ROCKETS vs BUCKS | Giannis Antetokounmpo & James Harden Face Off In Milwaukee | March 26, 2019

The Bucks outscored the Rockets in fastbreak points, 28-2, en route to a 108-94 victory tonight in Milwaukee. Eric Bledsoe led the Bucks with 23 points (9-19 FG), along with 7 assists and 2 blocks, while Giannis Antetokounmpo added 19 points (7-15 FG), 14 rebounds and 4 assists in the victory. James Harden led the way for the Rockets with 23 points (9-26 FG), along with 10 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 blocks, while Chris Paul tallied 19 points (7-18 FG), 9 rebounds and 4 assists in the losing effort. With the win, the Bucks improve to 56-19, while the Rockets fall to 47-28 on the season.

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92 komento:

Tyler Kasuboski
Tyler Kasuboski:
Bledsoe steppin' it up and Lopez from DEEEEP!!! Greats Bucks defense, nice solid game from Giannis, all around nice team win. Keep on Truckin' Bucks!!!!
Namdaets 01
Namdaets 01:
Milwaukee played Harden the best this season, force him right, let him take those short shots, 1-9 from three... I LOVE it... Great team win... GO BUCKS
Terrell Brumfield
Terrell Brumfield:
Man I wish brogdan didn't get injured, this ain't even bucks at full power.
Giannis = M.V.F.

