Shokugeki no Souma - Best Moments

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Camp Pillow
Camp Pillow:
This anime teaches you how you could be turned on by food...
Icy Hot Todoroki
Icy Hot Todoroki:
Whenever Soma cuts food I feel like he’s close to cutting his fingers off lol
Arenz Garcia
Arenz Garcia:
The best thing i learned on this show is "wear your headphones"
i swear it's not 90% hentai
Dan Rikster Abangan
Dan Rikster Abangan:
they look like there gonna kiss 5:26
75 percent of this show is Hentai..
Baby Shark
Baby Shark:
4th plates! is releasee, yoshhhh
Tag Along
Tag Along:
I watch this while I eat to make the taste of my food better lmao
Ema & Elle
Ema & Elle:
Wow... yukihira is great!!! Also this video is funny too😜🤣😂
Sesillia Sandra
Sesillia Sandra:
I suspect that the creator of this story have food fetish or something.
The perfect tsundere with more tsun than dere
How to tell webs that learning how to cook will get you wamen
I poured my scrambled eggs on my rice like soma . It didn’t come out the same and I got a ass whooping for it 😑
*i am very attracted to this man*
Sanaa Ali
Sanaa Ali:
Guys how often does the ecchi stuff pop up? I really want to watch this but whyyyy are they all so turned on by food lmao
The Winner
The Winner:
I miss Soma's old art style
YukihiraSoma 22
YukihiraSoma 22:
The plot, character development and the anticipation of not knowing who’s going to win is what makes this anime a masterpiece
Is it safe to say that this is just porn
霧ヶ谷 • Kazuto
霧ヶ谷 • Kazuto:
Bruh cooking topic plus hentai
Gard Helgeland-Rossavik
Gard Helgeland-Rossavik:
To be honest when I see the eating scenes I am wondering if I should call the police
Night Snatcher
Night Snatcher:
I just wanna say this
Soma ain't no simp
Kirito 's wife
Kirito 's wife:
Aaaaaaaaa 😆 why are you so handsome
Yukihira Sōma
Yukihira Sōma:
Sad Triste
Sad Triste:
all fat
Purple guy loves fnaf
Purple guy loves fnaf:
Awesome I love food wars