turner fan and I’m binging all her interviews.
Sana Satto
Sana Satto:
She made my day! 😂 I like "crazy" people so much 😝
sebastian alegria
sebastian alegria:
Sophie's one of the prettiest actresses in the world, if i were director, i'd cast her for one of my films, i think any director wants her as main actress, don't you think?
Christoffer Bergstrand
Christoffer Bergstrand:
I thought he would come on the show lol
Azad 12345
Azad 12345:
Wasn‘t expecting this at all!!😂😂
Silvana Vizcarra
Silvana Vizcarra:
And the best part is that she just said “I am sure he is used to it” LMAOOOO
She was thirsty for the Biebs lol and still is even when she's engaged
Kirmi A
Kirmi A:
I cried laughing.
She's become a hot specimen.... hmm
sam rari
sam rari:
2:02 thank me later.. when she finally feels the madingo
I think james is somehow related to Varys
Savinay Goel
Savinay Goel:
Sophie turner is delightful ❤️
2:52 the evenly matched impressions😶
I’m a huge fan too😍💕
Ellie Louise
Ellie Louise:
GCSEs rn and they are taking their toll
Gokhan Geta
Gokhan Geta:
She looks hella fine with blonde hair
Blahblah Blah
Blahblah Blah:
2:20 xD Sophie wtf no matter how many times I repeat this I just keep laughing xD
I thought that guy in the middle was Lil Dicky
oh yeah yeah this hoe arnt loyal
oh yeah yeah this hoe arnt loyal:
The moment when carbi's spirit entered her body
bianca djorghi
bianca djorghi:
it’s mutual now!! sophie love justin and hayley love jonas brothers!!!
Agent 47
Agent 47:
The most awkward moment
2:22 This is all you need
Well, nobody's perfect, girl!
Water V
Water V:
She's cool!