Reply 1988 Real Ending (plot twist)

Reply 1988 is one of the Kdramas that i've ever watched.
it's so heartwarming with beautiful plot.
After 4 years, i still rewatch it and still curious about what happened to Jung Hwan? did he find his true love after these years? did he get his happy ending? whats his reaction on deoksun and taek's wedding? and a lot of question.
Then i found theory about whats actually happened with him. my heart broke into piece when i found out he got sad ending. but now i can sleep well after get all the answers of my questions

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Daniel Sedo
Daniel Sedo:
The ending alone in the final product (ep20) was enough to make me cry. If JungHwan's death was added, idk if i'd be able to move on. To this day, I still ship DS and JH. They were soulmates but not meant to be together.
pragya yelve
pragya yelve:
I'm happy this is not the ending .
Yssa Ermitanio
Yssa Ermitanio:
But let's be honest. If this end up to be the real ending, it could have been more iconic and more recognized than how the real ending was. For the people that loved his character and this drama, it could hurt so much but for the critiques it's different. But I'm in the latter soooo.. nope hahaha I'm happy he had his happy ending.
Darlene Niro
Darlene Niro:
This is highly unlikely. Read this instead:

This was written by a youtube account owner who goes by 0dandie0. And it really explains into depth the love relationship between junghwan, deokson, and taek. So here it goes, it is quite long.
"I have no intention to dissuade you, everyone's entitled to their feelings. But it does seem that your feelings are mainly coming from watching through JH-colored glasses and not fully understanding the drama as a whole. Your misunderstanding could likely be based on lack of knowledge in Korean language/culture/and the concept of Baduk. This drama is not just what you see and hear but it's brilliantly written and twisted with style, and you really need to watch carefully and analyze to get 100% out of it.

The main theme of this series of Reply is Family(and love ofc but family first)and Baduk is the biggest metaphor in the drama representing Family/Love. Baduk is a game of building "zip"(means home). So it is very fitting that the main lead is a professional Baduk player(someone who builds home/family). Baduk is often compared to life, as you make "choices" that can't be undone and every move you make along the way will determine final outcome. Also there can never be two identical Baduk match ever, every match is unique and original of its own, hence the old Korean saying "there is truth of life in Baduk". The main love competition btw JH and TK is a big game of Baduk. JH is black stone and TK is white. Black stone has the advantage and always plays first. White starts off late and has the disadvantage of 6.5 zips(homes) behind. Does this rule of Baduk ring a bell? Yes, TK only came forward in this love triangle in the latter part of the episode 6(TK calls DS and asks her out to a movie on the night of the first snow)

Also, note that TK's character is based on a real-life, legendary Baduk player Lee Changho. There are countless homage references to LCH from his matches(the games in the drama are exact copies of LCH's) to his family background(LCH's father also owns a jewelry shop) and personality(LCH is also introverted, hates interviews, can't tie his shoe laces, challenged in operating simple household gadgets) LCH's Baduk style is non-aggressive, appears to be very slow, low-profile and timid. Many players who were brutally beaten by him recall that they "thought" they were winning until the end. And this quality of LCH is closely mimicked by TK in the drama.

TK always made right choices at the right time(this doesn't make him an strategical opportunist, but rather as JH puts it TK was more ardent, and out of love, without any hesitation, he gives DS what she's looking for every time. TK is also represented as a slow turtle(his nickname was "turtle-Taek" since episode 10 among fans, he proposed DS with golden turtle as well) but we all know who wins the race in Aesop's fable, "a turtle and a hare." At the end of a Baduk game, the white player is given 6.5 homes for the initial disadvantage he had. This explains the more screen time for TK and less for JH twrds the end.

