Riot police fire water cannon at pro-democracy protesters in Thailand

Riot police in Thailand have fired water cannon and charged at crowds of protesters in the capital Bangkok, who had gathered in defiance of a strict state of emergency decree. (Subscribe:

Officers closed roads and put up barricades in the city centre as the student-led protesters demanded the resignation of the prime minister and sweeping reforms to the country's monarchy.
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Robert Pike
Robert Pike:
We are proud of all the Thai people for standing up to the corruption of your government. Please do not stop. Love from Canada
koko nana
koko nana:
These are high schoolers and university students and the majority of them are girls...little girls with 'White Ribbons' on their wrists, protesting against Thailand's dictatorship. They have no weapon nor bullet in their hands. The excessive use of force by the government and the police force against their own children & citizens here is beyond belief.
Jia Ma Ono
Jia Ma Ono:
Stand with Thai people!
อภิวัฒน์ สีดาเเหลม
อภิวัฒน์ สีดาเเหลม:
I​ am​ Thai.​ The​ protesters just​ want​ the​ real democracy and​ political reform​ .​ Moreover, the​ government​ tries to​ conceal the​ reality.
Nattapak Seetapn
Nattapak Seetapn:
Thailand has the richest king in the world. But most of the people were poor, the king lived in Germany, lived a rich life, ignored the people, even COVID 19.
Steven True
Steven True:
The west needs to stop backing the Thai royal family and their dictatorship and back democracy!
Hamunity The god
Hamunity The god:
Slave police everywhere,,they must realise they are paid from public money not by royal
Tony Bonner
Tony Bonner:
The Thai people deserve better
Be strong 💪
abdul harith ibrahim
abdul harith ibrahim:
This will not end so soon...the King is no more respected by its own people. Until he is dethroned
Jackie Daytona Regular human bartender
Jackie Daytona Regular human bartender:
Monarchs should be nothing more than chapters in history books, hopefully 2021 will be the year of the republic & all countries ruled by so called “royals” will be free
Power to the Thai people✊
I'm so sad Because the protesters, they were students aged 14-22 years, they gathered in peace.
ฉันเห็นว่าเป็นคำขอที่ถูกต้อง มีการเสียสละมากมายในเกาหลีเพื่อให้เป็นประชาธิปไตย แต่ประเทศไทยเป็นคำขอที่ชอบธรรมที่หวังว่าจะเกิดขึ้นอย่างสันติโดยไม่มีการนองเลือด เกาหลีมีความเสียสละมากมายก่อนที่จะเป็นประชาธิปไตย แต่ฉันหวังว่าประเทศไทยจะสงบสุขโดยปราศจากการนองเลือด
Roisin Mangan
Roisin Mangan:
good on the Thai people. The poverty there in some parts is heartbreaking.
Sneaky Islander85
Sneaky Islander85:
I'm Thai and thank you everybody for your support we young Thais want to have democracy 😥😥😥🙏🙏🙏
The water that is sprayed on people is not normal water, but with acidic chemicals, it can cause blindness and tinnitus, which they inject into people of the elderly and children. He accepted the way he did not want to do, and the procession could go any other way, but they did not. It wanted to challenge the people of Thailand, being dominated by power for a long time. Who will become slaves? We fight for our future.
J Tee55
J Tee55:
Oh boy. Here comes the government robots. Control and destroy their own people for the dictatorships. So sad. All Thai people for Thailand, but robots working for the dictatorship. Stay strong; nothing good comes easy. God bless freedom. It is given to all from God, not man!
Jenni JN Camera
Jenni JN Camera:
Protesters Got Bully From Dictator Monarchy And Dictator Government
Protesters They Are Protest And Expelled Dictator Government
mama pika
mama pika:
FYI, at 1:47 one of the protesters yelled “don’t hurt him” when the man in the grey shirt hit the police for self-defense. What they got in return was the police hurting them.
mick brown
mick brown:
Well done Thai people I stand with you ALL 😎
Komsan Pisuttha-anon
Komsan Pisuttha-anon:
This is the beginning of the war. People Vs the Monarchy.
Thailand is rules by military and corruption. It is communist. fake democracy the power is in the hands of police and soldiers.
Ryan Go_slim
Ryan Go_slim:
I would never bow to a person like that.
Jeff White
Jeff White:
Where's the human right?
Where's the free of speech?

