See Eiza Gonzalez Before Plastic Surgery

Those of us who have closely followed the final dissolution of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are already familiar with the name Eiza González.

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100+ komento:

I can't believe no one mentions how she had lateral canthoplasty eye surgery. She used to have really pronounced down turned eyes, and now she has almond shaped cat eyes. That's not just makeup.
Silver Breeze
Silver Breeze:
She was hot before and she's just hotter now. Its not like she got major surgery, she just enhanced what she already had, but hey thats her choice.
Zara Ubaldo
Zara Ubaldo:
They didn't show her without ANY surgery, before all of her plastic surgeries she was 100 times uglier
There's no such thing as a 'chin shaving implant'.There's jaw shaving and there is a chin implant, two different surgeries. Aslo US plastic surgeons don't practise jaw shaving surgery, because it's a very high risk operation. Only reconstructive surgeons do it for feminization of the face, most of the time is assosiated with gender reassignment surgeries. If you want the procedure only for cosmetic purposes you can only get it done in Asia and some parts of Europe, just a bit of info to educate yourselves. If you want my opinion as a med student, the girl just lost her baby weight that's all. If you want my opinion as a human being, stop hating!
Željka Nemec
Željka Nemec:
she is natural beauty, but i have to admit she looks more beautiful now after she get nose jobe and lost her weight
Yenny Calderon
Yenny Calderon:
Whatever she did she looks beautiful!!!
Beans And Greens
Beans And Greens:
Dude everyone gets a nose job in Hollywood lol
Before she looked like Rebecca Black from the song Friday.
She was still beautiful back then love her :)
Art ambition
Art ambition:
Im here bc of timmy😐
Nia Marie
Nia Marie:
the after looks makes her looks older
Why is everyone siding with Miley?! I think Eiza is better, I've known Eiza since five years and I think she's amazing. ❤️
chrissy luv
chrissy luv:
everything is so false these days, i was fascinated with how beautiful she is until i saw this video. i think she and liam should give it a try though they look good together.
Angelica Romero
Angelica Romero:
The way she pronounces Eiza's name 🙃🙃
EizaMayDanna x
EizaMayDanna x:
She is so amazing:)<3
EizaMayDanna x
EizaMayDanna x:
She is so amazing:)<3
Margarita Tirado
Margarita Tirado:
Wrong Pronunciation...
Josefina Gonzalez
Josefina Gonzalez:
Lol the us is just bashing on her because shes a bit better than their beloved miley
Anthony Harinarain
Anthony Harinarain:
she only had a nose job ._. and there is a big difference in the imagen because she was around 17 in the before picture and the other one she was 23 so its not like you won't change with the pass of time
Salma Cervantes
Salma Cervantes:
Eiza is beautiful, perfect, C:
EizaMayDanna x
EizaMayDanna x:
She is so amazing:)
EizaMayDanna x
EizaMayDanna x:
She is so amazing:)
Willmer R
Willmer R:
Both of them r beautiful but fish looking lol pero latinas r better ♥
She looks different but it's also because she's older and lost weight.
Ευτυχια Κρκ
Ευτυχια Κρκ:
I am from Greece and i know her. She is so beautiful. More than Miley. Vote to Eiza...
Patty s
Patty s:
She was a teenager before, she has a little more weight. The only surgery she had was her nose.
Davelin Duran
Davelin Duran:
yes she is .. she's famous with spanish novelas.. i love her soap operas
Mya Girl
Mya Girl:
Why do they say "admitted" to having plastic surgery as if it's some sort of crime. It's just another thing people do...jeez
Ricardo Castro
Ricardo Castro:
It's the same
lol if im fumming, i could have called both of y'all out, and i dont need to preach anything, if there's one who needs one, it's you.
Are you jealous or something? =)))
norma johnston
norma johnston:
Eigther way, she's beautiful! Like her with dark hair! She is also a talented actress, and has a great future if she keeps both feet on the ground. I think she can do better than that guy who seems more like he's for ornamental purposes.He preens too much and looks a bit imature.
Ólína H Chandrika Þrastardóttir
Ólína H Chandrika Þrastardóttir:
Wait a minute... She knew he was with Miley while she was hooking up with him.
They are not going to be the couple that everybody is going to love.