The kiss scene of TK and DS in Beijing Hotel in episode 19 gave me chills. As the camera zooms out, did you notice the house-motif fire place in the background? And yes, it's white. TK's been earnestly and successfully built his home all along, step by step. Now then why did the director decide to use the perspective of JH instead of TK or DS? We were mainly shown from JH's one sided point of view and this made a lot of people confused. Is this just to troll everyone to think that JH is the husband? At the end of every Baduk game, players do sth called "Bokgi"(review match). Although the outcome is already determined, Bokgi is still a crucial part of the game and often referred to as "the flower(beauty) of Baduk". It is basically a replay of all the moves during the match. Bokgi is entirely a time for the loser, it is time of humility and introspection. Only the loser can refuse Bokgi, the winner has no say in this. Bokgi is a very painful process for both parties but it is the only time where the loser will gain much more than the winner. Through Bokgi, the loser identifies his own mistakes, face his weaknesses and learn from them. The love relationship btw JH, DS and TK was indeed JH's Bokgi. This is very evident especially in episode 18, at the end JH revisits all his mistakes from the past to present and faces it like a man. He thinks about what he could have done, and learns a life lesson to step up. Although this type of storytelling(anti-antagonistic narrative) did somewhat trolled many, I personally was in awe with the writer/director for employing such innovative, original method.

This sure is not a typical everyday drama that we come across. This is just brilliant! Another big point to recognize is that although TK had a bare minimum screen time in the beginning, his presence was always there. Everyone talked about TK, the kids, the parents, friends from school, even the radio and TV. The kids always gathered into TK's room whether he is there or not. TK's room is a big metaphor for TK's presence. He provides the emotional "home" for the kids. The kids spent their childhood and youths, their young days in his room. It's a place of heart for the kids, it represents the good old times they can reminisce and wish to go back in time in a heartbeat. Therefore, the show rightly begins and ends in TK's room. TK's little cozy room under a soft afternoon sunlight is the signature scene from Reply 1988. Now, was the male lead switched at the end from JH to TK? I hardly doubt it. Although the storytelling was from JH's perspective, everything else in the drama was all pointing to TK. That's why unlike Overseas fans, many Korean fans did catch early on that TK is the husband. I myself became sure TK was the husband by episode 6, during the narration of Lee Munse, but many caught on by the first 2 episodes. There are endless amount of foreshadowing and metaphors that are all pointing to TK. I rewatched the entire series 3 times and now I am convinced that by episode 2, you are given pretty much all the clues. For example, when TK enters his room in episode 1, the camera focuses on the swing clock at 6pm, and it rings 6 times, indicating that TK will make his real appearance in episode 6. 4.33 is another very clever metaphor. The name Suyeon and goldfish candies and goldfish buns were great foreshadowing tool leading to TK as well. So many symbolism on wedding theme btw TK and DS gives no room for any doubt. Anyways this is getting too long. I suggest you do some research and re-watch the whole thing again. You will only see how much you know, but I promise you you will see much more than the first round."
Yes, jung hwan died. And his spirit live in taek. So in the movie old taek character not the same like young taek. I mean the communication between old DS and old taek its like between young DS and young JH.
Tiara Faith
Tiara Faith:
Well if this ending was put to the drama, I can't imagine how I'd cry. I cried like a baby at the final episode.
Also I finally understand why Jung-pal wasn't included at the group photo on Bo-ra & Sun-woo's wedding 😭😭
Ahahahaha love this theory. However, if you are familiar with her works (all Reply series, Prison Playbook, Hospital Playlist), you'll see that this would not be the kind of ending she has in mind. She loves to write about the warmth of relationship, the joy of hope, and the virtue of perseverance. Thus, it would never be her intention to give her viewers tragic or over-dramatic stories. She would want us to cry out of joy, not out of despair.
10 R
10 R:
When Junghwan confess to Deoksun I cried alot aloott!! not just only after watching, but day after day so if this story is use for the ending Reply 1988 maybe I will be depressed 😭
Apuii Ralte
Apuii Ralte:
I'm glad they changed the plot...if not I'd cry even harder...Jung Hwan should really ended up with Duk Seon😭😭😭
Angela Tang
Angela Tang:
Jung Hwan character is such a sad story, sadder than Chilbongie.
Aulia Fitratun Hasanah
Aulia Fitratun Hasanah:
I'm sure I wouldnt ready for that kind of ending.. i prefer Jung Hwan alive although he cant marry dukseon :") he should be happy whatever happened! Omo i love junghwan so bad. Hope to see the real Ryu Jun Yeol marry Lee Hye Ri ASAP. I wanna see their children!!
MariXxna A
MariXxna A:
Tell me why I’m crying like I’m watching the actual scene!??🤚🏼🥺
Jamie Oliva
Jamie Oliva:
I was very confused when the old Taek was shown at the beginning. I thought he was Jung Hwan cause he acts like Jung Hwan. It was only at the end when they showed Taek’s trait like opening the can and him being shy in front of the camera
Gabriella Mailoa
Gabriella Mailoa:
I loved the ending as it is now, but imagine if the original ending wasn't changed. This drama will surely be remembered by so many people and became one of the best tearjerker of all time.
hey D
hey D:
the most reasonable why in eps 19--20 JH's mom always sad. it's not only about menopause, its mother'a premonition of their child. also when suddenly the parent look back the memories about JB and JH. in the last eps JH have no conversation with DS just look like JH only the cameo in eps 19&20
Jessy Seguerra
Jessy Seguerra:
I just finished watching this series, yeah 4 years late and oddly thanks to the current stay at home set up.
Im kindda glad this is not Jung Hwan ending, its gonna be sad to know he is gone vs. knowing somewhere this is a Jung Hwan living, and maybe finally getting his happy ending learning from his mistakes with Deok Sun. Loved his character, he is so caring, resilient and "fatherly" of the 5 neighbor friends. 🖤
Firda Tri Wahyuni
Firda Tri Wahyuni:
For me, Chilbong ending was more hurt and sad than Junghwan.


