Sarah Silverman's Dad Taught Her The Most Tasteless Jokes | Netflix Is A Joke

As soon as Sarah Silverman learned to read, her dad set her up with the worst kind of book for an 8-year-old.

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100+ komento:

Mike Harris
Mike Harris:
Sarah is almost 50! Thats why her dad is 80. Thats a surprise to me.
Damn she is aging well
Scuba Diva
Scuba Diva:
When I was like 12, my dad asked me, "How do you make a hormone?" and before I could ask how, he said, "Don't pay her!" And I'm like, "What?"
P V:
Falken Vir
Falken Vir:
"He treated us like bros..." to his daughter

ahh that's why she's the way she is now...
SixFoot Ben
SixFoot Ben:
When I was a 1st grade I pissed my pants in class. And they were blue jeans😓 so being a very resourceful kid I went to the bathroom and wet the rest of my pants to make the color more uniform. Success!🤣 very uncomfortable but it worked.
Much respect to Sarah. So consistent.
Apocalypse 2385
Apocalypse 2385:
I'm not a fan or anything but she's actually funny and a good story teller she's edgy and crude but you can tell it's all real stuff she talks about, she's what Amy Schumer tries to be but fails at idk if that makes any sense
Maria Ledin
Maria Ledin:
Wow her whole set gave me Marvolus Missis Maisel vibes. Both her audience and her general vibe.
I never ever would’ve guessed “Letter Home.” Loose or hard was my immediate guess too, but then I am a nurse 👨‍⚕️.
barkup atree
barkup atree:
is it me or is sarah silverman incredibly sexy? undisputedly funny, gorgeous woman.
Like millions of men, I've been in love with this woman for decades now.
Everyone’s talking about the “Back when America was great” joke, but that L/H joke was hilarious 😂
Heaux Meaux Living
Heaux Meaux Living:
I took her book 'The Bedwetter' to read in the waiting room at a doctor's appointment. When I went in, she took that to mean bedwetting was my problem. 😳
"Loose or hard" sounded like something else to me, and I was horrified at first. I thought, that would be a more direct sexual abuse.
Youjian Chen
Youjian Chen:
I really liked "back when America was great"
Jean-Pierre Coffe
Jean-Pierre Coffe:
Martin's House of Cloth actually exists, it's in New Hampshire where she is from. So cool that she tells true stories like this without filter
Michael Castillo
Michael Castillo:
Not gonna lie, I have a super crush on her. Say what u will, but honestly, I don’t care.
Dr. TJ
Dr. TJ:
The greatest thing about Sarah is she’ll literally say anything. The second greatest thing is she’s funny. The third greatest thing is she’s sexy as hell. I don’t think there has to be a fourth greatest thing.
Marcus De Villiers
Marcus De Villiers:
She looks incredible for her age
Rob Hernandez
Rob Hernandez:
The most beautiful women inside and out have hairlines like Sarah..
Mr Ch33seHed
Mr Ch33seHed:
I love her " seriousness " when she delivers a punch line. 😂
I think that's why some people dont understand her style of comedy and dislike her.
Scotty Scotty
Scotty Scotty:
Sarah Silverman is absolutely gorgeous! And oh so talented!
Steve Doe
Steve Doe:
Always funny. She seems more confident than I remember. Is this a newer recording?
Dean Raney
Dean Raney:
Her and her dad must have a pretty good relationship I think.
Nii Amart
Nii Amart:
Been a fan of hers for a long time. Her delivery is just perfect.
Jack Liu
Jack Liu:
It makes me laugh when she said back when America was great.
Aditi Jain
Aditi Jain:
So.... Penelope from wreck it Ralph vibes!
I had to look up pics of this legend she calls her dad and he has the happiest smile there is. Looks like a fun guy.
Next To Nobody
Next To Nobody:
A whole joke about the poor tribe😂😂😂🤣 99% of billionaires.
Bob Bob
Bob Bob:
She is genuinely my favorite comedian at the moment
King Peppy
King Peppy:
Want Sarah Silverman Rick and Morty character, her Bob's Burger's character is just not enough
I love the new Sarah! She's so chill, and actually funny!!
Telika Howard
Telika Howard:
My husband like that with our kids except I'm in background yelling why would you say that?!?! Smh
Chris Edge
Chris Edge:
Finally someone else had those books. No one I know ever remembers them.
Brandon Wright
Brandon Wright:
She’s so Dayummmmm cute.
Miroslav Mušálek
Miroslav Mušálek:
"Fak Sarah" - Matt Damon
Btw she looks 35 lol.
Willħelm Wełł
Willħelm Wełł:
I thought "loose or hard" would stand for "easy going" and hard to get.
Dumb Robot
Dumb Robot:
To be fair, it should have been: L.H. not L/H
under bathroom...
Geez. I wonder if Danny really blew Punchy and if they all watched. Wtf?
Oh NO! I said my Opinion!?!
Oh NO! I said my Opinion!?!:
Every time I see Sarah, I fall in love all over again.
I started getting a little panicky towards the end that she wouldn't say what LH really meant.
Lionel Hardcastle
Lionel Hardcastle:
"Stage" Sarah didn't get the meaning until she was thirty, subtle joke on top of the main one, two point conversion completed.
Drew Holley
Drew Holley:
She is a great storyteller. I watch a lot of her standup acts. She is really honest about her life which is why she is so damn funny.
Louis Le Dreff
Louis Le Dreff:
he had people get him so he could check their shit, and he was too embarrassed to ask what "L/H" meant ??? Seems fair
Well, your dad did a better job making you a man than Patton Oswalt's.
She is funny AF...don't ask.
robert rossi
robert rossi:
i had those books passed on to me by family members when i was about 8-10
He Was Fuzzy Wuzzy
He Was Fuzzy Wuzzy:
2:02 Had me cracking up *SO* loud. 🤣
Danny R
Danny R:
I have to be honest with the 'loose' or 'hard' option, I thought was gonna be a lot worse going by the context of her father's supposed thought process.
why is she so goddamn cute but at the same time not? im. very confused.
Royce loves his shotgun
Royce loves his shotgun:
The one joke that I always remember from Sarah is, "If you take a shower with your bf/man, your breasts will get so clean. So shiney!" Lol something like that💯
Sarah looks like the little boy from Sleepaway Camp.
As soon as I clicked on the video, I thought, "Sarah Silverman looks like that girl from..." and right then she said "Sleepaway Camp". That was crazy. Seriously, go look up a picture of Angela from Sleepaway Camp and then come back to this video.
FUT Scout
FUT Scout:
Did anyone else see that video about voting?
Paz Since81
Paz Since81:
Still a cute. She’s so koo...i see we’re you get it ... 🤣 that had me rolling,,, rite... that would of been embarrassing
LC Watts
LC Watts:
Damn, she's cute!...AND funny!
Dean Wheeler
Dean Wheeler:
The best looking woman who has ever walked on this planet,, hope she get's to sydney australia one day. Need an autograph..
Kelvin Kyle
Kelvin Kyle:
this was great
Djreray Aloha!
Djreray Aloha!:
A true master of comedy.
bleak mclain
bleak mclain:
Why do I think of Penelope in *wreck it raph* when I hear her voice🤔
Jean Claude Lethargique
Jean Claude Lethargique:
She is so beautiful, it’s hard not to fall in love every time I see,hear,or think of her.
Rodney Boyer
Rodney Boyer:
Well Scout could read since the day she was born. Can you remember where that quote came from?
W&P Media
W&P Media:
i feel like i have to rub my eyes watching this
jorge aldridge
jorge aldridge:
CAMP so he only talks with his own woo how successful😆
michael garcia
michael garcia:
Ahh Sarah Silverman I'd marry you
P.J. Love
P.J. Love:
Love this woman. :)
Ann Jay
Ann Jay:
My dad was the same. Other moms would call my mom because he would tell me the most inapropriate jokes and I would tell everyone in school without knowing what they meant lol
Sir SooS
Sir SooS:
Yo, this comedian got jokes.
Damn Sarah, we all have so much love for you. You rock.
dane mount
dane mount:
The caption is really bothering me😂😂😂
james wagesi
james wagesi:
Always loved her genius...but sometimes reminds me of Monkey Kung Fu.
Graham Walker
Graham Walker:
This explains a lot about her relationship with Louis CK
Sam Holder
Sam Holder:
lol L/H actually a good strategy for camp counsellors that do adventure trips with students
simply one of the best clips of all time on NetflixIsAJoke!
Mike Mike
Mike Mike:
Jackie Martling, that's where I got my water sprinkler joke.
Paul Hennessey
Paul Hennessey:
So all those kids parents got a letter from the camp with an uodate of their kids stool sample 🤣🤣
Omg I just realized something. Sarah Silverman is literally Louise from Bob's Burgers
What's with the filter?
Jerrell Bevers
Jerrell Bevers:
I had those exact same joke books!
Danny Benhur
Danny Benhur:
Finest being...
That's unfortunate.....
chris grace
chris grace:
Love me some Sara S. And she is gorgeous 😍
Charlie Steevees
Charlie Steevees:
My Dad asked me if my phone was making me any money 😆😆😆
stonkstrader dotcom
stonkstrader dotcom:
she's AMAZING i love her
Feels Dank Man
Feels Dank Man:
The hell did the L/H thing mean though
OMG - this is hilarious! 😆👍
retro AF
retro AF:
her voice kinda reminds me of bart simpson
Was never a big Sarah Silverman fan but this special had me laughing out loud frequently. Definitely surpassed my expectations.
Comes out like liver 😭😭🤣🤣🤣
Carlos Peraza
Carlos Peraza:
I thought this was an old stand-up, she looks young o.o
Ms .Kari Hart
Ms .Kari Hart:
Jus a beautiful & bright timing is impeccable
Ch He
Ch He:
Oh shit, my dad bought me those Tasteless joke books when I was like 10 years old! He had no clue and neither did I.
Alex Martin
Alex Martin:
I want a copy of those joke books lol
Stef Leb
Stef Leb:
I hadn't seen him for a long time, yes she does age more beautiful than ever and one of the funniest on the top of it... If she feels like it, she can come wet my bed anytime... We will roll in... Thanks Sarah you seem like a fabulous human being!!!
I bet Danny is getting lots of questioning phone calls for the next week. Punchies like, "I'm glad I have a nickname."
A Bell
A Bell:
I saw the thumbnail and thought.. so that's what's wrong with you.
She speaks like Vanellope bon shweets from wreck it ralph
Professional Meme Enthusiast 1
Professional Meme Enthusiast 1:
No joke about how he was hated for being Jewish and then everything got better after going to the camp?
Coya Campbell
Coya Campbell:
Beauty and Brains-'nuff said!! Watch her on Monk (biggest fan episode); I promise you won't be disappointed!