Sex Education Stars Play Ball | Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey, Ncuti Gatwa

Get to know the stars of Netflix’s Sex Education (Asa Butterfield, Ncuti Gatwa, Emma Mackey) as they answer random questions from our beach ball ice breaker game. See which actor does the best Harry Potter impression, who had a hilarious run-in with Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who can strike the best supermodel pose, and more.

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100+ komento:

TV Guide
TV Guide:
This might be the cutest video we’ve ever made!!!
The “I’m not an owl” was spot on
Khaled Adel
Khaled Adel:
Emma: "I might die so I might as well cry"
Vanessa G
Vanessa G:
I can't not smile when Ncuti is talking, what a beautiful man, he is so charismatic
Aniseoul Tv
Aniseoul Tv:
"How would you die in a horror film?" Of course the black guy would get that question 😂😂
Green rain
Green rain:
Emma:The last tv show/film that made me cry...
S L:
When she said i am not an sounded exactly like Watson..
Nicolle Piedrahita Mercado
Nicolle Piedrahita Mercado:
I have the biggest crush on Emma
Ncuti is literally Eric irl
Fernanda Souza
Fernanda Souza:
Asa: Staring at the camera
Me: get nervous
also me: Girl, WTF ??????????
Mind Flayer
Mind Flayer:
4:41 Okay now I'm ready for Harry potter's next part with these three potterheads 😍
Thank you, Margot Robbie
*Emma’s impression of Hermine is just fn ICONIC*
R Baz
R Baz:
Asa wasnt as reserved here as he was on the Buzzfeed videos, but sadly he probably had the shortest amount of time to talk lol his supermodel pose at the beginning was 🔥 though, loved Emma's reaction xD
00:10 look emma... that girl is crazy about him, can't no longer hide it!!!
Miles Stokes
Miles Stokes:
Why am I so in love with this show😭 please just give my man Otis a happy ending and I’ll be fine
Eloise Faith Ibarbia
Eloise Faith Ibarbia:
Asa, Ncuti, and Emma are another iconic trio aside from harry, ron and hermione. I love it when the trio does these kinds of interviews.
Libby Ren
Libby Ren:
who agrees emmas impressions were impeccable
R Baz
R Baz:
Emma literally gasped when Asa did his model pose 😁 well done Asa 😉
JJ Rush
JJ Rush:
Asa's blue eyes are the most beautiful thing on a human being I've ever seen! No Homo... Well maybe a little. Allot actually 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Asa : "Emma Mackey Doesn't Like Games"

EMMA : "I'm Catching It" 👀
Franny Becker
Franny Becker:
Super 💖🙌🇧🇷
Christian Joseph Castro
Christian Joseph Castro:
I want Emma Mackey And Asa Butterfield be together 😂💖(I hope So💖💕)
Monina Ongtangco
Monina Ongtangco:
emma saying my baby in french while looking to asa 😌💛
Alessandro Burresi
Alessandro Burresi:
The more I watch these videos, the more I am convinced that Emma and Asa are a perfect couple even in real life...❤️💘💞
Daniel Quiñones
Daniel Quiñones:
2:21 Look that focus on her 😍
Devil 悪魔
Devil 悪魔:
Asa has the biggest crush on Emma. Must be tough dude. Stay strong.
alice resconi
alice resconi:
I died at asa’s pose sorry
Renald Gjipalaj
Renald Gjipalaj:
When Asa looks at Emma he's like: I can't believe I went so close to kiss her
Giada Fabbris
Giada Fabbris:
Okay but Emma's impression of Phoebe was SO good
Allyssa Anne Celosa
Allyssa Anne Celosa:
Died at 0:05 ASAAA!! 😍
Sinister Kid
Sinister Kid:
1:17 I immediately thought of the movie se7en too. Ahh I love Asa
Emily Hough
Emily Hough:
please spare some extra clips, this video was too good for it to be under 6 mins
revelink nation
revelink nation:
I wonder if Phoebe Waller-Bridge thought she was talking to Margot Robbie while talking to Emma 😂
Ritika Saxena
Ritika Saxena:
Why are they all so damn adorable😭😍❤️
Linda Casal
Linda Casal:
When Asa talked about Se7en I was completely shocked, cause when Ncuti said "overeating", Se7en was the first think that came to my mind.

Also, nice taste with movies, Asa.
Harry Potter remake with the three of them as Ron, Harry, and Hermione? 😬
Emma Mackey is so cutie ❤️
Somika Shrestha
Somika Shrestha:
Asa’s supermodel pose took Emma’s breath away😍😂
Maja Żabińska
Maja Żabińska:
Their personalities perfectly match their characters, they almost don't have to pretend :o Okay... Only Emma is nicer than Maeve❤️
Walking Down The Halbeath Road
Walking Down The Halbeath Road:
Her impressions are so spot on
Juan Sebastian Caldas Laverde
Juan Sebastian Caldas Laverde:
4:42 they ignored Asa, He was going to do the impression with them
Clelia Guillou
Clelia Guillou:
she nailed "I'm not an owl"
S L:
0:40 Will Asa never laugh.
Ariel Otondo
Ariel Otondo:
Asa supermodel
Ayush Shekhar
Ayush Shekhar:
2010: We were hooked to Niall's laughter
2020: We are hooked to Ncuti's laughter
Emma Mackey is just.. * *chefs kiss* *
Somnath Sinha
Somnath Sinha:
Who wants to throw Issac down the hill?
ASTRO Flame:
I swear every show I watch on Netflix then I'm in love with the characters like wtf
Nagy Gréta
Nagy Gréta:
Ncuti and Asa are similar to their characters
Jonathan C
Jonathan C:
If they made Harry Potter today, Emma Mackey would be Hermione.
Lauren Weise
Lauren Weise:
Ncuti’s laugh is literally spun gold.
ZabbO 'wakeej
ZabbO 'wakeej:
That's me in the middle with my two besties..
Karla López
Karla López:
Man! When he showed his model face i just went:
Haha dude i died! 🤯😍
Louie Brian Marasigan
Louie Brian Marasigan:
I want Asa's eyes
Luigi T
Luigi T:
I ship asa and emma
H E:
No entiendo una mierda , pero lo veo igual porque estoy enamorado de emma jajajjaa
Imagine Maeve is French

