Solo Leveling SEASON 2 Release Date!

Solo Leveling Season 2 Announced for August 2020!
Official Solo Leveling Season 2 Announcement on Kuaikan Manhua:
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100+ komento:

I'm literally in the middle of watching your solo leveling vods! 😂
"Don't let this distract you from the fact that bungee gum has the properties of rubber and gum"
Data Roxas
Data Roxas:
Roger's transition from his early reaction to the manwha to the end was some shounen protagonist levels of evolution,
StorySmith []
StorySmith []:
Never wanted a month to end faster than tnow
Light prayer
Light prayer:
A korean article actually says "end of July", even.
So even if in august it's gonna be early.
Today is my birthday, and I'm glad to see this news
YESSSSSS I read Season 1 of Solo Leveling and I loved it I can't wait for Season 2
Solo Leveling has surpassed The Breaker in terms of hype for me.
Toby Moore
Toby Moore:
I needed Solo Leveling back in my life sooooo bad. I miss this so much.

Btw can somebody link me to the official website too Solo leveling. Id like to support it through official means.
Zakaria Gerrard
Zakaria Gerrard:
Solo leveling's back baby! So hope for it.
Ps. The beard look good
Muhammad B
Muhammad B:
Never clicked on something faster
Ahmed Selim Coşgun
Ahmed Selim Coşgun:
Roger will you grow a bear. I am really curious how you would look like ;O
Yasmin Ortega
Yasmin Ortega:
Me: “damnit Tappytoon!”
Proceeds to realize I have Tappytoon and have Solo Leveling purchased already.
Me: *facepalm*

Never had I felt so idiotic for a split minute.....
{Celsius*} i
{Celsius*} i:
Its been a hot minute since he did solo livilin' but he still got that hype energy
Yasss, finally!! I'm so excited! We made it, Solo Leveling fam!
Ah, this is the part where you can throw any dream of Solo Leveling anime done by a Japanese studio out of the window.
Life Of A Potato
Life Of A Potato:
It funny to see Roger's progession on SL from thinking SL is a ripoff of HxH everytime i see him reading SL to now obsessed with it lol
Jerry Yuan
Jerry Yuan:
I read the light novel and I’m hyped for season 2!
JustÅ.Randøm 01
JustÅ.Randøm 01:
Man PLEASE READ “The Omniscent Reader’s Viewpoint” it has the same art as solo leveling and the plot is really good
Who remembers the first time roger read solo levelling and stopped to play smash 😂
Mr. Narwhal
Mr. Narwhal:
Can anybody tell me what roger reads solo leveling on, I’m very curious and I need something to read the upcoming season on. Thank you!
Logan Johnson
Logan Johnson:
Super excited about this, i need more Jin-woo in my life. i've already read and re read solo leveling at least 5-6 times
Dario Rivera
Dario Rivera:
my first time seeing a video of this guy and one of my first thoughts was "this dude looks like elon musk"
Yami Editz
Yami Editz:
Well it was confirmed today by D&C webtoons twitter account! Season 2 comes on the 1st of August🔥🔥🔥
Finally! I waited for 4 months for this.. They said they'd release at April but darned Covid got it cancelled.. I can't wait to see Sung Jin Woo again!
Zane T
Zane T:
Love how Roger went from not liking Solo Leveling to embracing the hype train!
I'm so happy, I thought we would have to wait til next year.
thaipan katima
thaipan katima:
I started reading Solo Leveling a month back when i was bored out of my mind.
Got hooked after the first 10 chapters in. Slow paced but solid character progression especially for Song Jin Woo.
Caught up to it at last... got annoyed that it ended. Now here I am hearing about season 2.
Where the hell do i dump my money?
Gaitan Cassells Shawon Ener
Gaitan Cassells Shawon Ener:
First comment 🤩 but thanks for the News roger i clicked so fast my screen broke 😂
im hyped af but can anyone tell me where i will be able to read it as soon as the first chapter be published? Cause im not 100% sure if jaiminisbox is gonna be updated to it fast
French N
French N:
I still find it hilarious (not in a mocking manner) how he went from the first stream or two being very sus of Solo Leveling, and then ended up loving it by the end. Honestly was so enjoyable seeing him change in his view.
0:04 yo! You can see inside of Roger’s whole mouth! That’s good lighting!
And classes start in august in my country :(
B And E Gaming
B And E Gaming:
I’m literally binge watching all your solo leveling streams rn
I clicked on the notification in Beru levels of speed
Azhan Ahmed
Azhan Ahmed:
the poster says "solo leveling season 2 august return of the king coming soon".
Rudra Varma
Rudra Varma:
Can't wait for more Cha😍
S E N S E I:
Me: heard the intro.
U got a new subscriber. Haha
Lin Wang
Lin Wang:
can't wait for the second season!!! I have been dying to see the rest of it cause i read the novel alr and it's awesome hahhha hope the manga come out sooner yeahh Arise! :))
Tian D.
Tian D.:
Ah yes, I can't wait to see that "ARC". HYPE! 🔥🔥🔥
Everyone: ARISE!!

