Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon found dead after going missing for 7 hours

박원순 서울시장 서울대학교병원에 빈소 마련

In city in shock,... and an entire country still struggling to understand what happened.
Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon,... seen by many as a potential presidential hopeful, was found dead on a mountain near the capital shortly after midnight, Korea time, after he went missing earlier in the day.
Our Kim Do-yeon is at the hospital where his body is currently being held.
Do-yeon, it must be a very somber atmosphere there....
Yes, Mark, I'm at Seoul National University Hospital where the wake for Mayor Park is being held.
It's closed to the public... but there's a lot of media here as you would expect waiting for any updates regarding the funeral process.
At the moment, only his family members are allowed into the funeral proceedings.
Some of his coworkers, high-level public officials were seen coming, but we are told they were told to wait inside the building until the funeral home opens up to them.
The city said earlier that the body will be moved on July 13th, and the funeral will be a special mayoral funeral in a five day traditional Korean system.
The city will set up a special memorial at City Hall for the public to pay their respects in the coming hours.
In addition, the city said it now has an interim mayor, Park's deputy, Seo Jeong-hyup.
Let's hear what he had to say a few hours ago.
"Every public official will be working as one to ensure city affairs run smoothly. Especially with the COVID-19 situation, the Seoul city government will do its utmost to protect the safety of our citizens.
Ok, so his focus is on ensuring the city's affairs remain on track. Turning back to Mayor Park, prior to the news of him going missing and subsequently his death, it was reported Park had called in sick and had cleared his schedule for today as well...
That's right Mark, he canceled his plans prior to leaving his house.
He left some words for his daugther, which unsettled her.
At around 5 P.M, Korea time, his daughter called the police, saying he was missing, and the search started immediately.
When the body was found near Mount Bugaksan in the northern part of Seoul, police didn't officially comment on the cause of death, but said there were no signs of a foul play.
Lastly, the public is also paying attention to the fact that police received a complaint regarding allegedly sexual harassment that was leveled against him on Wednesday by his former secretary.
There's speculation this could have caused him to take his own life, but we are still awaiting an official report from the authorities.
Back to you, Mark

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Mystic Artist
Mystic Artist:
Very sad to hear Seoul has lost the mayor. Be strong; many around the world want to see you make it past the struggles 💐🌺🌸🌼🌷🌹🌻
Youtube Viewer
Youtube Viewer:
That's very strange and suspicious.
Ofelia Gadon
Ofelia Gadon:
Praying that the truth will come out.
Youtube Viewer
Youtube Viewer:
Nothing about how he died?
Wow! Shocking to hear this. My condolences to the mayor's family and relatives.
Ian Hwang
Ian Hwang:
For several victims who had been abused by Park, his sexual assault case must be investigated even he killed himself.
Very suspicious!
He is full of integrity and love.
He did a lot for Seoul and the people without reserve. He is not the type of person that does for his selfish intetest. He has debtvof more than 6 billion won without no car. Iam
sure he got trapped. The trith will be revealed.
The morality of the Korean leftists are similar to that of Park Won-soon.They blamed the past government but They themselves were more corrupt.
Aaron Jackson
Aaron Jackson:
I'm so so sorry, Seoul.
I'm gonna guess suicide.
Congyu Wang
Congyu Wang:
J R:
Terra MKI
Terra MKI:
YoungKuk Yeon
YoungKuk Yeon:
Omega Nuts
Omega Nuts:
Kim Jon Un did it
Fatima Zahra
Fatima Zahra:
I don't think it was a suicide, R.I.P Park Won Soon 😢
kathalia Graciela
kathalia Graciela:
What happend
Bel Jacinto
Bel Jacinto:
Actually koreans say he is a straight clean man and they are shocked when and if the sexual harassment case is true but a korean friend also commented that they feel there is a force grooming and gearing someone another for the presidential post
What happened?
casey jason
casey jason:
The funny thing about this is POLICE
Why on the Hell would they say it was no foul play while they haven't even investigate the CAUSE OF DEATH?Seoul Police Indont trust them one bit
rubber MALLET
rubber MALLET:
😎korean mafia💀🔫
Ailah mimbisa
Ailah mimbisa:
Don't judge quick... If he is good mayor in long time maybe someone jealous there ang planning to remove him to being mayor...or maybe he did not die in suicide...
alu ra
alu ra:
this could be a premeditated murder incident
Sexual harrassment law in S. Korea is bent towards woman 100%. Although, there have been sexual harrassment charges against women from will not win as a man. Not like the law in US. In lieu of this law there is no law against ageism in Korea - let that sink in.
He killed himself because sexual harassment accusations were coming out. His name would've been disgraced which ment his family would be impacted so in order to save honour to his name he killed himself pretty much or thats what i think.
wilma hoffmann
wilma hoffmann:
My guess, he was murdered???
Katya Di
Katya Di:
calm down please, this man sexually harassed his secretary, could he still look in the eyes of the country and be re elected as a president???
An IAS aspirant & A scientist
An IAS aspirant & A scientist:
Us is behing this killing.
Trust me the CIA US intelligence they killed him now they blame it on North Korea and make south Korea and north Korea fight hate each other and go war with each other its all the evil job of CIA US intelligence. They evil CIA been targeting Putins enemy's abroad and blame it on Putin so to make Russian people hate Putin. This is the criminal job of CIA when government officials targeted