If all of these are true, Junghwan is the most saddest character.
poy poy
poy poy:
Imagine this is the ending. It would be twice as heartbreaking as the original ending
i cried when Dong Il retired and he was talking with his life and said he is retired and his life has passed on. He’s just going to live his until he dies, which made me sad. Thinking we will all be at the point where we realized that our life has passed on and the best we can do is live the remaining days of our life.
Haniza Alfiani
Haniza Alfiani:
Ive finished the drama and happy this theory not the ending. Cause Taek and DS ma fav couple hhh
Soleil Sierra
Soleil Sierra:
If this was really the ending I would cry so fckin hard like even harder than the way I cried during his confession.
Kyle Gene Calatrava
Kyle Gene Calatrava:
I cried a river for its 20 episodes, but as I watch this video, I cried a whole damn pacific ocean. I just can't accept if these scenes were really included in the drama. Now, I'm currently searching on how to mend a broken heart. :((
Emmy Del Rosario
Emmy Del Rosario:
We need to have sequel to Reply 1988, so we will know what really happened to all the characters. I love all the actors here, very good acting!
lee huimang
lee huimang:
i cried a lot without this scenes imagine if the drama ends like that how would i live
JenHer G
JenHer G:
Wahhh. Why am I watching this one 😢 It brings me heartache 😢😢 Im happy that it's not the ending. 😢 Tears fall down to my face as I watched this video. JungHwan doesn't deserve that kind of ending 😑😑😑
xxyeollie xx
xxyeollie xx:
If this was the ending this would hurt like scarlet heart JANSNSNS
YunadA Yuliantari
YunadA Yuliantari:
I'm quite sad with the ending, now this fact make me more sad. Reply series is truly masterpiece
Norefa 04
Norefa 04:
I'm crying just by reading and watching this.. 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Leda Haras
Leda Haras:
I've read and now im crying a lot. Jung hwan, i can't accept with any stories. I think, even jung hwan not dating with deoksun, he deserve to be happy 😭😭
Ahgasejum Ahgase
Ahgasejum Ahgase:
Best drama ever I know I'm late...this drama gave a mix feelings sometime I laughed my lung out n sometimes I cried my eyes pop out n sometimes fall in love with their chemistry n really gave us thought to cherish our youth b love one❤️👌😍😭
Rose Ann Eñesen
Rose Ann Eñesen:
Im very happy that the ending is not like this🤦‍♀️because if ever there is Season 2 I can’t watch it without Jung hwan😌
Janida Marabong
Janida Marabong:
goosebumps, if this really is the ending then i don’t know if i’ll be able to watch another drama
NooNae in your area
NooNae in your area:
I aslo read this somewhere online after i finsihed watching the series 3 weeks ago ( I KNOW. THATS JUST4 YEARS TOO LATE. I KNOW, I SUCK). Source said this supposed to be the ending but got changed bec someone leaked it online ughhh!!

