Seoul mayor found dead after reported missing

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Park Won-soon, mayor of the South Korean capital Seoul, was found dead by police on July 10, 2020. Authorities said there was no sign of foul play, but the cause of his death remains unclear. A note reportedly written by Park has been released by the city government. The message, described as a will, said, “I am sorry to everyone. I want to thank everyone who has been with me.”

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Heather Brant
Heather Brant:
Sounds like he was murdered and now they will cover it up.
someone tried to make this looks like a suicide
Do they even have right to read the man's suicide will? I would think that should be a family privacy, unless they consent to it.
harry loo
harry loo:
a vocal China supporter and a potential presidential contender found suspiciously dead.
Ray Mak
Ray Mak:
Oh no
Oh no.. That's sad. Could have been suicide or someone orchestrating the entire thing..? Rest in peace.
Phoenix Venus
Phoenix Venus:
Nah i feel like someone else wrote that and he may have been murdered
Opridai 206
Opridai 206:
Why does South Korean official keep getting killed or suicide or imprisoned????
Yunhan W
Yunhan W:
This mayor supports China Japan South Korea United, and is against the huge consortiums, he is most likely the next president of South Korea, this is how democracy and capitalism work.
Jin Juice
Jin Juice:
I tried to read opinions of Koreans on this situation, but I don’t clearly understand. Please, could somebody tell more about it? Because I don’t think that it’s just a suicide..
A vocal China supporter and a presidential contender. Found mysteriously dead..... does anyone not see what’s happening? Does south K have article 23?
QyW W:
When Korean official try be be allies of China, this is what happen to them, and its is not the first time
ddeath jay
ddeath jay:
Idk why but his death seems like it was plotted by why i feel some weird vibes
Simon Sozzi
Simon Sozzi:
Presidential candidate found dead. Not suspicious at all 😳🤦🏻‍♂️
Top 20s
Top 20s:
Pro China is NOT allowed in American’s colonies. But in the end, someone is too far away to secure East Asia.
Xy Neqanon
Xy Neqanon:
That is so shaddy I can't even... The all thing smell fishy. Time will tell...
A politician that is pro china and peace in east asia - found dead. The motive is as clear as the blue sky
A A A A A A A A A A A A A:
Judging by the ‘will’, I think he died due to suicide. Although that’s my guess.
Isaac Bai
Isaac Bai:
There will be no investigate result Because it’s done by CIA.
Hey Michle’
Hey Michle’:
Someone could’ve made him write that or someone else wrote it , something is off .
Tsu Pa Hiro
Tsu Pa Hiro:
Should we focus on the cause death? Or should we learn about what he achieved before he passed?
Is this a assination?
Crazy Average Asian Bitch
Crazy Average Asian Bitch:
sounds like a perfect content for *CONSPIRACY* or opening for movie
Possible opinions
1) Sucide
2) CIA
3) CCP
4) Kim Yo jong
5) South Korean politician itself
Rest in peace.
Seriously people call out CONSPIRACY for literally everything nowadays.
Jack Meng
Jack Meng:
Last attempt to establish CJK FTA in 2012 ended with death of two high rank Japanese officials, history is replaying itself.
Crazy Average Asian Bitch
Crazy Average Asian Bitch:
Same like how Trump was friend of criminal Epstein and then Epstein “suicide” 😏
Nikos Gee
Nikos Gee:
When being a governor of some American puppet countries , never try to show that you're pro Chinese government. ( It's conspiracy, I highly agree tho)
Sicko mode
Sicko mode:
If he's going to suicide, he should be found dead in his room....

Idk but its so sketchy 🧐
Ze Butera
Ze Butera:
I be witnessing something that I only see in a Kdrama
Cecilia De lacruz
Cecilia De lacruz:
Well, by reading out loud the will I think it's sorta obvious to see that it was sadly because of suicide. Apologizing for making his family suffer, asking for him to be cremated and his ashes to be scattered on his parents graves.. The world is truly slowly falling apart.
Apediner 144
Apediner 144:
Probably someone else wrote that and he was instead secretly assassinated
1:26 'suicided' by CIA
Kai Aspel
Kai Aspel:
Please rest easy. Your honor will never be forgotten. Who ever done this will answer for it eventually.
Ирло Мурло
Ирло Мурло:
Oooooooo 💔
Pistol Sovereign
Pistol Sovereign:
check the handwriting to see if it matches up his
Plushies Zerozero
Plushies Zerozero:
We will never know the truth...
Because what we are seeing are a bunch of beautiful lies all the time...
Heather Morgan
Heather Morgan:
That sounds extremely sketchy!
Jhon Floyd Sitoy
Jhon Floyd Sitoy:
I somehow got a feeling that the north Koreans did this ✌️
Suki Yuki
Suki Yuki:
Yeah..some things are probably getting ready to be exposed..
I have read enough Korean manga to know what happened
Chris Chang
Chris Chang:
There was a suicide of an account staff of Korean Justice Memorial Union at the Donation scandal 2 months ago.
Captain Stag
Captain Stag:
Okay somehow I got the feeling that this has something to do with the North
Braelyn Mitrovic
Braelyn Mitrovic:
I watched to many K-Dramas to believe that this was a coinsedence
claressa burel
claressa burel:
This was a hit foul play by those who said no foul play
Cool Kat
Cool Kat:
everytime i hear korean news , i think of stephanie soo 🤔
margaret neanover
margaret neanover:
I'm sure more to this story it seems. Condolences to those sadly effected
Migs Onayan
Migs Onayan:
Investigation time!!!!!
Linkar Soe
Linkar Soe:
It's similar to which you watch on korean drama into reality
caramel king200000
caramel king200000:
[email protected] Sacrifice !!! (see: video)
Kei From Insta
Kei From Insta:
Someone tried to cancel him
sindhu ugandhar
sindhu ugandhar:
Ohh so sad., rest in peace sir
Cosmin Holdon
Cosmin Holdon:
I feel this like a kdrama
K Tan
K Tan:
2nd pro china politicians dead. Time for china to help protect those that support u?
Holy Cheetah
Holy Cheetah:
Alot of fish in this comment section
Then Now
Then Now:
Murdered 🤦🏻‍♂️
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith:
Public official or not, they were quick to read his "will". That is very intimate and person al. Smells fishy.
Ms Aze Lim
Ms Aze Lim:
Highly suspicious
Detective conan time
He got Epsteined.
What if he was kidnapped before he was missing and was forced to write that letter and then they killed him. The one who killed him must be someone important too, so he has enough power to bribe the police
Tina Dong
Tina Dong:
I smell something fishy
mxtthcw RBLX
mxtthcw RBLX:
Maybe it was a suicide..

Rip :(
Hardcore Jubul
Hardcore Jubul:
I hope they do a thorough autopsy first before they do cremation.
michael quintanilla
michael quintanilla:
Some chick on Tik Tok lives in Seoul and she seen 5 military choppers the night he went missing 😳🧐
Ian Pey
Ian Pey:
Can 2020 not get any worse?! FOR FIVE MINS!!
The Ginger Canadian
The Ginger Canadian:
RIP Mr.Mayor 💙 🇨🇦
Reina Arana
Reina Arana:
jeonghoon choi
jeonghoon choi:
Why couldn’t it be Kim D;
Roar Me
Roar Me:
Who murdered him and msi ceo?
Sandra Jenner Ford
Sandra Jenner Ford:
Something doesnt sound right
Nikkis Organic Kitchen
Nikkis Organic Kitchen:
Aisha Tijani
Aisha Tijani:
SOMEONE KILLED HIM: FACT or maybe he was just too old and died, just simply died.
Felicity Bali
Felicity Bali:
Hmm, President Moon-Jae’s approval ratings are going Down, High tension between north and south, economic Downfall, and THIS.
Mavis V
Mavis V:
Super Sonic
Super Sonic:
Steph C
Steph C:
Obviously they (the evil US who interferes with everybodys business) want someone from their own camp to replace him as the mayor of S. Korea's capital. Especially since this guy is a vocal supporter of China and a potential presidential candidate
Saw a thread of this on 4chan and thought they was just joking around... Turns out it wasnt
CIA killed him
Sung Min Lee
Sung Min Lee:
This mayor sexually harrassed his secretaries repeatedly for several years
Candy Wang
Candy Wang:
Even at 68, he had so much potential...
Clement Chan
Clement Chan:
''Was suicided''
Beefy Stew
Beefy Stew:
RIP to him
Activated Complex
Activated Complex:
To the folks pointing the finger at SK’s government, I’d like to point out that if there was a conspiracy to eliminate him, it is at least equally as likely to have been the work of NK operatives acting on orders to remove a potential threat to that country’s ties with China. It would not be in Pyongyang’s interests on the peninsula for relations to improve between Seoul and Beijing. Which demonstrates the futility of engaging in speculation with so little information to go on.
Mark 'O' Pheonix
Mark 'O' Pheonix:
So suspicious a China supporter found dead? Who could it be a China hater? Hm
2202 Ian
2202 Ian:
This is fishy AF
jack L
jack L:
M4H3S4 シ
M4H3S4 シ:
Rest in peace
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper:
Oh 2020
Mai Nerds
Mai Nerds:
I have seen many kdrama that.... Wait2 before you say anything films/movie/drama have some truth to it.
nd lee
nd lee:
I'm getting some Vagabond kdrama vibes rn
dafid 25
dafid 25:
jeiman c
jeiman c:
Condolence.from philippines
zp astor
zp astor:
I guess a film about this gonna be filmed by those rich company owners very soon