Ryu Jun-yeol answered the question about his girlfriend of 3 years, Hyeri.
On January 25, Ryu Jun-yeol had an interview before the release of his recent film, “Hit-and-Run Squad.”
Although it was about the upcoming film, he couldn’t avoid the question about his romantic relationship with singer-turned-actress Hyeri.
Since 2017 when they openly admitted the relationship, Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri have been dating.

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JN Behr
JN Behr:
It's good to know that they're still together, hope they end up marrying each other.
Purple Mishing
Purple Mishing:
I'm glad that they're together in real life cause reply1988 really did break my heart....
Nurul Ain
Nurul Ain:
of course their relationship is stable. even jaehong said junyeol is such a husband material. he’s so considerate towards others, and i believe with hye ri too since she’s such understanding. both making the relationship works. aaa i miss them😭
Najla Allia Mohd Afandi
Najla Allia Mohd Afandi:
Just get married already! We're supporting!😍
Although Reply 1988 broke my heart bec I was #TeamJungHwan til the end, I hope they end up marrying each other!! ♥️ They looook soo good!!
Kimbab Nunna
Kimbab Nunna:
Glad to know this they together in real life....team junghwan till the end
Sheng 4 Woodz
Sheng 4 Woodz:
As much as I wanted Jun yeol to end up with me 😂😂😂, It's better if he end up marrying Hyeri. Please be happy Jun Yeol ah!!!
Sharleen Erstich
Sharleen Erstich:
OMG😱 just imagine how good looking their children would be...👶💍⁉️
Selvy Selvy
Selvy Selvy:
My love ryu jun yeol and hyeri ~2015
Anne Bang
Anne Bang:
*well ok ok ill shut up about how sad i am bc they didnt end up in the drama. But we all won guys in real life bc them being in a relationship is our consolation prize!* 😭♥️
Debra Ogolo
Debra Ogolo:
I’m not sad about the reply 1988 anymore after finding out they ended up together in real life. We just wanted them to end up together in the drama but they gave us Real life romance😭❤️
Diessa Apostol
Diessa Apostol:
they’re so lowkey omg i really hope that they get married real soon
Jess Subang
Jess Subang:
"STABLE" awww my heart
Ruth Alendajao
Ruth Alendajao:
I had just finished watching all the episodes of Reply 1988 and I had so much fun watching these two characters. I really felt sorry in the end when Jung-hwan had a hard time confessing his love to Juek-sun and when he has decided to do it, it was already too late. My heart really bleeds as I watched that scene. Anyway, at least she still got her heart in real life. So happy for both of them. I also love how Ryu Jun-Yeol in his character in the drama The King which I watched before this. He's really a good actor. Another great K actor in my list of favorites. Great job Ryu Jun-Yeol!
kimchijjaen xD
kimchijjaen xD:
Aaaah I hope you two will end up marrying each other and love each other very much <3
Shella Pabillo
Shella Pabillo:
Just finished watching this.. 😂😂😂😂 atleast n real life naging sila 😂😂😂😂 true ba to nakakakilig.... Ikaw Ang tunay na nagwagi 😂😂😂 love it
anna aranda
anna aranda:
Julia Cristina Blandón Mena
Julia Cristina Blandón Mena:
3 years together????! Whaaaaaat!
Jessa Marie Taypen
Jessa Marie Taypen:
My second lead syndrome that never happen ahahaha I love how their story had twistes from a onesided love drama but so inlove in real life
Rhyan Nicolas Sagum
Rhyan Nicolas Sagum:
It’s really good to know that they’re together in real life! Reply 1988 broke my heart 😭💔
Giulia Palmieri
Giulia Palmieri:
where can i find this interview?
Frauline Vargas
Frauline Vargas:
Are they still together now?hope so..i love YEOLRI....😍
Elena Agravante-Repolidon
Elena Agravante-Repolidon:
i am glad that they're still together..😍😊
Theresa Castillo
Theresa Castillo:
I love you both! ❤️ Fighting! 🥰
xxx allyxxx
xxx allyxxx:
awww omg i always re watch reply 1988 when i missed them. ...and i still listens to the ost -
Mary Sheilly
Mary Sheilly:
stay strong my loves!❤❤❤❤
PssTriiish •
PssTriiish •:
I'm rooting for these two ❤️
Keep it.. I love you both
luffy luff
luffy luff:
Im have not watch their drama yett, but its so nice that they end up together!
Novi Alfianti
Novi Alfianti:
Recently finish Reply 1988, too bad they not couple in drama.
Kagura Min
Kagura Min:
If these two got into break ups (that I don't want to happen) maybe this is the end for me. All of the couples I watched in kdrama, they are the ones who catches my heart. Please mary each other huhu
Catherine Mae Quizon
Catherine Mae Quizon:
Are they still in a relationship? Hehe
Meraiah Arago
Meraiah Arago:
stay strong
Hanifa Begum
Hanifa Begum:
R they still together rn
Winter Andrea
Winter Andrea:
Kiyowooo ❤❤❤
Purple Girl
Purple Girl:
Ros Ms
Ros Ms:
Stay together 😊😊
Ru By
Ru By:
Thanks netflex, thanks quarantine ,done watching..
Theressa Putri
Theressa Putri:
Waiting for JungSeon soon!
Soleil Sierra
Soleil Sierra:
Long last unnie and oppa 💖
Danna 18
Danna 18:
They may not ended up in the drama but I hope they end up in real life.
At least their reality comforted me a little.
nibedita mukherjee
nibedita mukherjee:
Since they didn't date in the drama, they are dating in reality! 🤭😆😆😆😌😌🤫🤫🤭🤭☻☻🤧🤧😁😁😁😁
ariana grande is cool
ariana grande is cool:
are they still dating?
Cerry Berries
Cerry Berries:
Mayleen De Leon
Mayleen De Leon:
Are they still together now?
cassandra Donald
cassandra Donald:
Are they still together now?
Valerie Quinn Turalba
Valerie Quinn Turalba:
Marwa Adaief
Marwa Adaief:
Wait they’re still together??
Dayeeeth you
Dayeeeth you:
Ama bellay
Ama bellay:
Its 2020 are they still together?
Jhezylle Loria
Jhezylle Loria: