Shane Dawson REACTS to Tati Westbrook Calling Him Out Over James Charles Drama

Tati Westbrook and Shane Dawson set the social media drama on fire Tuesday. Tati is claiming Shane and fellow beauty blogger, Jeffree Star, manipulated her into turning against her former BFF, James Charles last spring. Dawson is now calling out Tati for 'fake crying' and being 'manipulative,’ as the saga continues.

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Jessica Shaw
Jessica Shaw:
So she ruined a 21 year old’s career and now she says “sorry, my mistake, it was Jeffree and Shane who forced me..” she should be banned from Youtube
Trista Merna
Trista Merna:
She's a 40 year old woman who bullied a 20 year old kid and now she can't even take responsibility for her actions. Smh
She’s so dramatic...there’s so much more going on in the world. Tati get over yourself...😒😒
Cerise Dragon
Cerise Dragon:
Tati is crying because she is cancelled
Nobody cares about her pitiful
She is the oldest amongst then right?
Madison Sherbahn
Madison Sherbahn:
Anyways... let’s arrest the cops that murdered Breonna Taylor
Amitava Mazumder
Amitava Mazumder:
Tati seems fake tbh...’poisoned’? Srsly? Nobody can poison you unless you drink it up!
Haeleigh McNally
Haeleigh McNally:
Sounds like she's the jealous one. She's needs to go bye bye birdy
Mortar and Pestle Tshuaj Khib thiab Qws Txob
Mortar and Pestle Tshuaj Khib thiab Qws Txob:
Tati’s tears are crocodile tears. This lady thinks she’s “it” when she’s not.
Anna Khan
Anna Khan:
“And I’m sorry that you haven’t seen me in a while” girl we don’t care, you’re grown stop crying.
There are people dying. Who tf cares about these clowns.
She’s literally reading a script. Your blind if you can’t see that. All she is doing is acting
pog gers
pog gers:
Shane looks crazy, I literally hate all three of them, I feel bad for James, I'm glad he's not addressing it and just trying to vibe, without the drama
Jessica Roig
Jessica Roig:
There’s a world pandemic,protests etc who cares about these frivolous clowns
She is reading 😂😂 even her apologies. FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE all of it is FAKE!
Karen Call
Karen Call:
kim, there's people that are dying
D M:
Tati is a liar, she just got a huge new deal with a cosmetics company, and then she posts this video. Why? Because no one cares about her, she's using the canceling of Shane to boost her own career. It's so obvious and embarrassing. She's a grown woman, she made a choice, she can stop blaming others for the poor choices she decided to make.

She needs help.
its kind of Ironic that the more mature was James charles all this time lol
Why does she look like, she's reading a script?
Tracey Fitzgerald
Tracey Fitzgerald:
Tati said that she witnessed James being inappropriate with a waiter at a birthday party. Now shes saying Jeffree and Shane filled her head with lies about James.
toxic Luuu
toxic Luuu:
I wish she would take responsibility for her actions she’s blaming everyone around her baby you posted that out of free will but she doesn’t want to take actual accountability and then get so on so “canceled”
Spencer Jeffery
Spencer Jeffery:
She’s just doing it for views. Act yo age girl.
Rie Hidalgo
Rie Hidalgo:
Tati is the definition of an adult that has never grown.
irmain collisat
irmain collisat:
I haven't watched Tati in a long while I was surprised to see her with those puffy lips
Jasper lol
Jasper lol:
Kim Is Tired
Kim Is Tired:
Ya know, James is a 20 year old influencer who I feel so bad for because everyone is after him but he is a nice person and I don't understand what is even happening dude -
Gen_da_ Libra
Gen_da_ Libra:
Everyone’s playing “the victim” role I see. ...and Jada has a whole lotta nerve, when she’s a dang predator herself🙄.
the dog chick
the dog chick:
All these ppl are insane. They're what, in their 30s and they're behaving like children? It's pathetic. I can't even believe this is news
F Rodriguez
F Rodriguez:
Before we thouught james or jeffree were toxic but it turns out that tati was the problem this whole time
Maddy U
Maddy U:
She’s a grown ass woman she can make her own choices. She needs to stop blaming other people
S Duri
S Duri:
James just minding his own business, keep it up sister. She’s just trying to bring you down again. Let her self sabotage and continue to flourish, we live James !
abbiiip :3
abbiiip :3:
why is james brought into this he is literally one of the best people out there
Miguel G
Miguel G:
Ironically enough 10 years ago. He stated that it wouldn’t come back to haunt him in the future because it’s just come comedy. But it did. 🙅🤷‍♂️
Skyprincess 1995
Skyprincess 1995:
Tati: "Im sorry you haven't seen me in a while"
Me: I had hoped u disappeared Actually 😂
arianna howerton
arianna howerton:
Literally tati ruined James last year now she's trying to say Shane is trying to ruin James wtf
Isabela Suey
Isabela Suey:
She should owe that she was salty because the kid she once mentor was becoming way more successful and popular then her. She was salty that James prompted her competitions vitamins. Tati is a master manipulator and a bad perdón!
Kristin Walker
Kristin Walker:
She’s so fake and her face expression never moves- might be too much Botox/plastics
Magnificent Maroon
Magnificent Maroon:
The fact that these is literally on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT is kinda crazy
jeon jungkook
jeon jungkook:
Tati tried to take down my Sister James but aint no one gonna do that on my watch and now she trying to go after Shane and Jefree like wtf
Tatiana Fraser A.
Tatiana Fraser A.:
I don't trust any of them. Tati didn't take full responsibility, Shane only got pissed cause he knows there's no coming back from this and we all know who Jeffrey is.
Mya and Mariah
Mya and Mariah:
Was it just me? Or did tati look like she was reading a script
James must feel so good to be where he is right now, and watch the people that lied to try and bring him down, crash and burn.
Dani Elmore
Dani Elmore:
Love love love when she says Jeffree and Shane were jealous of James's success 🙄🙄🙄 HOW DENSE DO YOU HAVE TO BE?! Jeffree and Shane had 10 times the amount of success way before James gained traction in the beauty community. Nice try Tati. Don't believe a damn word you say smdh
Saucy T
Saucy T:
I seriously think she is just doing these “sorry” just for the fame
Sidrat Habib
Sidrat Habib:
imagine grown men driving a teenager on the verge of suicide over allegations
Me: She’s so dramatic!

