Roy Jones Jr. acknowledges the danger in fighting Mike Tyson | First Take

Roy Jones Jr. talks to Max Kellerman on First Take about his expectations for his exhibition match against Mike Tyson on September 12th in Los Angeles.

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100+ komento:

I can't imagine a reality or scenario where I would ever agree to fight Mike Tyson.
Dean Robin
Dean Robin:
“Exhibition fight”... if he dies - he dies
Tim Wong
Tim Wong:
Roy was a goat back in the day but mike is looking like his younger self rn...imma be praying for u Roy
Coexist & Let Live
Coexist & Let Live:
"There's no one that can match me. My style is impetuous, my defense is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious."

– Mike Tyson
Bam Bam
Bam Bam:
People really sleeping on Roy Jones smh especially these causal boxing fans
Bossdon83Drizzydre2733 Primetime
Bossdon83Drizzydre2733 Primetime:
He always wanted to fight Mike Tyson and y'all need to stop sleeping on Roy Jones Jr. Like he isn't a beast he was the Best Pound For Pound for a decade it's gonna be a great fight I can't choose because I like both of them
Colton Curtis
Colton Curtis:
“Everyone has a plan til they get punched in the mouth”
Too many people hating! Let these dudes get it in! I'm definitely watching this. I'm excited
its gonna be better than PACQUIAO VS MAYWEATHER fight
The winner would probably get called out by Mayweather😂😂
Saiyan Prince
Saiyan Prince:
This fight about to be more stiffer than LaMarcus Aldridge
Steve Lambert
Steve Lambert:
Its going to be a very interesting fight
Jones, post fight: "My brain is broken. Cerebral."
Mansa musa
Mansa musa:
Every body Got a plan until they Meet Mike Tyson 😂
OK So I respect Roy because he's not talking stupid. He's fully aware of how dangerous Mike could be, and not knowing which "Mike will show up". He knows he has to protect himself.
Landon Gallagher
Landon Gallagher:
Recorded on a potato
Big Mike RealTalkTV
Big Mike RealTalkTV:
“You got any excuseth tonight Roy?” - Mike Tyson
Erick Wright
Erick Wright:
Roy said what's danger you can die from Corona virus might as well fight Mike Tyson
RõzeGold Pharøah
RõzeGold Pharøah:
I love you Roy but Mike is still Iron Mike and I'm praying for your safety...
Max keeps up bringing up how slow Ali was at 47 on Arsenio. Um the dude had Parkinsons??? I think that was more why he was so slow in 89 as opposed to being 47.
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods:
Imagine fighting mike Tyson in his prime though
Chiefaveli Tha Great
Chiefaveli Tha Great:
Mike finna give this man the blues
Antione Thornton
Antione Thornton:
Mike going to knock him out
Vin Martinez
Vin Martinez:
Tyson is like Bull in the ring. Jones is a fighter and boxer. Can't wait!!!!
Loc T
Loc T:
The danger of fighting Mike Tyson?

I think it's death
‘Acknowledges the danger’, that’s an understatement if I ever heard one.
The Haitian Way
The Haitian Way:
Why people are acting like Roy isn’t that dude?
Richard Dixon
Richard Dixon:
My 2 favorite boxers of all time...idc who wins, its gonna be good
Michael Buffer: Let's get ready to rumble. Fighting outta the blue corner, he's wearing black trunks and weighting at 230lbs, he's last exhibition fight was in 2006, he's the youngest heavyweight champion of the world, the former IBF champion, the former WBA champion, and the former WBC champion. He is none other than, Iron Miiiiike Tyyyyyyyyyyysonnnnnnnnn

Kenny Bayless: Ok guys we address this in the locker rooms, i know both of you older now but let's keep it a clean fight. If you go here that's too low, if you go there that's too low, if you go here now that's good. Touch em up fellas, touch gloves. 🥊
spore chrome
spore chrome:
These guys been laying it out on the line their whole life.... They'll be fine...let em fight
Cosmic Wizard
Cosmic Wizard:
Don't right RJJ off. He has recently faught and is a current trainer.
Won’t catch me Lackin
Won’t catch me Lackin:
Max says what he believes all the time he never folds when guests come on I can’t say the same about SAS🤷🏾‍♂️
Steel Pipe TV
Steel Pipe TV:
I would rather fight a Siberian Tiger and a Silver Back Gorilla put together then fight Iron Mike Tyson people dont really understand what gonna happen if Mike goes back in his crazy mode...
Cody Mathes
Cody Mathes:
Anybody with a different opinion: I think tha..

Internet trolls: Casual!!! YoU dONT kNOW BoXING!!!!
Wali Ahmad
Wali Ahmad:
Roy Jones corner to Mike Tyson : what are you guys doing, this is suppose to be an exhibition. Lol

Tyson : if he dies. He dies
Wesley Baldwin
Wesley Baldwin:
Jones is awesome. I love the way he explained the reasoning behind doing the fight. True class. Do it for the fans
"This is Mike Tyson." 😁😁😊😊👌👌👏👏👏
i respect the guy but hes talking DEFENSE against tyson?
my man, you need the POWER to take him down asap
none of your concern
none of your concern:
Tyson could knock out a full grown horse. Tell me I'm wrong.
Traslen Patterson
Traslen Patterson:
All I remember is Mike Tyson always was saying how he wanted to kill somebody in the ring, Roy Jones is my favorite fighter ever and I always support him but he no longer has that unbelievable athletic ability and if Tyson rocks him, Tyson is going to throw a barrage of punches behind it and that can be real bad.
Vv O
Vv O:
Roy: it’s just a exhibition match
Also Roy: if he dies he dies
As long as he keeps his distance he can hang. Punch for punch it’s a wrap for Roy
Micha Mason
Micha Mason:
Like I said, don't know who I need to thank for these men coming out of retirement, but this is very exciting.
Boxing gets back into the limelight with Tyson vs Jones.
Richard Kager
Richard Kager:
Roy Jones has one of the most awesome combinations of speed,agility,and power known to man.
OJ Glove
OJ Glove:
Roy was always one of my favs
Dapper Dan
Dapper Dan:
There's fast, and then you have fast, and dangerous!
S Flow
S Flow:
People, y'all acting like Roy is fighting 1989 Tyson. Remember Tyson in 2004-2005? He was getting beat down by scrubs. Now, add age to the equation. Its gone be an equal fight.
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson:
The way they talking about Roy Jones I’m thinking they can’t be taking about Roy Jones Jr the boxer this man wis easily one if the best fighters of all time 💯
Long Bum
Long Bum:
anyone hear the last rocky movie in this interview, instead of one old dude its two, mad respect to them though
Love these legends. Remember people, we will be watching a 51 vs 54 year old exhibition fight.
Alex Jimenez
Alex Jimenez:
Y’all must of forgot!

- Roy Jones Jr.
Lawrence Reid
Lawrence Reid:
Man Mike is gonna kill him
Matthew Bollinger
Matthew Bollinger:
I love me some Roy, especially being from my hometown of Pcola, but Iron Mike gonna smash dude
The Head Gear might save Roy's Life ...
I know he gonna have his track shoes this fight
Nhan Ha
Nhan Ha:
Tyson in 1 ,
Not round 1
1 minutes
I actually got Roy Jones winning. Tyson one of my favorites but the last time I seen him in the ring he quit vs a journeyman.. a lot of ppl look good in sparing it gotta translate into the ring tho
Mr Anonymous1113
Mr Anonymous1113:
When you're tire of living
Marquis Marq313
Marquis Marq313:
Where can i watch this fight, need to order in advanced
Tim Brown
Tim Brown:
They are to strong 💪 healthy men I can't wait
Melvin Bagby
Melvin Bagby:
"Acknowledges the danger..." lol
Carlos Centeno
Carlos Centeno:
Roy is one of my favorites and he for sure has power for Tyson. I don’t know if he has the endurance power to beat Mike assuming if Mike on top of his game. I look forward watching the strategy in these 2 fighters.
Zeus 0886
Zeus 0886:
“Bomb vs explosive” 😂
"Even Roy Jones was forced to lean back..."
Eugene Kornegay
Eugene Kornegay:
Iron mike is goin to hit roy in his soft chin and lights out
Johnell Hill
Johnell Hill:
Iron Mike Tyson Vrs Roy Jones jr 🔥 🔥
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez:
just cover those 👂’s. Roy lmao 😂
Real Reviews
Real Reviews:
They both are my favorite fighters from my decade.
Im scared of both of them.