Clint Richardson
Clint Richardson:
She's beautiful. I would change a thing that she hasnt already.
Atleast Eiza acts like a real unlike Miley who is acting very different from how she used to be.
A Mar
A Mar:
OMG :3 she looks so thin it's scary god put some meat on these people
and lol i dont see any proof of me being "sean" or whoever you say i was. i'll gladly take any explanation from you although i might get a hard time understanding plain stupidity.
She was beautiful before also
Sharron Spath
Sharron Spath:
she looked beautiful be fore.
Angle Be
Angle Be:
The first one looks sooo beautiful then the second one and who thinks she look like alot like selena in the first one??
Joshua Guzman
Joshua Guzman:
If anything it sounds like this is an attack on Eiza
Robert A
Robert A:
Her name has only 2 syllables, like IZA not I-E-ZA!
Sean O'Gorman
Sean O'Gorman:
She was always pretty either way so who cares lol she'll always be beautiful
Elena Rocha
Elena Rocha:
Osea! Ala hora de la hora, lo ultimo q le va ver es la cara lol
Juan Antonio Flores Nelson
Juan Antonio Flores Nelson:
why eiza u looked better before
Melissa Askew
Melissa Askew:
Is it me or does she kinda look like Rebecca black before
Allison alleycat
Allison alleycat:
Bob samysop
Bob samysop:
Wow! Beautiful Spanish girl!
Joshua Guzman
Joshua Guzman:
She still looks the same
Brotherhood Link
Brotherhood Link:
why did she change she was beautiful before
Sonia Dumet
Sonia Dumet:
0:51 Uhg is she a pro-ana? No offense by the question or the " ugh " ( sound of surprise) it's just a question.
Nomino Jiem
Nomino Jiem:
Beautiful girl, I don't care tha rest
if you find it hard to laugh at yourself, i would be happy to do it for you. well i mean, not that i already do. with your IQ, i dont think you would even understand how the comment section is all about. and i also found it very pleasing that you are humble enough to voice out your madness. sigh, what would i do without people like you? i do wish that you actually have a hobby other than calling people out.
Reema R90
Reema R90:
Eliza is beautiful from the ground up, before plastic surgery, she is very beautiful. Go and look at her pictures before the plastic surgery. She did not change much because she was beautiful as the beauty of her mother. She just adjusted her nose and all the beautiful Hollywood actresses did plastic surgery. The first of them was Angelina Jolie who did a nose job, Sandra Pollack, Keira Knightley and Megan Fox Lindsay Lohan, why this limitation and hatred for Eiza only ????? Eiza remains the most beautiful and sought in Hollywood and Ana de armas also 😜
lendisha oops
lendisha oops:
Who the hell do u think u are to talk about her looks!
Viry Sandoval
Viry Sandoval:
i think its just the nose bc in that pics she was younger and wasnt so skinny like know thats why her chin looks different and if she have more plastic s who cares is her body 
Ólína H Chandrika Þrastardóttir
Ólína H Chandrika Þrastardóttir:
LOL! Knew she had a nose job!
Nataly Velasco
Nataly Velasco:
She was beautiful before and the amount of weight she lost wasn't healthy at all. I thought she looked perfect before in the Mexican soap opera lola erase una vez
Sa Alves
Sa Alves:
Carmen Lopez-A.
Carmen Lopez-A.:
Im not a stalker i know that because I watch Univision (mexican tv channel) #brownpride
Miley has modified her tooth, didnt she?
I think she got a nose job and a chin implant, which is actually pretty common to do together as it makes the face more symmetrical. Also, it would appear that her cheeks look way more defined now... perhaps had some fat removed to give her a more fierce look.
Abbie Garcia
Abbie Garcia:
I Am From Mexico, She Is Not Famous -.-
She Should Be Glad Miley Is Getting Her And Liam Famous
i actually like letting both of y'all picker . i also wish i have an despicable talent like yours and call you out names or a hater or stupid or whatever. but Sean O'Gorman is right, it would be a total insult if i even try too. Any similarity between you and human is purely coincidental. Brains are not everything. Infact Incase of you, they are nothing. please enlighten me more of your pitiful words, or even continue to comment and defend yourself.

