Sofia Kenin vs Iga Swiatek - Final Highlights I Roland-Garros 2020

Sofia Kenin vs Iga Swiatek - Final Highlights I Roland-Garros 2020. Watch the best moments of the final between Sofia Kenin and Iga Swiatek. The Polish player won in two sets 6/4 6/1 and claimed her first Gland Slam in her career at 19 years old without losing a set.
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This is the official YouTube Channel of Roland Garros. The tournament 2020 will run from 21 September - 11 October.

98 komento:

Guilherme Bateloche
Guilherme Bateloche:
Perfect torunament from Iga Swiatek.
Let me see if I've got this straight : She was ranked 54 in the world, she is only 19 years old, did not lose a set in the French which is the toughest tournament in the world, only lost 4 games in a set twice, defeated the top seed and #2 ranked player in the world Simona Halep 61 62 and wins the final 64 61. Are you kidding me ?
This is one of the greatest achievements in the history of tennis. Congratulations to the French Grand Slam Champion Iga Swiatek and congratulations to Poland - you have your champion !
Magnificent play from a humble player. Go Polska, congrats from Hungary.
Alan Felipe Quintana Zevallos
Alan Felipe Quintana Zevallos:
Iga is wonderful. This is the first time that I really watch a womens' tennis match with delight. She is like a beautiful swan. She is perfect like Federer.
Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather:
She didn't just win... She outclassed every her opponent. 54 rank, 19 yo, W O W. almost impossible
She won her first RG at age 19, and her idol is Rafa, who also won his first RG at age 19. Interesting.....
Airul Anuwa
Airul Anuwa:
So young
So mature
So good
So pretty
So talented
killing fluff
killing fluff:
Finally there’s some who plays “quiet” tennis... no ochh, achhh, ucch. Iga I’m proud of you.
shes came out from nowhere and destroy everyone, just 19 years old, gosh!
"Silent Killer" Iga Swiatek
Be smart
Be smart:
Congratulations to Iga. She hammered kenin so badly, kenin will wake up tomorrow morning speaking Polish
Una bestia la Polaca...futura número 1 si sigue así.
Raf 303
Raf 303:
Incredible. If she goes on, she'll dominate women's tennis for many years. Her "jazda!" will become an international word...
Iga's style is so agressive. Love it.
At 19 Iga is already a complete, sophisticated skillful tennis player.
NsiYCkan Esu
NsiYCkan Esu:
Just like her modest and a quiet player... Doesn't make noise like other players
minij hooi
minij hooi:
One thing I regret is that Iga deserves the entire stadium cheering her on. Btw Kenin's moaning is unbearable.
She is 19yrs old and not one Player got over 5 games on her the whole tournament. Wow and she is a quiet hitter. >>>>>>>
collins femmville
collins femmville:
Very humble and disciplined young talent in IGA ... I'm obseseed with the patience and persistence she's got under pressure.. She's a rare talent you'll agree..Proud of you IGA!!!!!!
Thanh Tran
Thanh Tran:
It's highlights but all I can see is Iga's winners.
And she didn't scream in every ball, which is adorable !!!
Tru Ville
Tru Ville:
I usually don't comment, but I must say this:
I absolutely LOVE the way Iga raised, held up the trophy and turned to show everyone:
She did it all with such love, humility, satisfaction for the game and noble grace.
She is truly an outstanding champion.
screaming old man
screaming old man:
She moves so fluidly and gets to just about everything. She’s going to dominate!
Congratulations to our wonderful girl!
Polska jest z Ciebie dumna, Iga.
Luca Ruaro
Luca Ruaro:
A star is born: no hopes for other players #Swiatek
stan sonda
stan sonda:
I like that Iga is one of the few who does not scream and does not moan with every hit like most ...aaaahhmmm aaaahmmmm aaahmmm aaahhmmm.....Congratulations from Warsaw
Gacha Marinette Dupain-Cheng
Gacha Marinette Dupain-Cheng:
I love how she kept her opponent back, then sliced at the most untimely moments! Amazing!