Me: Mr. Woo Woo Wooooooooooo
Franco Miguel A. Araullo
Franco Miguel A. Araullo:
Bruh I want anime solo leveling. Just saying by just reading and looking at the picture it excites me I wonder how good it is in anime

And in anime the fighting scene will be the best
Nathan Nichols
Nathan Nichols:
Hey Rodger I just want to let you know I love you videos there is a manhwa that I think you might like it is called soul land there are 4 different series start at just soul land it's a great read.. it's fairly old but lots of plots that will throw curves to make it a good read
Martin Aispuro
Martin Aispuro:
I want the ip of the guy tricked me into thinking that season 2 was going to be released in july 20, I was a fool get my hopes up. 😢😢😢
King of Darkness
King of Darkness:
Please!!!! Let me know when the second season come out I been dying for a second season!!!😁😁😁😁👍🏾
David Darko
David Darko:
I hope the anime's art looks just like it does in the manhwa only in motion. I really don't want the style to change at all.
Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul:
Man relationship between jin-woo and cha is gonna be amazing
Guillaume Morel Su
Guillaume Morel Su:
Finally I have read solo leveling over 5 times of Rogers reactions
Soren Barco
Soren Barco:
Thanks to you Roger, I got into Solo Leveling and now Sung Jin-Woo is my favorite protagonist
mightguy 135
mightguy 135:
Rogersbase, King of Lightning duel reaction. Awesomeness
Ijī san
Ijī san:
I’m so hyped for season 2!!! ARISE!!
Haru- H
Haru- H:
I just finished reading the Manhwa again and it’s amazing
Anime Legend
Anime Legend:
Us too i can't wait for season 2 my favorite manga Solo Leveling ;) i hope we'll get a lot of English Translater
Beastly Godz
Beastly Godz:
Just finished watching your Solo Leveling reaction
Baby Jac
Baby Jac:
My boy Saucy Woo gonna flex on everyone again. Can’t wait.
zdenko sapina
zdenko sapina:
having read the whole light novel after reading the 1st season with you gotta tell you you're in for a treat.. its bloody amazing let me tell u that :)
Keep Lee
Keep Lee:
Oh my god too much hype I'm suffocating right here never been so anxious and excited at the same time in my life
NTac Tic
NTac Tic:
Just finished it. Its so awesome, prob the best thing ever made. Cant wait for season 2... hopefully Cha becomes his girlfriend though it was going to happen in s1 allready 😂
Dead King
Dead King:
Im expecting to see the mc to find out about he's father. And im hype on the season 2 thank u for the update on it
Arnold Alexius
Arnold Alexius:
i'm a simple man. i saw Roger talk about Solo leveling, i click.
Thanks for the update :) . While waiting, Im gonna watch your solo leveling vods haha!
Hype!! I love solo leveling. It was my first webnovel I've ever read!
Jales Amaral
Jales Amaral:
What a clear English! Man, your channel is pretty good for non-native speakers, your speech is easy to follow. (I'm an English teacher here in Brazil, I'm sending it to a couple of students in order to have them practice their listening.) Good Job.
One of the great webcomic ever
Please Subscribe me for no reason
Please Subscribe me for no reason:
"ARISE" that word, gives me goosebumps
Waifu Albedo Gaming
Waifu Albedo Gaming:
Roger: Jin; Cha, Choi
me: Igris, Iron, Tank, Tusk and the rest :D well too sad i can't see my girl Esil :'(
Aidan Roy
Aidan Roy:
I can't wait for your newest reaction I hope you and you and Mom gets together
Aileen Edina Liman