Tati: But the world revolves in me.
karter the giraffe
karter the giraffe:
since when had Shane Dawson been invited to the beauty community...
Julissa Roman
Julissa Roman:
Show me a different “ NOVELA”... I’m bored of this one already!!!
C. Lattimre
C. Lattimre:
I’m questioning some of y’all’s logic. How are you going to defend Shane then say Jeffree is bad (which I agree with). They were best friends and co - conspiring constantly.
Bayleigh Moore
Bayleigh Moore:
I don’t trust any of them. Tati is a manipulator.
Tati needs to be quiet and mind her own business. I mean we know you’re mature because your old, but that doesn’t give you the right to blame everyone else for everything.
Matt Dettling
Matt Dettling:
When you see YouTube on tv it just makes things look so much worse
My professor always said watch your back when going into the work force because the people who are older and been there for sometime will c u as competition as ur young and fresh. Always be work colleagues never friends, like nvr. get comfortable bc if they have a chance to take you down even if its false they’ll take that chance bc u wont be their competition anymore. I live by that at work, like my colleague asked if I wanna go with him and others to a party friday night and I said no, and I said it real shitty but bc were not friends and nvr will be as long as we work together, but it doesnt make u an enemy just someone I am wary about.
Calla Lind
Calla Lind:
I feel like a kid in a circus watching these clowns fight each other.......
strawberry smith
strawberry smith:
notice how everything's fine until jeffree is friends with anyone..then suddenly''drama''appears..... #jeffreestariscancelled
Soooo I came from Meatcanyon... How about y'all? 🙁
Catherine Miller
Catherine Miller:
Who's going to go unfollow her if you haven't already ?
Harmonee Wang
Harmonee Wang:
Everyone: *Having a drama*

Me: *enjoying the minecraft vids*
Also me: TF is happening??? Guys the world is slowly dying
Glory .B
Glory .B:
She is too old for this, and I don’t believe a word she’s saying all of them are toxic, money hungry, and fake. All they care about is fame and money.🙄🙄🙄
Diamond S
Diamond S:
Tati is the beauty guru’s version of 6ix9ine being a snitch
Milla Krzetowski
Milla Krzetowski:
anyways, there’s been an explosion in Lebanon and they are facing a huge humanitarian crisis
Q U E E N:
How can y’all beauty you tubers have so much drama. Like- y’all do makeup. what’s so hard abt just minding ur business and doing ur own thing lmao. 💀
Grow up! You're this old and still live for this drama, people need to learn when to put on their big girl pants on.
Sucre De Miel
Sucre De Miel:
Meat canyon brought me here and it was accurate 😂
Ana Zec
Ana Zec:
they're all a bunch of middle-aged manipulative millionaires desperately fighting for some spotlight. no wonder james charles is making a show to introduce some new faces in the beauty community
TheIdiots -
TheIdiots -:
You know what’s funny? James’s young as hell 😂😂 he still got so much to do in his life right now and he’s over this drama- he’s prob partying ✨💕
lmao idk why im here but I remember a decade ago when this lady was dragging her now husband into Walgreens to swatch up his arms with cheap makeup lol
Erendira Martinez
Erendira Martinez:
Tati bothers me, she keeps making it seem like she’s some momma bear who only meant to care for James when in reality she was just plain jealous and full of hate
xXPurple_cloud _potatoXx
xXPurple_cloud _potatoXx:
I’m so annoyed seeing all the messages on his live chat.
Effy’s Life
Effy’s Life:
I’m trying to figure out what influencer she’s gonna lie about 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Keenan Lake
Keenan Lake:
People just need to get over themselves like in a time of pandemic we should be giving each other support that was the past we need to look to the future he apologised now get on with it
Jordan Chow
Jordan Chow:
2:17 "Biggest regret of your life" Because you ruined your own life because of it.
abcd 223
abcd 223:
Let’s stop calling this “beauty community”, there’s no beauty in drama.

Let’s just call it the makeup community, maybe they’ll start focusing on doing makeup.
where’s the beauty in the beauty community
Bubble D
Bubble D:
She's 40, she's dragging down 21 years old guy? I feel her intense insecurity.🤦‍♀️
I'm talking about James, the guy she have intense insecurity.
R.Shankara shrish sujay
R.Shankara shrish sujay:
Lmao I never get tired of laughing so hard watching Shane Dawson's clips saying omg omg and having a melt down since I watched meat canyon version of him . So hilarious 😂. Besides that idk for some reason I feel disgusted and feel like puking whenever I see James Charles. But not jefree star and people like them.
C B:
2:20 GIRL, AHA. u cant even remember what you wanted to say so the whole time ur looking somewhere else...
Stephanie Ka Lei Ali’i
Stephanie Ka Lei Ali’i:
They need to grow the F up
Abi Kowalewski
Abi Kowalewski:
she’s throwing everything on shane and jeffree because she thinks that everyone is gonna believe her. why? because everyone already has enough reasons to hate shane and jeffree, so it’s easy to feed more lies to those people. shane is at least speaking up and freaking out for a good reason. but jeffree is staying quiet at all the wrong times
Stephanie Marie Roosa
Stephanie Marie Roosa:
She’s canceling herself 🤦🏻‍♀️ 😂
disappointing disappointment
disappointing disappointment:
No one in the comments is talking Shane being a hypocrite and calling her a "manipulator" WHEN HE IS ALSO A LIAR A RACIST A PREDICTOR A MANIPULATOR AND MUCH MORE
Terence Santos
Terence Santos:
Honestly Tati is just so problematic first having a breakdown over vitamins now this
Val Ike
Val Ike:
It’s like James, Tati, Jeffree, and Shane were all playing uno and James just pulled the reverse card on all of them.
She is one step away from being paranoid mark my word when she realizes her manipulative did'nt go well, she'll say "I've been having suicidal thoughts"
Sarah Pearce
Sarah Pearce:
The whole beauty community needs a reshuffle. The “fame” has gone to their heads!!!
Veronica Anya
Veronica Anya:
Well I believe her! Jeffery is a Jelouse queen and so are you Shane!
Caroline Bingham
Caroline Bingham:
I’m confused as to why Jeffree is always able to chime in on EVERYTHING and all of a sudden he’s silent
eva strong
eva strong:
Something else to write on the list of " Why 2020 is the worst year ever"
•Australia on fire
•Covid 19
•Kobe and Gianna plus way more pass away
•All my idols are in deep beef
Banana Juice
Banana Juice:
I'm here from meat canyon lmao.
Chloe Otley
Chloe Otley:
Hold up
She wanted James to support her vitamins things when she frickin tried to cancel him?
Love that's not gonna happen
Biene Maja
Biene Maja:
Can someone explain what the actual heck is going on rn?
tati blamed everyone else but herself for what SHE DID. bye tati!!!!!
Haylei Bolles
Haylei Bolles:
Tati needs to chill Shane would never do anything like that 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️
Monique Marie
Monique Marie:
notice how she is literally reading all of this. you can see her reading something that probably says “start crying” like stop playing the victim
ben morrison
ben morrison:
She's making up lies for her own benefit
Naja Yeon
Naja Yeon:
Well, T W will come out with a new line of something sometime soon then...
These people are all in their 30s and act like they're 13. This is the definition of 1st world problems
"Calling out the 31 year old vlogger"
*We love subtle shade* 😌
Christian Benner
Christian Benner:
allll i’m sayin is .. y’all were fine and happy with him before you knew those videos existed. you liked shane for shane. shouldn’t change now. he clearly is not a pos🤷🏻‍♀️
Tati is literally a snake switching teams whenever its most convenient