Aleksandra Węglarek
Aleksandra Węglarek:
One thing I regret is that Iga deserves the entire stadium cheering her on. Btw Kenin's moaning is unbearable.
Iga played intelligently, amazing maturity for her teenage age, turned defense to offense immediately, read the opponent very well and played confidently. We have a future no 1 !!! ... Congrats Iga ... 💓💓💓
gee massam Art
gee massam Art:
I like Swiatek already - she doesn't grunt on every point 👍👍👍
Nathalie Thomas
Nathalie Thomas:
Finally!!! A player who takes out the top seed and goes on to wins the title. Congratulations Iga.
She doesn't scream at every move so I like this girl. Simple as that.
Lengyel, magyar, két jó barát, együtt harcol, s issza borát.
Swiatek will be the best player.
Harris Q
Harris Q:
Her Forehand was faster than every Man except Jannik Sinner ! How is that possible ?
Uri Alon
Uri Alon:
She makes it look as though it is so easy to play tennis at these levels... so feather-light, quick and smart and above all so cute. The best thing come in small packages....
My new favorite women's tennis player!! Very classy and she doesn't annoy the audience with orgasm like moans and screams!
Juan Antonio Zuleta
Juan Antonio Zuleta:
After years of just smacking the ball and grunting we have a real talent. Someone who has variations in her game, great touch at the net, drop shots...Welcome Iga, outstanding performance.
David Leiva
David Leiva:
I guess after this tournament Iga would have lots of new fans. I'm one of them, of course.
Joseph M.
Joseph M.:
Iga is great. She keeps her head down and gets the job done. Hopefully she realizes shit just go real, its only the beginning, and won't be another one-time GS winner who suddenly disappear.
I'm sure women's tennis gained many fans because of her, me included 👍
Jose Mari Ortega
Jose Mari Ortega:
I watched her every match after she beat Simona. From then on, I knew she had the greatest chance of winning this championship. But I never predicted she would do it without droping a set. Congrats Iga! Practice your speeches. Lol.
Unbelievable performance. Love how much down to earth Iga is, will be supporting her from now on!
Fabien H
Fabien H:
Making them wear a mask during that trophy is the summum of absurdity. No chance we'll get out of this Corona madness in style.
Zavi Ali
Zavi Ali:
This is such a dominant display of tennis that its almost scary. Well done Iga, sure now world over you will be recognized. I haven't seen such flawless and flowing gameplay since ages. I really hope she keeps this up and it would be safe to say we are looking at a legend in the making.
Siyabonga Mchunu
Siyabonga Mchunu:
If only I got a dollar for every time I have heard, read or even said "the next big thing on the WTA Tour" in the past five years. Congratulations on a Polished performance nevertheless.
Ryan Acob
Ryan Acob:
Iga deserved this championship. She has a remarkable run in R.G. Winning a title throughout this tournament without dropping a single set is unbelievable.
No Name
No Name:
Correct, perfect tournament for Swiatek, winning every match in two sets.
TomG Gabin
TomG Gabin:
Iga played like a real contender: Consistent, athletic, accurate, and composed. Star power in women's tennis seems to wane so fast, though, so here's hoping that this powerhouse will finally find the secret to holding onto it.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss:
Finally!!! A player who takes out the top seed and goes on to wins the title. Congratulations Iga.
And Go
And Go:
Kenin is a screamer.
Great precision on part of Swiatek,I like her quiet elegance.
Gilbert Erick Ignacio
Gilbert Erick Ignacio:
One of the brightest and most talented newest player of the generation! The future is bright for women's tennis! Congrats Iga! From Philippines!☺️
Just like her modest and a quiet player... Doesn't make noise like other players 100%!
Louis Didier
Louis Didier:
This girl will win so many GS in her career for sure🔥
it may look strange but you can also play tennis without shouting ! Incredible!
Alex K.
