Sandara Park talking in Tagalog made VideoStar guests speechless!

Veteran actress Choi Soo Rin and Sandara Park had an acting scene on the latest episode of VideoStar (episode 207, aired on July 28, 8:30pm KST).
Suddenly, Dara spoke in tagalog that surprised all the guests as well as the other hosts.

Here is the hilarious scene!

Credits for the translation: @ara2ae (twitter)

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Rhodmel Castro
Rhodmel Castro:
U know she really knows the Filipino language that just able to say it because of her "po". That's only a Filipino by heart knows
Old Song PirateCrew
Old Song PirateCrew:
She's the reason why many filipino's are introduced at kpop
Parker Blacc
Parker Blacc:
Thailand has Lisa. Philippines has Dara.
PINOY SI SANDARA. PERIODT. We claim her just as much as she claims us. We love you our forever krungy!Hahaha!
Sky Alexandria
Sky Alexandria:
I bet she doesn't know how to argue she's too kind.
I think her humour is still inherently Filipino. I kind of find her slightly uncomfortable when making banter with Koreans. But with Filipinos, it always looks more relaxed and free-flowing, like she's not even trying.
Denise Panlilio
Denise Panlilio:
This is the reason why she was given the title, “Pambansang Krung krung” 😂
Dara: *This is what we call a PRO gamer move.*
Maria Teresa Africa
Maria Teresa Africa:
That’s why Filipinos likes Sandara Park...
Nicholasse Blum
Nicholasse Blum:
Mother in law: "I didn't like you from the beginning!...
Dara: "I want a divorce!!!"😂😂😂
When losing an argument, speak tagalog to win😭😂😂😂
Amy C.
Amy C.:
This is the best way to shut someone who's rude to you. Say it in a different language. 😂😂😂
Froilan Crisostomo
Froilan Crisostomo:
She admit in Korean national Television that she’s more comfortable speaking tagalog than Korean 👍🏻
RaySteve TV
RaySteve TV:
Imagine getting a Kdrama with a collaboration from the Philippines starring Sandara Park. That would be a huge hit in the Philippines.
This is the 101 for every foreigner living abroad. Resort to confusing your opponent during verbal confrontation when you ran out of their native vocab. Your nose don't need to bleed, let theirs bleed.
LOL! That's a bright idea Dara! Just get a divorce to be free from a mean mother-in-law!😂😂😂
Caroline Dela Fuente
Caroline Dela Fuente:
Dara said before that she prefer to have a relationship with a Filipino since she can't really argue well in Korean. I don't know if that still holds true as of now.
Melanie Tacud
Melanie Tacud:
Sandara Park should learn now how to be tough woman while maintaining her gentle and kind nature 👑😍🇵🇭
Consciousness Vivid
Consciousness Vivid:
She's a native tagalog speaker, from the speed, diction, slang, everything. I could have overheard her talking tagalog on her phone on the street, take one glance, maybe not recognize her with my bad eyes, and think to myself, "She's very pretty." Then just be on my way. I don't even need to say she's good at tagalog, the same way I wouldn't need say a native Filipino is good at tagalog.
Mharlla Chavez
Mharlla Chavez:
It is very heart warming to know that she's still embracing her "Filipino traits" wherever she goes.
F U K I O 21
F U K I O 21:
No wonder she's the national krungkrung (crackhead) of the philippines , she's adorable and pure <3 (walang kaplastikan sa aura niya kaya mahal na mahal namin siya)✨💞
John Troy
John Troy:
Hmm maybe if she was arguing with someone, maybe she'll say " I want a divorce" too ahahaha I LOVE SANDARA PARK!!!
Even my Filipino grandfather and grandmother knows Sandara Park
chim-chim Park
chim-chim Park:
Our very own Krung-krung in Philippines 🇵🇭
M J:
How could someone leave this adorable wife when she says she wants a divorce 😂🤣
Erika Cristine Cruz
Erika Cristine Cruz:
You can absolutely win in an argument if you're bilingual. HAHAHA so funny Dara
Ryne Alcontin
Ryne Alcontin:
She got one of the characteristic of being a filipino the discussion and yes filipino hate discussion or argument much better to leave than to fight.we love you krung
She’s trending in the twitter phil because of this video..
Ganyan din ako haha.. pagbwisit sa mga Korean students na ayaw makinig sa ken at panay usap Ng Korean. Tinatagalog ko para di din nila maiintindihan sinasabi ko haha.
lovely Unni
lovely Unni:
The thing is, whenever dara speaks tagalog, she always use po at opo ♥️
Lol omg I love how confident Dara has gotten with variety shows and how witty she is
Who is the best kpop star

Us Filipinos should reply, Legend Dara. 💕✨
Val J
Val J:
When you can't win an argument with your evil mothet in law only option is divorce🤣🤣🤣
Lyn Lin
Lyn Lin:
they act seriously but when Sandara speaks Tagalog 😁😁😁 makes me laugh grabeee..
im still amaze that she started as an artist here in ph before being a LEGENDARY IDOL
Santi 7899
Santi 7899:
that's fine since the Tagalog lines totally fit in the situation. hahahaha the atmosphere flipped 180 from scary awkward to awkward hilarious
Shaira P
Shaira P:
I'm just here to watch Dara speaking in tagalog but I ended up missing 2ne1
Although DARA is not FILIPINO, i consider her as a FILIPINO. 💙

And seriously this made me crack up🤣🤣🤣
Eva De la Cruz
Eva De la Cruz:
😂😂😂nakakaaliw talaga itong c Sandy nkakamis na sya panoorin into big screen😘😘😘😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️ I love you Sandy🥰🥰🥰
Jar m0ny
Jar m0ny:
obviously she does it a lot i wonder who her victims had been😂😂
Kate Llander
Kate Llander:
Yung ayaw mong matalo be like HAHAHAHA
Amo Te
Amo Te:
wow she still knows how to speak the language til now!♥️
Avy Denosta
Avy Denosta:
SANDARA lang malakas wooooohhhhhhh Pambansang Krungy namin yan🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
nicole kid-ol
nicole kid-ol:
Im so proud of sandara its a filipino pride thats why i love her so much
ylx_ fxl
ylx_ fxl:
The way she speaks tagalog is really adorable😂😍
nash mansilla
nash mansilla:
We love u dara park we miss u and 2ne1 you're legends black jacks still love u ❤❤😎😎
Nyx lang
Nyx lang:
Ph national Krung-Krung!!!
Glocie Bueno
Glocie Bueno:
DARA is a korean but she grow up at the Philippines
It’s Hannah!
It’s Hannah!:
Philippine + Korea = Sandara ❤✨
look how still she speak tagalog with respect
Ralph Abellanosa
Ralph Abellanosa:
Me: Half-Korean
Sandara Park: Half-Pilipino
Engineer Boruto
Engineer Boruto:
Honestly when you were here in the Philippines from star circle quest (2004), I thought you are a half korean because you are so fluent in tagalog. Saranghae. I am your fan since your star circle quest days. Kaka proud.
Edward Marasigan
Edward Marasigan:
whaaa daebak...
love it dara
this made my day
love you sandara
KM 28
KM 28:
Haha pano nga ba nmn sasagot Yun 😆
Omar Bandonil
Omar Bandonil:
So cute when dara used the tagalog language. 😍😍😍
Gigi Gulles
Gigi Gulles:
Thats hilarious, love it. Your still number 1 in my heart Sandara Park. Wish you settle very soon with the love of your life. Saranghe💗💗💗
Estela Aviles
Estela Aviles:
I like Sandara Park a good actress, I' ve seen her in the Phil. When I went to visit at the time she was in the phil. Cinema years ago.
elena barwado Velasco
elena barwado Velasco:
Aliw tlga to hahahaha
Hahahahahaa made my day! Haha Dara is ❤
I missed her so much. That’s a brilliant way to Scape an argument. Well done Sandara. Love you 😘
Alace Desierto
Alace Desierto:
Nhorhaina Babekan
Nhorhaina Babekan:
She is adorable when she say ano po sinasabi nyo😂😂💜💜💜💜ohhww dara... From the start you are my idol... I love you baby girl💜💜♥️♥️
Hahaha.... I really love baby Dara... Thanks for the upload...
Rovie P. Labastida
Rovie P. Labastida:
Hahahha great job Dara!!!! You made my day!!!! That was hilarious 😂😂😂
melva chavez
melva chavez:
Wow that's is why many people in Philippines was love you can speak tagalog flouwently your awesome beautiful Dara hahaha what about jiyong when you too arguing and you answer in tagalog I think jiyong well stop haha I can see it well happen I smiling now daea
Jun Donasco
Jun Donasco:
I missed Sandara on Phil movies and tv...
Zace Silvenia
Zace Silvenia:
"I want a divorce"

maria teresa
maria teresa:
krungkrung queen in the best in phillpines love u so much dara
J Bor
J Bor:
I am so proud of her because she is still speak Tagalog. Mabuhay ka Sandara! God bless
Melody Destacamento
Melody Destacamento:
Dara know how to play hahahaha. Make me laughs still Filipino heart hahahaah
Jaenette Julao
Jaenette Julao:
Wah..oh my gosh..she so adorable.. can't stop laughing ha ha ha.🙋 💞👰🙌
anabelle sumaquial
anabelle sumaquial:
The best video that I watched today! Love it
Chaéng Laurént
Chaéng Laurént:
I'd stan her more if she said "Tangina di ko alam!" HAHA char
Joelynne Aira Calingangan
Joelynne Aira Calingangan:
imagine Dara saying "I want a divorce!" when she argues with Gdragon omggggggg bettt
Karen Cillano
Karen Cillano:
Our loving krung krung she speak in tagalog with respect using ( po ) keep safe stay healthy 💓🇵🇭
Vilma Fara-on
Vilma Fara-on:
Hahaha !thats why we pilipino love you so much dara🧡keep it up👍and safe🙏
Connie Regala
Connie Regala:
Thats why pilipino loves her
She isn’t called Krung Krung for nothing! I love DARA! Hahaha
레아Addie Jea Jia
레아Addie Jea Jia:
Dara really is one of a kind :"D Love you Dara <3
Marie Shiella Misterio
Marie Shiella Misterio:
Hahaha.. Love you dara so much
Cate Min
Cate Min:
my Dara, you are such a dork lmao. You're lovely as always!
Verra Lee Garcia
Verra Lee Garcia:
Witty ..funny..silly 😂😂😂😂 i imagine the set up..arguing in reality with her love Jiyong.. suddenly magtatagalog to lock d win side. 😅😅😂🤣🤣 🇵🇭❤️🇰🇷
Been a while since she last pulled that card.
monette aurelio
monette aurelio:
Good job unnie 😂 sobrang lodi at cute ☺️
Lynyrd Pyony
Lynyrd Pyony:
Ahaha dami ko tawa idol krung2 ka oarin hanggang ngaun
rhea mae tumapon
rhea mae tumapon:
Hahaha.. krung2x strikes hahaha
Ruth Flor de Lis
Ruth Flor de Lis:
Hahaha! That's the Krung Krung way really 🤣🤣🤣
Melanie Aranzado
Melanie Aranzado:
ang cute😂
Serena Diaz
Serena Diaz:
Wow... Ha😂🤣🤣
Ricardo Mendoza
Ricardo Mendoza:
I love sandara .. her heart is filipino , thank you for showing filipino culture in the world.
Phiee Phiee
Phiee Phiee:
I watched that scene many times coz she's cute af 😆😂
Miles Justy Taneo
Miles Justy Taneo:
Woah the one she's arguing with I think that's Sungyeol's mom in Hi School Love On haha
Michiamo JEN
Michiamo JEN:
Where do you guys watch full videostar eps with english subs. Been trying to look for it since the ep with ryeowook and hyukkie
Death Note
Death Note:
Amazing Dara knows how to speak different languages in correct pronounciation.
THIS IS SO FUNNY 😂😂😂 That’s why I love you so much Dara unnieee
I watched a lot of kdrama with choi soo rin in it... Shes amazing
Miko miko
Miko miko:
Ang kulet ni sandara.. napa himble pa din di nag babago.. lalong bumabata sya ngaun hay sana oil
I thought this was an old video...Sandara loves PH and PH loves her!
Jai E
Jai E:
It cracks me up when Dara says I want a divorce and run away. She's the cutest!