Solid8 CEO Michael Lofthouse goes off on racist rant at Asian American family in Carmel Valley |ABC7

A Southern California family is speaking out after a San Francisco CEO went on a racist rant captured on video this weekend while they were celebrating a birthday at a Carmel Valley restaurant.

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Richard WILSON
Richard WILSON:
*“Racism isn't Getting Worse, It's Getting Filmed”* _- Will Smith_
Jesse Lee
Jesse Lee:
The irony of a British dude telling people to go back to where they came from. Like WTF. He needs to go back where he came from.He isn’t even American!
Man id give that waitress a big tip she full on defended them from that POS.
Younger Family
Younger Family:
I love how the waitress kicked him out she is a true g and deserve a award
Das Sir
Das Sir:
Respect to the waitress/owner.
Yeah, he “lost control” and started spewing obscene racist hate. Because it’s so terrifying when families, like, sing Happy Birthday. 🙄
Tyrone B
Tyrone B:
Well he is having dinner by himself .. doubt he have friends . A+ to the waitress for standing up to jerks like him . She deserve a Huge tip.. let me look into this little tech company he work at.
H Ch
H Ch:
Kudos to the waitress. We all need to stand together.
Yo, can we praise that waitress and how fast she came in with the heat? God bless you lady.
Xinnie the Pooh
Xinnie the Pooh:
The reason why this “ceo” is full of hate cause his company only made $29K last year and only has 2 employees 😂.
J L:
Go back to England, Michael, you're not welcomed here in the USA.
Apple Picker
Apple Picker:
Jackie Chan in Rush Hour said: "what is in your heart, will come out of your mouth".
Most CEO's are smart enough to keep their racist thoughts to themselves while in public. I wonder how Solid8 feels about keeping you as the CEO today???? Perhaps you should go back to the UK? Just saying....
Thank you for posting this. More and more Asians are getting targeted but little has been done about it.
Thumbs up for waitress who defended the Asian family. We need more people like you 👍
Jeo Izz
Jeo Izz:
I'm pretty sure he's wearing something made in china.
Pat Veldon
Pat Veldon:
Omg he is an immigrant what a hypocrite
erdy boy
erdy boy:
Lofthouse, you're a piece of solid8 $hit...
n l
n l:
California and especially San Francisco have huge Asian American communities. The racist Klan man is obviously out of place. ⚖️🗽🇺🇸
if i had a dime for every drunk rich dude, eating by himself, causing trouble at a resteraunt, i’d be rich.
Luv Provida
Luv Provida:
What a Lame! Of course that coward later apologized trying to safe face!
Jimin Shii
Jimin Shii:
Maybe he's just a sad person, then here comes a lively family full of happiness. He got bitter about it. Lol
Monkey Dude
Monkey Dude:
Even if there was a disagreement or argument that led to this, racism is NEVER okay. Fight about the problem. No need to bring race into it.
RugrX Grapx
RugrX Grapx:
He mentioned Trump in his rant. Of course
Our mantra is: "reputation is everything, so if a job is worth doing, it's worth doing well." What do you know, Solid8 has been dissolved.
They're seeing their privileges fade, that's why they're so angry
Apnea XIII
Apnea XIII:
He later went online and spouted more hate and racist remarks to people online.
Oh please! Michael Lofthouse is not sorry at all! What does "inequality" have to do with being a hateful racist who verbally assaults people in person and on social media??!! This so called apology is because very few people will want to do business with a hate monger like him!
Big respect to that waitress.
The big tech firms should be ashamed to use his company
peter herrera
peter herrera:
Worked in fine dining and once had a customer like this. All kitchen staff went to table and showed them the door.
wisinyyandel ABC
wisinyyandel ABC:
There’s a list of companies doing business with this guy, you can find it by simply google.
aba bba
aba bba:
CEO of a BIG TECH company with TWO employees (including himself) located at a sharing desk space at WeWork. He was pissed because his "did not show up date" did not pay for his meal.
Henry Wilson
Henry Wilson:
The waitress did a nice job!!I love her!!
The Situation
The Situation:
I like how that blonde lady defended those guests sincerely
Dat Meme
Dat Meme:
Boy, this Donald Trump thing is really bringing Americans together.
Michael L
Michael L:
Someone is going to lose their job.....
Jerome Lund
Jerome Lund:
This guy meant every word he said.
I wonder who gave him permission to do that?
Hans Tejada
Hans Tejada:
FACT: Filipinos have been on American soil (Morro Bay, California) since 1587. The British aka "white people" landed 1607.
"You need to leave" my tooshie. We got here first.
People Relax
People Relax:
Native Americans: You all go back to where you came from.
Claudette S
Claudette S:
I love that server!
Ron Zhou
Ron Zhou:
I think I'm love with the waitress, she stood tall. That was geniue
Bob Daniel
Bob Daniel:
Any company continuing to do biz with this drunk jerk should be shamed and boycotted.
epstein was killed
epstein was killed:
Lofthouse: Hello? Unemployment Office? 📞😢 👈😂😅🤣
Lily Chow
Lily Chow:
Thank you the Lady kick him out. Good and fair.
C G:
Have to applaud to the waitress. She is heroine
Ninja k
Ninja k:
Tomorrow he be like
" oh i dont know what i sorry i accept my mistakes. Blah blah blah."
The poster boy for entitlement.
Jae Barclay
Jae Barclay:
This dude is a "CEO" from a company of TWO people, lol.
Steven Badall
Steven Badall:
That waitress KICKED ASS
Kudos to the waitress for standing on the right side of history. Thank you!!!!
M G:
At least he did say this to the girl “ rick mi russy “
Oscar Naval
Oscar Naval:
"The problem of racial inequality is not just a lack of knowledge; it is the lack of willingness..." {This is just a copy below of what I've written before.}

