Reply 1988 || 5 Facts That You Might Don't Know

I can't get over my feelings for Reply 1988 right now ... here come another video TT_TT
Please pardon some of my mistakes in this video. I made it in a rush so ... heheh :D
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Thank you for 1M views after 4 years everyone! I still watch it very often, hbu??
Nida Fadhilah
Nida Fadhilah:
Another fact, this is 2020, duk seon and jung hwan are still dating in real life uwuuuu
don't forget that JungHwan's father in reply 1988 was Samchonpo in reply 1994 a college student and now he's a father LOL.
Gantz Gardia
Gantz Gardia:
I watched this series late (after DOTS) and with low expectation, but it turned out great and it blew me away since the first episode all the way to the end. I've never watched any K-Drama that make me feel really connected. oh, and I laughed hard everytime dong ryong appears.. he's the friend that everyone has XD
JenLs S
JenLs S:
I still miss that goat sound effects 😭 HAHAHA... Really fan of it!
Meeeee ee e e e e e e....
Nana Zayn
Nana Zayn:
park bo gum is so cuteeeee! he can play a matured and psycho path lawyer and a dumb baduk player so reallll. in reality, he's just a cutie being all cute.
bora is so pretty but every time i see her i only see her yelling at deokseon and hitting her heheh
JJProjecttrash 11
JJProjecttrash 11:
“Here comes the brother and sister relationship” more like the romantic relationship since they’re dating in real life😂
oh dang, 6 years of friendship... no wonder their kissing scenes were unf ;)
Hans einstien
Hans einstien:
oh my god! I love Bora and Sunwoo! and they're bestfriend in real life? My God! there's a probability that they're going to date in the future! or they're dating now? kyaaaaaa!!! Age doesn't matter! Hyeri and Junyeol! just date already! HAHAHA. but before that JungHwan please confess first! Hahahaha
Nin Arty
Nin Arty:
I just finished watching this drama. Now I'm addicted in watching contents like this about the series. I'm kinda late (5 yrs lol) but bru this is realy good and I love them all. I can't believe I cried the whole final episode. Now I'm crying again 😭
Aliah S. Muntasya
Aliah S. Muntasya:
it's heartbreaking that my fave character wasn't the husband. I just finished the the 18 EPS and I already knew, it supposed to be the last's clear to see that my Jung Pal wasn't the husband. I love all of them but still,I'd like if it was Jung Pal . pft
A_ Tom
A_ Tom:
I just finished watching all episodes last night. This series came out in 2015 and now it's 2020. I do not watch a lot of korean series. I just watched those that has really good reviews, are highly recommended, plus how the audience rave about them. So lately, with the existence of Netflix and the lockdown due to Covid pandemic, i finally have the time and gave in to this and watched it. I have 0 to very little idea about the story and the cast since I am not a huge Kpop fan. And this indeed is one of the most beautiful korean tv series ever made. It has simple yet very realistic premise. I think it's hard to pull off a story like that and be able to get very good ratings. But, i feel that the ending was a bit rush (or maybe I just did not want it to end yet after 20 episodes). I wish it still showed how Deuk-son and Taek open up their relationship to their families and if Jung Hwan was able to really be honest with Deuk-son about his feelings. But anyway, it said that the series was really about family and Deuk-son's lovelife was just a side story so it really did not revolve on that so much. But I still wish they made another season. 😁
Umay Ayan
Umay Ayan:
My biggest wish about Reply was Duk Seon and Jung hwan will be married. Wth why jung hwan looks so young? 😷😷
Judith Lusamba
Judith Lusamba:
" are we best friends?"
"umm yes..."
