Samsung Tab A 10.1 2019 Unboxing, Benchmark scores, Camera shots, Price

In this video I am going to unbox the latest tablet from Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" Wi-Fi. We are going to see the specifications, benchmark scores, camera samples and even listen to the audio sample. So, is it worth buying at 15,000 rupees? Let's find out.

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100+ komento:

ayona Albazz
ayona Albazz:
I am watching this from Samsung Galaxy Tab A 😂😂😂😂
I think this is tablet for media consumption, like movies, YouTube, reading and studying, so 2RAM is OK. Nice video. Keep up the good work!
Neenu Patyal
Neenu Patyal:
Who is watching this in lockdown 😂🤣
Sayyad Mubassir Ikram
Sayyad Mubassir Ikram:
0:16 There's no option to put a SD card slot? What? How can you go wrong with the very beginning of the video mate?
Daniel 12345
Daniel 12345:
Thank you for this unboxing and review I'm definitely going to go ahead and get this for my birthday really good video well explained I liked and subscribed thanks very much
Aangirasa HN
Aangirasa HN:
You don't know half of the things what you are saying.
Main point of tablet is display ,and you spent half of the review in camera .
Guys like you ruining tech reviewers reputation
ij. ra tawheed
ij. ra tawheed:
I wish I could get this😔inshallah
Josh Brown
Josh Brown:
4:37 possibly the worst transition ever 🤣
Mansoor nm
Mansoor nm:
Can we turn landscape orientation in all apps including homescreen?
Tuhin Mandal
Tuhin Mandal:
Can I use Bluetooth and WiFi simultaneously, in this tab?
I read many reviews, some of them mentioned this problem.
Is this true ???
Biman Das
Biman Das:
from nxt tym plzz test a game on the device really brings out the real colour and also it will help the viewers a lot.
Subham Karmakar
Subham Karmakar:
I bought this tablet recently and I am pretty happy with it. One thing that's missing is the auto brightness sensor. Classic Samsung. 😒
Shreya Barthwal
Shreya Barthwal:
i am watching this in Samsung galaxy tab A🤣🤣
devna bipin
devna bipin:
Ingot mine been useing it since a week so far soooo goooood
Køplax Kløtøry
Køplax Kløtøry:
Well, until I get enough money for the iPad Pro, this will do , thank you for the review UwU
Great Indian
Great Indian:
Well this is great the main reason I wanted to change from iPad Pro to android because of fortnite an on apple , I have decided to buy the s7 .
prasanth nani
prasanth nani:
Have you done any long time review on this tab ,if so post a link. I am thinking of buying it... plz do suggest any good tab of same budget,thnq.
ramu kaka
ramu kaka:
0:16 there is no option to put an sd card slot, 3:02 but there is a sim card tray with only the sd card slot........?
I am looking for this so I can download vortex cloud gaming and play everything online so nice app☺☺
CoolCrafter playz
CoolCrafter playz:
Because I’m looking forward to buy this tab
Brain's Gossip
Brain's Gossip:
0:18 giving wrong information that "There is no option to put an SD Card slot." Try to be careful next time.
nkdikiu nk
nkdikiu nk:
It was price at 15k in 2019 and now due to lockdown & pandemic knowing many online classes taking advantage now price at 16k. It's Shame on big company like Samsung playing dirty game. Instead of going on discount helping the students needs. Honor is doing the same.
Prodip Biswas
Prodip Biswas:
Bijoylaxmi Das
Bijoylaxmi Das:
1:27 the most awaited moment!
Jayan Patel
Jayan Patel:
In this tab there is a icon of call
shema khan
shema khan:
That's really cool!😉
I bought it after watching your video, i received it the next day and i removed all the bloatware applications from it. The 2GB tab works smoothly now and has given me +7HRS screen on time. As you said it is only for enternainment purpose only. NOT FOR GAMING. Thanks for the video..
Sir, Please reply me how to get beautiful avengers wallpapers like you
Sarthak Sharma
Sarthak Sharma:
I got this yesterday only!
Pranay Mehta
Pranay Mehta:
I purchased the 3gb from US, I am unable to create a shortcut for instantly opening 2 apps in a multi window, as there is no response when I click on the option button while on a multi window.