Aileen Edina Liman:
Finally! What i've been waiting for!🥳🥳🥳😍😍
Govinda Dhakal
Govinda Dhakal:
I have never been more excited this much hearing any news Rogers I can't wait to see my man jinwoo in action
Dark Reaper
Dark Reaper:
I hope they make all remaining story in season 2...
Yash Tewari
Yash Tewari:
Been waiting for this for the last few months. It's gonna be awesome 😁
Joel Saren
Joel Saren:
great news! im so effin dry to read SL and ur reaction. its been so long
David Zamayla
David Zamayla:
sir roger :( i love your reaction please move in asia to continue :d !!!
ββ_β𐌄𐍅σηd β𐌄𐌃𐌕ђa
ββ_β𐌄𐍅σηd β𐌄𐌃𐌕ђa:
The funny thing is for the last 3 months I didn't search solo leveling Ch 111 etc and I do it right now when it's semi releasing haha what's the chances 1 in 90 huh not as rare as I thought
Trae Katzberg
Trae Katzberg:
Hey Roger I just recently saw your YouTube channel and I was watching some of your Solo Leveling vids and I just noticed something that you might want to remember from the part where Jin Woos father said after the fight with that guy he said that even in death you won’t be able to rest just thought I’d tell you to remember that in this upcoming season
Daniel Oyeleye
Daniel Oyeleye:
"This is news Big news"
Yosebi Ko
Yosebi Ko:
It’s confirmed, at least the untranslated version will be on August 1.
luminescent bullfrog
luminescent bullfrog:
This is great news can’t wait for you to start reading it again
Tom_eddsworld Tord
Tom_eddsworld Tord:
TvT i've finished the s1 last night. i can't wait for s2. im sure that i have to wait for it even more than you guys. i need the parsian translate.=-= oh mannnnnnn i can not wait for it
ImDanielHai :3
ImDanielHai :3:
Your solo leveling vids are great I love how you say solo leveling XD
Stefhon Walker
Stefhon Walker:
Yep, im hype for whats to come!
I'm literally scream!!! Solo leveling s2 LET'S GO!! 😆😆
Looking cool, Roger! Thanks for keeping us updated!
Dude I'm digging your stubble! It looks so good! Can we get a Rogers beard?
cesz tot
cesz tot:
Oh yeah.. solo leveling is one of the best.. I've read it so many times already 😅😅😅 I just can't get enough of sung Jin woo😍😍
Viel '
Viel ':
I can't wait for Roger to React!!
Banjo Kazooie
Banjo Kazooie:
Off topic but it looks like you’re actually at where the intro pictures 😂
You just brighten up my day!
Omygod what I'm most excited bout (besides the fights) is his guild wooo, hopefully this season is when he's gonna build his guild even bigger!😭💞
Elliot Marty
Elliot Marty:
The ln readers weren’t lying. It gets SO good with some really cool scenes/arcs with certain characters.
Night Slayer
Night Slayer:
Finalyyyyyyyy I haaaaaaave waiting ages to read season 2
Why roger call it season I was confused had me searching for season 1 anime lol
Sai karthik
Sai karthik:
I literally CAN'T WAIT for the Live streams, I watched the previous streams AFTER I read the Manhwa And I literally binged the streams just to look at his reactions.
Joseph G. Dimalaluan II
Joseph G. Dimalaluan II:
Roger: Solo leveling season 2 will come out in August 2020
Me in August 31: -_-
Space Doge
Space Doge:
Will you wait for abundance of chapters to be released like the ones before or shorter versions?
Rogers beard and mustache are also starting to Arise XD,

Its a look on Roger Im not used to lol
Lets Dunk
Lets Dunk:
Thanks for the information, finaly season 2 will be drawn, i wonder if new characters will somewhat look like my imagination :D