Sarah Paulson Breaks Down Her Iconic Career Through Wigs | Netflix

Ratched star Sarah Paulson takes a journey through her most iconic characters and their (possibly) even more iconic hairstyles.

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Sarah Paulson Breaks Down Her Iconic Career Through Wigs | Netflix

In 1947, Mildred Ratched begins working as a nurse at a leading psychiatric hospital. But beneath her stylish exterior lurks a growing darkness.

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hi what's up
hi what's up:
Netflix: through wigs

Sarah: this is my hair
k...she's now my favorite actress...
I’m pretty sure Sarah Paulson invented acting
Alex B
Alex B:
Sarah Paulson (for 50% of the vid about her wigs): That? Not a wig.
Craig !
Craig !:
She’s my favorite actress and I have a crush on her ...Netflix tell her I love her!
Mabel Mavelia
Mabel Mavelia:
"looking good today Mildred" me to myself in the mirror during a breakdown
Emerson Santiago Ayala Mendoza
Emerson Santiago Ayala Mendoza:
Knowing that she shot "AHS: Hotel" and "The People vs. OJ Simpson" at the same time makes me love her even more!
Pals P
Pals P:
One of the most underrated artists of Hollywood.
Eduardo Perez
Eduardo Perez:
Sarah: “This is my hair”

Me a drag fan: “i don’t wear wigs”
armando peniche
armando peniche:
There is no other choice but to stan.
Giovanna Machado
Giovanna Machado:
Casey Brown
Casey Brown:
“Mmmmommma is that you?” - the moment I stopped breathing-
This woman is literally the definition of "underrated"
Tian Wardle
Tian Wardle:
What Makes It’s Funnier Is That Half of These Aren’t Actually Wigs - “That’s Ma Hair” 👀😂
Dennice Quindoza
Dennice Quindoza:
post more of the women of the ratched cast netflix don't be shy
Selina Y
Selina Y:
crazzyyy how obsessed I got over her, in less than a week
I’m sad we didn’t dive into the Cordelia Goode wig. That is THE wig I aspire my hair to look like.
Adeeba Fatima
Adeeba Fatima:
She's a cute little bean and I ain't getting over her EVER
IbukunEnitan Okusanya
IbukunEnitan Okusanya:
Not Sarah talking about her forehead. No, ma'am, I think your forehead is perfect
Victoria Grant
Victoria Grant:
Sarah's interviews are ALWAYS the most enjoyable ones to watch. she's one of the sweetest+funniest celebrities i know 💕
Mariana WF
Mariana WF:
the way she's so damn gorgeous and most importantly even more humble and kind I absolutely love her
Laura Barraza
Laura Barraza:
And in all those wigs, she looks amazing.
Sue Bin Park
Sue Bin Park:
she’s probably the most well-versed-in-wigs white woman on the planet
Danniell C
Danniell C:
She's such an impeccable actress!
I love how Cate is almost always mentioned 😂🥰
racheldoes toomuchstuff
racheldoes toomuchstuff:

sarah paulson: “ma hair kids”
Hmm Mmm
Hmm Mmm:
She is such an astounding talent. Every work she’s done, she makes me believe she is that character. She’s so transformative
Maya Nakamura
Maya Nakamura:
she’s literally such an adorable person
Cèlia C
Cèlia C:
She’s one of my favorite actresses!
Mad respect to her for having such a great range of characters and bringing every single one to justice.
I love how she loves the most underrated season of AHS; Hotel.... Same
"mama is thaaat yooouu" - dead! 🤣
I just love that woman.
Aristotle Cruz
Aristotle Cruz:
Im so confused now what her real hair color is
Claire Marie
Claire Marie:
oh I love her, she’s the funniest
tina bissessar
tina bissessar:
'Ma hairrrrrr'🤣🤣 she's literally the best
Jack Sprance
Jack Sprance:
Insert the audio for “this is my hair, I don’t wear wigs” by Alaska thunderfuck
Loving the Sarah Paulson content
Cael J. Harden
Cael J. Harden:
Sarah screaming “WIG-UH” is my new ringtone. And I want it played on a constant loop at my funeral. Thx.
Liza Lili
Liza Lili:
There better be a season 2 of Ratched cause Sarah is killing it!!!
Maya Nakamura
Maya Nakamura:
i love her she’s so goofy omg
iamdustin 04
iamdustin 04:
Sarah 80% of the video: “tHat iS mY hAiR”
Mr. Lifter
Mr. Lifter:
She is just amazing in everything she does.
Ara Ciao
Ara Ciao:
Sarah Paulson on Marcia's character: That is a WEEEeeeeeHEEewig 🎶
Kathryn Price
Kathryn Price:
honest to god, this woman never fails to make me laugh or smile. she is so funny and is the cutest person ever.
Peter Paul
Peter Paul:
I kinda just wanna sit and listen to her talk about anything... for hours. Is that weird?
wiznahhh k
wiznahhh k:
The fact that she shot Hypodermic Sally and Marcia Clark at the same time, is astounding acting power.
Rachel Contreraz
Rachel Contreraz:
Have always loved Sarah Paulson! Ever since “someone’s at the door” Awesome!
Lily E
Lily E:
My wife and I watching Ratched.
Wife: *informs me she now has a crush on S.P.*
Me: "babe, we've seen her in like, a ton of other things."
Wife: "but, I get it now".

Edit: wife "maybe I should get a shirt that says 'Sorry I wasn't listening, I was thinking about Sarah Paulson'". She's flat lining folks, we're losing her!!!
Matthew Garnham
Matthew Garnham:
She missed an opportunity to call the bun "Biggie Smalls" haha
I will watch anything with Sarah Paulson in it. Not only is she an amazing actor, she’s also an incredible human. And SO funny!!
Kathryn Price
Kathryn Price:
Sarah is honestly my favorite actress. Her acting is truly amazing. She is such an inspiration and I am so happy that I am able to look up to her :)
Shambhavi Tiwary
Shambhavi Tiwary:
Sarah Paulson's interviews have now been scientifically proven to be a cure for depression
“Momma, is it you?!” 😂
Lindsay Tubbs
Lindsay Tubbs:
“That’s my hurr” 😂😂😂😂
Awele Oniah
Awele Oniah:
Her perfomance on Ratched was show stopping
Ara Ciao
Ara Ciao:
✨Sarah Paulson might be underrated, but she has a solid fans!✨
Dior.The.Artist Aka Ddstar
Dior.The.Artist Aka Ddstar:
I’m in love with this woman
jck music
jck music:
“that’s ma hair!”
ily. steph
ily. steph:
I watch Sarah Paulson when I'm sad cause she makes me laugh 😆
kWide Vidsb
kWide Vidsb:
The best thing about lockdown is that I can watch Sarah's interviews all day long for 3 weeks straight.
Ashley Brandi
Ashley Brandi:
Let talk about wigs!
"That's my haiirrrr"
lmfao I came here for the wigs but 🥴🤷‍♀️
Roger Barrett
Roger Barrett:
Ahh, she's so adorable. I love her corny vocabulary. My heart skips a beat whenever I watch her on anything.
Sarah: "THAT'S MY HAIR."
Naomi Andrew
Naomi Andrew:
“All of my wackadoodles hairdoes”
Thranduil XP
Thranduil XP:
drinking game: take a shot every time she says "wig"
I am probably the only person who never thought actresses wear wigs o.o I thought they get their hair done every day before starting work lol I feel silly now.
Sarah Paulson is an amazing actress. Mesmerizing as Mildred Ratched.
Sophia Blanton
Sophia Blanton:
Funny, in the middle she reminded me of ..... Kristen Wiig!
Billi Boyer
Billi Boyer:
"That's my peach..."
mia hazel
mia hazel:
Any movie or show she play in, it seem so real its crazy
Sun Flower11:11
Sun Flower11:11:
Hands down my favorite actor and character of all time i'd have to say

now I'm off to watch her In the oj story 😂 wow you really convincing as Marcia Clark
Bunny Luv
Bunny Luv:
So she basically said “this is my hair I don’t wear wigs”
marty fer
marty fer:
Sarah Paulson is one of the kindest and funniest humans, she deserves the world
Jane Cronkhite
Jane Cronkhite:
Sarah’s hair is as versatile as she is.
i was always convinced that Sarah Paulson made every character she played great & convincing because she really let herself fall in love with the work and the character.
and this was kinda evidence in here when she described her most iconic/popular work, she always mentioned that it was a character/season/movie close to her heart
She is my favorite everything! (actor, person, etc.)
K Marie
K Marie:
She is the most beautiful creature on Earth and I want to hug her. 🥰
Jade Albert
Jade Albert:
Jisungs horse mask
Jisungs horse mask:
I love how she just refers to everyone as “kid”
Phyu Sin Moe Aung
Phyu Sin Moe Aung:
how proud she is when she's saying that's my hair, my hairrrr. god, i love her so much!
The crack energy that comes from this video... i love with my whole life this lady
Gina Sikora
Gina Sikora:
she is SUCH an underrated actress for no reason. she's incredible
Oceanaa Ortega
Oceanaa Ortega:
God she’s so hot
Mario Lungs
Mario Lungs:
thanks queen for paying respect to sally and hence to hotel
artistic persona
artistic persona:
She was so beautiful in 1st season of ahs, gosh, i love that show
X Schubert
X Schubert:
This was definitely inspired by viral tweets about her acting range
I absolutely adore this woman! She is so talented and funny. A brilliant actress.
Samya Hajeb
Samya Hajeb:
Am i the only one who was waiting for The Goldfinch? Yes? Okay.
One of my favorite actresses! God like talent! I'm mesmerized every time I see her acting.
She has great hair...also gorgeous in general
Liza Lili
Liza Lili:
I love her so much! she's such an amazing human and her acting omggg!!! It always hits me how much she is different from the characters she plays like I could bet it's two different people! she's perfect, and she's sadly so just stan sarah for a better life x)💜💜
Katy Fowler
Katy Fowler:
I was hoping she'd say "biggy wiggy" at the end there
Wow, I have watched greys anatomy a couple of times, i feel stupid for just now knowing Sarah Poulson is in it...
Debbie Clark
Debbie Clark:
Hey Sarah...
It's STORM from the AMERICAN GLADIATORS tv hats off to you, because you wear alot of them as well.
I love you and your beautiful elegant significant other....bravo.
ghost pepper fries
ghost pepper fries:
2:15 lmao! Imagine thinking she fr a druggie
L H:
Looking good today Mildred. Excellent performance 👏 gosh I love her
She's so beautiful in Ocean's 8. That's my favorite look of her
Mirada Dushi TE20B 363TEGY
Mirada Dushi TE20B 363TEGY:
"that's mah hairrr!!!"
Bailey Bonds
Bailey Bonds:
What? How did I miss her in these movies/shows I watched? Until RATCHED