Please help
Muhammad Kashif Khalil
Muhammad Kashif Khalil:
Can we connect external hard drives
Manu Reigns
Manu Reigns:
Bro can u help me find bluetooth in settings
kalawati Pant
kalawati Pant:
Thanks ❤
Ashutosh Tripathi
Ashutosh Tripathi:
I buy this tablet tomorrow it works great
Gideon Reginold
Gideon Reginold:
How is the video quality in 720p in full screen mode
Suraj Panigrahi
Suraj Panigrahi:
U are only reading specifications
Khrome Synk
Khrome Synk:
Thank you for the nice and indepth review. 👍👍
G Manohar
G Manohar:
I want to read and mark in PDF's and Web pages, how good is it for me?
If i opt for LTE varient can it replace my mobile phone for calls?
Niranjan Kunchala
Niranjan Kunchala:
Do the Lenovo Tab M10 FHD REL 3GB Varient Tablet review
srinivas kesu
srinivas kesu:
Do we have any options like Reading mode specially for reading e book, e news papers
Snigdha Yellapragada
Snigdha Yellapragada:
7:13 time waste kyoon karte ho bhai.
Sunny 1
Sunny 1:
If samsung have downgraded there some feature and focus more on ram
3 gb or 4 then it will be bang for bucks
Hello. Does this tab support mhl? I need for my class.
Dogar Gamer
Dogar Gamer:
Sir plz tell me how to record screen of Samsung Galaxy Tab a
I wanna record pubg.plz tell me
Vansh Raj
Vansh Raj:
8:27 what happened?? What is this glitch?
Background images please! Or link if suitable. Thanks soooo much
sanj77 music
sanj77 music:
Can we use zoom app in this tab
brother do you have any hanging issues with this tablet till now ?
Vedant Hegu
Vedant Hegu:
I already brought it 3 months before watching this video
Andy Superteen
Andy Superteen:
I’m watching this on iPhone
Arman Virk freefire team
Arman Virk freefire team:
I already have this tablet that colour
Prathamesh Halade
Prathamesh Halade:
I would choose 2nd hand 6th or 5th gen iPad over this.
Arun Singh
Arun Singh:
watch IT pandit video as it is explained vry clearly
Husna Sharifi
Husna Sharifi:
I have this tablet. It's really good tablet!
18 Bimaljot Singh Bhatia
18 Bimaljot Singh Bhatia:
Can we put a sim card in this tab
plz reply and can u suggest me some best tab under 20,000🙏🏼🙏🏼
Prabhgun Singh
Prabhgun Singh:
Mine is of 3gb ram . I also have galaxy tab a 2019 10.1
Aayan Atoofa Arfa Khan
Aayan Atoofa Arfa Khan:
I am also watching this from tab A
wow nie review by the way
Desi Kalakaar
Desi Kalakaar:
Please compare it with honor pad 5 tab
Surya ajay
Surya ajay:
Ritik Kumar
Ritik Kumar:
Will it be okay for drawing and all that stuff
Naman Khatri
Naman Khatri:
Do you think it's worth buying now, when my main usage will be only videos consumption?
ur reading the specs
Raunak Kaur kalsi
Raunak Kaur kalsi:
Bye bye bye this my time by this time I buy
HH Stars
HH Stars:
hey we are having most expensive tab ever
Sasikumar R
Sasikumar R:
The Best product from Samsung.."Happy" as a user...
Fire_venom 22
Fire_venom 22:
You have a golden retriever
Sakshi Pant
Sakshi Pant:
Thanks ♥️
Murali chennu
Murali chennu:
U r language though 😉
Renno Maverick
Renno Maverick:
Today there is a delivery for me I had ordered this
Suresh Mishra
Suresh Mishra:
Thanks for the information
Neenu Patyal
Neenu Patyal:
Give me this for my online classes
Varinderjit Dhanju
Varinderjit Dhanju:
I am watching this on the same tablet
Punit Gmail
Punit Gmail:
I have this tab and it supports pubg on high hd graphics
Pranav Mahajan
Pranav Mahajan:
Sir, can I use sim card in this tablet
Vikrant Kumar
Vikrant Kumar:
Is it good for creating YouTube videos... educational videos?
Jitendra Kumar
Jitendra Kumar:
can i play 2x speed mode in u tube....???
Subin Joseph
Subin Joseph:
U r looking awesome
Roland Brooks
Roland Brooks:
Did you say 2gb or 3gb of ram: it should have 3
Thx I will buy this tab
Avyay Tripathi
Avyay Tripathi:
Thank you very much for this information
Does app like Shareit work on this tab?
Jay ayee
Jay ayee:
You got a score of 100016 I got a score of 102721 with Nexus rom I can run Pubg and almost any game on high resolution 😋
Aradhya Shukla
Aradhya Shukla:
I have this tab and i am watching this video from my tab
Shaista Shah
Shaista Shah:
I have just ab even I am watching your video from Samsung Galaxy Tab a and this is the 8.0 version and I have this and its launch in 2019 only
Aanya Singh
Aanya Singh:
Thanks to review its really helpful ❤️
Deadmeat Angas
Deadmeat Angas:
Got mine ( LTE ) 3g ram 32g internal memory for $330
Laxman Singh
Laxman Singh:
Can we do the video calling with this tab
On skype, zoom , botim
Rohit Ghosh
Rohit Ghosh:
Please share 1. tips and tricks
2. Cover for the tab
3. Efficient software for only tab..

Please sir cover this 3 topic beacuse me and my friend also take this tab in last week..we need your help..we all are your very old subscriber..
Pushpendra Singh Chouhan
Pushpendra Singh Chouhan:
Sir light ki direction shi kro, chashme pe uska reflection ata retha h
Hazim Ali
Hazim Ali:
very important; does it support 1080p on youtube?!
Judie Regina
Judie Regina:
Can u please recommend compatible Bluetooth keyboard and printer for this tab?!
suvarna fulsundar
suvarna fulsundar:
I got a free cover with it and it is a stand and if my tab falls it does not harm it.
Altaf Hussain
Altaf Hussain:
Hello sir. Is this tab good for drawing and sketching etc. And can it work with spen or apple pen??
sivabalan muthusamy
sivabalan muthusamy:
How to install netflix pls
Dipti Singh
Dipti Singh:
I wish I could get it right now
Ed Sullivan
Ed Sullivan:
Would been nice with less bs on tablet and give a cost of tablet
Conquerer Of Infinity
Conquerer Of Infinity:
Sir pls tell which stylus to buy for it
Can we put both scard and Sim at a same time
anni hulang
anni hulang:
Can I used for PPT presentation and zoom app