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True story of a British soldier (David Thewlis) who is left behind in the war with Argentina in 1982.
I don't own the copyright.
Spanish subtitles mine.

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The daily Quibbler
The daily Quibbler:
Young David Thewlis 😍😍
How has this avoided a copyright strike? Well, I don't mind, Saved me from having to buy the film! Also, young David Thewlis is my life
Egor650 lazovsky
Egor650 lazovsky:
Непричастные награждены.
Невиновные наказаны.
Обычное дело.
ItsGamerGirlGabe Roblox
ItsGamerGirlGabe Roblox:
Lol I'm just watching this cause of Ewan Stewart
lows xo
lows xo:
Little did I know that Remus Lupin was an actor before returning to the life of wizardry.
MrCool Mug
MrCool Mug:
Thanks for uploading this.
Chris Davie
Chris Davie:
He ran away from battle. He didn't want to die. So what? It's a human fight or flight response. It's natural. You can't expect every human to choose the same outcome.

If that torture scene really did happen in this "true story" then those individuals are just as robotic and emotionless as the enemy....mentally destroyed from war itself.
So did he admit to running in the end?
David Schneider
David Schneider:
los argentinos volverán a las malvinas
I had the biggest woah moment when I saw David Lonsdale, who I'm more used to seeing in Heartbeat, swearing lmao.
Mariela D.
Mariela D.:
Please leave your comment. Thanks
Luis R
Luis R:
Los subtitulos en español, desde la mitad de la pelicula no existen.
paul deavin
paul deavin:
it is your duty to build up your buddies self-confidence and make him a worthwhile member of the team. every soldier is frightened in battle if he says different his a liar. the true cowards here are the bullies.
Steve Coogan @ 20:38
Understandable that he ran...but have the balls to admit it.
THE Don Spaghetti & Ravioli
THE Don Spaghetti & Ravioli:
Good movie based on true story
val Altamirano
val Altamirano:
Tambien galeses de gales.
Philip Williams was his real name. Wrote a book called summer soldier.....I have no idea why at the end it says its ALL fiction.
Graham Dickson
Graham Dickson:
37.25 mins guy in the amusement arcade is the guy that really went missing.
val Altamirano
val Altamirano:
La ex pareja de mi madre fue combatiente de malvinas, combatio en monte london, se salvo pero quedo con secuelas hasta estos dias por las bombas inglesas y combatio cuerpo a cuerpo, mis respeto a los soldados irlandeses y escoxeses porque fueron a una guerra que no les pertenecia como tambien a los concriptos que fueron maltratados por los superiores bastardos y cobardes de la dictadura, se hacian los machos en argentina pero en la guerra muchos cabos, sargentos, coroneles mandaban al frente a los pibes, me lo conto la pareja de mi madre, este muchacho escoxes se aturdio y sufrio lo mismo, porque los ingleses tambien mandaron al frente a los excoseses y irlandeses mas mercenarios y luego pasaban ellos, cobardes, traidores. Justicia para los que sufrieron abuso de poder.
Arcanus Gampleys DLA
Arcanus Gampleys DLA:
Las pocklefts son Argentines
Fackius ingleses
Bautista 396
Bautista 396:
En la guerra moriréis por su dinero.
En la guerra moriréis por su interés