Alex K.:
Not only did Swiatek not lose a set but she also beat the reigning Wimbledon and Australian Open champion on her way to her first Grand Slam title.
Swiatek is a supercharged version of Hingis, it's awesome to behold
руслан фаридович
руслан фаридович:
Вот и сенсация поздравляю я смотрел все ее матчи это достойно а как она в шепки разнясла симону это нечто умница Ига далеко пойдет с такой игрой
Fada Rome
Fada Rome:
-A new era. NO GRUTS or SCREAMS. It is good to see smarts in tennis again. No Drama, pure modesty. Welcome Iga. You are fun to watch. Would love to see a match with Ms. Brady, hope soon. ALL THE MOTHERS SHOULD RETIRE, please, except Azza for now.
The two weeks at Roland-Garros were like the rising of a star. I'd love to see Iga Świątek playing mixed double with Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic. Iga, jazda!
Cool Youtuber
Cool Youtuber:
6:24 That was a Nadal’s celebration. True Nadal’s fan. Love you IGA. 😍
David Turco
David Turco:
Wow, Swiatek played great. I recommend everyone rewatch the highlights and just watch Iga's footwork. If she can do this in every match she will be tough to beat.
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow:
Silent Killer!
Warrior Son
Warrior Son:
Wow...Iga really has it all.
Good serve
Great shot placement
Great movement
Great touch
Powerful baseline game
Good volleys
Angles and down the line
Great tactics/strategy
Good functioning under pressure

All that at such a young age...😒
Jinkai Huang
Jinkai Huang:
Not even Kenin’s dad can help her with all the illegal couching she’s been receiving all tournament, HA !
Aleph Null
Aleph Null:
Looking at her scorelines in this tournament you'd think an ATP player snuck his way into the draw lol. Incredible demolition of all her opponents.
she plays like a veteran already. going to be scary to see how she develops
Shouting like Sofia should be forbidden, its not a spot thing, its just to annoy an opponent. Shame on her
She hasn't dropped more than 5 games in a MATCH or lost more than 4 games in a set !!! One of the most dominating performances i've ever seen #jazda
Sebastian Jakubik
Sebastian Jakubik:
Iga won in so elegant way (incl. no moaning with every shot like others)
Zina Stanescu
Zina Stanescu:
I m Halep fan . But Iga deserved this trophy 🏆. She played perfect.
sadimoni afsan
sadimoni afsan:
Iga Swiatek shall be a great in future in tennis history. I pray for her!
Hope Iga Swiatek goes on to dominate the women's tour. Absolutely beautiful game to watch! The way she varies the flight of the ball on the forehand... through heavy top-spin and side-spin, to bamboozle the opponent, is reminiscent of Nadal.
Aurs 777
Aurs 777:
I normally do not watch womens tennis but I love how Iga plays, lots of energy, swietnie!
Plus I got some polish roots and she kind of looks and reminds me of a relative.
Abhijeet Roy
Abhijeet Roy:
Iga showed maturity and a mental calm demeanor that is so like Federer. Wish her many more great tournaments. She is a champion in making.
Artur Kamiński
Artur Kamiński:
Iga Świątek winning French Open -Robert Lewandowski the best player in EU 2019/2020, Jan Błachowicz -the world best MMA fighter 2 weeks ago >>> Polish Power :)
One of the most enjoyable French open iga was outstanding .and well done to the French open organisations ,it may of been a small crowd but there created a good atmosphere which came through on the TV screen
English football 33
English football 33:
Just invincible, Iga is on fire, her strong shots are a gift of nature, she must become one of the best
Terance The Indomitable
Terance The Indomitable:
The scary thing is that this was the worst match Iga Swiatek played. She had more double faults in this match than she had the entire fortnight. She played much better than this against Simona Halep.
The rise of a Female Nadal. Her forehand and speed are like Nadal.
remigiusz andrzejewski
remigiusz andrzejewski:
New star is born ladies and gentleman, Iga Świątek!
