Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon is found dead after he was reported missing

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The Mayor of Seoul has been found dead by police, a day after his daughter reported him as missing.

Police said Park Won-soon's body was discovered in wooden hills in Mt Bugak, northern Seoul.

The Mayor of South Korea's capital was reportedly involved in sexual harassment allegations.

His body was found after his daughter told police on Thursday afternoon her father had given her “a will-like” verbal message in the morning before leaving home.

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Daniel E. Jang
Daniel E. Jang:
Hi everyone, I'm a Seoulite so I'll try to break this story down for y'all. Mayor Park was days away from being questioned by the police after a former female member of his staff filed charges against him for sexual harassment. He left a cryptic message for his daughter hinting at his suicidal intentions before heading off to a local mountain alone where he off-ed himself. The allegations made against him by his female staff date back to '15. This is just the first time anyone spoke up and went to the police. What is truly baffling is, this man is the 3rd most influential person in S. Korean politics, and his supporting base has always been...get this...women! He had unwavering support from young Korean women for his work in civil cases, becoming the first lawyer in the South Korean court system to successfully sue an employer for sexual harassment. Circumstantial evidence suggests that he chose the quick and easy way out rather than to live through the humiliation and the theatrics of a public trial. All eyes are now on South Korean President Moon, as the deceased Park was a close political ally of Moon. Will the sitting president of S.Korea attend the funeral of a man who was mere days away from being the subject of a police investigation for sexual misconduct? Or will he display discretion and wait until these allegations are verified? (Korean funerals are generally a 3 day event that begins on the day of the actual death)
July 10th Update :
Seoul City hall just released a beautiful eulogy of the late mayor highlighting his former accomplishments. They also requested the media to refrain from releasing speculative articles in respect for the deceased (as the accused can no longer stand trial against his accuser). Seoul City Hall is currently organizing a 5 day memorial service for the fallen mayor.
As details regarding the allegations against the deceased mayor continues to come into light, one must wonder if city hall has even considered the possibility that they may be hosting this grand memorial event to honor a man who is suspected of being a predator. Many are left shocked as the disconnect between public perception and city hall becomes ever more apparent.
The woman who filed for these sexual harassment charges is a former Seoul City Hall employee herself, saying that it is disheartening to see her former colleague's actions following Park's abrupt demise would be an understatement. Her former co-workers are actively deifying their boss who took his own life rather than facing down his accuser, but they won't stick up for one of their own?
It is a sad day as a Seoulite, and as an expecting father of a baby girl, to see this is how my tax "dollars" are being put to work.
It is said that RCEP (The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) will be signed in August, and the integration of East Asia and even the Western Pacific is about to take a big step.

Whenever the East Asian integration process enters a critical time point, there are always famous Korean politicians who die unexpectedly, senior Japanese officials suddenly commit suicide, and some Chinese "comrades" will suddenly have a strong interest in the Diaoyu Islands.
Americans will suddenly start to say that they have special political responsibilities for East Asia, their commitments to Japan and South Korea are rock solid, they must ensure a balanced balance of Asia-Pacific power, and they must contain North Korea’s nuclear power, and hope China will become a responsible power balabalabala....
I just want to say that he is a real warrior. R.I.P.
Yilai Wu
Yilai Wu:
The public will never know the truth!
THOMAS Zdrenka
THOMAS Zdrenka:
I'm convinced there is something fishy going on.🤔
Mayor Park committed suicidal after alleged sexual harassment to his secretary??
msc Qaz
msc Qaz:
Things are hotting up arent they
Donkey_ Punch_hxr
Donkey_ Punch_hxr:
Welcome to the gulag soldier!
Knightion Guo
Knightion Guo:
When China, Japan, and Korea want to stick together, some weird things will happen, like the suicides of some officials, "patriotic" citizens will stand out for the territorial conflicts. It's sad to see a brave mayor was dead who lead his people to the success of combatting with corona. RIP
ringo pattison
ringo pattison:
all perfectly innocent, nothing strange going on at all, nothing to see here, just go about your business.
AS Roma
AS Roma:
the country you know who fears to see the collaboration of Japan, South Korea and China
Evil Pancakes
Evil Pancakes:
This is the 2020 I like to see, what’s next swarm of locusts
I just watch a korean drama with story like this lmao.
Rafal Molak
Rafal Molak:
Age of Aquarius
Gary Edwards
Gary Edwards:
Dont worry, hes gonna clutch it in the gulag and be right back!
Liyang Liu
Liyang Liu:
god bless Mr. Wen
P K:
Mayor of Seoul dead. May his soul rest in peace
In fact, this is started a long time ago.
No Moo-hyun(president) → No hoe-chan(congressperson) → Park won-soon(seoul mayor)
All were treated as suicides.
G G:
CIA where are you?
What a tragic end as an acknowledged feminist lol
R.I.P .. Won too soon.
J H:
potential candidate? yea, it was murder
Amanda Juwita Sendjaja
Amanda Juwita Sendjaja:
This all was set up. Someone might not like him as president candidate
ninja ninnin
ninja ninnin:
sexual harassment mayor
Ash Boy
Ash Boy:
CIA warning!
Big Summer Blowout
Big Summer Blowout:
Mandem was dealt wid you mean
You Lose!
He was a critic of Japan and emphasized the importance of trading with China.... no wonder he got Epsteined by CIA
jiang jason
jiang jason:
a politician beaten down by a possible proposed accuse ? How it could be?
Young ZHproud
Young ZHproud:
He is a good man,rip
Emma Herron
Emma Herron:
- Caesar
- Caesar:
How sad.
mija harwood
mija harwood:
War war war 4k
Dump Chump
Dump Chump:
Wooden hills or wooded?
Mango K
Mango K:
Was this an 'epstein' suicide?
Lau La
Lau La:
All reports seem to leave out the fact that he was being investigated for sexual harassment 🤨 You’d think that would be important information no?
munnie 1209
munnie 1209:
May(or) his s(e)oul rest in peace...

Ok I'll just exit 😳😫
Hire a narrator
Mark Cooke
Mark Cooke:
Probably executed by the North
Noir FIFA:
He was gone too-soon
Jetnic Badilla
Jetnic Badilla:
Who killed him?
Under investigation for sexual harassment like k pop bands
David Marjason
David Marjason:
The question is. Was it a well plan murder or suicide?
Uncle Donald
Uncle Donald:
Japan and Korea have similar culture. A troubled politician will just suicide to save their honor or family against humiliation. Unlike in other corrupt countries, an accused politician will fight back tooth and nail to be defended in court, never mind the humiliation, and then if found guilty it was just nothing to them and no remorse. Next election that even in jail or after his release, he will run again just like nothing had happened, and then ignorant followers will vote him and win the election. After winning the election again, all his wrong doings are just erased in the eyes of the public.
Geronimo [KLR]
Geronimo [KLR]:
Female killer. Me-too killed him.
xirsamoht x
xirsamoht x:
Park Won-soon...
Your Seoul is mine!

R.I.P Park Won-soon
亲中派 不排除Cia刺杀的可能
Guru Pathik
Guru Pathik:
north korea in endgame now
fucked World's
fucked World's:
Powerful people around the world are dying in suspicious ways, Clinton connection with this mayor?
ko napi
ko napi:
There is an image that people who have noticed something in Korea will die, but in South Korea, isn't it a country where someone else has a lot of control?
I'm more likely to have received a group stalker from people from a music company that has the biggest connections with Korea in Japan, and I'm not safe now.
They also have strong ties to the police. I felt despair and loneliness. But even before that, I was experiencing a mass stalker when I was pursuing fraudulent claims from Japanese dental personnel. At that time, the scale was smaller than that of people involved in music, but I was very scared because I was followed while pushing the stroller.
With that experience, I was able to improve my anger control, but I was often filled with sadness.
We must see and awaken from all perspectives.
Sounds like a “your” problem.
Guru Pathik
Guru Pathik:
north korea in endgame now
Long story short, we do not know about sexual horrassment.
He is msn of integrity, his life has been serving for the weak and poor. Such character is not built in a short time.

