Shane Dawson QUITS the beauty guru world over THIS (yikes)



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Mary Winter
Mary Winter:
Reminder that the only big creator to defend James was Pewdiepie, who said that it’s dumb for a 30 y.o to cry over some vitamins.
You can dislike him, but he was only speaking facts 💀
Mikaella Sorono
Mikaella Sorono:
how the hell is shane leaving the beauty community? he was never there like-
Frida Vigil
Frida Vigil:
Shane be like: Am I asking yes or no questions to feign innocence and make myself look smart? YES
shane is always stirring the pot and then crying about how sensitive and anxious he is
Beauty Bouquet
Beauty Bouquet:
“Went full game of thrones” like dude this is serious, why are you talking like that?? Y’all almost ruined James’ entire life and you’re acting goofy as hell🙄 Also Shane, it’s not “TEA”, it’s “criminal accusations”
Mikayla Dennis
Mikayla Dennis:
This whole fiasco really started over...gummy bears.
Toriij23 B
Toriij23 B:
I remember when Shane clapped back at Alyssa Violet for saying she was in an abusive relationship (which it kind of was) saying thats a very serious accusation and she shouldn’t have said that because that could ruin a guys life. And here he is falsely calling James a predator.
That’s a pretty serious accusation too... guess it’s only ok when Shane does it
Jahra •
Jahra •:
If James deserved a slice of "humble pie" then Jeffree and Shane deserve the whole damn bakery
Fadjy Valentín
Fadjy Valentín:
They accused him of being a sexual predator when shane Dawson has literally justified pedophilia and said a six year old girl was “sexy”
The fact that James almost killed himself over this whole thing is overwhelming. A 19 year old. Being framed by 30+ year olds. How was this ever okay??
stop babying jeffree and stop babying shane. they are *grown ass people* in their 30's.
z c
z c:
How tf is Shane so interested in the beauty world when he doesn’t even shower? Keep acting like u didn’t only want that coin Shane
srp sntrk
srp sntrk:
Pewdiepie was the only who helped James even thoguh he is not in beauty world period
Lul Vibes
Lul Vibes:
*Shane, if you’re too sensitive to talk about sensitive issues, DONT MENTION THEM! You can’t speak on one issue and make serious accusations and then pull the “I’m too sensitive” card when everyone calls you out for it*
Lost major respect for Shane. James didn’t need to be humbled. Him and Jeffree accused him of being a PREDATOR. Something that can ruin his career, which it almost did. But luckily, James actually stepped up and spoke the truth. Shane tries way too hard to be the “dad” of the internet but he just ISNT.
A b b i e
A b b i e:
imagine just promoting a gummy vitamin brand and then getting accused of being a sexual predator
concerning? lastname
concerning? lastname:
A humble slice of pie? Shane y’all know what y’all did on purpose. trying to ruin a young mans career bc he’s gaining more then you
Daphne Bernal
Daphne Bernal:
The "i have anxiety" card doesn't excuse the stuff you've done
Shania SM
Shania SM:
He wouldn't have that "pit in his stomach" if he know he's innocent and hasn't done shit.
Thither Shook
Thither Shook:
Jeferee is a literal racist and still hasn’t been cancelled
Shane is NOT the victim. He's a grown adult in his 30's and shouldn't have to be treated like a child.
Love how he says that we cancel anyone who “isn’t perfect”, blatant racism and predatory behavior is a lot more than just “not being perfect”
i don't like the person Shane is becoming since becoming friends with Jeffree
Booizy -
Booizy -:
This feels like I’m watching mean girls
Angie Silva Borja
Angie Silva Borja:
Shane doing whatever he wants without thinking about his actions and then claiming "he's too sensitive" is getting real tiring
"Jeffree is Jeffree" is the same energy as men sexually harassing women as "boys will be boys"
i’m so tired of shane dawson, this was just a glorified way of saying that he wasn’t involved in any of this shit but will still be friends with the main villains. plus he goes on and on dragging james when in all reality he’s the kindest out of all of them. he needs to leave
Saying James needed a slice of “humble pie”. That’s no excuse to try and end someone’s career and drive them to thinking of suicide. What they did was horrible.
kittyy champagne
kittyy champagne:
shane is so annoying i’m sorry like “the entire beauty community is too faced and sucks and is trash except me and i’m leaving like it’s a real thing” ok ?
shane: “i’m leaving the makeup community”
boi just because you made a palette, launched it and it was successful doesn’t mean you are a beauty guru, example if i made a palette with morphy or some famous company then launched it and let’s say it was successful, that doesn’t make me a beauty guru either
Annabella Wolff
Annabella Wolff:
If Shane thinks James need a "slice of humble pie", then Jeffree Star needs a whole goddamn bakery.
Shane basically said “I have anxiety and mental health problems so give me sympathy !”. Him, Jeffree, and Tati came after a 19 year old just for promoting gummies
Adriana Elicea
Adriana Elicea:
I’ve been knowing Shane was fake ever since he would pretend cry in his series being like oh my god
Haley Soh
Haley Soh:
Tati’s a grown woman who accused James
of being a predator cause he needed to “be humbled”. BZBZBZNZNSBXB
Evan Del Rey
Evan Del Rey:
Honestly didn't even know who this Tati gremlin was before she went on a tirade over gummy bears.
Sara Gasic
Sara Gasic:
Shane needs to go back to making conspiracy theories, that's what his fans really want.
a jacket with an asshole at both ends
a jacket with an asshole at both ends:
"i'M tOo sEnSiTiVe FoR tHis" he says, after inserting himself into it for the past year
Katie Kat
Katie Kat:
Once Shane became close friends with Jeffree he became a different person
Jaela Kellum
Jaela Kellum:
I love how Shane praises Tati for calling people out in the beauty community but as soon as she exposes him, she's lying and crying for views. Really hypocritical, but birds of a feather flock together 🤷🏾‍♀️
Peach Soda
Peach Soda:
Shane talking about the pallet being a big moment of his life, like. literally bc he got big coin. why tf else 🙄..
Emma Flaws
Emma Flaws:
the internet didn’t “bully” james charles, it accused him of being a SEXUAL PREDATOR
Shane made his millions so he doesn’t need the beauty community anymore.
“You guys are making my anxiety bad by wanting me to own the shit I did ):” basically
The PUNK happy demon
The PUNK happy demon:
Shane is a whole 10 years older than james talking about needing to humble him... My god I miss when the biggest drama was how petty YouTube rewind 2019 was
Kyle Mclaughlin
Kyle Mclaughlin:
No he didn’t, he made millions off of the drama. He’s not stoping here.
Jordan Tate
Jordan Tate:
They all bullied a 19 year old boy into wanting to kill himself, but they want to take a break??? Very weird...
Shane lost any shred of respect I had left for him when he pulled the “I have anxiety so you can’t blame me !” card. Don’t use your mental health as an excuse to be a bad person
Victoria D
Victoria D:
The beauty community’s drama literally makes me lose brain cells
Mister Doctor
Mister Doctor:
Not to mention he destroyed Bobby burns’ career and did nothing to stop his audience attacking Bobby.
Antonia Lalimo
Antonia Lalimo:
U have to remember that James is only probably like 19 while Tati, Jeffrey and Shane are in their 30s
Woah Lia
Woah Lia:
I’m sorry Shane, but accusing someone of sexual misconduct is not a slice humble pie
isnt it funny how he said the makeup series with jeffree gave him "confidence" to speak his mind I guess, and then he DELETED the posts. That wasn't confidence then.
Roger Jaén
Roger Jaén:
Shane and Jeffree are afraid to become old and irrelevant.
Mariah D
Mariah D:
Why is Shane so convinced that anyone cares that he’s “officially leaving” the beauty community?? Deadass I don’t even think his fans would notice if he didn’t do anything related to makeup after the conspiracy pallete. Everyone knew subconsciously that he doesn’t actually give a shit about makeup and it was just about new larger than life friends and money lmao
Paola Zeno
Paola Zeno:
I miss the old Shane, when he wasn’t dating Ryland and didn’t care about the beauty community, brands or anything like that👎🏽
My Eyes Are Open I'm just Asian.
My Eyes Are Open I'm just Asian.:
Meanwhile with Bretman Rock:

