ROG Zephyrus G14 - At home with Asa Butterfield | ROG

Sex Education's breakout actor Asa Butterfield is the latest gamer to join in on the fun of the all-new ROG Zephyrus G14.

Connecting with Asa via video, he walked us through his home decor, his extensive gaming collection, and his favorite features on the ultra-slim laptop.

With features like an ultraslim design, LED AniMe Matrix, and the NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2060 graphics card, Asa is able to compete at the highest level while playing online with friends and taking the gaming laptop around with him, accommodating his on-the-go lifestyle.

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Mikaile Ibrahim
Mikaile Ibrahim:
He is one of the most beautiful nerds I've ever seen in my life
Raj R
Raj R:
When Maeve friendzones you, just game!
Pradhono Surya
Pradhono Surya:
After seeing Superman geeking around with a PC, now we have... a young Clark Kent?
A Dota2 fan/player with 3 aegises. Has a Hunter x Hunter poster.
I see you're a man of culture as well. 😎
Neneh Bah
Neneh Bah:
I swear he is my ultimate crush I just love him 😍😍
Why can't I stop watching this video!!!!??

It's the fourth times I just keep repeating it!!!
ana k/
ana k/:
awe he’s so cute, the fact that he likes cats make him ever cuter
Débora Biltis
Débora Biltis:
Asa so cute! ❤❤
He's such a nerd. I love it.
Omg he watches Hunter x Hunter too
Jonathan Nicolas
Jonathan Nicolas:
I would love to be an actor thats my dream life
Purnima Singha
Purnima Singha:
If I get this laptop as giveaway 🤔
Then I just cry 😭😭
Darian Hill
Darian Hill:
Where is this mans YT Channel, And why haven't I subscribed?
sijil o
sijil o:
Educated fellow 😂
M M:
i forgot he was british and was like 'why does he have an accent?' lmao
Beáta Berényi
Beáta Berényi:
Handsome man!
Anisha Rahman
Anisha Rahman:
Adin Chandra
Adin Chandra:
Wow, is so Good. I like it...

Plus : Windows 10, So Much Power. So Much Posibilities. I like it....
His whole place is a giant man cave. So cool.
Rufus Domition
Rufus Domition:
Frankly, I am here for Asa
Rodhel John Aviles
Rodhel John Aviles:
ahh i see you're a man of culture as well... we vibe
mavt green
mavt green:
So handsome! ✨
Jesus Child
Jesus Child:
Your eyes are so beautiful asa ❤️ love you from the time you played in merlin ❤️
Jônatas Pereira
Jônatas Pereira:
i conected with all things his like hahahahah. Would like to meet you in person, seens to be good people!
Rainbow Tabaosares
Rainbow Tabaosares:
Hoping i can travel the world and coincidentally seeing you with a smile on your face 😊☺️
YiChen Jiang
YiChen Jiang:
He has two cats and he says bass is the coolest instrument, objectively, yeah!
757 Superfan
757 Superfan:
Look how much he has grown (physically and mentally) since The Boy In The Striped Pajamas.
maddison land
maddison land:
I want to play Catan and Nintendo with him all night long
Kawaii Scorpy
Kawaii Scorpy:
2:39 that pikachu meme tho
PoPy Gamer
PoPy Gamer:
I would sure that we would be good friends cause we have exactrly the same hobbys
Soni sahab
Soni sahab:
Davie504 - I like this guy 😏
crusader gamer
crusader gamer:
I wonder where you can find that laptop I'm interested
I am watching this everytime.
He is everything.
Al Wilkins Burgos
Al Wilkins Burgos:
Slap them bass 🔥🔥✋✋
Music and Game
Music and Game:
Wow, I don't know Asa Butterfield got Dota 2 Award
Владимир Вълчев
Владимир Вълчев:
Does yours get really hot?
Jagdeep Singh
Jagdeep Singh:
Clever trick to market the product, hopefully will buy soon when launches in India
Damn. Aged so much since Ender's game
Sourabh Raja
Sourabh Raja:
Is that the fan noise when he starts using the G14 to game? It's LOUD.
Josh Christopher
Josh Christopher:
he's such a cool guy to hang out with
Rohit Maddy
Rohit Maddy:
Vanessa Aguilar
Vanessa Aguilar:
He Said Kiss My Spellbook
CraZyHen 25
CraZyHen 25:
Is the ROG rig reboot happening this year?
Nita iis
Nita iis:
Hallo love you from bali indonesia
Hafidz arr
Hafidz arr:
Hi there. I see you.,
Moonlight Wolfstar
Moonlight Wolfstar:
21 and still playing games: good boy 😌
Mia kim
Mia kim:
The cutiest nerd I’ve ever seen.🧡😍
DR3mber s2k
DR3mber s2k:
kiss my ... spellbook:D
Aruna Chakravarty
Aruna Chakravarty:
Gunpla. Truly a man of culture
Aadilya Aryan
Aadilya Aryan:
I have recently bought a asus rog laptop
fateh 125
fateh 125:
Do you do anything apart from gaming?
Moonlight Wolfstar
Moonlight Wolfstar:
Ik this sounds weird asking but is he married bec he has a ring on him or is he just wearing a ring :-: Ik it sounds weird but I just feel like asking 😂
Nazer Gamer
Nazer Gamer:
Commando Jessica
Commando Jessica:
My lockdown lyfestyle
Fatima Chowdhury
Fatima Chowdhury:
I am a huge fan of him since I watched his movie 'A boy in the stripped pajamas' during I was also a younger girl.
He tried to hide his non-ROG pc in his room.
Mallory Hopkins
Mallory Hopkins:
The cats are so cute
phantom 171
phantom 171:
Oh my god he became a man
Hil SP
Hil SP:
I like the dota2 poster.
Sanjay Sharma
Sanjay Sharma:
Can u play gift me a rog phone 3 plzzzzzzzzzzz
Bcoz i want became a gamer
ROG PHONE is the best
Corey Johnstone
Corey Johnstone:
This guy is so cool
SHA 쉐비
SHA 쉐비:
Chasing Dragons
Chasing Dragons:
My ASUS "Mil-Spec" FX505DV-PB74 currently clocks a CPU temp of 100° Celcius even AFTER performing all driver rollbacks and BIOS updates you requested. Temp was recorded using your own Armoury Crate software. This laptop was delivered 6 months ago and for all practical intents and purposes it is dead already. Great job Asus. Great job.
Moon Demon Gaming
Moon Demon Gaming:
Lalnunsanga Lalnunsanga
Lalnunsanga Lalnunsanga:
In comming home 😃😃😂😃😂😂
HIs accent has changed, he sounds more american I think
Avijit Dev
Avijit Dev:
U r getting mature
Avijit Dev
Avijit Dev:
U r being a man from a boy
Antonella Andrea
Antonella Andrea:
I love you so much Asa ♥️♥️
Java Eagle
Java Eagle:
Otiss yikes 😁
Uzi Jonathan
Uzi Jonathan:
Danggg cant believe it he is a huge dota 2 fans. Neither i
Aditya Rao
Aditya Rao:
For me he is Peter Parker
Prince Of Crime The Joker
Prince Of Crime The Joker:
I have a wish and a request for you dear Rog for you to make a dream unstoppable beast gaming laptop for all us and for your 🃏🤡 I plan to buy laptop from you in 2023 with rtx 3080 or higher due that period with water cooling with rayzen procesor because I wanna see if amd is truly better than Intel or not like people are saying and you should expend ram memory from 32 GB to 128 GB to be even more ahead from other gaming Brand's Best of luck to you my Asus ROG I hope you see this message and make my dream my wish come true much love ROG. ♥️♥️♥️ Everyone who share's my wish my dream hit 👍 down 👇👇👇 Thank you 🙏
Rien a carrer
MaacPierre Arya
MaacPierre Arya:
When i saw your cats, Hello Kitty kitties 💖
Lemo .c
Lemo .c:
ROG is good so good
Eduardo Fernandez
Eduardo Fernandez:
Hola, me llamo Señor Eduardo, soy muy fan de su marca y de sus productos, tambien soy un chaval de origen humilde y me gustaria dedicarme al mundo del entretenimiento. regalarme un ordenador full rog y sere tan bueno en internet que querreis patrocinarme, un saludo, os amo
MaacPierre Arya
MaacPierre Arya:
💖 Those Eyes 😍
Water Niger
Water Niger:
*_I don't like his voice._*
hossam shaheen
hossam shaheen:
you are the best actor
lubomir dimitrov
lubomir dimitrov:
You are Gamer
Patricia Tarino
Patricia Tarino:
I love youuuuuuuuuu, Asa 💕
Suman Das
Suman Das: