Shane Dawson CALLED OUT by Jaden Smith.. (this is bad)



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Maybe when life gives you Drew and Garrett don’t trade them for Trisha and Jeffrey 🥴🤢

Just food for thought...
Shane has done more to glorify these "toxic" people (Jake Paul, Jeffree Star, Tana, Trisha Paytas) than anyone on the internet... so he is actually part of the problem...
Christyy Loven
Christyy Loven:
He always blames his “anxiety” and “spiraling” as an excuse. It’s not an excuse! There shouldn’t be an excuse for Sexualizing children
steven fox
steven fox:
If we hadnt had called him out he wouldnt have apologized
First Name
First Name:
He’s white so they’ll say “mEnTaL hEaLtH” and forgive him in 3 business days
James needed a slice of humble pie, but shane and jeffree needed a whole ass bakery
i didint know being sexualising young children and racism were symptoms of depression and anxiety, shane...
Shado Walnut
Shado Walnut:
bruh , you dont need "research" to know why black face is hurtful. wth
Shane just "joined" the makeup community for extra clout and money, he made his cut with jeffrey now he's out lmao.
Meh It’s me
Meh It’s me:
Just because u had a bad childhood doesn’t mean that u can’t change. Honestly, I myself have had a f**ked up childhood but I changed. Yes it took me years but seriously? If ur gonna blame it on ur childhood then see a therapist and work on ur problems
Taiyah Jackson
Taiyah Jackson:
Jenna Marbles is the same woman who made a 40 minute apology for buying the wrong fish tank. I miss her already and there's a massive void on the platform.
Pol the pro Minecraft gamer
Pol the pro Minecraft gamer:
Jeffree: Shane and I are like family
Also Jeffree: *sits in his mansion and keeps his problematic mouth shut for once*
Reena Nwachukwu
Reena Nwachukwu:
"planned and consensual joke" they were literally children. If a kidnapper tells kids to come into his van and they consent, does that make it okay?
rachel rosario
rachel rosario:
I love it when people say “Why are the smiths speaking out about this now why not then??” like they actually knew who some random youtuber back then when they are A-list celebrities busy af
Random Ships
Random Ships:
He asked a girl to twerk and show her parts with his mom next to him I am a minor and that makes me sick
Jaden Smith served Shane Dawson the whole factory of humble pies.
Jezlyn Warner
Jezlyn Warner:
we need to talk about the video he made mocking treyvon Martin saying “well maybe if he had a job he would be alive” . we REALLY need to address that .
Jdufbwjdbe e
Jdufbwjdbe e:
Being a toxic person dosen't = broken

The reason hes attracted to toxic people is because he's one himself
Teto René
Teto René:
I love how people spend all this time trying to cancel irrelevant celebrities and spill tea when we can be using that energy to cancel politicians and other real threats to society. All this power and potential is going to waste. Wake up.
Don't yell at me I'm soft
Don't yell at me I'm soft:
if james needs a slice of humble pie, jeffree and shane need the rest of it. bye.
Lacey Barnett
Lacey Barnett:
his apology and Jenna's apology are pretty much opposite.
Elijah Cook
Elijah Cook:
Let me make something clear: I don’t think Shane Dawson deserves to get cancelled.

*I think he deserves to go to prison.*
Rhianna Riò
Rhianna Riò:
The thing everyone needs to know about Shane is he acts like he is the victim and he always has this boo hoo facade when really he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. Manipulation.
I was WAITING for Jaden or Willow to respond, Shane is acc done now
V. Anastasiya S.
V. Anastasiya S.:
I'm saying this as a person whose been around since when youtube was practically a baby (you know the years - ask a ninja, Fred, nigahiga, old smash, etc.). I remember people always talking about Shane but I NEVER saw the appeal to his videos. They were just so boring to me.

Here's a life tip for everyone - bad people tend to hang around with bad people. Shane is such good friends with Jeffree (there's a long list of horrible things they've done here but here's a brief list - racism, anti Jewish things, pro nazi things, etc.) and Trisha (she is the queen of drama and is universally hated on Youtube) that any decent person would have dropped both people with even a fraction that both jeffree and trisha have done. A decent person would never be associated with a people who are openly racist and disrespectful jackasses.
Emma Louise
Emma Louise:
Shane claimed Jeffree is his “family”, but where is Jeffree now Shane’s taking heat?🐸☕️
Rainbow Wolf
Rainbow Wolf:
Shane Dawson : Taking Accountability
Also Shane: Deletes his old comments and videos.
Imagine being inspired to apologize without actually feeling sorry and then blaming your decisions and actions on your anxiety and depression. I find it ridiculous how he thinks people will actually support him after his cheap apology. I guess his movie ain’t coming out anymore
Gemma Healy
Gemma Healy:
I LOVE how Shane has nothing to say when the Smiths criticized him but when Tati breathes he loses his mind
Tiny Mouse
Tiny Mouse:
Are you kidding? I was abused as a child and went from home to home, and I would NEVER sexualise a CHILD.
Park Bommie
Park Bommie:
Jeffree* is surprisingly too quiet.... for someone who inserts himself in EVERY drama to stay relevant..... this is new
Wish Jordanne
Wish Jordanne:
yo watch WILL SMITH make a comment. That would be so insane. Imagine the FRESH PRINCE ruining your career.
Suspicious Pooh
Suspicious Pooh:
Shane is just a creep who puts on an act of being so kind and innocent when he's far from it.
soggy goldfish
soggy goldfish:
its sad to say Jeffree and Trish will NEVER be cancelled for longer than a week because they have too much money
Liz Cohen
Liz Cohen:
Sorry Shane - not a sincere apology at all. Lame. The only reason you apologized is because you got caught.
humble pie : *"there’s a slice for everyone!"*
Leonette McBay
Leonette McBay:
Are the Smith family trying to desperately pull focus from the fact that Orlando Brown has opened up about his history with WILL SMITH?
Olivia !
Olivia !:
so many people are saying “iT wAs sOO lOng AgO!! sHanE hAs cHAnGED!!!” but it’s not like he just said the N word once or twice and was truly uneducated about the meaning. He did black face and made very graphic pedo remarks. YOU DONT JUST DO THAT!! HE WAS IN HIS 20s. HE KNEW IT WAS WRONG. you don’t just joke about finding babies “sexy” MULTIPLE TIMES. YOU DONT PAINT YOUR FACE BROWN. there’s NO excuse!! he claims he did it for shock value, meaning he KNEW IT WAS WRONG. idk how some people aren’t bothered ??
Shabi Dhabi
Shabi Dhabi:
He's apologized for getting caught not because he was actually feeling guilty for what he said or did.
peter dee
peter dee:
Shane is that type of rich person that would do anything to keep his fame, he acts like he’s so humble but he really isn’t lol
Kat Santana
Kat Santana:

Jeffree watching in silent while Shane gets a beat down by the internet and the Smiths: 👁👄👁
kalynn lyons
kalynn lyons:
I love how jaden smith called out shane and stood up for his sister bc my siblings wouldn't say jack 😂
azra sarvar
azra sarvar:
Notice how we are supposed to forgive a weird grown ass man coz he was in dark place but an 11 year old is to be ok with his weirdness coz it was a joke!
Zam weazle
Zam weazle:
Willow Smith's boyfriend, rightly was angry! But he didn't need to bring race into the conversation. Guess that's just down to maturity though! 🤷‍♂️
Draco MaLfOy
Draco MaLfOy:
Notice how he said “friends” the tone makes me question
i’m sorry but him blaming his “anxiety” on sexualizing children and being extremely racist and referring to himself as “that person” is disgusting.
Y’all need to call out Mr. Star too..,
Incoherent Screaming
Incoherent Screaming:
Jenna actually apologized and yet she’s the one leaving YouTube. Shane needs to take a hint ♡
Vaness Calvari
Vaness Calvari:
Wait wait what about jeffree?! Didn’t this drama start off with exposing him? Low key Shane is his scap goat🐐
Haley Martin
Haley Martin:
I LOVE how she didn't touch base on his nasty quotes regarding pedophilia.