"ok, lets kiss"
i can't!
generally safe-for-work meme distributor
generally safe-for-work meme distributor:
1. Also, Kim Sungkyun (Jungbong and Jungpal's dad) are only 7 yrs older than Junyeol and Ra Miran (Jungpal and Jungbong's mom) are 12 yrs older than Junyeol, so in real life Junyeol and Jaehong call them as hyeong and noona while on screen they are their parents LOL unbelievable XD
2. Choi Sungwon (the one who played NoEul) is originally a musical actor, that's why his voice are soooo good :)
3. Okay, this is actually a question: are present day's Dukseon and her present husband were filming a TV show? Like a TV show where you tell your past stories? If yes, then, I have a wild wild theory saying that the writer of the show is Shiwon (Eunji's character on reply 1997)
Barella Bairre
Barella Bairre:
fact that hyeri once dated Tony h.o.t. (who eunji in reply 1997 is crazy fond of) for a while is a bummer too.
Bwii Oppa
Bwii Oppa:
Bo Ra looks like Zico girl ver.
บู้บี้ lovelove
บู้บี้ lovelove:
i want to keep teak in my heart forever, i dare not to watch other drama LOL
Ringleader24 T
Ringleader24 T:
The chemistry between the cast is fun to watch :D That means Hyeri is the maknae in the cast hehe. Awesome. Bo gum is only a year older than her wuah.
athena valencia
athena valencia:
i cant help but look at d probability of hyeri dating jun yeol oppa haha coz for a fact she dated h.o.t. tony which is way older than jun yeol oppa. well its just me fangirling over them haha
OMFG BORA AND SUNWOO ARE BEST FRIENDS IN REAL LIFE?? this is why their chemistry on screen is so believable and natural ;-;
Faras Zakia
Faras Zakia:
bora is a real pretty in this and bogum was so cuteeeeeeee<3
Katrina Oli
Katrina Oli:
I started watching Reply 1988 around 2017. And I finished the drama in 4 days(which I regret. I hated the drama coz it ended too soon coz I watched it too fast haha). And now it's 2020 already but I still do re-watch the entire drama maybe for the 4th time already. The drama brings me warmth and it never changed even if I watch it over and over. It was never a regret watching the drama. It was a sad part not to have friends that you grow with. I enjoyed every episode of the drama, nothing is boring. This is the best drama for me along with Prison Playbook. It was a wonderful experience and i'm thankful to be able to watch the drama. I'm glad I found this drama.
Godwin K
Godwin K:
feels so weird to kiss you opposite best friend.. matter fact yall already did it why not get married in real life..??
Kae V
Kae V:
Junghwan didn’t win Dukseon’s heart but he did in real life. Awwwwwwwwww
but ryu hyeyoung is an originally indie actor. she's a film major student in konkuk university together with go kyung pyo and ahn jae hong. lee dong hwi, go kyung pyo, ryu jun yeol, ahn jae hong, lee minji, ryu hye young, are all originally indie actors and famous in that field even before reply 1988.
Larah Park
Larah Park:
i cant imagine if they really showed the real plot of this series. like swear, it'll devastate a lot of Junghwan's shipper like me.
dauntless dexxx
dauntless dexxx:
Sunwoo and bora's chemistry is overflowing. I hope they remain friends........... and afterwards they became a couple hahahahaha
Saibha Sun
Saibha Sun:
Really Really really amazing series. Its very philosophical & answer our many life Questions. Today only completed watching in Netflix. Ending was like Titanic scene. I cried out my eyes. Happy to hear in real, Jung-hwan dating Deok-san.
yeol-ri get married & live for 60 yrs together
NooNae in your area
NooNae in your area:
Just finished watching it (I KNOW I SUCK LOL)
And i still cant get over it 😭💞
BTW, is it true that it should have ended in a diff script??

Iread it somewhere that they changed the ending bec someone leaked it thru SNS. Jung hwan was supposed to die on a plane crash and on his last moments he had flashbacks of Deoksun. Still deoksun!!! and Deoksun & Taek visited his grave to ask for his blessing??!

THAT WOULDHAVE BEEN A GREATER ENDING!! I SWEAR!! Than just having us left hanging and questioning ourselves where did our sad boi Junghwan go 😔✊

Anyways 10/10 kdrama. Loved it. Periodt.
6ix 377
6ix 377:
1.This is based on a true story.
2.Jung Hwan died in the real story.