GOD! I KNEW SOMETHING ABOUT EIZA WAS FAMILIAR. She was that chick on "LOLA UNA VEZ" ... a show kinda like HANNAH MONTANNA. So weird to see she is dating Miley's ex now. hahahahha. this is so coincidental ! she changed so much tho
Victor Zet
Victor Zet:
Siempre estuvo asquerosa
since when did Miley do a plastic surgery? ..
Eiza and Liam are perf together ..
Eiza and Liam are perf together ..
Bianey Castaneda
Bianey Castaneda:
Stop Hating People She looks Beautiful Before and She Looks pretty NOW so stop hating ❤💋 :) :)
Jose Zarate
Jose Zarate:
horrenadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa antes de las cirugias y ahora fea tambien
Sean O'Gorman
Sean O'Gorman:
LOL its funny how you say "i hate" and use an excuse just to say something on them. you said it yourself that you don't know whether it's true on not, and im basing their experience through real life experience.
caitlin jasin
caitlin jasin:
she's still pretty without plastic surgery
She looked better before in my opinion, now she looks plastic and fake, but well thats her problem I guess.
she looked better before
@abby Garcia eiza Gonzalez is famous she was in various telenovelas don't be hating if you don't know
Natalie Campos
Natalie Campos:
Eiza is beautiful no matter what. .
fefe zarte
fefe zarte:
She wouldn’t of made it in Hollywood without the Plastic Surgery!
JD 1987
JD 1987:
Everybody in Hollywood have more than 1 surgery please even Miley
Sean O'Gorman
Sean O'Gorman:
and look who's talking about the "self-righteousness" hahaha! you are the one who cant handle the fact that nobody's perfect and can't handle criticism. is this really one of your universal means of profanity? because i'll gladly continue make you realize that using your brain takes a lot of effort to do and please dont hurt yourself in the process. people like you doesn't need to be bothered replying at.
omg lol thanks for calling two people out this time. pammiej85 aka bird brain needs to be fed with a mouthful of information and more gossips. look who's fooling herself on YT, if you dont give a damn about it then why did you commented in the first place lol and honestly, i forgot about you until you guys started commenting to each other and make a big deal out of it. stay stupid ;)
beatriz aguirre
beatriz aguirre:
Christina Nichols
Christina Nichols:
I agree I am sick of this girl getting so much hate
Mariana Casas
Mariana Casas:
Stop hating on eiza its her life not yours, and she really doesnt care what anyone says about her. Eiza and miley are beautiful in their ways.
AMEN!! I totally agree with you. People are never satisfied and will be talking s**t regardles. Then they wonder why people get depressed.SMH
and there, there pretty bird. no one's mad around here. you're the one who needs to re-read my comment and think thoroughly in the process if your reply makes sense or even correlate with mine.
Sofia Cutie
Sofia Cutie:
she looked better before
Sean O'Gorman
Sean O'Gorman:
i find it very interesting for you to carry on a matter where you're the one started calling out a person by their comment and now you're the one getting crazy over someone that finally gave you attention. does your idol even know you? im not even defending miley cyrus neither does sharykins. so keep talking, maybe someday you'll say something intelligent. and calling you an idiot would be an insult to all stupid people, "miss perfect".
Julio L
Julio L:
Either way she is preety
Sean O'Gorman
Sean O'Gorman:
i really appreciate your remark, at least you admitted that im smarter than you ;)
what i dont get is, if you really think that eiza is better than miley or any artist why are you being so defensive? the internet is to put your own opinion and type what you feel and thats what i have done like the way you commented or what other people obviously do in a comment box, if youre not familiar with it lol
Monica Rodriguez
Monica Rodriguez:
its eliza not eiza learn spanish gosh lol
Arturo Juarez
Arturo Juarez:
She did look better before the surgery... whats the deal between her and Miley?
Izzy Conlon
Izzy Conlon:
Look I think ieza should be able to do what she wants with her life I mean people do it all the time so wether she did it or not it is her choice
i don't like how eiza looks now she tooo skinny i love the she look before in lola erase una ves or suena con migo
actually am spanish and am very into my latin community and she is very well known i don't know what kind of mexican you are . To say she's not famous in the spanish community...
A celebrity gets plastic sugery?!? GASP!!!!! WHO CARES!!!! It's her face her body and she looks amazing!!!