Didn't western country see this or double standard!
Savior Anonymous
Savior Anonymous:
Sound of Bangkok
27 oct 2020

We fight for the freedom. we trying to keep peace. for sure. we can't win this situation without your help. we bleed. we pain. all that we need just everything stop. the tyrant will kill us all. please help us. we gonna accept a new democracy without any dout
tariq cader
tariq cader:
People & power.
1:54 "These protesters are not up against the might of the communist party of China, Thailand is a feudal regime"
The protesters just a few people,The most people are happy chill! chill!
cliff thomas
cliff thomas:
Power to the brave people of Thailand , people need to take back power for ourselves around the world , the one world government proposed by agenda 21 must not be allowed to happen , freedom!, freedom!, freedom!,freedom!👍
Sound Mind Project
Sound Mind Project:
Go Thailand
Earthalliance H
Earthalliance H:
This is the point of no return.
When the law ends and tyranny begins, the resistance will never stop.
Riot Police???? Better call it their real name: the enemy of freedom.
Support Thailand people form 🇹🇼
Ario Rafie
Ario Rafie:
Long live democracy!
Down with dictatorship!
firdaus asuka
firdaus asuka:
Incoming recession era inevitable my friends
This Thai government deserves global sanctions put on it for its reaction to peaceful protesters.
John Lee
John Lee:
Hong Kong: *First Time?*
Decharpac Polpong
Decharpac Polpong:
Thank you for this short scoop. It means a lot to our demand for freedom.
Thailand belongs to the people.
I Shall No Longer Tolérance BS
I Shall No Longer Tolérance BS:
We will not give up till we get what we've come for! It is time to take the power back, if not now then not ever?! FREEDOM TO THE PEOPLE, DEMOCRACY TO ALL! เราจะเดินหน้าต่อไป ไม่ถอยหลัง!
Be strong Thai, Hong Kong stand with you!
NEVER EVER listen to the media. This whole thing stinks. You want the truth? Sit tight, read up, and start taking the "Right" action. For all you folks out there in the West, listen well:

You all know that the world is heading towards a global government. They have finally set their plan in motion. The young people here have the right mindset, but they are playing into their hands like pawns. History repeats and it's going to get ugly. They claim to want the Monarch out in favor of a democracy. What they don't know is that the whole situation is a staged setup. Do you remember Marie Antoinette? The Austrian Dutchess who married King Louis XVI. She is what is known as a "Strawman", a type of puppet that is sacrificed by the handlers in order to push a political movement. What happened to Marie is that she was portrayed as living a lavish live style while the farmers and working class starved. This lead to the French Revolution, which resulted in France becoming an indentured nation. It never recovered.

Thailand has its own version of Marie, the current Thai King who isn't Thai at all. He lives abroad, lives a lavish life, and is a strawman. His actions are on purpose, to incur a revolution in Thailand. The Monarchy will be dismantled and the people THINK they will get a Democracy. This is the deadly trap. They will not get a Democracy, they will get a masked version of Communism. The handlers will distribute the wealthy to the ruling class, while the lower classes get "just enough to satisfy them, but in reality, it simply isn't much". It's called Bread and Circuses. As time passes, the middle class will be destroyed and there will only be the poor and the rich.

If the Thai people wish to avoid this terrible fate, you NEED to start executing your VIPs and foreign influencers (infiltrators/insurgents that are in the Govt). You need to draft a Constitution and a Bill of rights and proclaim a Republic. You need to add a very important amendment: Death Penalty to any Government Official or Public Servant that undermines your Constitutional Rights. It will prevent corrupt officials from trying to run for office. The USA needs something like this today, but I fear it is too late for the US to recover. Thailand is the last nation in the world that has a chance to fight this. Don't let us down. In this kind of war, some of you have to die trying, so your descendants can avoid a future like China. Are you all willing to die trying?
Stop being peaceful and fight back, we stand with you
From Hong Kong
ฤทธิไกร การภักดี
ฤทธิไกร การภักดี:
ประเทศไทย สู้สู้ 🌹👍
Kevin Hayes
Kevin Hayes:
I don't think the people are feeling the love 😂
Everyone must respect the law. The government is right to enforce the law. ทุกคนต้องเคารพกฎหมาย รัฐบาลบังคับใช้กฎหมายอย่างถูกต้อง
Stay strong Thai, Belarus is with you!
quelque chose
quelque chose:
Thank you for reporting this despite the gov prohibit local news to report about the protest
"Thailand is a feudal regime" It is sad that this sentence is true, for now
A C:
Cried from seeing the footage...brings back all the memories from 2019. God bless Thailand and May the real democracy and justice will eventually come to our lands.
Lots of love from Hongkong
Maria Chan
Maria Chan:
Love From UK!
AYaraya CH
AYaraya CH:
Thank you everyone for support us!!!💗💞✨
Police vs protesters

Thailand : thaibox style
Indonesian : pro wrestling style
Sam. S
Sam. S:
Standing with Thailand from Hong Kong
Carmen J. Powell
Carmen J. Powell:
1:47 I quit my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
I'm from Hong Kong! 100% Support Thai Protesters!

We don't want Dictator! Step Down!

🙏🏻【Fight for FREEDOM · Stand with THAILAND】
Alexander Borodin
Alexander Borodin:
Books on BookRix and on Smashwords.: "Non vowel resources of some good mood", "The planet of biorobots?"
Mortimer Duke
Mortimer Duke:
Now, THESE have been the kind of “relatively peaceful” protests US Fake News media have been trying to gaslight everyone into thinking BLM & Antifa terrorists have been up to.
ethan pangilinan
ethan pangilinan:
HK protesters be like: welcome to the club
Thats crazy, i had no idea this was going on in thailand i love that place, no media coverage of it where im from
Mike McNamee
Mike McNamee:
They're not saying "slaves", they're saying "get out"
Morris Bruns
Morris Bruns:
When he said they were chanting 'Slaves', what they were actually chanting was 'Get out'. Ogk Bai means get out not slaves
Virginia López
Virginia López:
Proud of Thai people! Please stay safe and take care... Love from Latin American
Aldrin Abad
Aldrin Abad:
Stuart Reynolds
Stuart Reynolds:
I lived in Thailand for 6 years and was there during the red shirt crackdown and Military coup. The propaganda and military TV channels churn out these false beliefs of a corrupt institution being kind and caring where the truth is quite the opposite. They have had this brainwashing and indoctrination beaten into them at school and by their state controlled media but the young generation with the internet have discovered the real truth and finally can see the bs through the lies being told to them. It's a joy to see them finally get off their knees, find their voices and demand change for a better, fairer Thailand. Good luck to you all, you have millions around the world supporting you. X
Silver gray
Silver gray:
Oh that report being slam by Duterte because of fake news
The potesters !! who are a human rights violation of other Thai people ผู้ประท้วงคุณละเมิดสิทธิมนุษยชนของประชาชนคนอื่น
ชนะ ชาวเกาะ
ชนะ ชาวเกาะ:
Ritsada Kanlayachainuwat
Ritsada Kanlayachainuwat:
Thank you for your support. From Thailand 🤍
Aj Khan
Aj Khan:
Well done Thai people. Don't give up your fight for freedom.
Panasat Rattanaprasit
Panasat Rattanaprasit:
1:19 Murayama?
ชื่อ นามสกุล
ชื่อ นามสกุล:
Moreover, water cannons were filled with irritant chemicals.
gendo monk
gendo monk:
police think it's time for songkran ...
but it's actually time for unity...

i'm so happy people in thailand waking up
Mr B
Mr B:
Nice to see the king back for a holiday in Thailand ,👍
Kamolwan Chatchawan
Kamolwan Chatchawan:
Galaxy J2prime
Galaxy J2prime:
Vicky Meltha
Vicky Meltha:
same here happen in indonesia recently student want revoke omnibus law. support from indonesia stay safe thailand love you brothers asean!!
ARVIA mentari
ARVIA mentari:
Proud for Thai people who stand, keep fighting, From Indo
The protesters!! Traitor!traitor ! 💀
mas iver
mas iver:
I love how you being pro to the people by labelling the police “RIOT”. I love that, keep it up pals!!!! STAND WITH THAILAND AND OTHER ASEAN FRIENDS!! The same movement happened in Indonesia as well!! Long live people!!
This is the beginning of a new chapter! T_T
Wm Johns
Wm Johns:
This thai military dictatorship should realize that all these students whom are being attacked with chemically treated water cannons and hit by the police have parents and families. Now the government has parents angry at this Draconian Hong Kong type government. 🤫
Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor:
People tax to hurt people.
Country we have.
Alexander Borodin
Alexander Borodin:
Thanks to the authors of the channel for always interesting materials!
ดํารงศักดิ์ หิมพานต์
ดํารงศักดิ์ หิมพานต์:
ณัฎฐกิตต์ ถนอมเกียรติคุณ
ณัฎฐกิตต์ ถนอมเกียรติคุณ:
Absolute Monarchy VS The​ Real Democracy
ALL_Time One
ALL_Time One:
I come from Thailand, this story is very serious from this clip, Having a car injecting toxins is not lethal, it will only sting the eyes, but where the news in the royal court comes from.
Dave Miranda
Dave Miranda:
this will be a non stop cycle of protest in other years if the thai people will not succed in having a democracy.
Wizard Fate
Wizard Fate:
Thailand is a place for the hopeless sinner Tyrants.
Who have hurt their own citizen just to save their own?
Thailand is one of the lowest quality of life has been resource-rich but with so few of thai citizen benefiting from this.
[-Adrenaline-] [MG]
[-Adrenaline-] [MG]:
King's DEMON
Lodemé Carp
Lodemé Carp:
Take care Thailand. I love Thailand. Im from Philippines.
Bacon Pancakes
Bacon Pancakes:
1:50 lol Spartans in 2020
Thailand & Indonesia 🔥
Jaokuhn Productions
Jaokuhn Productions:
I am Thai the people just wants to gets their rights and reform the monarchy and beat the dictatorship
Fahjy got7
Fahjy got7:
I hear too!!!
M. Bashara Hadid
M. Bashara Hadid:
Keep fighting against the corrupt government Thai people! Love from your neighbouring country, Indonesia
I ‘m happy.My King and Queen are very nice kind and help me ❤️