Maria gp
Maria gp:
Isn’t it funny that Whenever Jeffree is the one getting the heat he always hides behind Shane constantly saying “well Shane and I”. Now that Shane is the one getting the heat Jeffree is nowhere to be found
I hope willow is doing okay I can’t imagine how this might be for her :/
Emily Feek
Emily Feek:
There's was always a feeling I had about Shane Dawson that didn't quite feel right. He seemed disingenuous.
Edit: I never subscribed to his page because of it.
And poor Jenna, now she’s getting dragged into this drama, the exact opposite of what she wanted when she left!
bad bitch energy
bad bitch energy:
i feel HORRIBLE for willow it must be so degrading and disgusting for a grown man to do and say things like that i’m sending all my love
**Erica **
**Erica **:
I’ve always loved Shane but how tf did he turn his whole “apology” video into a victimization of *himself*

Just so gross and he’s really been exposed for the true person he is.
otaku gemi
otaku gemi:
Not that I support this behavior but

Everyone was supporting him when those videos came out everyone thought he was the coolest thing since sliced bread and now they are acting as if they didn't enjoy those videos or watched them in their free time and want to play on the safe side because they dont want to get hate as well

People grow and I understand that's not an excuse for what he did but people have to understand that they are being hypocritical at least if someone else is suppose to take accountability for something they did so should you for at the time supporting that not just hiding behind a screen and saying these things now

Admit you thought it was entertaining at the time

Admit you supported that behavior and that's why he kept doing it

Admit that there isn't just one person to blame and admit that people make mistakes.

I agree he should let his actions speak louder than his words but I feel like even if he did people would still feel like he was simply doing it to get on their good side which in all honesty he probably will because it's simply never enough for people.
JorEl Bundy
JorEl Bundy:
For someone whos that unattractive you'd think he'd be humble as hell smh
OMG I've always loved Shane's channel, I've always thought he was funny but when I found out deeper about him Ive started having second thoughts about being subscribed.
Will B
Will B:
shane said he was inspired by queen jenna’s apology for his, that was the BIG red flag.
melly jelly
melly jelly:
I remember 5 years ago Shane was doing videos saying he dreams of girls peeing on him and stuff it was disgusting and i just don't understand.

By the way, people supported and thought this was Hilarious and got Shane to where he is today.

And Lisa did it too, so it's diSguSting.

I remember when Jenna, Shane, Jeffery, and James did terrible racist things that no one even acknowledges but now, or did but was too scared to call them out because they're famous.

And peaches, and Tana, and many more do alot of inappropriate and racist and sexist things exclusively for attention and people think it's funny and it gives them money and they keep doing it, half the time these YouTubers and famous people make fake Apology videos because they know even the hates will watch to see if they change, and those haters and veiws is money when at the end of the day they don't care truly, James did it, so did Logan Paul over the sucidial forest thing, I'm disgusted and hurt, because people keep making excuses for these people who are grown, and smart, and Intelligent people doing this bs for attention, and money it's terrible, and the more we support it the more money there making and YouTube isn't gonna not pay people over what they do.
Magdalene Magdalene
Magdalene Magdalene:
Destiny Lopez
Destiny Lopez:
I really do miss the spooky boys and watching videos of Morgan , Shane , Garrett , Andrew, and Ryland. But it also hurts that Shane would do these things. This honestly so disgusting and I also kinda feel like Jeffrey star kinda changed him including adding more drama . The Beauty world is so screwed up tbh
Galaxy Meow :3
Galaxy Meow :3:
The only thing that I can say about this situation is of course he’s gonna delete the videos. People can grow and change- and though we’ll never know if Shane is ‘sorry’ or not, it’s obvious that he really wants to put that shit behind him. A lot of people want to forget the bad things that they’ve done, including me. But like I said, we have no idea if he wanted likes, if he was trying to save himself, or if he was genuinely sorry. I can’t accept his apology but I do want to see him grow as a person-
Gay Idiot
Gay Idiot:
He says that he is okay with people not accepting his apology, yet he deletes negative comments towards him.
Honestly I’ve always gotten a sorta weird vibe from Shane. He always seemed a little bit sketchy to me because he seems somewhat narcissistic and just kind of off I don’t really know. And honestly he shouldn’t have dragged James Charles into this either, wasn’t James’ drama over a while ago?
San Raw
San Raw:
Trisha and Shane have been friends for years. She literally helped him through a rough stage in his life. Jeffree has also been like family to Shane. Yes, Trisha and Jeffree are extremely problematic people.. on the highest degree! But behind the scenes, their friendship isn’t based on issues from the internet, etc (if that even made sense). You can’t tell one to stop being friends with someone else just because of the way that other friend acts. If they were a bad influence on the person, and were negatively affecting their mind, actions, life, then perhaps. But Jeffree and Trisha have never (in my opinion) pushed Shane to do something wrong. Correct me if I’m wrong.
Ko0liad Wolf
Ko0liad Wolf:
Oh yes I love the spooky boys 😢 good old time memories
augustus ceaser the great
augustus ceaser the great:
shane obviously had a dark past which lead him to dark humor, and now while the jokes were in no way good you have to realize that these jokes came from a traumatized person who had no outlet for his feeling. however, now it is at a point where he has gone through therapy and is changed, as well as even making a video taking accountability and apologizing
"He's done more blackface looks than makeup looks with his palette" lmaooooooo I love you
I hope jeffree Star will be canceled. He’s the most toxic one of them all.
Snaggle Moon
Snaggle Moon:
Does anyone else remember the time Shane took Jeffrey to Walmart and they got kicked off the property? This is a huge stretch I know but I find it funny that they yelled James Charles name as a response (like getting him in trouble)

Huge stretch I know, I've been quarantined for too long
Smh, gay people.

*This is a joke.*
Goddess Free Spirit
Goddess Free Spirit:
Damn y’all stay mad at these ppl. Like this sounds so dumb. How y’all stan Shane so much but didn’t know he made those videos. Smh Shane has shown us he isn’t an asshole y’all dragging this. Crazy. We all know Shane isn’t malicious and is probably beating himself up so badly right now. Idk I guess I’m the only one who thinks ppl can grow and educate themselves to change.
I feel like Shane is taking the blow for him and Jeffree and then watch Jeffree drop him 😗
xXHoney BearXx
xXHoney BearXx:
You know what’s weird if you go to his channel and go to the oldest video he has deleted half of his old videos and the oldest video there is an APOLOGY VIDEO like you can’t just say stuff like that and blame it on your past then delete most of the proof of you saying bad things
Ari’s Channel
Ari’s Channel:
“I’m leaving the toxic beauty Community” Shane I love you and all But you were never in the beauty community ✨
Art Vein
Art Vein:
Now Playing:
OneRepublic - Apologize
Desi ASMR:
Lol all these “drama” episodes are like a circus and people love reacting and jumping on the bandwagon bit once its yesterdays news they forget all about it. 🙄
Catalina Alvarado Carrasco
Catalina Alvarado Carrasco:
I hate how his “Best friend” Jeffree just left him there with no support while enjoying his life and giving a shit about quarantine
Honestly I took up for him at first because I’ve been watching him since 2015 but the more stuff that comes out I seriously do not care about him anymore. I’m done with him.
I feel no pity.
It was only a matter of time.
Nicole Mace
Nicole Mace:
" A White woman he had beef with " ok🙄
Melissa Glover
Melissa Glover:
I have a feeling Shane may try do somthing suicidal idk man 🥺🤷‍♀️
i’m sorry but everyone is like “ At LeAsT He ApOlOgizEd” he apologized because the people who pay for his big ass house and his two tshirts are mad at him.
Ellza Rams
Ellza Rams:
Ngl Jaden Smith is a joke too though smh 🤦‍♂️
Little Styxx
Little Styxx:
I used to watch him, I loved him a lot and I thought he was funny. Until I saw all the old videos...
Hawkage The D
Hawkage The D:
Funny how when Shane was the biggest person on content creating on Youtube that you was all "living" and yaaaas" now that people have actually looked at his past content you want to gun for him? Cancel culture will leave NO ONE left. You can't really blame just Shane in any of this. Like his videos have always been on the offensive side since he started YouTube and NOW people want to cancel him? No ones perfect, I do agree the whole Willow Smith video is terrible on that note.
Camryn Paige
Camryn Paige:
Honestly, I remember watching him forever. Watching those videos and not thinking a thing. It’s got me thinking why I never thought it was wrong. As I’ve grown older, I’ve changed. I think it’s possible for him too. Not saying I agree or disagree, but I do believe in change.
Sylvia Unaeze
Sylvia Unaeze:
But the annoying thing is when celebrities use their “anxiety” and “depression” as an excuse for the bad things they have done! Honestly when has anyone with anxiety and depression has sexualised young children or making racist videos?
Bts Wifey
Bts Wifey:
When I little like 8 to 5 I think around those ages. I saw a video of Shane Dawson where he called the black girl “nigga monkey” ,blackface, and the video song basically making fun of Asians saying “Ching,ling,long etc.” I felt so bad about myself like I was sad and I was that young.
Seeing a white grown male speak to a black female who looks like me and makes fun of Asians who look liked my best friend hurt. The black face really made me realize what my dad meant by “other people see black folks differently than I see you and you see me” I read the comments and everyone found it funny and i didn’t know if It was wrong for me to be upset since everyone liked it. When someone said it was wrong others just attacked them for it so I just thought i was being a drama queen again.

I didn’t know why but I remember just feeling sad the rest of the day. I never liked him and never will I’m so glad people re uploaded those old videos cause it was being pushed aside. He was a grown man and he knew. He clearly hasn’t changed by the way he still hangs around toxic people and has toxic drama.

Edit: I was surprised when I saw him trending like his day one fans knew but they still supported him. Fan base is toxic and needs to realize they are following a psycho racist who doesn’t know what he wants.
Érotique Evie
Érotique Evie:
Tysm for literally catching me up every time I’m busy, love your vids and keep them up ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
All of this is just kind of weird and hilarious, me being one of the ones who GREW UP with the OLD SHANE. Dude I don't even know what to say
Edit: and by "old Shane" oh hun, no, not the Haunted Hotel era... but his literal, controversial HISTORY, I was there since SHANAYNAY.
Samprikta Ganguli
Samprikta Ganguli:
Now Tati's video is out aaaaaand boi.
Shane: going down in flames: "jeffree is like family to me."


Luke White
Luke White:
Dawson is lucky the smiths didn't take him to court, the power of the internet is nothing compared to the power of a judge
Justine Alan McCalister
Justine Alan McCalister:
i love how u said that he implied that everybody in the beauty community is toxic when he literally said not everyone in that community is toxic like tf?
Buck Fuddy
Buck Fuddy:
Wonder how the news of their mothers “entanglement” will sit with them🤷🏻‍♀️
Demi Hogue
Demi Hogue:
I just love how all these YouTubers are so politically correct these days and they're ALL above Shane and his old videos as if they weren't there watching and laughing not saying a thing but BOOM as soon as there's controversy with past actions, quotes, videos they all say how wrong that YouTuber is and how distasteful it was and how they were wrong to do it EVEN IF THAT PERSON HAS APOLOGIZED MULTIPLE TIMES FOR THEIR PAST and their content is absolutely nothing like the "bad" content. SMDH. Gah forbid "cancel culture" can't stop being a hypocritical twats and stop crying about shit that has been addressed and delt with and keep bringing shit up and stirring the pot just because theyre offended because they saw it now and not 10 fucking years ago even though there was /are videos from years ago with apologizes. All y'all are fake as fuck and just jump on the bandwagon because that's what sheeple do.