Kenin sure didn't attack Swiatek's BH too much and Kenin's movement was pretty slow. Good win for Swiatek!!!
Iga's rival:
Ima beat the living shit out of this cheeky youngster.

I love my forehand.
I love my beckhand.
Running to the net is so much fun.
I have so much joy with my dropshot.
There is nothing like a ending volley.
I hope my first serve wont be too destroying to her.
If she fakes injury I will have fun with the audience.
I will topspin, rotate, speed up, slow down, slice, drop, smash - she will be runnin every where and we will see how much she can take before her enthusiasm drops to zero.
rafael sabater
rafael sabater:
I am seeing the similarity with Hingis. If she’ll improve her serves, then she can be the deadliest.
Juan Dois
Juan Dois:
Bad sportsmanship from Kenin! It's probably the worst post match greeting at the net, in a Grand Slam final i've seen...Even Sharapova-Serena have a warmer, cordial meeting at the net. Can empathize with Kenin being upset, but at least show a little respect to your opponent.
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu:
She is the like Gaston, she just came out of nowhere and played better than some ToP 10 players
She seems so humble and kind. I have been supporting her since she beat Halep. I predict a bright future from her!
Colin Higgins
Colin Higgins:
Iga Świątek has an amazing forehand and Steffi Graf footwork. Makes it look easy out there. She is going to win a lot more grand slams
Gefin Hanif Fadillah
Gefin Hanif Fadillah:
she wins the rolland garros with the wimbledon style... congrats !
Simon Oberwalder
Simon Oberwalder:
She is the like Gaston, she just came out of nowhere and played better than some ToP 10 players
Oh god, I hate moaning players so much... Always happy when one is losing ;)
hen ko
hen ko:
Just like her modest and a quiet player... Doesn't make noise like other players 100%!
I think people need to learn a new polish word that I hope we will hear very often: “JAZDA!” (Pronounced: yazda)
She uses It the same way others scream “come on!” or “vamos!”
Wioletta Wawrzynczak
Wioletta Wawrzynczak:
Brawo młoda panno!! Wzruszenie i radość, ze może pani sobie w ten sposób zawdzięczać triumf🌹🇵🇱☘️
Tom Sillers
Tom Sillers:
I love that she is quiet, what a relief from the noise pollution of most other players.
Thomas Oger
Thomas Oger:
Un Grand Chelem sans encaisser de set est un exploit de taille réalisé par Iga Swiatek 🇵🇱⚜👑🏆🥇
Terance The Indomitable
Terance The Indomitable:
It's fitting that Iga Swiatek and Naomi Osaka are friends because they have similarities in their games and their personalities. On the court, they both have big forehands, powerful groundstrokes and move well. Off the court, they both have shy, unassuming personalities; Iga had a harder time with her speech than she did with any of her matches. It's like she had no idea of what she was going to say. Osaka was the exact same way when she won at Indian Wells. Most players rehearse what they would say if they won. But with these two, there is an air of naivete. Like how a non-athlete would react if they had to suddenly give a speech in front of a big crowd of people, with the world watching on TV.
Siddharth Vaz
Siddharth Vaz:
She has so many similarities in her game with Djoko, amazing court positioning, ability to change directions on both backhand and forehand, good defensive game, smart usage of drop shots, great return of serve. Is this a precursor to come for tomorrow?
Piotr Wdowczyk
Piotr Wdowczyk:
Historic win, ranked at 54th place and yet winnig it without loosing a single set alongside the whole tournament. What an achievement. Congratulations!
Her game is perfect for clay: high topspin shots and nice variety. But I’d like to note that her forehand is able to change direction very well and she can force corner cross court shots when others can only reply with one down the middle. This surely won’t be her only French
Hayden Ng
Hayden Ng:
2 unbelievable things happened today:
19 year old 54 in the world Iga Swiatek won her first grand slam
Roland Garros made 7 minute highlights

(sorry lol)