I just hope they are safe....
Mike looking scarier right now
But Roys last fight was two years ago.

Juan Reyes
Juan Reyes:
As soon as the bell rings , it's lights out for roy jones jr , goodnight roy , see you in the emergency room.
Darnell Lyons
Darnell Lyons:
I’m going to luv this fight !! 😜 🥊
legend b
legend b:
Jones need to take trt like Tyson , that's the only way to win.
Did Roy dirty in the thumbnail😂
Christian Stewart
Christian Stewart:
Just to see my favorite to fighters going be amazing.
Nino Foxxx
Nino Foxxx:
Roy Jones had a fight two years ago and he won... Mike Tyson hasn't fought in 15 years... Roy has the advantage here...
NinaB0307 T
NinaB0307 T:
Tyson is gonna kill this dude in the ring
I would laugh if after all this Jones KO’s Tyson. Seems like no one is giving Jones credit.. I mean I know it’s Tyson but man is he the super underdog.
Jon Talkasquan
Jon Talkasquan:
"Everyone has a plan until they're arrested for child trafficking." - Ghislaine Maxwell
Reginald Carter
Reginald Carter:
“What started out as a joke, became a disaster”
Giorgio Marte
Giorgio Marte:
No lie I’m hyped for this fight
Donald Bey
Donald Bey:
Roy is One of my favorite fighters of all time, as is Mike. The problem in this fight is Roy was so athletic that he really never had to rely on a Jab. I don't see how Roy will be able to keep Mike off of him, without well placed Jabs
Bojan Stoicevic
Bojan Stoicevic:
Roy is hands down my favorite boxer . I still hope they are going to just school spar for the entertainment
Mike would be the type to watch this interview and record a whole 12 round of him just shadow boxing tf out of air.
Eric Winston
Eric Winston:
I love both guys, but you gotta give it to Roy Jones Jr.!!!!
Charles Grigson
Charles Grigson:
Headgear? Wasn't aware of that. Headgear for golden gloves and other amateur events. These 2 hall of famers/goats. Never heard of any ppv boxing with headgear on. Price should be 1/2
Kerran Thano
Kerran Thano:
Roy Jones Jr is my favorite boxer of all time.....with much admiration, I fear for him
This Zoo Baby
This Zoo Baby:
This how it sound when your step dad been waiting 2 fight your real dad🤣🤣🤣
Roy is the greatest fighter I have ever witnessed and I've witnessed them all 🤷🏾‍♂️
Anthony Murguia
Anthony Murguia:
Both Legends... Thanks Mike and Roy...
Great stuff!
Jay Rhodes
Jay Rhodes:
God bless these warriors. Hope they both come out this fight ok
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson:
Man I love Roy, and to be fair I was scared for Roy to fight Tyson from the beginning🤣
heavy meddle
heavy meddle:
I'm saying this with love. I've noticed that whenever Tyson is asked a question he answers "hey listen..." I'm going to name him Mike Hey Listen Tyson
Jose Calderon
Jose Calderon:
It's gonna hurt to see this
Vernon Norris
Vernon Norris:
If Tyson is at full speed & power like it appears , I don't know who could withstand those power shots..
Noel Thomas
Noel Thomas:
If it wasn’t for the head gear I don’t believe Roy wouldn’t took this fight..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chris Chatman
Chris Chatman:
I’m so hype both of my favorite boxers clashing. Gotta throw foreman in there next! Lol
The R.
The R.:
"You better not have any excuses Roy!"
- Antonio Tarver
Pure Rust
Pure Rust:
Someone in Roy's corner later on. "I WAS ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE AN EXHIBITION!!!"
Victor Moore Jr
Victor Moore Jr:
Well said Pound for Pound Roy Jones Jr!! With all thats going on thank you on behalf of all of us all.