SOLOMON ISLANDS: Exploring the beautiful, remote island of 🏝️ Ghizo (Pacific Ocean)

SUBSCRIBE: - Let's go for a tour around this spectacular island in the Solomon Islands and let's enjoy the Micronesian culture right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
Ghizo Island, home to Gizo, the capital of the Western Province, Solomon Islands. The island is named after an infamous local head-hunter. It is located west of New Georgia and Kolombangara.
Ghizo is relatively small when compared to the surrounding islands, the island is 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) long and 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) wide, with a summit elevation of 180 metres (590 ft) (Maringe Hill).
Solomon Islands is a sovereign country consisting of six major islands and over 900 smaller islands in Oceania lying to the east of Papua New Guinea and northwest of Vanuatu and covering a land area of 28,400 square kilometres (11,000 sq mi). The country's capital, Honiara, is located on the island of Guadalcanal.

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Jitender Singh:
amazing video
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solomon davidson:
i love this island! i wish to visit there one day, lord help me please..
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Found out I got family in Solomon Islands
I'm happy🔥
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It does look like a lovely place to relax and rest... I'm very glad you did.. thanks for the video. I felt rested after watching..😏
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Wow my provincial home town, now we have a new marketplace, anyway thanks for the video clip.
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Indeed, you deserve rest, Vic!  I'm hoping your staff keeps you to such a commitment!
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I've been to this island and i love it. wish i could go back there!!
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Berayan Dembap:
Tq so much for this videos ,I'm still rember all my friend there ,
Very nice place to visit ..just like Bava islands. ..Renongga island ..this island not far from gizo ..always we go to gizo spend time weekend. ...
Jay Young
Jay Young:
(Cont'd)  A most spectacular sunset you caught to share with us.  Thank you, Vic.  If life could only be less hectic and slower paced for us in the "first world."
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Jane Kanas:
Beautiful place beautiful people. Thanks for showing Gizo.
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Thanks for showing this remote Islands and their way of living - love from Mumbai , India.
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you are doing great reviews on a very beautiful location!!!
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nice places
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some beautiful shots here, very informative. thanks vic
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You're Slovenian!
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Thank me. I view your video. hehe.. Thanks for visiting my country Solomon Islands. Nice documentary.
1:33 to 2:09 this is my favorite part of the video . Awesome !
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Thank you very much, Vic! I love your show and would like to see more of south pacific Islands! Merci Beaucoup!
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All your videos are very informative and looking forward for more and more
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not micronesian
10:15 I am almost positive that island in the background is Kolombangara. I've been studying the Solomon's as part of my WWII history research, so I am pretty much aware of Kolombangara. You were right Vic, Ghizo is beautiful, especially at 6:00 , that beach looks stunning!
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really fantastic place
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ooow its nice! i would like to visit that island of my name!
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You live a real life
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RFEALLY enjoy all your videos - plan on traveling to the Pacific next year!  Wanted to ask you - what do you use to make such great quality videos?  Your cellphone? GoPro? Digital camcorder?  Thanx & Happy Trails!
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nice video of ghizo vic
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malick TJ Matiabeyuwi
malick TJ Matiabeyuwi:
Beautiful Melanesian Islands
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How about Malaria on SALOMON Island ?
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It's Melanesia not Micronesia Vic.
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Bifoa mi lo gizo market
Berayan Dembap
Berayan Dembap:
I have many friend on this gizo island
Jay Young
Jay Young:
(Cont'd)  Funny, meaning interesting, of course, how certain sports attract the less privileged, although those sports are also visible at high social altitudes.  However, we must admit expensive pastimes such as skiing, tennis, golf, might be beyond the economic reach of these seemingly happy children.  Were the Solomon Islands breakaways from the continent of Africa?
Lobelia Nuatali
Lobelia Nuatali:
thanks Vic...yes, Gizo (pronounced GHIZO) id the capital town of Western Province, of Solomon Islands. And the soccer field that you seen boys do training at is named after JF Kennedy (JFKennedy Stadium).
Gizo is what passes as a big town in that part of the world. There recently on an adventure cruise. Harbourside markets being redeveloped. Road hasn't been fixed in past 3.5 years, or rubbish collected. The (non-catholic) church we saw with an outdoor service not looking as well maintained these days. The Gizo Dive Shop well worth a visit for the arts and crafts on sale. They took a small group of us for a dive on the wreck of the Toa Maru, sunk in WWII. It's only a short boat ride down the coast from town and is spectacular for me, a novice diver. Still many artefacts on board, including a light tank! Kennedy Island and associated story of JFK's wartime experience a big drawcard, not far from town. The Solomon Islands are remote and very pretty, and they have a fascinating history, starting with the Spanish explorer Mendana. Island people were very welcoming. Life quite precarious for many, particularly those on the outer islands.
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poor country
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Black people but not in Africa. So interesting