Son Ye Jin waiting for SOMEONE / Simply MEANT to be / Hyun Bin ❤️ Son Ye-jin - 현빈 ❤️ 손예진

Hyun Bin ❤️ Son Ye-jin - 현빈 ❤️ 손예진

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예진님 너무이뻐요 현빈님 너무 멋지네요 두분항상이런 모습으로 서로에게 힘이되고 의지하면서 손꼭잡고 헤어진지마고 영원히 함께 하세요 또 쌍둥이 있서면 더 좋겠습니다 이쁘게 사랑하세요
Precy Simon
Precy Simon:
Can't wait to see Son Ye Jin's new Smart Ad.
Yaya 2710
Yaya 2710:
Queen SYJ the goddess of love and beauty
katherine buttigieg
katherine buttigieg:
Love this actress!
julie roa
julie roa:
They deserve d blessings being generous during d pandemic & on many occasions ✔️💥🌈♥️♥️♥️
Marie Huff
Marie Huff:
Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Estela Pasalo
Estela Pasalo:
They missed each other n0w...💛💛💛
julie roa
julie roa:
HB- SYJ gave us Pure, Sincere Love wid CLOY n der personal lives✔️💥🌈
oksun young
oksun young:
두분다 멋있어요~~
항상 두분이 예쁘게 사랑 하세요~θθ~~
Carmelita Tomada
Carmelita Tomada:
Theres a possibility to do commercials both of then again
Evelyn del Pilar
Evelyn del Pilar:
Congratulations Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. Looking forward on your Smart commercial. It gives us positive outlook at this time of pandemic. Keep Safe to both of you, Stay Healthy!!
StevenJohn Ebale
StevenJohn Ebale:
Welcome idol....
Luisa Sy
Luisa Sy:
Son Ye Jin most beautiful woman, she is very good acting.i really like her, keep safe Ms. Son Ye Jin..make more commercial..and drama again...😘😘😘❤❤❤
Henny Maharany
Henny Maharany:
Awesome SYJ 👍
María Luzuriaga
María Luzuriaga:
Apoyando a SYJ ♥️♥️
Lourdes Reus
Lourdes Reus:
RIRI couple are really mean for each other and SMART is really smart getting this two popular couple and also BENCH wearing both t-shirt with CAPTAIN on the shirts OMG what else we can ask for just the shooting of CLOY 2 before SYJ start the shooting of THE CROSS please we really need it so will not feel bore because COVID-19 still around it’s a great help to us while staying home please 🙏🇵🇭🥰😍🥰🇨🇦
janith timajo
janith timajo:
Carmen Abuan
Carmen Abuan:
Jypsie Marie Villa
Jypsie Marie Villa:
Marietta Henn
Marietta Henn:
Erlinda Pena
Erlinda Pena:
Nic T
Nic T:
She is a lesbian.