Kirsten Claire Borja
Kirsten Claire Borja:
Heres a fact for your deok sun and jung hwan are dating eachother lovey dovey's
Milan izza
Milan izza:
2018 me: I will never obsessed over korean drama
2020 me: *open youtube* reply 1988 deok sun and jughwan moments
Hooi Kai Ru
Hooi Kai Ru:
Who's here after hyeri and Jun yeol got tgt??!! 😙
Night Rider
Night Rider:
Omg I can't express my feelings here how this series made me feel awesome and addicted....deok-sun and her dad sung dong-il best character and acting...I love this series...deok-sun...
Junghwan debuted this year with the movie socialphobia!
Ira Encar
Ira Encar:
I just finished watching Reply 1988 and I can't move on. The best! 💓😭
BellA Loves
BellA Loves:
“Brother and sister relationship” they’ve been dating now for almost 3 years
Nia Ava
Nia Ava:
1:15 this is so awkward, i mean they're real friends 🥺 my hearteu
Shine Shine
Shine Shine:
sung woo and bora wins for best kissing scene...she wasn't afraid she kissed back..😘 thanks for these facts..
WHAT!??!?!?!?! He's 30?!?!?!?! (( So 29 right??)) He looks so young!
this was the only kdrama i cried a lot with hurt heart!!
shinhyenie 13
shinhyenie 13:
how you can kiss your own bestfriend 😭
A Fajardo
A Fajardo:
Fatin Nur Aina
Fatin Nur Aina:
Park Bogum is just so cute! I really love the way he smiles!
i loveeed this drama. it's 2020 and i'm 5 years late. i've seen so many comments that are similar. i think it's the shutdown. quarantine somehow led us all to Reply 1988. but it's the healing we all need. i felt like i was watching a video of my friends and relatives. my very hot friends that is haha.
so do I! I can't believe junghwan is 29! he looks way sooo youngg!!
Riddhi Dutta
Riddhi Dutta:
The way I love hyeri and Jun yeol♥️
Elliana Fauzi
Elliana Fauzi:
Actually, I started knew BoGum when I was watching Wonderful mama on 2013 , PBG play as a maknae within his siblings. He was so cute at that time, I was falling in love with him started from that drama . Then in drama Cantabile Tomorrow . After that, he also a best friend of V (Kim TaeHyung form BTS). and so on .... he's really good actor and of course good looking 😍
Ann Liverty
Ann Liverty:
Es verdad la capacidad de Park Bogum para actuar es impresionante, tanto que logró hacerme una fan enamorada suya ❤.❤
Nadia Nadou
Nadia Nadou:
and it turned out that Ryu Jun-yeol
and hyeri were dating and still till now <3
Lia Nograles
Lia Nograles:
Hyeri is the only actress that made me laugh big time! And made me cried fave kdrama
Jedro Cawaling
Jedro Cawaling:
Finished watching this now (4 years after its release) and I'm so thankful I get to watch this at the stage where I'm near the end of my teenage years, I wouldn't have appreciated as much as I appreciate it now,
Suci Debiana
Suci Debiana:
Bogeum look the same after he young... cute bogeum cute teaki...
Seia Chan
Seia Chan:
Atleast they’re real couple now xoxo.✊🏻❤️

Ryu jun yeol//Hyeri ❤️
suie ful
suie ful:
Ryu Hye young is the revelation of this reply series for me!!
Steffi perdanasuba
Steffi perdanasuba:
I miss you Choi taek ,i miss Eh kenapa, bru sampe akueverything about you, i miss taek and doeksun 😭
Glaiza Faye Jordan
Glaiza Faye Jordan:
Team JungHwan forever!
Jimins Bae
Jimins Bae:
i watched this drama realllllly late .. i was like, reply 1988? i was born in that year (i'm old, i know) but it turn out sooooooo good! i fell in love with the ost .. 💋❤
Rosinha Cardoso
Rosinha Cardoso:
Lindo Dorama, lindos amigos.💖 Adorei ver na Netflix, obrigada.
Datta D Thombare
Datta D Thombare:
0:36 this didnt age well
_ charlenexx
_ charlenexx:
Omg, by Bogum's mouth I can tell what he's singing in that drama
whiteflower punch
whiteflower punch:
oh i didnt know about the age gap haha X) but still taek is a cutie 😍😍😍
Sharon Fe Fucanan
Sharon Fe Fucanan:
if SunWoo and Bora anre best friends in real life.... so the kissing scenes are really awkward.HAHAHA
Keren C
Keren C:
Johana Jovanca
Johana Jovanca:
OMG I've watched wonderful mama before but I didn't realized that bogum was in that drama ...
wow. sun woo and bora are best friends? But those kissing scenes :D
Anyway love reply 1988 so much. Just done watching last night.
Keen Jasmine Ramirez
Keen Jasmine Ramirez:
y'all who's here after hearing the dating news? omg
Mulia Septiarni
Mulia Septiarni:
CJES IS LYFEEE!!!! <3 <3 <3
Quennie A.
Quennie A.:
My Duk Seon and Jung Hwan 💖
Christoper Edward Dela Cruz
Christoper Edward Dela Cruz:
Jung hwan and bong soon has realasyon ship in real life
Jewel Saranghe
Jewel Saranghe:
i love this so much!!
And that deoksun’s (hyeri) parents were also the main characters (Go Ara and Eunji)’s parents in reply 1994 and 1997. And they’re using their real names.
Jeny Bave
Jeny Bave:
What's the title of the song? It's so cuteee
Talk 001
Talk 001:
The best ever im still missing this siries
ple lee
ple lee:
0:49 beautiful
anyone know about the alternative ending where jung hwan dies in a plane accident
I ship SunWoo and BoRa in real life!!
Jennie Dukiee
Jennie Dukiee:
Who is stilling watching this on 2020
Mildred Biay
Mildred Biay:
Park Bo Gum aka TAEK!!! 😍😍😍 my kraaaaas! 😁
Black and White
Black and White:
Indie film actors are the best. I thought i was watching an indie film when i saw the first episode. The casting is daebak! Ra mi ran and dong-il stood out. Chukhaeyo to the director.
Kangbaby Peach
Kangbaby Peach:
So bummed I watched it late. If I had watch it more earlier I'll probably be on my 10th rewatch. uwu.
Trina Villanueva
Trina Villanueva:
I watched 1994 then 1998. I am starting 1988 now. LMAO😂🤣😂 I am 63 years old and I can still relate to all these show's. I have loved the first two. I know I'll love this one to. ❤️✌️
Angee Malikk
Angee Malikk:
Omg! This video made me soooooo happy! Esp the last part! 😂💖
joonie's dimples yes please
joonie's dimples yes please:
are these ages the actors' korean ages or their western/international ages?
Free Soul
Free Soul:
who else watched this during quarantine?
Thank you for this video! I learned something new haha.
Rizza Bravo
Rizza Bravo:
Park Bo Gum is ❤
You can now add that Hye Ri(Duk Seon)and Ryu Jun Yeol(Junghwan)are now dating!!
Klirka Engtipi
Klirka Engtipi:
Park Bo Gum is perfectly cute. Perfectly cute. Like Chuu from Loona is perfectly cute
Alzane Germanium
Alzane Germanium:
WAIT WHAT Jung Hwan and Deok Seon ARE DATING????? WHEN?? HOW?????
Zhrya Basq
Zhrya Basq:
I watched this 3 series drama of reply but for me the best is Reply 1988.
ryu hye young is so pretty
Mila Fitos
Mila Fitos:
ughhh now i ship bora and sunwoo even more
Taiga Lee
Taiga Lee:
Woahhhh bora and sunwoo is really suprising me a lot!!! ㅋㅋㅋ
Ma.rizza Dagala
Ma.rizza Dagala:
Damn! One of the best kdrama ived watch
Wow if i kiss may friend for 6 years it would be really awkward
John Lloyd Piñgol
John Lloyd Piñgol:
wtf, if sun woo and bo ra were really best friends, then, it was really hard for them to control the awkwardness of their characters in this drama. they also kissed omg.
Andi Hamzah_Yuliana
Andi Hamzah_Yuliana:
It must be awkward kissing your bestfriend.
Seonwoo it is?