Very susicious in several ways.
1. It happened on the day opposing party' prodpected presidetial candidate and prosecutor general, Yoon who kneeled down to minister of justice.
2. Seoul Mayor's will looks very suspicious. There was no proper inspect that it was his.
3. No proof that he killed himself.
4. His is ver sharp intellegent man. He knows he is a future president candidate. Why does he put himself in that situation when he knows his sectetary can open her mouth about sexual horrassment?

All we know is his fake looking will paper and the accusing of his formal female staff. She is a lawer.
Why did she put up this until this point?

He must be trapped and the truth will be revealed. He is one of only a few persons that what he says and what he acts match.
The ruling and opposition parties seem to be rivals against each other. But they are all one team and they just playing a role play.
Chille Liu
Chille Liu:
CIA needs to stop assassinating individuals.
Blackpool 2014
Blackpool 2014:
100th to comment
Korean War 2 electric boogaloo
Download Parler
Brady Fries
Brady Fries:
It was the north
@EVEning Standing : You are now targeted.
Suggest you contact the Daily Mail as ask them what this it like.
Night Night. R
Lars Delver
Lars Delver:
Guess you could say his Seoul still remains hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Irene Rain
Irene Rain:
I hope that it has nothing to do with Trump.
Ser Dingleberry
Ser Dingleberry:
The website Wayfair is being used to traffic children. Certain items such as wardrobes and cabinets are being sold for over $10,000, but it is suspected that they are actually children as all the items are named after little girls, some that have been known to have gone missing. It is currently suspected that WFX utility is behind this.
Please google the story, learn what you can and help raise awareness so that it can be dealt with in the proper manner.

