SN vs G2 Highlights | Worlds 2020 Group A Day 5 - LoL World Championship | Suning vs G2 Esports

SN vs G2 Highlights | Worlds 2020 Group A Day 5 - LoL World Championship | Suning vs G2 Esports

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66 komento:

Imagine G2 meeting TES in the Quarters

My condolences
Random Dude
Random Dude:
Well its a shame, would love to see 1 more game of TL as they were the team with a lot of progress during groups and make the miracle run. WP G2.
Peace 🇭🇰
Peace 🇭🇰:
EU fans calling G2 trolling when they simply got outplayed hard 😂
Khaled Gad
Khaled Gad:
00:57 caps doding NA tears
First G2 allow TL their miracle run by losing their game in week 1 vs them. Then they deny it by losing to SN. Well at least they saved tons of pick ems.
dudu shi
dudu shi:
Tl vins agains g2 america is alive
Next day loses to g2 america is dead
TL goes 3-3 america comes alive again
G2 think again 🤣🤣🤣
Soap MACtavish
Soap MACtavish:
Senna for miky is huge mistake he is a playmaker so just give him a strong engage and Camille is too strong in this patch..sad NA fans rightnow 😆
Bin is shaking his head everytime he fight xD
George Hafdi
George Hafdi:
everytime G2 lose, G2 fans either blame draft or claim that G2 is just trolling lmao.
Here we go again g2 fanboys
G2 fan: TiEbREaKer, tRoLlInG......
Hazim Hb
Hazim Hb:
2:12 jankos almost cry
Team Liquid has been getting closer to getting out of groups every year! Run it back TL PLEASE DONT LEAVE EACHOTHER... maybe broxah but that’s it BUT NO ONE ELSE 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Haxone Stolkans
Haxone Stolkans:
They played it like it was an easy win, they got way to cocky and this is frightening for the rest of the tournament. No respect and no will to win from G2, idk what's happening in the house but looks like a serious ego problem to me.
Hannah Anderson
Hannah Anderson:
10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️
SwordArt MVP for Sunning
Christoffer Uddman
Christoffer Uddman:
Swordart spamming that FPX emote 🌚
Isaac Vang
Isaac Vang:
I guess NA fanboys ain’t gonna cheer for G2 now 😂
Lmao fpx, ig and game over emotes xddd
jaren tippett
jaren tippett:
Litterally if g2 won my pickems were perfect but now I only one thing right 😐
Hannah Anderson
Hannah Anderson:
Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖
Jon Syed
Jon Syed:
Someone check G2's PayPal. I don't even see tower dives that bad in my bronze games. Looking like they want to face DWG again.
Joseph FPS
Joseph FPS:
dont blame G2 for TL elimination, they should have not drop a game against Machi
Support Overlord
Support Overlord:
When G2 Wins:
Fans: Are they Smurfing in Worlds Again ?

When G2 Lose:
Fans: They are Inting obviously.
Lễ Nguyễn Ngọc
Lễ Nguyễn Ngọc:
Haulfer Bleu
Haulfer Bleu:
Jdg and sunning spamming fpx and ig is really the best you could find
I love to see G2 lose here, this team should be better than this and they just keep dont care about anything even in world. Maybe after this they will care about their worlds championship.
Howard Potts
Howard Potts:
no, it wasn't 100% troll to knock NA out. why would they risk 1st place ? 1st place guarantess they don't have to play damwon/top in quarters. im an eu fan too, but some of y'all are really stupid
mostafa s
mostafa s:
idk if this is craps or not but this is def not claps....havent seen anything special from him so far fact he did some craps things in their last game vs suning
Frank Vaso
Frank Vaso:
First time I see g2 get stomped so hard
G2 trolling so hard honestly, they would have won if they took the game seriously. Same goes for last year when they trolled finals. Fk man if only these guys put a little effort in the game they would be insane.
Hockey is life
Hockey is life:
G2s bot lane and mid are getting mechanically shit on everygame.
Changed Name
Changed Name:
bin is so aggressive lol
Alex Gregory
Alex Gregory:
G2 lost so TL didn't have a possible win against them. Giving them a better chance at meeting Suning again and maybe having suning eliminate a team they don't wanna face because TL "wouldn't make it out of quarters"
Saved pickems atleast
storm graft
storm graft:
G2 did what they needed to do 💪🏻

Na is malding rn
Helena Lopez
Helena Lopez:
Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
David Henretty
David Henretty:
I'm Alone 😍😥
Donovan Dec
Donovan Dec:
This game is a wintrade. Competitive ruling when? Will g2 be punished for this? Its an obvious wintrade
Eudoxia Mysteries
Eudoxia Mysteries:
Bye TL lol
Hanniel Alejo Caños
Hanniel Alejo Caños:
Camille breaks caps' kneecaps
Johnson Leal
Johnson Leal:
It was so clean
Alex Xandra
Alex Xandra:
Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Helena Lopez
Helena Lopez:
Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️
G2 were playing to loose to eliminate tl
Trolling NA 100%
Jason Lai
Jason Lai:
G2 inting to screw TL
Celly Berries
Celly Berries:
Again this year seem like LPL to win world... maybe LPL vs LPL at final. just a bit hope for LCK to take over LPL domination.

NA in chat : "GO EU FROM NA! <3"
EU in chat : "BYE NA FROM EU! <3"

GG! EU > NA now and always.
Ayoub Ammor
Ayoub Ammor:
can't wait to see TES or DWG destroy G2 0-3
such a dirty team
kanos józsi
kanos józsi:
If they win the tie breaker NA will mald 🤣🤣🤣
francis miranda
francis miranda:
Feels bad for NA
David Vermillion
David Vermillion:
G2 really ruining my pickems lmao they are 100% trolling this game
Mylifeis funny
Mylifeis funny:
G2 is smart
ian cheung
ian cheung:
LOL G2 threw too hard, now 2nd seed
Mateo Malatini
Mateo Malatini:
testing Pro
testing Pro:
EU cry babies making excuses for their team but when are you gonna accept that chinese and Korean teams are just better. Simple.
Troll comp again
Cenezo Smile
Cenezo Smile:
G2 lose on purpose to eliminate TL omegalul
Azrael OTP Akali
Azrael OTP Akali:
Tri Phan
Tri Phan:
EU wintrading
sofm always on another level
John Michael Lyn Vizcaya
John Michael Lyn Vizcaya:
Jankos playing so bad, literally jungle diff every single game

Also sad croco memes 🤣
Varien Navo
Varien Navo:
People are delusional to think G2 trolled just to deny the tiebreaker from TL. Why would G2 risk losing the 1st seed and dodging DWG/TES? G2 is a very volatile team in Bo1's. If you think G2 trolled this game on purpose, the same can be said for when G2 played TL. As per usual, G2 thinks they can get away with a subpar draft, and they got punished for it in both the first game G2 played TL, and this one.
100% troll to knock out TL
Bye TL, stop trash talking EU and maybe u will get a hand