Can't say that im happy this wasn't the actual ending. It would have been best if they showed this and didnt change the script. It wouldve given us (and Deoksun ofcourse 🤣) proper closure with JH. Tho i believe i'd really cry my balls out for sure 😭✊ but it just fits. And if they really did this, they couldve really given us peace AND MAKE SCENES FOR THE SUNG-CHOI WEDDING WE DESERVE 😭💕

Even tho i just finished this, im really having thoughts on watching it again. Sue me 🤣
If this really happened, I definitely won't get over the series
Nikki Thomas
Nikki Thomas:
This ending would have been another level of heartbroken-ess. I already cried a lot with what happened in the end, I don't know if I can survive with this supposed ending...
Sometimes, a happy ending is enough.. No need for tragic ones, so I'm thankful this didn't happen.
sinar mentari
sinar mentari:
I would never ever think to rewatch it if the ending comes like that, just read this video has already makes me feel bad
Mursyid Mohamad Nor
Mursyid Mohamad Nor:
Mursyid Mohamad Nor
Mursyid Mohamad Nor:
i wish we could see Taek and Deok Sun’s wedding tho..
MaeB A
MaeB A:
ohmy!that's why i'm confused the whole time about DS's husband in the present. i thought it was JH😪
James Dean
James Dean:
i knew it!!! something bad is supposed to happen to Jung Hwan when he left the house going back to the camp. You can sense it based on Mi Ran's reactions and Jung Hwan's scene when he saw Sun Wo drinking alone in the tent. He was looking at his watch as if something is bound to happen. Haaaissst! if they stick to this plot, for sure i will cry more than what i had watching this drama. I love them all so luckily they have changed the plot. i dont want any of them to die..... I FUCKING LOVE THIS DRAMA!!!!
Llely Xoxo
Llely Xoxo:
I'm sorry but I totally forgot. What episode is it "The kiss scene at the airport with DS"???
Riezca Biastami
Riezca Biastami:
its gonna bee bittersweet ending though, i can imagine how sad i am if this one is the ending. thanks got its no. i cant imagine how i’ll survive after watching the last episode
Thao TONG:
If the ending would be like this, I just want to ask the writer: Why must you be so cruel to the perfect boy Jung Hwan? :(
A T:
I would be so heartbroken if this was the ending 😭😭 I prefer him to be alive somewhere even if he's not with deoksun
4C Ayra
4C Ayra:
mah fav character is Bo-ra, Soo-youn, and Taek.
the goodest Couples is Taek and Soo-Youn
Zarah Maulidya
Zarah Maulidya:
if its the ending i would cry for the whole month😭😭
Elsyaviana Vanietha
Elsyaviana Vanietha:
This is more acceptable ending for me, even this will be sad ending but I like this ending more, than the original ending which let JH got heartbreak :(.
Noelia 1771
Noelia 1771:
This is my fav drama since always! I’m glad that this is not the ending cause I cried so hard for 20 episodes of almost an 1 hour EO so imagine if this was the ending? I think I wouldn’t be able to handle. I was always on taeki side but still was really hard to choose
Adina Romael
Adina Romael:
I recently watch this after I'm done watching the whole episodes. Once more, I'm in tears. Can't imagine if this mentioned in the drama.
hakuna matata
hakuna matata:
I still watch this drama. This is my favorite drama. If this is the end i'd rather not to watch again. Because JH is the best character. I love him so much, he's the real men. IF this was the real end i cry like child and never watch or listen this drama again. After watch this video it makes me so gloomy and sad. I wanna cry......
rapii Salem
rapii Salem:
I really love this series so much! ❤ i've seen this countless times.. though i'm really rooting for JH & DS still Taek deserves DS.. 🥰 after knowing that JH & DS are couple in real life up to this day.. it makes my heart more joyful.. they may not be destined on this series but i hope in real life they will ❤ kuddos Reply 1988 🍾🥰
Mello Melon
Mello Melon:
I used to think in the beginning that the man who ended up marrying deokseon was Junghwan but the ending took me really off-guard. 😭😭😭😭
Lata Kale
Lata Kale:
Recently rewatched R 1988,if this was the ending really really heart would break,