Keep safe and thank you for reading.
서울 시장 죽은게 왜 비비씨에서까지 보도가되냐 ... 뭐 타살 암살도 아닌데.. 나라 쪽팔리게
Jamie Galloway
Jamie Galloway:
Here we go... North Korea will get framed when it was probably China, the US will take action to defend its ally, and China will get to do what it wants; start a war to send America a message. Or fail miserably!!!
Mijeong Kim
Mijeong Kim:
Many presses in South Korea have been trying to tell the story of a sexual harassment since his death about if it is true or not.
BUT! there is no evidence and after this tragedy, this case seems to be end without anything except for his death.
As I'm Korean who have been living here for 40 years, I couldn't trust media in South Korea.
In cases of sexual events, mostly it has occurred in progressive camp, and people relating that, even though that wasn't truth, have to suffer for a long time dealing with legal battles. Even if they turned to be innocent, their career would be damaged never to come back their field.
Mayor Park was a human right lawyer, a incredible mayor in Seoul, and the person fighting for citizens' right in South Korea. He prevented people from Virus spreading and made a lot of welfare policies for everyone.
Many are sad because of our loss. Do not focus on slanders or rumors.
David Andrews
David Andrews:
I'm the 1st placed 3rd comment
Sean K.
Sean K.:
The saddest part about this story is that the investigation into the sexual harassment claims will stop, and that some will blame the victim for “causing” his suicide. There were rumors that some of the evidence against him was irrefutable. Maybe it’s the pictures of himself or the texts asking for sexual favors he sent to his former secretaries. There are rumors of not one but several victims. He must have thought the victims would not have the courage to come forward with the sexual harassment claims. But once this guy realized the digital evidence would be seen by the public if the investigation moved forward, he couldn’t bear to face the humiliation. He probably knew that committing suicide would stop the investigation into his sick deeds. So let’s not help him cover up the suffering he inflicted on his victims. He was no noble man but just a sick man.
les antoine
les antoine:
Rest in paradise mayor Park . You were love by all 💐💐💐💐
L Blue
L Blue:
May his Seoul find piece
First name Last name
First name Last name:
Must have been feeling pretty guilty or fearing a fate worse then death, desperation got hold of him.
Daniel Whyatt
Daniel Whyatt:
This was definitely murder.
Any of those illegel allegations should have stayed private... Til proven guilt.. He was publicly discredited to his people. He lived a honorable life. Media is the guilted evil
Seren Blodwyn
Seren Blodwyn:
Stress ? Depression ?
D Watercraft
D Watercraft:
CCP Strikes again
I can't believe how ignorant some comments are. Seoul mayor was always closer to China. He spoke for China during the covid19 outbreak, he was also one of the first politicians to donate medical supplies to China. I don't see a single reason that China would like to see him disappear. The investigation of the sexual harassment accusation doesn't get a result yet and it 'happened' in 2017, why it came up NOW? why he has to suicide NOW? Isn't it because China-Japan- Republic of Korea FTA negotiation is going well NOW and US worries if it come true???? If you look back what happened EVERY TIME during FTA negotiation, you will see some Japanese politicians came out for Senkaku island issue, Korean/Japanese politicians suicide then FTA blew out. WHO benefits from all these???? You know the answer.
Disaster Moon
Mark Letts
Mark Letts:
I remember when you could compliment a female work mates dress and it wasn't sexual harassment,..They were strong women,if you whistled at a fine looking lady,and she didn't like it,she'd tell you to piss off,not go home cry,then organise a campaign to have you fired..
Mayor Park Won-soon's suicide in Seoul is not a simple'rape' incident.
Korea is currently in an unprecedented economic crisis.
The UK's economic research institute EIU lowered Korea's economic growth this year from 2.2% to -1.8%. Moody's and Bloomberg also say Korea has been in a difficult situation since the 2008 financial crisis.
The problem is not that the economy is simply bad.
Korea is a country that mainly feeds and lives.
The import volume in March 2020 was 42,092,469000 doller, and the export volume in March 2020 was 46,268,617000 doller.
However, two-quarters of imports and exports are traded with the United States and China.
So far, Korea has been eating and eating between the United States and China.
But after Donald Trump became president, the relationship between the United States and China worsened.
South Korea's President Moon Jae-in said Japan must apologize and compensate the victims who were raped by Japanese soldiers during World War II.
Japan said
'In 1965, we will apologize to President Park Chung-hee for 1 billion yen, and we will apologize.
And he signed an agreement with President Park Chung-hee, and Prime Minister Abe apologized before.
I tried to give you compensation in 2015, but didn't you refuse?
So Japan said
South Korea in the Supreme Court asked Japanese troubled companies to reimburse victims for 100 million won.
Go and become'WHITE LIST' case, so in Korea
Presidents, politicians, businessmen and even ordinary citizens
And don't buy it, and the Japanese campaigned to get out of Korea.
Korea is a country that lives with'export' as its core.
Also, semiconductors, automobiles, and ships are the main businesses.
However, they relied on Japan for the parts needed to make the product.
Japan tightened regulations on Korea.
Eventually, Korea later asked Japan for reconciliation.
However, the damage was severe.
In Korea, the minimum wage system that gives workers the minimum wage
It was implemented in the 1980s.
The minimum wage for 2015 is 5580 won per hour worked.
The minimum wage for 2016 is 6030 won per hour worked.
The minimum wage for 2017 is 6470 won per hour
The minimum wage for 2018 is 7530 won per hour

It increased significantly from 6470 won in 2017 to 7530 won in 2018.
The figures below show the increase in the national welfare budget (1 trillion).
2011 86.4
2012 92.6
2013 97.6
2014 106.4
2015 115.7
2016 123.4
2017 129.5
2018 144.7
2019 161
2020 180.5

Welfare budget has increased significantly since 2018.
Below are the number of companies that have closed out nationwide.

2015 815,015
2016 789 525
2017 908,503
2018 906,989
899,687 2019

National land prices are getting lower and lower. (January 2018 ~ June 2020)

"5.540924247" "5.529094343" "5.520292684" "5.511877463" "5.499157063" "5.489257803" "5.485845176" "5.48186482" "5.472290333" "5.463776042" "5.462872353" "5.459674164" "5.461509548" "5.460519224" "5.460977739" "5.462878325" ""5.463086645" "5.462478633" "5.459386441" "5.458559886" "5.455021861" "5.4499577" "5.445402816" "5.44344782" "5.44664231" "5.443052961" "5.442591597" "5.445215088" "5.443797328"

Koreans use real estate and stocks to earn money

The price of real estate became expensive.

