Rose Leslie Won't Let Kit Harington Read Game of Thrones Scripts Near Her

Rose Leslie talks about her character on The Good Fight, explains why she won't let Kit Harington read Game of Thrones scripts in front of her and talks about a terrifying prank he pulled on her.
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Rose Leslie Won't Let Kit Harington Read Game of Thrones Scripts Near Her- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

100+ komento:

Adin Boerman
Adin Boerman:
Imagine being Rose Leslie's brothers and your sister gets into GOT and marries Jon Snow and hes your brother-in-law
The fact that she and Kit Harington are engaged makes me really happy. It's just that little bit of wonderful fantasy bleeding into the mundane real world :')
Jishnu R
Jishnu R:
All I hear is You know nothing,Jon Snow
Atticus Finch
Atticus Finch:
This young lady, who is actually a brilliant actress, is also from a family with significant participation in Scottish history, and a direct descendant of King Charles II of England, Scotland and Ireland
Brandon Prestes
Brandon Prestes:
4:00 "It would be a hell of a twist if nobody dies". Well don't worry, they just decided to go ahead and kill the entire show instead!
Her voice and that accent 😍
Willy Severus
Willy Severus:
Redheads are the most beautiful creatures on this earth. As thormund once said: "We're blessed by the sun god, thats why we have flaming red hair" 😍
Rose Leslie is a beautiful woman
James B
James B:

GoT: *kills main character in the first season"
Is it weird that it makes me so happy that these two are married? They are just two of the most charming people in existence, and the fact that they found each other makes somehow everything else in the world seem "ok". Whenever I get depressed about people's fascination with Kanye and Kim, I will now remember that these two are in love and all is good and right with the world.
The moment I saw her on Game of Thrones, I was in love. I'm a sucker for redheads.
Gedezlle Gian Bayadog
Gedezlle Gian Bayadog:
I love her attitude! Now I know why KIT loves her.....💞💞💞
Ethan Woods
Ethan Woods:
She is just delightfully amazing.
Samuel Raji
Samuel Raji:
Her real accent is so amazing much better than the show.
Eric Woodard
Eric Woodard:
Finally Rose is on one of the late shows!
Rosie Day
Rosie Day:
Unaffected intelligent talented young lovely to see an old classic Hollywood face not botox huge lips or extensions. No wonder Kit fell for her.x I'm already re watching all of G O T which will be....a classic. These actors will be viewed for decades x
love her!!
Rose + Kit = Goals!! <3 <3
Noam Weizmann
Noam Weizmann:
That raspy voice. SHE'S SO CUTE.
Nadia Barsis
Nadia Barsis:
Hey everyone body shaming her! Everyone has different bodies! Not everyone who is skinny has anorexia! Its a matter of metabolism!!! Stop the hate!
darshan garrewall
darshan garrewall:
She resembles Emma Stone so much......not only face but also her acting and expressions reminds of Emma in a good way
Mariha Raza
Mariha Raza:
"You have abig family, four siblings"
*laughs in brown
You know nothing Seth, you know nothing
This is the only respectful host of a late show. Actually let her speak.
dionill jamil
dionill jamil:

U know your growing up when a Brita filter gets u going
Noelia Jaime
Noelia Jaime:
Not only is she hella talented,but such a nice person.I was so happy that they got engaged because they make a great couple.
Brittany and Michael Vlogs
Brittany and Michael Vlogs:
She is so gorgeous!
wasir malik
wasir malik:
the mosr sexiest voice and accent i hv ever heard... shes amazing
Emmie Ana Ray
Emmie Ana Ray:
I was devastated the first time I realised Ygritte’s accent was put on and I wouldn’t get to hear it in interviews 😂
Dhairya Aggarwal
Dhairya Aggarwal:
I was waiting for her to say "you know nothing Jon Snow."
I thought she was Scottish? Been living in London for too long.
chirag chintu
chirag chintu:
"You know nothing" Jon snow
Really like her accent
Mei Designs
Mei Designs:
Rose is so delightful. She's the kind of friend I'd want to have around haah <3
caleidoz kopie
caleidoz kopie:
Imagine the argument she and Kit must've had when she finished the last season. 😂
Anishka Sharan
Anishka Sharan:
Absolutely love how enthusiastic and charming she is as a guest on the show. There's not a minute where she let's the energy drown or go boring. I had a smile the entire time. She's so full of life and I absolutely adore her accent and look. 💕
dria moon
dria moon:
Lmao she just wanted her water man. I like how in the interview where he talks about this he comments on the water filter too! Lol
Lee DaHee
Lee DaHee:
Jon snow you know nothing .
Kit Harrington you know everything .
Arth - Ritis
Arth - Ritis:
Harington and Leslie are wholesome af. I miss seeing them on screen together, especially because so much has gone downhill in the last season compared to the season with Ygritte and Jon
Simon M
Simon M:
As a wildling she's so cute and pretty. I hope that Kit and Rose move out to a cottage deep in the forrest and brings out their inner wildlings, and perhaps even breed a direwolf or two ❤
Baron Thomas
Baron Thomas:
watch your back, Kit, I am swooping in the second you slip up
Everyone talking about everyone body shaming her in the comments, but I haven’t been able to find a single of such comments.
Preston Chandler
Preston Chandler:
"Whilst I was reading the article" Such a Proper thing to say.
Ruma Das
Ruma Das:
They are soulmates. Such love between them
Mr. Haris
Mr. Haris:
Her voice aaammmmaazzzzzzzing
Alfred Conqueror
Alfred Conqueror:
She looks so classy and respectful! I wish them Rose and Kit a great marriage
Skilled, Seth. Love it. The misdirection. The flattery. Then BAM! Hit her with the real stuff
Jaques Lacan
Jaques Lacan:
She is the most sexiest in game of throne for me , wildlings voice too
Aleksa Ranitovic
Aleksa Ranitovic:
She’s sooo charming😍😍😍
Rebel Without a Clue
Rebel Without a Clue:
She was also fantastic as the young Milner in the BBC Utopia mini series.
Is anyone else worried about the fact Kit had a decapitated head of himself on hand??
Amanda Texeira
Amanda Texeira:
Just stunning! And her personality makes her even more so!
Thuc Nguyen
Thuc Nguyen:
Jon and Dan has no chemistry. Her character feistiness fits so much better with Jon’s stoic face.
Maria Imad
Maria Imad:
Her accent😍
Plurble Blurble
Plurble Blurble:
She kind of reminds me of Florence Welch, with the way she speaks and even a little bit how she looks ❤
Seth Gibson
Seth Gibson:
It makes me happy to know that they’re together in real life 😭😭😭😭
Odette Gonzalez
Odette Gonzalez:
She is very adorable, so so cute❤️tbt when they were engaged🤧
I didn’t know that they were together in real life. THIS IS DOPE.
Dahee Radzi
Dahee Radzi:
I love her raspy voice
justina sween
justina sween:
She’s so lively!!! Goodness! Just bursting with energy!!! I can see why kit loves her. 😌
Her accent!
Her voice!
I could listen to her talk all day. Amazing voice
She's super hot❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
She’s awesome, and killed it in Game of Thrones...she’s brilliant and smart
Coastal Cardician Collectables
Coastal Cardician Collectables:
Is this showing us that John is getting beheaded? Why else would he have that head?!
Danny Heywood
Danny Heywood:
How was she such a bad-ass in GOT with those snappable arms?
I was thinking the same about Anna Kendrick, I'm not weight shaming but they could break their arms in a strong breeze haha
Maddie Havens
Maddie Havens:
she is so sweet i love her personality!
Ali Emad
Ali Emad:
I love her speaking style❤❤
naeyon's tooth gap
naeyon's tooth gap:
dude if you listen hard enough her and Kit sound the same
Rosemary Williams
Rosemary Williams:
I Love her voice so much :)
If they make a movie/show from the game Horizon Zero Dawn, then I'll vote her to play as Aloy.
Cami Ferrell
Cami Ferrell:
She’s precious, and I LOVE her!
Anonymous Poster
Anonymous Poster:
Sooooo in love with Gwen Dawson!!!!
Mats Nyman
Mats Nyman:
With that talk she'd be a great queen of Kalmar. We shall see. (that was a compliment btw)
She is absolutely gorgeous👌😆
Pat O'Donoghue
Pat O'Donoghue:
I love when British people say ‘whilst’
Eric Keegan
Eric Keegan:
cleaned up good for a wildling...
excellent actress.
Maria Beatriz Lucena
Maria Beatriz Lucena:
I'm obssesed with her voice
Tansila Khan
Tansila Khan:
I loveeeee her voice...
I am so late to this party...
Nina Harrison
Nina Harrison:
Imagine being married to Kit Harington
Lemon Acid Rounds
Lemon Acid Rounds:
I love her hair and her haircut. Natural beauty.
such doge
such doge:
4:01 the army of the dead turns out to be peace-loving hippies and Cersei realizes what a bad ruler she is and sails to Essos to live the rest of her life in luxury with no responsibilities
Lauren Quinn
Lauren Quinn:
I used to think she was not that pretty. Now I honestly think she is gorgeous. She’s one of those beauties that grow on you. Her voice is sexy in the gravely/seductive way
sachin Gokul
sachin Gokul:
He didn't do that thing, that's you do with your 'tongue' 😂😂 who remember
Adrienne Pender
Adrienne Pender:
I loved Gwen on Downton Abbey, and thought her cameo in the final season, and her memories of Sybil were perfect; they made me cry.
She's so cute and precious. 😭❤️
Alfredo Ramirez
Alfredo Ramirez:
love her voice
Анастасия Николаенко
Анастасия Николаенко:
She is anorexic???
Caroro J
Caroro J:
She’s so lovely! ❤️
I didnt know they were together! This makes me so happy!
hmmm, was she lying about not getting info from Kit? Because in this interview with Kit, , at 4:20, he explicitly says that Rose kept asking him the show ends. Sooo, I don't know.
Teresa Harris
Teresa Harris:
I love that husky sound in her voice.
Paul Seale
Paul Seale:
She was an excellent wilding.
Jason Garcia
Jason Garcia:
I want to see that prank video I want to see her reaction to the head
ed rage
ed rage:
wow that accent
“You know nothing Jon Snow”
oma humzy
oma humzy:
She is beautiful...slender and strong!!!
She's so stunningly beautiful I didn't even hear half the things she said cause I was staring at her face 😩😍
Street Hierarchy
Street Hierarchy:
She was good in Luther, also.