Hanna Cabido
Hanna Cabido:
Still can’t move on from the series. I’m done watching last night and seeing this video literally crumpled my heart. What a relief to know that this wasn’t the ending. I would totally go insane if it’s this
Setiya Wati
Setiya Wati:
I will cry a lot if it really happened. 😭
Joane Montesclaros
Joane Montesclaros:
If this was the ending, i would have cried an ocean instead of just crying a river. 😭😭😭
Bryan Lamar
Bryan Lamar:
[email protected]!! I can’t count anymore the number of times I laughed and cried watching this series and having discovered this “supposed ending” made me cry once more! What a sad JH story! At some point, I pitied JH’s role the fact the he wasn’t able to confess (I know he made one but he made it to appear like a joke) his love for DS. Never thought there’s something even worse than that! But actually, in that scene where JH is about to leave home to go back to the camp and his mom Mi Ran cried, my reaction was “Hell no! No way you’re gonna kill JH in this series! No please!!” Glad they decided to omit that part and made him alive even during BR and SW’s wedding! Reply 1988 is one of my favorite series if not my most favorite series so far!!
I rechecked Bora's wedding and JH is really not included in the family photo huhuhu I'm gonna cry
IMEEE’s Wonderland
IMEEE’s Wonderland:
I cried while watching this even thought it had been years since i saw the drama
Ahgasejum Ahgase
Ahgasejum Ahgase:
Final episode made my eyes swollen n my heartache..still can't get of the best drama😭👌😍😂
khana komala
khana komala:
It would be a tragic story if JH died 😭😭
I literally cried through the ending if this would have been the ending i would have been devastated he is my favourite character
rygean pursues
rygean pursues:
my heart is even more broken now
Kiki ShalsaBella
Kiki ShalsaBella:
I'm still not satisfied with the ending. like there is something lacking ... but what else is the decision of the writer 😭
Nainika Dewan
Nainika Dewan:
this actually make sense cause why wouldnt they show us the marriage of taek and dok sun , ofcourse they would have shown us and how the families accepted them , this was suppose to be the ending that is why we dont even see the last glimpse of all the friends together again . I'm so sad rn
Hilmi Hanifah
Hilmi Hanifah:
It's a good thing that this ending never happened
Kimbap Kidding
Kimbap Kidding:
If this became the real ending I don't know how would i move on😥
Jean J
Jean J:
I cant imagine how i'd cry if this end up to be real ending. Maybe depress. The final ep20, enough to make me cry and broken hearted when DS and JH not together.
Anitha Moorthy
Anitha Moorthy:
Anyone wondering what happened to jin ju?? I wanted to know how she turned out to be and her relationship with her brothers sw and step brother taek....
This series deserves more recognition! All those scenes are actually happening in real life. The casts are also perfect for their characters. ❤ I don't think they're gonna give us a sequel from this series tho, the lessons are enough. The writer/s and director/s just wanted us to show how life can be difficult at times and how easy life must be. What a touching story and a fun roller coaster ride with them! ❤❤❤
Celestial dreamer
Celestial dreamer:
Even though I watched reply 1988 two years I cried so hard after knowing this ending. I cried as if my own family member died
Micole Seno
Micole Seno:
Wish I didn't see this 😭😭😭. I'll stick with the ending on the drama.
On Monday I was in episode 3 of these wonderful drama, when I decided to look for a song that played at the end. I came to YouTube and guess what? I couldn't find the song but I came across with this video thumbnail. I shut down YouTube. But imagine the whole 17 episodes left waiting and being heartbroken for this plane crash.😭😭😭😭
Bing Abrian Resurreccion
Bing Abrian Resurreccion:
Just by merely reading this, I CRIED AGAIN!💔 Thank God that they changed the ending, because if they did not, I don't think I can handle it! However, just thinking that the pilot's death happened in real life broke my heart!💔😭
I am a mother too, and burying one's child is the most painful thing that can happen to a parent! I really prayed for them.🙏🙏🙏