In the past, the mortgage was borrowed as a mortgage, and up to 70% of the house price could be borrowed.

Now it is 40%.
President Moon Jae-in puts a lot of taxes on welfare.
This is not the end.
Mayor Won-soon Park was surprised that Seoul Mayor was dead?
'JOGUK' secretary of school foundation corruption
Busan Mayor's forced sexual harassment and escape, voluntary resignation
Jae-soo Yoo Bribery of the Busan Deputy Mayor
Mayor Eun-Sumi Seongnam received help from the company where the gangster is the president more than 90 times a year and was sentenced to 900,000 won in court.
The late governor of President Moon Jae-in, Ahn Hee-jeong, Chungcheongnam-do, had an affair with a female secretary and was sentenced to four years in prison.
Kinkyongsu Governor of Gyeongnam Province, the Internet nickname'DURUKING'
He told the electoral groups and election groups to manipulate elections on Twitter and Facebook.
'DURUKING' is guilty, but'kinkyongsu' is still in trial.
There are a lot of others.
People are disappointed and hope to be the conservative president in the next presidential election.
Democratic Party in Korea They are very different from the American Democratic Party.
They are very radical and proud of their experience of fighting the dictatorships of old, and impressed the thoughts of China and North Korea.
I don't feel any sadness that Park Won-soon dies.
Amber Humphreys
Amber Humphreys:
We are being told it was Mafia who killed him as he was against the dog meat trade !
Lil' Sosig
Lil' Sosig:
Next is President Moon
Schofield bruce
Schofield bruce:
USA clear another block
Decimus Septimus Tutelus
Decimus Septimus Tutelus:
Kim Jong-un announces that the 24 stab wounds,4 bullet wounds and piano wire around his neck was the craziest suicide he has heard of.
All the politicians who committed sex crimes in korea were leftists(minjoo party) .
They've been taking about respect for human rights.
They say one thing but do another.
Nathan Makinde
Nathan Makinde:
Ian Hwang
Ian Hwang:
One of fake human right lawyers killed himself to avoid the investigation just after one of victims accused him of sexual assault. It is crazy that fake leftists make him another hero to establish Korea and threaten victims for pushing him to die! Park is one of the most representative China and North Korea advocates (his nephew released from CCP in 2016 although he was arrested at the airport for drug smuggling, 1kg cocaine which is a sufficient amount to be sentenced to death in China) and had engaged in the numerous, so many, scandals and issues.
Sam Potts
Sam Potts:
David Mccarthy
David Mccarthy:
Not that interesting he’s not even Chinese.
11 k
11 k:
a sexual criminal got his karma properly. thats all.
Glass Of Acid
Glass Of Acid:
Is Moon better or worse? I'm worried he would be just like Soon and has done some shady stuff in his political career.
You know I feel like I should be sad for Soon, but I'm not. Because he did this to himself, its his own fault he did all that sexual harassment crimes to women. Can you really feel sympathise towards a person like that, if somebody did all those bad things? Just think, their are others just like him in South Korea and not just South Korea but the whole world from China and United States and just name any countires. Politicians can be seen as people who abuse their position of power for their own self satisfactions, hurting others in many different shapes and forms whether they mean it or not. I want to trust politicians and I don't think they are all like this, but they all sound like they are painted to be horrible people who do crime from the mass public. Feels like it's hard to trust anybody in politics no matter the present now or the future.
Ian Hwang
Ian Hwang:
He is one of fake human rights lawyers and he has a bunch of rumors and committed suicide a day after his former secretary accused him of sexual assualt. Although he's gone, this case must be investigated for several victims.
He is Korean politician who has been actively engaged in the comfort women problem and boycott movement isn't it?
And he sexually harassed and commit suicide...🤣
alex hill
alex hill:
China out here killing everyone
Bucky Stevens
Bucky Stevens:
Sounds like a hit, when the President of China wants you will be quiet or be found like the mayor, hence why all of china's citizens are in the U.S. and abroad go figure 🤔.
Chinese Fox Hunt