Oh wait
"you know Phoebe Waller Bridge?"
Tarun Sharma
Tarun Sharma:
just watched season 2

i really really love this showw


i dont have words but this show is bestt.....
asa’s eyes are so beautiful. omg🥺😍
HB Gaming
HB Gaming:
“I hate the ending of season 2 even though the rest was perfect, and no longer like the wheelchair guy button
Chloe Middleton
Chloe Middleton:
"I'm not an owl' 4:52 was SPOT ON
User Snilds
User Snilds:
i literally thought of the movie seven straight away too
Neha Shrestha
Neha Shrestha:
Asa killings is with those piercing eyes ♥️ i love these people
steve Mac
steve Mac:
Asa really makes me question my heterosexuality.
breanna cole
breanna cole:
2:33 definitely margot 😭
Different Angle
Different Angle:
Ncuti and Asa singing "Final Countdown" together is so adorable <3
This trio is the cutest trio everrr!
maya lavenu
maya lavenu:
4:50 so good
Ana Beatriz
Ana Beatriz:
Eu isso essas referências de Harry Potter ❤️ e amo Sex Education e todos os atores

PSA: Ainda não sou boa em escrever em inglês ainda estou estudando isso.
Angus C. K. C
Angus C. K. C:
I've been waiting for this. I can now relax 😆
Aberama Gold
Aberama Gold:
Asa tossing in the gluttony reference from Seven was impressive.

Unless if course it was something they rehearsed to make his film knowledge seem more... extensive, than it really is. But I'd have to be pretty cynical to think they really do that.

They don't really do that, do they?
Reuben Dias
Reuben Dias:
It's like re-living the Harry Potter nostalgia with the 3 of them
Amin Muhammad
Amin Muhammad:
If anyone watched their clip to new orleans, i wanna ask does anyone know where to buy asa dreamer long sleeve shirt he wore in the video?
Kaylee Merseth
Kaylee Merseth:
I have not and will not EVER get over Emma's Hermione impression
I don't know why Emma didn't just sit there during her celebrity impression. People thinks she's Margot Robbie-- she literally doesn't have to try. LMAO
Lusors _Fan
Lusors _Fan:
The Beginning emma Fell in love with asas eyes but has a friend
Sydney Carrigan
Sydney Carrigan:
2:29 the person that “looks like Emma Mackey” how much you wanna bet that was ACTUALLY Margot Robbie 😅😅😅😅
heart broken
heart broken:
3:36 i love you !!!! damn i love this man
Can Pinarbasi
Can Pinarbasi:
can't stop watching between 4:50 and 4:55 .... that embarrassed smile after the impression...
Diana Hernandez
Diana Hernandez:
Emma y asa tienen que andar🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🥰
Hannah Ritchie
Hannah Ritchie:
Asa's face when Ncuti said he'd like to die by overeating 😂😂
Monica Yuki Vernazza
Monica Yuki Vernazza:
" figure out where to go, like most of my life"
LOLOLOLOL i love this
2:42 he still looks a bit like Harry Potter😂
Elena Stennett
Elena Stennett:
"I was in the train station trying to figure out where to go, like most of my life"
Jeevan Maniam
Jeevan Maniam:
Did Emma Mackey just turned into Emma Watson for a sec in that "I'm not an owl!"
The Daddy Fish
The Daddy Fish:
3 thousand likes
8 dislikes

Says it all really
Alds Amanda
Alds Amanda:
Did Asa just do Magnum from Zoolander?! XD
Vishesh Kumar
Vishesh Kumar:
0:33 and I cry everytime I watch the scene of Maeve telling Otis about her feelings and both starts crying. Its too emotional for me
Lottie Mason
Lottie Mason:
i’m not an owl was perffff
Bren Rylee Pollfer
Bren Rylee Pollfer:
It's so cute that Asa considered Harry Potter as a celebrity. OMG! 😍😭
ncuti being the best friend anyone could ask for, "do you want to do it together"
SouJee Han
SouJee Han:
oh my god, the hermione granger impression was SPOT ON
Nofal 96
Nofal 96:
That super model look WOW
Widnemrnn Jdnenrme
Widnemrnn Jdnenrme:
Does Emma actually like him tho
Bren Rylee Pollfer
Bren Rylee Pollfer:
0:05 I'm sorry but I really have to pause and screenshot it or else my life is over. 😭
Why did I first think he said "Emma Mackey doesn't like gays" I was like wtf 😭😭😂
what did he say ???
michael fisher
michael fisher:
Seriously love the chemistry these three have