Systematic racism is not exclusive to uneducated people. It is in place, designed, and supported by well the educated people in power in government and industry. Educated people like Amy Cooper, Lisa Alexander, and her husband Robert Larkin are examples of educated racist people with money and power (educated people in liberal Northern States) - they are just the tip of a very large iceberg.

Now another part of the iceberg shows it's cold dead eyes of Michael Lofthouse. Lisa Alexander was CEO of Laface Skincare. Franklin Investments and Raymond James Investment firms fired Amy Cooper and Robert Larkin AFTER they showed their racist faces. Why did these companies hire them in the first place? And why fire these people now? What about the people doing the hiring and firing?

Why? They are well educated, systematically racist organizations to begin with and they fired them now because it's good PR for the company. As an educated organization, they distance themselves from the 'few bad apples' because they were bad (really they were caught and called out) and we're 'good'. But the system still remains. If these companies were REALLY serious about racism then they should clean house. Put in writing Civil Rights and equity policies but with real teeth (protection for Whistleblowers calling out the racists and misogynists, fire without pay, retroactive return of stock options, cancel all ISO's, and NO Golden Parachutes).

Take away the money away from systematic racism. To steal the intention behind the #BlackLivesMatter, #DefundThePolice protests, these investment companies (and all corporations and all industries) should "Defund the Corporate Racists".
#HateIsAVirus #RacismIsAVirus
Sometimes you need a big bad good guy to teach these mouths a real lesson
Jay Lee
Jay Lee:
Asian lives matter!
He apologized after he realized he was video taped. I’m sure his apology was heart felt. We need to pull a ‘Inglorious Basterds’ on these people and carve a swastika in their foreheads so we can spot the hate!
Jeff Turley
Jeff Turley:
More racists need to come out and really tell us how they feel. No more hiding.
Its Pepsi
Its Pepsi:
Lexxi Love
Lexxi Love:
Good for that server telling him to get out. If you can't respect others then maybe you shouldn't be allowed out and among them.
Gil Gseano
Gil Gseano:
He must get kicked out of a lot of restaurants. He's skin and bones.
Annie Park
Annie Park:
He prob needs his circle jerk friends. I know his type.
Wentian Chan
Wentian Chan:
Let's hope he lives a long life... so he'll still be regretting this when he's grey haired, toothless and wishing he could have saved his "career"
shannen jung
shannen jung:
A Big thanks to the staff standing up for this kind of abuse, which is Sickening and surprisingly Not uncommon. SAD... There should be no place for these kind of behaviors in our city, our state and our country. They need to LEAVE.
That laugh tho 🤣🤣🤣 like damn a real villian
Erick G
Erick G:
Who broke this mans heart 😩
Pine Cones
Pine Cones:
Well done to the Woman defending the family.
That waitress though! 😍😍😍
Joel Ewing
Joel Ewing:
0:45 the laugh of someone with no soul
Raju Muhammed Khan
Raju Muhammed Khan:
Soon your company Solid8 turn to bankrupt8
Huge respect to the restaurant and the personnel involved, love from Indonesia.
Doo-wop .Doo-wop
Doo-wop .Doo-wop:
Oh yea the internets gonna have fun with this one
美国一直有扁低中国人民之宣传。我曾持有美国十年绿卡 但对美国好多做法好反感。 特别出入境時更显出对亜州人的不礼貌言行 所以我决定放弃了綠卡 更不愿意入藉做美國公民
I lowkey want this to happen to me so I can fight back.
"I have wealth, I'm staying."

Bring back the guillotine. :|
Tea Tea
Tea Tea:
Lol CEO about to lose his high paying job
Mega Ayie
Mega Ayie:
I applaud the staff on the restaurant for taking the right action.
Minoru Mineta
Minoru Mineta:
Here comes the apology when his company solid8 receive public outlash xD

Edit: He already did lmao
Bruno Costa
Bruno Costa:
The waitress was the MVP. Hats off for that badass, she's a beast!
Meg Crimson
Meg Crimson:
A+++ to the waitress
"Healing for everyone!" - Rafaela
Jay West
Jay West:
I don't like how only certain parts of videos like this so the whole story isn't shown. That being said, he definitely crossed the line here.
Cliff Leatherby
Cliff Leatherby:
"So much anger aimed in no particular direction just raised and sprayed..."
I would’ve thrown hands if he talked to my family like that.
Malcom X
Malcom X:
Liquid courage will definitely get you in trouble . 😂
Why do people think other people are different? We're all human. All have bones, blood, and organs. We're all the same internally. What is it externally y'all cant look past? This is ridiculous!
Yunho Kim
Yunho Kim:
Mad cuz his tinder didn't show up lmaoo
Kyle Alexander
Kyle Alexander:
Im not condoning someone putting him in forever sleep but if they did i wouldnt be sad either
Spencer Beard
Spencer Beard:
Kudos to the staff member for tearing him a new one. Customers are not always right ;D
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez:
Tired of dealing with people who have something against me just because of the way that i look. I'm tired of being tired
Tsukino Lan
Tsukino Lan:
Thank you Ms. waitress, I wanna be the person like you who can get angry for others based on the right thing you believe.
From Japan
Nesamani Margarette
Nesamani Margarette:
MFr Lofthouse! Thank you waiter - we love you for standing up to Aholes!
Connect Your Heart
Connect Your Heart:
That waitress needs to be applauded and recognized ! bravo
Ylka Reiss
Ylka Reiss:
Heartbreaking to see such hatred in a country proudly built on immigrants. The waitress and Bernardus handled this so well. I will absolutely be supporting them on my next trip to Carmel.
Casey KC
Casey KC:
Real heros are that waitress!!! ❤
Bye Michael.
Washable Junk
Washable Junk:
This guy eats alone? I would like to see the beginning of the interaction
Lori Barker
Lori Barker:
GOOD FOR THAT WAITRESS!!!! I'm so sick of this behavior!! We are ALL Americans.
Sanj S
Sanj S:
Props to the restaurant host for standing up for the family 🙏
Vee Love
Vee Love:
Thanks for everyone who stand up for the Asian person. 💕🙏
wisnu handrio
wisnu handrio:
Respect to the waitress/owner