Small scale miner becomes overnight millionaire after finding biggest ever tanzanite gems

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A small scale miner in Tanzania has become an overnight millionaire after finding the two largest tanzanite gemstones ever discovered.

The Tanzanian government handed subsistence miner Saniniu Laizer a cheque for 7.74bn shillings ((£2.7m) on Wednesday in exchange for the stones.

Mr Laizer discovered the two dark violet-blue gemstones, each about the size of a forearm, in one of the tanzanite mines in the north of the country.

These are surrounded by a wall to control cross-border smuggling of the gemstones.

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Max Maxwell
Max Maxwell:
"We think Tanzania is ready for a regime change" - US Government
Tiagito P
Tiagito P:
That's my loooong distant relative. Time to give him a call!
My guy was NOT letting go of them 😂😂
Luke Not Skywalker
Luke Not Skywalker:
Guy got robbed at that price.
Misses Witch
Misses Witch:
feel like he will be in danger very soon
Big Summer Blowout
Big Summer Blowout:
2.7miliion cashback for hundreds of millions. I'd say that's not good business
Jerry Rawlings
Jerry Rawlings:
Be careful of what you show the world you might get invaded.
Phil Boardman
Phil Boardman:
I’m glad for the miner, nice to see the government buying them from him at a reasonable price, with these being found I wonder if the area he mined had a sudden interest of new prospectors applying for the rights, it would bring more money into the local economy. Enjoy your wealth and hope you go to do your dreams.
Tabs T
Tabs T:
That means it's worth £6m
What's this? Good News is being reported? What a time we live in lol.
Google Sucks
Google Sucks:
He should have ticked the "anonymous" box.
Mohamed Cumar
Mohamed Cumar:
Saved by the govt, would have been ripped off by the middle men and cartels.
Barry Richards
Barry Richards:
check could be bigger
Cirina Harvey
Cirina Harvey:
USA Freedom coming to Tanzania soon
Jack M
Jack M:
I’m happy for the guy, good to actually see positive news, even if he didn’t get the full value, the guy received more money than he could ever imagine overnight.
If only he was from "the tribe" - they'd be worth billions
Got 2.5m but how much are they worth? 👀
Kathleen Beveridge
Kathleen Beveridge:
That's so awesome!! I am very happy for him and his family. What a tremendous difference that this will make in their lives. I just love stories like this. It helps to keep hope alive for the underdogs.
The great unseen
The great unseen:
I wouldn't give them the whole thing sell some keep some for next generations
R M:
‘ Tanzanian people need democracy and freedom, the tyrant government needs to step down, we will assist regime change’. Official White House statement 🇺🇸
Trump & Borris "Tanzania has weapons of mass destruction"

Let me buy some shares in BAE weapons
Dunc Thomas
Dunc Thomas:
He struck gems not gold lol
The BBC said that this man had 30 kids. I guess he'll have a few hundred more that he didnt know about.
Happy Camper
Happy Camper:
Who said capitalism doesn't help third word communities? Morons. 😂
Carlos Barahona
Carlos Barahona:
Lucky guy :) he plans to help his village, shows he has good kind heart and soul. All the blessings to him and his family :)
liam 11
liam 11:
Fair play to the lad
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts:
Demoncracy is coming soon in that country....
baiju thomas
baiju thomas:
And then US invaded Tanzania .reason =WMD
michael kerr
michael kerr:
He was ripped right off
The Stig's English Cousin
The Stig's English Cousin:
Well done Sir, I'm pleased for you. Your hard work paid off big time. 👍👍
Manthey Manthey
Manthey Manthey:
ripped off or not, he's richer than you and i
k k
k k:
Can see the vultures circling now !!!
I'll bet it wasnt even him but rather one of his employees ><'
Omnipotent Potato
Omnipotent Potato:
USA to Tanzania after seeing this: *Would you like me to offer you some freedom in these trying times?*
14.373Kg or 71,865 carats total.
At 300$-1,500$ per carat (depends on quality and gemstone size)......That gives a total market value of US$21,559,500 - US$107,797,500.
They gave him 7,744,152,703 TZS or US$3,329,985.
So he got $3.3M for gems worth $21-107M but in all probability a collector will pay a premium for such huge crystals so the government made a nice packet out of the deal.
He says he's building facilities for the local community with some of the money so good on him.
Danny Friar
Danny Friar:
I wonder how he'll spend his money.
Thats 7 million for him and 2.738 billion for the rest of the government to share
Kirill M
Kirill M:
US: hmm that is interesting..
A Macca
A Macca:
Just be happy for the guy that will probably support his family for generation’s with there way of life they could of just took it from him as said it’s government property like they do here in England 😂 we all get robbed either of respect or money everyday by are government’s so I think he’s had a win there 👍🏼🇬🇧
Terrack 300
Terrack 300:
Nice find and I hope he enjoys his retirement.
He couldve gotten so much more money, even so, the guys probably gonna get his head chopped off and robbed, he might want to invest some of that money in life security.
Wet Noodle
Wet Noodle:
i wonder if hes gonna turn it into a toxic blowpipe
the others REALLY wanted to get hold of the check
Chihuahua & Dachshund
Chihuahua & Dachshund:
Good on him
Gy Ford
Gy Ford:
Wow nice one 😁
Respected Sir
Respected Sir:
Thiefs also watching this video
Anne Phair
Anne Phair:
Wow. Amazing size stones
Isaac Greenough
Isaac Greenough:
Wooooooo lol great job guys 🍻
US, CHINA , EU, UK .who else is coming ? 😅😅😅
Scott Fraser
Scott Fraser:
🤔🗯️I bet he gets stung!
Hey that bloke looks like Nigerian Prince Benjamin Okwanga. I'm heavily invested in those billions then because I sent some cash when he emailed me about it.
He found the vibranium
Jazz For fun
Jazz For fun:
Congrats to the guy
Correction: Adjusted for inflation the cheque was only worth 50p
More corruption!!
Irman Aras
Irman Aras:
Allahu Akbar
Vice Versace
Vice Versace:
1 month later: breaking news the guy that found those 2 big gemstones in Tanzania found dead. Also the US send military enforcement to fight against the new terrorist organisation called BGM.
NAB 88
NAB 88:
Didn't exactly 'strike gold' tho did he?
stem ster
stem ster:
Who gets payed by cheque these days ,its got bounce written all over it
We Deliver BEXIT FC
We Deliver BEXIT FC:
Not the best idea to be all over tv 😁
heres crossung my fingers hoping the minister drops the stones and the guys like "you brake it you buy it"
Mikey Arias
Mikey Arias:
Noticed how he shook all the men’s hands and didn’t really want to shake the females hand while holding check, must be a cultural thing.
Lee Fall
Lee Fall:
Sell them to a western country for 10x that
He needs to get on a plane and get out of there before he gets robbed.
Charlie B
Charlie B:
Amounts to a years worth of internet? But not all you can eat data or unlimited? Only 12GB🤣🤣
Nik Scott
Nik Scott:
They had his pants down, but he rich now so whatever
real gamer
real gamer:
small scale miner goes missing
X Man
X Man:
Its worth 2.5 billion pound..he only got 2
It belongs to the people!!! Why didn’t they share it out??
William Holm
William Holm:
With 30 children he definitely needs the money!!!!
The bits an pieces Man
The bits an pieces Man:
Is she gonna but a new cloth for her head, proper splash the cash.
LeftWing Lewis
LeftWing Lewis:
Lucky man.
Sana ol..
Luiza S
Luiza S:
Americans discovered some random African country under their tanzanite gems land.
Matang Agila
Matang Agila:
I hope China will not get into your country lol
G Mc
G Mc:
Only 2.3mil
Hairy John
Hairy John:
It's nice to see poor people becoming rich.
NeoKenni Me
NeoKenni Me:
Why not me
ally haze
ally haze:
Cheque will bounce
Salim Bunduz Salim
Salim Bunduz Salim:
Soon Enemies in both two sides the miner and the buyer.Kenya we never share cigarette.If you smoke,smoke it all and enjoy yourself dont let someone to taste it.Unfuctional minds Tanzania citizen,thé shapes of your minds looks like à rugby Ball (🏉) 🤣🤣🤣shame on you.Never trust any government.
ines M.
ines M.:
Happy the man is not chinese
Nayan Kalapgar Vlogs
Nayan Kalapgar Vlogs:
Tanzania turned into WAKANDA
lydia afaka
lydia afaka:
》《Fugenix》 《
》《Fugenix》 《:
He will now move to London.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Love the cheque '7 billion cents' 🤣
Steve john
Steve john:
Tanzania is rich
My 2 Cents
My 2 Cents:
Ppl dont understand how Africa works, yess we know the stones are worth over 50mill, but its either he takes the 2.7mill or be given nothing and they take the stone
Pat Warburtonr
Pat Warburtonr:
Jesus who was delivered up for our trespasses and raised up for our justification. He is our saviour and our only salvation!
tuitwo two
tuitwo two:
Manipulation of the commodities markets by the banks means most miners earn a fraction of what they should. Most miners are poor people of colour and the banks love to steal from them.
Very bad trade, those are worth way more than what he received.
Thereal GodessIsis
Thereal GodessIsis: as foreigners flock to the area.
Habargani Rafkiango?
Wunt wanna Kunyo le Pombe? (That is how I remember the pronunciation)
Rough Translation...
How are you MY FRIEND?
Fancy going for beer?
Had learned this from a bunch of holidaying Tanzanians in Turkey!
I hope they thought me the right thing!
Jānis Klodāns
Jānis Klodāns:
He got 10th of worth
paul chambers
paul chambers:
I've smoked bigger rocks
david merritt
david merritt:
damn she dont look too happy, some people you just cant please!
Everything Metal Detecting
Everything Metal Detecting:
Why would you compare tanzanite to gold by saying he struck gold!?
Tanzanite is its own precious gem doesn't need to be compared with anything!
Congratulations to this guy!
As a treasure hunter myself I long to feel that special feeling and can only imagine what it's like!
Šoph 19
Šoph 19:
Now that’s called a Jackpot literally .... do some donation please
stud man
stud man:
He will not live long. China will make him disappear and our fake media will keep it quiet.
Kevin Baird
Kevin Baird:
The British empire had a bit of a motto, "if they won't give them to us, we will have to take them", so glad to see the government reward a poor man for his find.
I climbed Kilimanjaro, great country.