*So my sister just gave birth and oh, my neighbor still hates me.*
regular dude
regular dude:
I still don't understand why James didn't sue them
I knew that when Shane starts mingling with people like Jefree Star he'll start to change. And he did in a bad way. Don't you just miss the time when Shane went ghost hunting with Garret and Drew.
Shane Dawson is that girl in an argument that says they’ll shut up but then keeps talking 🤭
Dragon Storm
Dragon Storm:
Am I the only one annoyed in his post the constant "do I think this" "no" "do I think this" "yes" it makes him look so full of him self
Big Gnome
Big Gnome:
If james needs a slice of humble pie Jeffree needs the ENTIRE PIE
Narisa Persaud
Narisa Persaud:
Shane probably never heard the saying “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” 👀
Cryptid Crackpot
Cryptid Crackpot:
"I'm sick of people using it to keep my name tagged together in their drama videos"
Tea Spill: 👀
aloha. aminah
aloha. aminah:
He’s leaving the beauty community?? Lmao was he ever in it??😂😂 he should have just sat there and ate his food
Nø Mîlk
Nø Mîlk:
“He’s Jeffrey star, What do you expect?” Ah, so he gets a pass for just being Jeffrey star, but James nEeDs tOo bE seRVed a SLicE oF hUmBle Pie. Lmao ok
sophie lynn
sophie lynn:
I’ve been a fan of Shane’s since the “Jenny Craig” video. And I feel like after all these years of watching I’ve learned that he doesn’t have a true genuine personality. He has very low self esteem and takes on whatever traits the people around him have. Hanging with the gurus and Jeffrey and Tati seemed to have led him to those traits and hopefully Shane finds himself. He’s getting a bit old for this now
Honestly, society has evolved from the need to have beauty gurus.
Aechi :3
Aechi :3:
Honestly we should just put them all in a box and have them expose themselves accidentally. 😍
Anamika m
Anamika m:
It’s so annoying how they use emotions and anxiety as an excuse. I am LITERALLY disgusted, two grown adult acting childish. We own James an apology 😣
Jeffree Star gets away with too much because he’s “Jeffree Star”
Anthony Lantzer
Anthony Lantzer:
He says he’s leaving the beauty community as if he was even in it.💀
Charlie Cluster
Charlie Cluster:
Can't leave something you were never apart of.


"Welcome to the circus"

What a tool.
Limitd Orbitz
Limitd Orbitz:
Shane: humor is how I deal with stuff.
Logan Paul: sorry, I laugh at dead bodies when I'm nervous
People never remember how Shane ruined and destroyed Bobby Burns youtube carreer and turned the world against him.
Jessie C.
Jessie C.:
So... pushing someone onto the brink of suicide is serving a piece of “humble pie” ... yeah no.
Babydoll._ Diamond
Babydoll._ Diamond:
I can't believe this started off over gummies 😭😭
Wow. He leaves after he makes millions on his palette. What the hell? He’s as bad as the rest of them.
“I need to get back to why i started youtube back in 2005” WHEN HE DID BLACKFACE AND SAID THE N WORD??????
Ahlaysia Chavez
Ahlaysia Chavez:
I feel like this Shane apologizing for jeffree. Like no shane let Jeffree handle his own crap. This is why your in so much drama!
Claire Dixon
Claire Dixon:
*during a global pandemic and a civil rights movement*

Shane: “Tati’s video will go down in history books”

Us: 👁👄👁
Larizzo らりっぞ
Larizzo らりっぞ:
*Shane:* "I can't- I don't wanna say mean things about people"

*Also Shane:* "Every drama involved beauty guru is the f*cking same, they're all about fame and money and power and SO narcissistic and two faced and EVIL-"
Grace Poopy
Grace Poopy:
We need to talk about how Shane called a minor and babies sexy
Meme Queen
Meme Queen:
y’all remember the drama with onision and shane? yes sir you have had drama with other youtubers and spoke publicly about it before ... js
I care about Shane, but his summary of what makes a “dramatic guru” absolutely describes him, too. He’s nicer, but his priorities and personality are the same. And I genuinely believe the only reason Tati made that video was due to his and Jeffree’s gossip and chatter. The difference is that Tati has a backbone, and I think they expected her to be as spineless as they are... basically, they went to their mom to complain, and then mom talked to the principal. Mom wouldn’t have talked to the principal unless the kids made noise, though. I really believe Tati was doing what she thought was right, but she had horrible counsel.
And then you see Jenna chilling and baking for her dogs
Amanda Castillo
Amanda Castillo:
No one:

Shane: igcugitci? No. Fhcoykd? Yes.
"I think I'm leaving the beauty community"
Preshie M
Preshie M:
Tbh Tati wasn’t even relevant to me. None of my friends watched her until this stuff happened. I watched like half of her video. And was always on James side. They were just straight up bullying James. And if u were on Tati and Shane’s side. Then y’all are crazy.
big oof
big oof:
"I didnt get into makeup for the money"
Leaves as soon as he made his money

"I dont want to be part of the beauty community"
Joined the beauty community

"The drama/controversy is too much for me"
Is friends with Jeffree star

Not to mention accusing james of being a predator despite Jeffree having done the exact same thing and worse, but siding with him anyways
acidpop soda
acidpop soda:
Dont treat Shane dawson like a baby, he's a grown ass man
Shane is playing the victim like a child caught with his hands in the jelly jar lmao
Imagine if Shane delved into the gaming world, it's so chill. It's like a scale on one end gamers, the other beauty gurus.
Charlotte B
Charlotte B:
You did James dirty by inserting his dancing TikToks multiple times. Jk jk, love James
l c
l c:
No one:

Even if James was a “predator” like Tati said, the fact that she didn’t speak up about it and only said something after James promoted a competitive vitamin brand shows just how disgustingly ugly selfish she is. Grown people attacking a teenager like they were so much better at that age.
Amelia Slick
Amelia Slick:
i’ve never liked shane, jeffree, or tati and their fans called me uncultured and other names. well, look what happened.
Here because I’m not bothered to watch Tati’s 40 minute video.
Brandon XCX
Brandon XCX:
as if shane was ever really apart of the beauty community
swerve dolans
swerve dolans:
james > jeffree, shane, tati