Most Valuable FREAK!!!!!....forget about 5:34 lol
Travis Donald Stanley
Travis Donald Stanley:
Great defense!
That wins championships.
Paul Hibbard
Paul Hibbard:
STATEMENT WIN!!! Magic number to clinch homecourt throughout is down to 3 BAYYY-BEEEEEE!
ICaNtThINkofACooName 30
ICaNtThINkofACooName 30:
No Brogdon Niko Gasol Snell they still win by double digits. This team just keeps on rolling and will only get better when the other guys return.
1985showtime lakers
1985showtime lakers:
Bledsoe MVP of this game lovely defense full court pressure should do that every possession shiiiiiit
My Bucks defense was great..Harden only went the free throw line like once only because G Hill didn't get the memo smh. Great team work
Simmons Family
Simmons Family:
Lopez with the flick of the wrist👌🏿
Bo Rood
Bo Rood:
Bucks have destroyed every top three seed in the league.
Mr.Airball 01
Mr.Airball 01:
Only thing I can really say to giannis about this game is that he needs to chill with the turnovers. Other than that solid as always. #roadtomvp
Isaac .A
Isaac .A:
Rockets were shooting bricks
Malachi Penalver
Malachi Penalver:
0:45 Giannis could've dunked that in their faces
Isaac .A
Isaac .A:
3:10 Don’t do it to him 😂
I'm so happy right now :) FEARTHEDEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO BREW CREW!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's official D'antonio is the most incompetent coach in the nba.😮 You know Eric Gordon hurt but you still play him over 20 minutes.You're already shorthanded already with No Gerald Green too.You get killed on the boards but don't play Faried or NeNe especially the way you shot from 3.🤔D'antoni never makes adjustments. He played a huge factor in this L.
1985showtime lakers
1985showtime lakers:
3:09 dam chris Paul carry that baby for 3 seconds between dribbles haha🤣
Bo Rood
Bo Rood:
I think Mil will have an easy championship run. Sweep the first two rounds. Toronto can only beat them once or twice. Then five games or sweep either GS or Houston.
Shane Drayton
Shane Drayton:
If the bucks keeps playing 94 feet on defense going towards the playoffs it's going to be them and the raptors in the Eastern conference finals
I was there behind the rim
Mike ferrari Ferrari
Mike ferrari Ferrari:
This was basically a playoff game for harden, and right on que he showed his true choking colors.
Vic Mon
Vic Mon:
Why rockets lost, those lously turn overs, swift momentum, gave the bucks 10000xp momentum , and we just started missing every shot. If shots fell it would of been a closer game or rockets would of tooken it.
Pierre Cozmybladderisempty
Pierre Cozmybladderisempty:
I have a hunch, just a hunch, that what the Bucks is to the Rockets is what the Pistons was to the Bulls in the early 90s.
Santonio Santonio
Santonio Santonio:
So glad we gave Bledsoe that contract
Somebody go call Michael Redd so he can get ready to collect his Ring
Raise Bledsoe 2K Rating @ronnie2k
4:38 beautiful fast break
Nick Viscariello
Nick Viscariello:
5:35 damn boi got posterized
Yo JH was that you "It actually takes skill...." you know what skill is on the NBA ? Consistency bro , you are a disgrace...
Quinton Onezine
Quinton Onezine:
I want to see these two teams in the finals .
Tony Preston
Tony Preston:
Wow the Bucks might win it all this year😳
I'm Slightly Mad
I'm Slightly Mad:
It's nice to have george hill and sterling brown back, you can really see the effect they have on our defense.
Quentin Coberley
Quentin Coberley:
The bucks supporting cast is slept on🤦🏾‍♂️ Giannis gets all the credit🤦🏾‍♂️
Mike B
Mike B:
He shot that from Lake Michigan!
Christian Estrella
Christian Estrella:
My Lord... CP3 had number 5 stumbling
Bucks beat Rockets.
Weibo Zhao
Weibo Zhao:
Dilly Dilly
Dilly Dilly:
Giannis humbled @ 5:33
Ben Mangrum
Ben Mangrum:
We’re coming for you Warriors #FearTheDeer
I've seen Harden step back 3 to the right before but I wonder why he didn't try drawing more fouls??
Lobsang Gyaltsen
Lobsang Gyaltsen:
Jjjjsjdjdjdj ejjejsnsns
Jjjjsjdjdjdj ejjejsnsns:
Haren with the no D
Chucky Finesse
Chucky Finesse:
MVP 34
So we just gon act like Giannis ain't get bodied @ 5:34 😭😂
Tripplexz99 !
Tripplexz99 !:
Houston rockets got beatin big time
Michael Medrano
Michael Medrano:
Gianna’s goat
And Kenneth Faried Didn’t play as well
Greatness Is earned
Greatness Is earned:
Eric Gordon wtf dude ? 23 minutes and zero points ? The Bucks put everything they had into slowing down Harden and he still had Twenty three but if his team doesn’t make them pay for that the Rockets can’t win like that . Horrible game to go cold in .
Yakaniachaad Official
Yakaniachaad Official:
jayvon burks
jayvon burks:
Number 5 has no d
Nick Smith
Nick Smith:
Who said nobody can stop Harden?! You must not watch basketball if you’re watching this weak ass dude get stuffed every game😂 yeah.. mvp right? 😂🤦‍♂️
Nasty PG
Nasty PG:
Audio Visual Proof
Audio Visual Proof:
Current MVP versus Future MVP, honestly Giannis he's this year's MVP and to James Harden, step down graciously. I'm a Poet and yah know it. lol
Christian Ramirez
Christian Ramirez:
Ese stranger locs
Ese stranger locs:
Go bucks
Julius Ulit
Julius Ulit:
This is what happens to Har_en when he doesn't get help from refs.
Mister Clutch
Mister Clutch:
Smh... Question? Where was the Manimal, Gordon and Néne at tonight?

Let's go Rockets!
Coup de Gras
Coup de Gras:
They didn't show Bledsoe's steal and stare down but they show Paul's push off
Simon Abel
Simon Abel:
Where is cps cross?
Wenyu Li
Wenyu Li:
Harden and the whole team choked for the whole game, except for Danuel House Jr, House is a very high percentage 3 point shooting, made all his threes, good to have him back on the Rockets! That Capela dunk on Giannis was nasty! CP3 breaking DJ Wilson's ankles was fire!
modig Abdi
modig Abdi:
MVP debate settled
The Caped Crusader
The Caped Crusader:
Neither had amazing games but, Giannis still MVP!
Nasty PG
Nasty PG:
3rd ayeee
Jayce Brady
Jayce Brady:
Kelly Oubre’s Son
Kelly Oubre’s Son:
I respect anyone that goes for blocks on dunks, whether it’s giannis, javale, even greats like tim duncan because even though they get dunked on occasionally they still go for blocks over and over again that’s the right mindset
Wenyu Li
Wenyu Li:
Not hating on the Bucks though
Julius Ulit
Julius Ulit:
I always confused between Bledsoe and Gordon 😆😆😆
spongebob squarepants
spongebob squarepants:
How yall got 11mill subs and dont get views
Bo Rood
Bo Rood:
No MVP for you, Mr Flop
Bo Rood
Bo Rood:
If you're not a top three seed you're not winning a championship. Only team that wasn't top three to win a title in the 3pt era was the 1995 Rockets.
He was questionable he obviously didn’t do nothing he’s on a bad ankle But they are trying to stay ahead of Portland for the 3rd seed But it looks like they have their own injury problems
1985showtime lakers
1985showtime lakers:
5:04 Lopez with catch and 2 steps then a dribble how blind are the refs 🤣 I guess they allow it since everyone lacks fundamentals besides that funny to watch
J D:
hey James! Don't you worry, the media ppl are stupid, they will still vote for you coz you scored 4 more points. XD
Giannis Look Like A Tall NBA Youngboy To Anybody Else ?
Spurs 2K20
Spurs 2K20:
Omg players only is just so awful. Please TNT get rid of that garbage
Pat Downs
Pat Downs:
The difference in this game was obviously Harden. He either figures out a way to handle the Buck's def or the Rockets might as well stay on the pad. First R/B game, Jan 9 (in Houston), Harden scored 41. Bucks threw something diff at him this time and he didn't adjust. For Harden in the playoffs, it's adjust or bust. What'll it be?
Cali Forvid
Cali Forvid:
Well what do you know, Harden didn’t score 30+ points in addition to only making it to the free throw line 5x & being 9-26 from the field. You Harden fanboys need to acknowledge that without the refs, JH13 is not nearly as dominant on offense.
Rad Roofer
Rad Roofer:
Giannis MVP and DPOY
Terrell Brumfield
Terrell Brumfield:
Buggooo ENT
Buggooo ENT:
Who thinks... Once Giannais gets a shot he will be a huge threat....
C h A r O n 713
C h A r O n 713:
It’s okay we’ll sweep the bucks playoff time no worries 😉
I'm inviting all rockets fans to this comment and hold this L
Warren Raglin
Warren Raglin:
Just study mode for the rockets
They could have won if they wanted
And they resting 🤔
Cream City
Cream City:
Finally all this nonsense about James Harden being MVP can end...Giannis is MVP and all hail the new king
Alexander Kelly
Alexander Kelly:
I hate houston. Let's go bucks.
Infirmary Psycho 1
Infirmary Psycho 1:
Giannis was baptized
Joey Ro
Joey Ro:
Go cry James Harden
Jesus Nava
Jesus Nava:
Why is everyone cockriding the bucks, haven’t made it past the 1st round since Kareem days lmao
rafael jordan
rafael jordan:
i'm 4 minutes into this video and 95% of the highlights are 3 point shots... i know i'm basically an old man yelling at clouds here but god i hate how basketball has evolved. i miss how it was in the 80s and 90s. no wonder d-wade is my favorite player of the modern era as a slashing guard who constantly attacked the rim/paint. just too many damn 3's, and after curry and harden, forget about it. kids growing up today won't even bother going into the lane
The Bucks Haven’t proved anything yet till play off time When it matters
Neither had amazing games, but harden still is the mvp!