Ruby Rose Shares Why She Left Batwoman

Ruby Rose, star of the upcoming action-thriller THE DOORMAN, shares the voicemail Morgan Freeman recorded for her, discusses why her time on the Batwoman series came to an end and reveals the truth about Dracula’s Castle in Romania.

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Ruby Rose Shares Why She Left Batwoman


100+ komento:

She did understand nothing from the history of Vlad. What a suprise.
Andy MacMinn
Andy MacMinn:
Ruby Rose: I didn't just up and quit.
Me: Yeah, you kinda did.
: 18
: 18:
She left because she didn’t get along with the cast and crew and she didn’t like the long hours.
The answer she gives in this video is such a cop out if anything this video confirms there was some juicy drama backstage.
That reason for leaving Batwoman is a complete cop-out.
I thought the connection to Dracula and "Vlad the Impaler" was common knowledge
Valentina Simmons
Valentina Simmons:
But she's still not saying the real reason she left. It can't be just "a convo" with the show runners.
Anyways... good luck to her and everything she does.
You can't tell her full story in one god damn season, that's such a sell-out answer.
The “ maybe” on her voicemail is kinda epic 🤣😂🤣
George Hernandez
George Hernandez:
Its because she doesnt work as much as they do. She only did it in the beginning because of what it meant. Besides, she got badly injured and im sure she didnt like that.
Michael Parry
Michael Parry:
'We'd done all we set out to do'- You'd barely started.
Love Ruby... still want an explanation on Dunking the Cosmic Doughnut though, Ruby!
F G4
F G4:
Wish they’d wrap her story with Alice like the comics. Then transition.
Noah Tuita
Noah Tuita:
Vlad the Impaler was who they actually based Dracula on...he IS Dracula meaning Son of Dracul (His Father), Son of the Dragon. Everything else about the vampire and blood is all fiction but Dracula was real and it's him! So that IS his castle.
Randy Last Name
Randy Last Name:
There was definitely beef between her and production, especially after the injury. She of course is going to be cordial and not say anything
Paul Monks
Paul Monks:
She knows she gets paid better for movies, thats the end of it .
Joshua St.Denis
Joshua St.Denis:
What a way to SPIN your batwoman answer. either talk about not being able to do the stunts or risk of injury, but don't act like it was the natural point to leave the show. She didn't know what kind of show she was getting into from the beginning and it shows.
Theis Fischer
Theis Fischer:
ruby doesn't know about vlad lol. nice interview tho, hope she does another series soon ✨
You didn't know that Dracula was inspired by Vlad The Impaler?
Crimson Gamer
Crimson Gamer:
The reason for her leaving is bs it doesn’t even make sense they couldn’t possibly have accomplished everything that they could’ve with her character in just one season she hasn’t repaired things between her and Alice her dad doesn’t know she’s bat woman she hasn’t even defeated her first main villain yet there are just to many loose ends and to much wasted potential they should have just recast Kate instead of making this Ryan wilder character
Ryan Braybrook
Ryan Braybrook:
she has to be lying, because they did biggest tv crossover of all time. Half of that was creating a batwoman/supergirl friendship to mimic batman/superman.

then she quit
Karim Khan
Karim Khan:
Dracula was loosely based on Vlad the Impaler. So she actually was at the right place. What did she expect? The home of a real vampire? Also don’t vampires „kill people to drink their blood“?
Dennis Hopper
Dennis Hopper:
I will miss Ruby in Batwoman season 2. 😥
Man. Thought her and Supergirl has such a good friendship
What a history lesson this must have been.
Vlad Drakul's castle having nothing to do with "Dracula".
Viewers: "Are you confused by this interview?" 🙄

Rose: "Not as confused as you." 😏
She's said previously that she got injured and that meant she wasn't able to perform all the stunts like she wanted to and she didn't realise the amount of work a lead role meant.
Steven Ball
Steven Ball:
"do I still know how to act?"

Hmm... 🤔

Did she ever?
Teshigi Smith
Teshigi Smith:
The Doorman sounds like a mix of Bateman meets the Equalizer or something lol
Maybe I missed something but she didn't really give us a truthful answer did she?
Alberto Severino
Alberto Severino:
When she tells the story about the Dracula castle Jimmy is like “no!, cut it up, don’t say that!” 😂
she told another news outlet it was because of her back injury... what's the real story??
Brittany Thomas
Brittany Thomas:
I always love her on Jimmy Fallon, he always seem so cool when interviewing her.😃 I can't wait to watch Doorman and the movie she did with Morgan Freeman 😍. I definitely wouldnt mind having either Ruby or Morgan on my voicemail 😎.
Angie DeWolf
Angie DeWolf:
Clearly she has never read or seen Braham Stoker’s Dracula!?
Vlad the impaler was dracula tho...
Akim Tu
Akim Tu:
i love amarican school system xD...she was lucky to find europ xD. what do you do in school in the US? Vlads history is common knowledge in the rest of the world
4 N D R O I D : 55
4 N D R O I D : 55:
she left cause she's a budget actor. She was gonna get canned within the year.. The thing is it looks better when YOU leave before getting fired. 🤷‍♂️
Marina Rodríguez Jiménez
Marina Rodríguez Jiménez:
How has she already finished working with Morgan Freeman, they were like 3 weeks on set (I'm excited for vanquish uf)
NottCharli ETN Stoudio
NottCharli ETN Stoudio:
25 seconds ago!!
captain beastwinger
captain beastwinger:
Because she's a movie actress had a long shooting period got injured for this show that's badly received

Yeah I'd quit too
JP Truth
JP Truth:
Can't start a damn video without a freakin political ad
Hannah Flowers
Hannah Flowers:
Ruby is always kicking ass 🤼‍♀️🥊. They are so awesome 😎. Just to let you guys know that ruby is gender neutral so she identifies as “they”
morgan freeman's voice is everything - maybe she'll call you back ...omg rofl
Ken Pudsey
Ken Pudsey:
Tried to blame Covid-19 as well for one of the reasons!
Zero Xenos
Zero Xenos:
i feel like we'll know the real reason in a few years 🤔
Just a Dancing Hotdog
Just a Dancing Hotdog:
You know you're winning in life when Morgan Freeman is doing your voice mail 😂
Ruby Rose need a romantic film 😍
I almost had a heart attack of cringe in the first couple seconds of the video
the first season ended in a very incomplete way, for sure THERE WAS A LOT TO DO IN IT! Ruby Rose, you don’t fool me.
So the mutually decided the "right" time for her to leave Batwoman and the time they did all they needed to do was in the middle of a storyline. Yeah right. I mean we are not owed an explanation at all, but that is definitely not even close to the whole story.
Ricky Z
Ricky Z:
All DC actor always got a contract problem 🤦‍♀️
I just think that she is so cute!!!
Batwoman was the first show in 20 years that I tuned in every week to see. I got into all of the other DC Comics shows on the CW network because of her. When she quit, I stopped watching all of the other shows.
Sekulært Snøfnugg
Sekulært Snøfnugg:
if they knew they had done what they set out to do what they wanted to do, that should've been the end of it! you don't go and create a new character just to have a black actor in it! WTF????
Roger Giri
Roger Giri:
Why she left Batwoman ?
-Because she is a Character herself.
Rob Ayling
Rob Ayling:
I love that she had the 1989 Batmobile in the background :D
what she left batwoman?
when did that happen and how did I miss that? How can Batwoman exist without her?
Aamir Hoda
Aamir Hoda:
I can't believe that silly reason for her to leave Batwoman so soon, there's something mysterious cooking up inside 🧐🧐
Natalia Méndez
Natalia Méndez:
She was amazing, all I can say is thank you
i cannot- pffffffffftttt i love her 🥰
Laura Costa
Laura Costa:
I wanted to see your new film but they don't bring it to Italy, if they don't take it to the cinema I'll buy the DVD
Mari Rod
Mari Rod:
Esperando alguém vir e colocar a legenda em português 🤡🤡🤡
Jimmy Fallon has the most punchable face in show business.
She left or she was kicked with rest of the crew?
What a ducking dumpsterfire that show was.
Son Ofmariana
Son Ofmariana:
Ruby: Hii
Jimmy: Hiiiiiiiiii😂😂😂😂
Bit Messy
Bit Messy:
You are on that level because of your smile
jose ap santos
jose ap santos:
Boa noite, essa Ruby é maravilhosa e talentosa. Adorei o vídeo.
New Message
New Message:
Completely missed the bit where Vlad was the inspiration for Dracula... to the point that the name was his actual nickname (Son of the Dragon), and THAT'S why they call it 'Dracula's Castle', didjya?
is it just me or is she starting to loose her aussie accent? 🙈
Daniel Sowerby
Daniel Sowerby:
Equalizer meets The Marine? Lol
J Fernandez
J Fernandez:
@RubyRose... you’ll be missed as Batwoman... but I wish you all the best! Truly do! 👍🏻
She looked great in the cowl and red wig. Other than that, I’m surprised it got that order of episodes for the first season from the network.
Monica Jones
Monica Jones:
Duh, i thought everyone knew about Vlad the impeller. I guess not. 🤷
sam wats
sam wats:
yeah and vlad never stayed there.. all made up
Nayops 19
Nayops 19:
And I oop...👀
Lady Catherine De Bourgh
Lady Catherine De Bourgh:
Ruby Rose is a liar in everything she says about the real reason for leaving the show. I've come to realize she's a complete sell out when it comes to her real reasons for leaving.
Fume Raider
Fume Raider:
Batwoman was so good i'm pretty upset about this
you should have asked her if she is dating Caity 😂
I just spoke to my mom. It immediately got my blood pressure up. Nice to see people that have good relationships with their relatives.❤️
Premium Auto world
Premium Auto world:
Ngl I m early this time
Tagam Komut
Tagam Komut:
I thought she is Zendaya for a second
Barry Allen
Barry Allen:
Look I've never been a mad fan of the Kane's, but what a cop out. On for one season and bail
Osvaldo Vargas
Osvaldo Vargas:
I looked at the ratings and dipped
fall lee
fall lee:
she prob got fired but to save face they give her the option to say she left the show. That's one possibility
Leydi C H N
Leydi C H N:
I like your casual style, hopefully you will be able to keep it !
Woke and broke when will they learn!
JXSin Gaming
JXSin Gaming:
Ngl that Morgan Freeman voicemail is awesome
Fernilson Bato ugate
Fernilson Bato ugate:
She is so gorgeous 👑❤️
Manny Ticas
Manny Ticas:
Famous for looks alone.
Diego Pansini
Diego Pansini:
Someone should watch Dracula: Untold
she's so beautiful
Philly Tobes
Philly Tobes:
Does she have anything else lined up
Valuation Technologies
Valuation Technologies:
Be a safe with them
Jayson W
Jayson W:
Hahaha🤫🤔😷Rr, is prettier version..........Of the adjudicator, from john wick parabellum, lol
she's soooooooo beautiful .....
Another celeb introvert, so that's 4 now, Batista, Depp, Zendaya and now Ruby, introverts unite! Via zoom lol
Anonymous Edits
Anonymous Edits:
Ruby rose is the only reason I started watching batwoman
Folarin Osibodu
Folarin Osibodu:
sounds like she says things without actually saying anything
Bacon King
Bacon King:
She left because the Batwoman TV show was SJW targeting and once you go one cares for SJW/Wokeness
west Side
west Side:
I feel like they had something with batgirl super woman and flash but with but shows ending and flash losing his powers and the arrow is dead seems like an end of an entertainment era for cw. Can't say it wasn't a good run it definitely ruined its course
Gosh I love her so much and I am heart broken to hear that she’s not gonna be in batwoman anymore 🥺