Sierra Canyon Bronny James Freshman Year HIGHLIGHTS!

The freshman was an integral part of the Trailblazer's rotation -- typically the first player off the bench. Sierra Canyon won its state semifinal game before the CIF canceled the championship game due to coronavirus risk.

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Randell Richardson
Randell Richardson:
He can do it all: pull up, catch n shoot, floater, pull up mid range, assist/facilitate, defense... if he continues to grow and get his father’s build its over, he will always be a top prospect and go to the league
TenThumbs Productions
TenThumbs Productions:
Kid is just a freshman. Considering that squad has other kids that will play in the NBA that are 3 or 4 years older than him that is pretty amazing what he was able to do. Just wait until he hits a growth spurt and grows 4 inches and adds a bunch of muscle, kid is going to be a force.
Prince CherubTV
Prince CherubTV:
Bronny looked average because his team is full of ESPN Top 10 HS Recruits. Don't sleep with this young king in a making!

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Lakersyoungcoreareaverage playersatbest
Lakersyoungcoreareaverage playersatbest:
This dude is literally a 15 year old version of his dad wtf
Shooters dream
Shooters dream:
Bronny looks like an extremely talented freshman. Such a pure jump shot
Alex Maradiaga
Alex Maradiaga:
5:32 Ref just wanted to touch LeBron 🤣🤣🤣
antoine johnson
antoine johnson:
How the hell yall miss the inbounds lob he caught that was the most impressive highlight of his this year smh
sam onn
sam onn:
Imagine he’s getting his minutes next season and grow another 2 or 3 inches it’s over for y’all kids. Lol
ezzy 2h
ezzy 2h:
It's crazy how he is a 6'2 freshman dunking and y'all talking about he needs to get his athleticism up and you know we know he got all the skill
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith:
Good work. You guys don’t need to compare or measure him so hard, he’s doing great, his athleticism will come and he’s going to grow. His dad is arguably one of the smartest basketball minds. He’s well on his way to be a great player
Peter Peralta
Peter Peralta:
It was a nice freshman year. I mean he was a freshman the team had various seniors who are top recruits and it makes sense the played a lot more than him . He experienced the competition . Now next year is gonna be very interesting, since all those seniors are leaving this is going to be basically his and Amari Bailey team.
Jiggy Bah
Jiggy Bah:
Bronny will be a superstar. He just gets it‼️💯
Don 1k
Don 1k:
favorite part of the vid is when lebron was coaching him during halftime
All the other freshman y’all clowns try to say better than Bronny, look at their team rankings and their opponents. Buddy getting quality PT as a freshman on one of the best teams in the nation. If he got y’all bothered now, oooouh y’all gon be on suicide watch next year if he continues to develop
Rypha TheProdigy
Rypha TheProdigy:
He is a great defender
Arhs Kal
Arhs Kal:
6:36 the girl with the red was in shock
Kaido Entertainment
Kaido Entertainment:
He’s the perfect 2k build
zachary walser
zachary walser:
Imagine having a long day of school and having to play 1 of the Greatest player in NBA history’s Son
hes playing this well at this level as a FRESHMAN. cant wait to see more of him in the future
Vennis Rodriguez
Vennis Rodriguez:
He seems pretty humble. Love that about him!
This Boy
This Boy:
This kid looks like Lebron James! Even has the same name as him too!
i didn’t know bronny was this good
Marcus Dresback
Marcus Dresback:
Man, him and Amari Bailey have crazy chemistry. That Backcourt is gonna be insane in a couple years.
ugg jr
ugg jr:
This was his Freshman year 👀🏀 look at the competition he faced 💪🏾...Kid is only gonna get better 💯 Good luck Brony
Antoine B
Antoine B:
Some people saying he’s overhyped. But I see a young kid who hasn’t even scratched the surface of what he could possibly become. He plays ball the right way and is fundamentally sound. Still growing into his body and will continue to get better. Plus he’s playing with some of the top players in the country as well
Athletic Monsta
Athletic Monsta:
This man game reminds me of a young Westbrook
That boy be off that pack
Justin Park
Justin Park:
I love how he runs to defend after making a shot. That cannot be learned and its a habit of a right minded player.
Jhon Richard Manalo
Jhon Richard Manalo:
Watching Bronny and Zaire together is like watching LeBron and Dwayne😮
ugg jr
ugg jr:
Brony father is a GOAT TOO LETS NOT FORGET THAT 🤣😂🤣
Alotta transition buckets and catch and shoot 3s nothing wrong with that it's just he's gotta expand his arsenal to be able to score in isolation score off the pick and roll stuff like that he has time tho
Shoo Shoo
Shoo Shoo:
Cmon bruh y’all acting like he go to a regular high school bruh still nice wit top 10 recruits as a freshman
Dorian White
Dorian White:
To be a freshman with full of 5 stars he did well for his first high school season and I said after his freshman year lil bro gon be 6’4 now just wait till this summer cuz he coming for necks 💯😈😈😈
Filicheese Steaks
Filicheese Steaks:
I respect Bronny's decision to go to a school with a lot of top 10 HS players. He will learn with the best, and learn against the best.
Kris Lincoln
Kris Lincoln:
Someone sends this to flight 😂
Raymond Fonio
Raymond Fonio:
Next in line for the throne 👑
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata:
You can literally see his growth physically throughout the highlights 😳 dude's got all the skills and getting bigger! Future lottery pick
M E:
Bryce was rlly just vibin’
Ethan Warren
Ethan Warren:
mad to think i’m in the same class as this guy loool look at him
We supposed to be watching Bronny go crazy in aau rn 🔥
Jel Alv
Jel Alv:
The problem bronny might face is the fact that he will play with amari Bailey for two more years amari is better than bronny and basically runs the offense and shoots alot so it will be interesting to see when bronny gets out of the Danny green roll and has the LeBron James harden role
God Plug
God Plug:
Bronny: top24
Bronny's teammates: full of ESPN top 10s
Spencer West
Spencer West:
Prince James 🤴🏾
Rashon Arnold
Rashon Arnold:
1:50 did y’all peep dude with full beard 😂😂
Imagine taking a test and knowing u gotta face LEBRON james son in 4 hours
Life with Kyroe
Life with Kyroe:
That man going to be so good when he get older
Andre Lewis
Andre Lewis:
Cheering for ya young king 👑
Marc Roldan
Marc Roldan:
3 years from now he can be his Dad's PG in Lakers... would love to see father and Son in 1 team... LJ would be 38 and BJ is 18 and thats history i think in NBA
Big Zeus
Big Zeus:
This is better than my Career highlight mix lol 🔥 & I played ball in the US Marines
abdul diesdas
abdul diesdas:
Imagine fouling him and then getting a beating from lebron James 😂
Manny Dub
Manny Dub:
Bronny is gonna be something crazy next season with most of the seniors leaving and him and Amari in the back court. He’s gonna get taller and more athletic and he’s already a spot up shooter with a team first mentality. Get him in the gym this offseason and work on his craft with Lebron and other NBA vets he will be a legend by the time he leaves Sierra and will easily be a top 25 recruit on ESPN.He’s a beast and it was only freshman year on a stacked team.
Double dragon
Double dragon:
I think all the young prospects will love to have his jumpshot.
Mr Del Rio
Mr Del Rio:
The young man got IT!
Chantelle Triple 6
Chantelle Triple 6:
Can’t wait to watch this Prince 👑 in the future 🏀🏀🏀🏀
I see he does all that yelling and screaming at the opponents after making a shot too..just like his whack ass daddy
Brooo Flight will dunk on him
Devin mccampbell
Devin mccampbell:
About to hit a growth spurt over the summer and come back 6'10 😂😂😂
M In J’s
M In J’s:
3:17 I didn’t think Bronny could catch it.. that lob was too high. 😳
Jerome Bradford II
Jerome Bradford II:
Just imagine when he’s 6’7 220 with his head above the cylinder.
Kerlyne Paraison
Kerlyne Paraison:
He look fine
Wally Castro
Wally Castro:
Prince!! Bronny James!!!
Anthony Grant
Anthony Grant:
It looks like he has a better shot than Dad at that age, Much Success BJ.
Joyce Ampadu
Joyce Ampadu:
He is soooo good
Good look records Lenox Lawrence
Good look records Lenox Lawrence:
1:31 the score 💀
Youngg Jerryy
Youngg Jerryy:
can’t wait for this kids senior year
john-carlos ynostroza
john-carlos ynostroza:
I wish this kid the very best and he seems like a good kid. That said, and while is unfair, his dad was 700% better than this kid is at this age. Of course, this kid is 700% better than I ever was at any age. ( got to sometimes suck when your dad is the best basketball player in the world)
Bobby Banks
Bobby Banks:
It's a blessing to see your children doing something positive really enjoying it and very talented at the same time... it's also a blessing to see family support... I wish these days and missed those days but really enjoy the feeling of unity from you guys...Much success God 🙏 bless..The James family.. keep respecting And honoring your parents always Bronny!! God bless 🙏
im going to Sierra canyon next year
Yem X
Yem X:
All I can say is wow
Jhon Richard Manalo
Jhon Richard Manalo:
Watching Bronny and Zaire together is like watching LeBron and Dwayne😮
Michael Fontanello
Michael Fontanello:
@ Flight reacts
J. Nascimento
J. Nascimento:
Tem um futuro promissor, sem sombra de dúvidas!
That save though damn 3:19
nsg shaun
nsg shaun:
He's overrated
Mario Feč
Mario Feč:
Its interesting to see how the short shorts are back in fashion
MostDoubted Isaiah
MostDoubted Isaiah:
i think he wouldn’t be known if he wasn’t lebrons son not hatin cus he’s rlly talented but this is jus truth
Stevie Ray All Day
Stevie Ray All Day:
I’m calling bronny “the prince”
Reee Snuffles
Reee Snuffles:
Just lookin at the next face of the nba
Zane Quillen
Zane Quillen:
Young simba
Yes I’m Kazuma
Yes I’m Kazuma:
Can’t wait for Bronny vs Flight 😂
Jae mark Malvar
Jae mark Malvar:
Shout out po idol bronny
Randy Booker
Randy Booker:
He play just like his pops... the way he move and all he gonna be great in the next 2-3 years
Peter Wangnao
Peter Wangnao:
I can see him playing in NBA already
Geric Santos
Geric Santos:
Why the hell is he lookin like MJ
Aravinth Nagarajan
Aravinth Nagarajan:
I can't wait for Bronny to hit his growth spurt.
God Plug
God Plug:
watch Mikey Williams
Shifty Delo
Shifty Delo:
The Monette Family
The Monette Family:
He hot them fresh Kobe's on....I remember those back in 05-06
Jack B
Jack B:
I wanna see an amari Bailey highlight video
Kami G
Kami G:
I like his game so far. Just like his pops, he always seems to make the right decision with the ball. He keeps the game simple.
James T
James T:
Damn this is a FRESHMAN on a top team stacked with senior class men getting solid minutes and playing great team basketball. Kid has it all. Imagine him as a junior with 4/5 extra inches and 1/2 years of development being coached by one of the greatest ever...crazy how high this kid’s ceiling is.
Coach_dell Chambers
Coach_dell Chambers:
He’s real life nice!!! He plays so poised!!!!
Flight should react to this
What's amazing is that you never really saw him force anything throughout the year. Next season, he and Amare Bailey are going to go OFF.
crusty durag
crusty durag:
1:33 jesser and kris London in the back
Big Guala
Big Guala:
7:54 "Get off of me." That's a big weightroom moment smhhh
Big JT Bornfly Let’s Talk About It
Big JT Bornfly Let’s Talk About It:
Bronny just had a hell of a freshman year congratulations to the young goat 🏀 🐐
Smooth for his age