Caden Morse
Caden Morse:
This first 10 seconds literally sent chills down my spine and idk why
Phoebe Keziah
Phoebe Keziah:
With the aired ending i cried so loud, idk ehat woudlve happened if this ending got aired instead.
Now I really can't move on to this drama after watching this 😩😭
mas lalo akong naiyak. kakatapos ko lang neto kanina eh. tas iyak ako ng iyak kasi di si jung hwan naka tuluyan ni dukseon tas makikita ko to😭 now it makes sense kung bakit ganon nalang si Mi Ran every night😭 from the very start i am very fond of jung hwan na talaga kaya ganto nalang sakin kasakit malaman na namatay siya😭 huta. masakit na nga yung last episode tas ito pa😭😭😭
Cess Cess
Cess Cess:
I don't know if i could be happy seeing this video. It breaks my heart. The theory sounds plausible and i cannot take it away in my system. I feel so sad about jung pal!
This made me cry 😭 if this was in the show I would have died of sadness
Mac-Lyn Orbeta
Mac-Lyn Orbeta:
I don’t think I would be able to recover from pain if this how it ends. JH is my favorite guy .
Carrel Joy Magdaluyo
Carrel Joy Magdaluyo:
Adila Dima
Adila Dima:
i cried even watching this theory. can't imagine if it really happens as the ending i'll wake up with my swollen eyes
0:20 was there actually such a scene?
Marnel Llantino
Marnel Llantino:
I will be broken forever if happen it to Jung Hwan.💔 It will breaks my heart a lot.🤧 I will never accept the ending if Jung Hwan will die in that accident.😭💔
Rinchin Lamu
Rinchin Lamu:
I am really satisfied by the ending as I loved Taek and DS
This ending would have made me uneasy😔
Joanna Chris De Veyra
Joanna Chris De Veyra:
I just finished watching this drama (just now), I feel so sad that this might be the reason why JH was not in the whole family wedding picture. I wish I didn’t see this because my heart is still broken because JH and DS didn’t end up together. I can’t move on😭💔
Madeleine Zara
Madeleine Zara:
I bet your tears are falling when you see this
Babes ss
Babes ss:
im 5 years late
(just finised watching it last week)
and i dont know if its a blessing in disguised coz atleast now i know hyeri and ryu is dating in REALlife. What if i watch it last 5yrs. Im never gonna survive coz of the ending.
Just so sad yet feels like true to life and that ure part of the story itself.
Babes ss
Babes ss:
im 5 years late
(just finised watching it last week)
and i dont know if its a blessing in disguised coz atleast now i know hyeri and ryu is dating in REALlife. What if i watch it last 5yrs. Im never gonna survive coz of the ending.
Just so sad yet feels like true to life and that youre part of the story itself.
Madhvi Sharma
Madhvi Sharma:
Woaaaah... How comfortable i m knowinh that this wasnt the ending.. Omo... the final episode nd abandoned street was enough to make me cry oceans.
juni hopes
juni hopes:
even i'm team taek, if it's happened to junghwan in the movie, i would cry like crazy.
Menelaus Jon Liboon
Menelaus Jon Liboon:
By just watching this video it made me cry... imagine if this was the ending I'll be in bed for like 3 days...all in all the drama's ending was very satisfying im still hooked up by now.
dr.nirvama thoudam
dr.nirvama thoudam:
Now this breaks my heart....😓😭....only thing that makes me happy is JH and DS is dating in real life🥰😀
cathy jiminie
cathy jiminie:
Why am i in tears reading this😭...
Dara Aulia
Dara Aulia:
after watching this, i cry like a day and thinking a lot about junghwan i love him so badly😭😭😭
Rewan Hassan
Rewan Hassan:
I teared up from just imagining , if that was the real ending for the drama i would have cried my eyes out 🙂💔😭😭😭😭
It’s enough for Junghwan to suffer that much of not having deuk-son in the end...i just dont want him to die!!! I think it gave justice on why there should be no regrets at all coz junghwan had all the chances in confessing his love while deok sun likes him... i still have a lot to say...iL just watch this again for the 3rd time...huhuhu! Kudos to the prod team of this kdrama series!!!
Varshini Sivachandran
Varshini Sivachandran:
Thank god it was not the ending.. I would've been crushed!
mikan zzz
mikan zzz: