Shauna Grant in "The Early Years" (1988) (with Ron Jeremy,Stephanie Taylor,Traci Lords)

My edited version from this VHS .
Shauna Grant,one of the most beautiful charming women at the adult scene in the 80's.
And the scene from the never see such acting in theese kind of movies of today .

The Movie :
Appearing in a superb array of scenes, interviews and clips from some of her best XXX performances - Shauna gives us a glimpse into this superstar in the making! An intimate portrait of this sexually blossoming lady is showcased in scenes with Richard Pacheco, Eric Edwards and more - attesting to her timeless beauty as well as her undeniable classic appeal.

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jim F
jim F:
Ron Jeromy. What a sleezeball.
Yanto Ncim
Yanto Ncim:
Yanto Ncim
Yanto Ncim:
Smith Love
Smith Love:
pretty bullet
pretty bullet:
This is so innocent when you compare it to porno today with its double cock  anal   and fisting.  But dear Lord,,that  music is terrible.
Vell Baria Official Channel
Vell Baria Official Channel:
13:57 - Ron Jeremy's part
Anri Okita
Anri Okita:
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Karl Schiffer
Karl Schiffer:
she damn sure could not act
Yanto Ncim
Yanto Ncim:
She was really beautiful...I would have been most happy with having her.
Black Movies
Black Movies:
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Sam Sam
Sam Sam:
Yanto Ncim
Yanto Ncim:
рустам ващук
рустам ващук:
Where christy canyon now ?
bobby m
bobby m:
who is the last actor with her...that actor look like my Uncle way back then those time...wonderfuLL year...
Bxnxn USnnb
Bxnxn USnnb:
i cant believe any woman would sleep with Ron Jermey
Yanto Ncim
Yanto Ncim:
Orion M42
Orion M42:
The one youtube video with uh you know
sinta putri
sinta putri:

උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමගv
Richard Sanghilan
Richard Sanghilan:
Meme ny mana kok enggak di lihat
Janelle Kirkland
Janelle Kirkland:
Everyone knows she was beautiful and took advantage of her Too bad she didnt become a real Model like Cindy Crawford or Christie Brinkley😡
محمد فاروق
محمد فاروق:
نفسي في حضن راجل
Big Paulie
Big Paulie:
This is exactly how girls were back in the 80s at my high school. Ahh, memories
Jose Guerra
Jose Guerra:
she died in 1984
miravo king
miravo king:
بدي بنت حميانة
Yanto Ncim
Yanto Ncim:
Frenchie séverine
Frenchie séverine:
Shauna grant was a so lovely blonde young girl.She had potential and seemed to be sensitive and bright. It is so sad that she was exploited for porn movies. She deserved better! She was destroyed by the porn industry.
John Fisher
John Fisher:
She was every bit the iconic superstar. It's absolutely no wonder she escaped her small town & hit the bright lights of infamy. Just look at her, she's utterly phenomenal. She had 3 distinct characters living within her psyche, spelling an impossibility for her to remain as mere mortal banality, her example of drive & passion would never let her be & it served to crush her spirit at a tragically early age.
Green Onions
Green Onions:
Can't believe how beautiful she is.  Poor girl :(  Like a unicorn among them.
nuri alço?
Arif Muhammad
Arif Muhammad:
Edward Wu
Edward Wu:
Richard Rose
Richard Rose:
Wow , those were the days.......Where are they now ?
Pablo Gil Ruiz
Pablo Gil Ruiz:
21:20 26:18
John Fisher
John Fisher:
Colleen Applegate aka "Shauna Grant" was just 20 years old when she used her boyfriend's gun and fired a round into her temple in march of 1984. A very big loss to the world of appreciation. This was certainly NOT 1988, she was dead 4 years by then.
Jason Dampier
Jason Dampier:
this is awesome.
what 's the movie called in the shoe store scene?
Scott Harriman
Scott Harriman:
Very sad about this girl.......she was very beautiful .....
Jhonny Apaza
Jhonny Apaza:
Someone knows where i could find "Virginia" movie soundtrack of 1983?
Love the music just as things get started.
John Fisher
John Fisher:
She died 2 months before her 21st birthday, while inactive all through her last 10 months...every scene with her is of a teenager, every scene. Imagine, there's not many teenagers looking like her now, never mind then.
She no doubt was a victim of abuse at home she was a good singer an actress. Horrible how her life turned out
Did Shauna Grant die in 1984?
Richard Sanghilan
Richard Sanghilan:
Richard Russell
Richard Russell:
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Alejandro Mariscal
Alejandro Mariscal:
Como se llama esta pelicula
Trenton Jennings
Trenton Jennings:
Florsheim shoes. They were pretty good weren't they?
Yes, she was pretty and was a porn actress. I hate when she is used as a martyr. To paraphrase a quote from an interview of a porn legend, everyone should take responsibility for there own actions. This little girl didn't. She had apparently seemed to have no real friends that could of helped her. I don't see a gun being put onto her head (literally) to make her perform!. SO stop !
robert jaramillo
robert jaramillo:
How did this movie NOT win any awards???🤣
Matthew Mah Lee
Matthew Mah Lee:
A z jdama Anne
A z jdama Anne:
Scott Harriman
Scott Harriman:
Lovely Untamed
Lovely Untamed:
heck the acting and production value here is just as good as a lot of 80's movies.
mona Stratton
mona Stratton:
That's hot💋
Kiera Gould
Kiera Gould:
So cute!
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez:
Eric Edwards and Traci Lords also were in Blade 10 years after this movie
Jeff Darnell
Jeff Darnell:
It's not 1988, she killed herself in 1984.
Jose Guerra
Jose Guerra:
best movie for shauna grant is. .susie superstar. ...check it out
Satinder Grewal
Satinder Grewal:
It's a profession that can easily complicate your life forever it's a no no for most people
Jose Guerra
Jose Guerra:
she died in 1984
Alex the Railfanning Redneck™
Alex the Railfanning Redneck™:
Hot & Sexy
Hot & Sexy:
whole movie is sexy 1 like many sorry to god
Lottadale S
Lottadale S:
*She looks a bit like the '80s transsexual performer, Heather Fontaine, who used to star at the Queen Mary club in L.A.*
Chaz Kel
Chaz Kel:
Her real name was Colleen Applegate, sister of Christene Applegate from married with children.
Michele Ellis
Michele Ellis:
She looks like Dorothy Stratton
Rob Trent
Rob Trent:
 Traci Lords wasn't in this.
Jeff Karrow
Jeff Karrow:
These BS clips are all cut up. Half this movie was cut. Not every sex performer snorted all the profits up their nose. Many invested in real estate, got college degrees and today nobody knows who they are. (Except my favorite Nina Hartley - still working)
Cathy Mendoza
Cathy Mendoza:
The old man interviewing her is so sleazy. He can get away with asking her anything....and he uncomfortable to watch. And shes clueless to how disgusting he is..shes too young to care.
Darko Stanivukovic
Darko Stanivukovic:
Omar Kahel
Omar Kahel:
واوا احلى بائع احذية