Remembering Regis Philbin: Tributes Pour In For Legendary TV Host | Sunday TODAY

Legendary television host Regis Philbin died of natural causes on Friday, and now he’s being remembered for his 60-year career across popular programs. Kathie Lee Gifford paid tribute to her former co-host, saying, “Every day with him was a gift.” NBC’s Kathy Park reports for Sunday TODAY.
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Remembering Regis Philbin: Tributes Pour In For Legendary TV Host | Sunday TODAY

99 komento:

Carol Deaton
Carol Deaton:
Part of my mornings for years. Will be missed dearly.
Denise L.
Denise L.:
Regis Philbin will be missed. Rest in peace Regis. 🙏🙏
He was a GREAT host for Millionaire.
BobbyD Productions
BobbyD Productions:
Rest In Peace, Regis Philbin! I enjoyed watching you on TV! Btw, I liked you better than Kelly, lol!
Kelly Bode
Kelly Bode:
I loved when Regis and Kathie Lee went back and forth talking and joking. I'll miss him. RIP 😇
kim romanski
kim romanski:
I will always miss Regis especially when he was with Kathie Lee!
GYTW 2019
GYTW 2019:
RIP Regis...
Affordable Escapes Travel
Affordable Escapes Travel:
The One! The Only! The ORIGINAL! NEVER started my Morning without KL * Reeg. Rest Easy Reeg! Love to Joy & Family!
Max Banana
Max Banana:
Rest In Peace love the days I watch your shows never will be a show like your again 🙏
Luce Murphy
Luce Murphy:
Loved watching Regis. Notre Dame football will be missing a big fan. Fly high with the angels Reece!
Rose T
Rose T:
He will always be remembered for his one of a kind infectious personality and the many years of joy and laughter.
MARY Tesho
MARY Tesho:
Regis was so awesome. I watched him all the time. He will be sorely missed
Baha Bobby
Baha Bobby:
RIP Regis. Your energy came right out of the TV. Rare, original, and will never be replaced
Evelyn Wills
Evelyn Wills:
Regis you will be dearly missed!
Julie Furaitor
Julie Furaitor:
I loved Regis and Kathie Lee together! 😂 Will miss him!
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman:
I loved Regis! May he RIP. ❤️
Linda Stewart
Linda Stewart:
Robert Dawson
Robert Dawson:
I remember him as A great story teller. I wish his wife and his daughters comfort joy in love. He will be missed and hard to be replaced.👍😁😎
Maria C
Maria C:
What a guy. Love Regis, cannot imagine the world without him in it..
Manuel Oropeza
Manuel Oropeza:
You will Always be in our hearts
Rhonda Smith
Rhonda Smith:
Regis was such a great story teller, I loved him with Kathie Lee they made a great team! So funny 😆 Thanks for all the laughs Regis!
A really nice guy. Glad I had the pleasure of meeting him.
D Davis
D Davis:
I loved Regis, he was always so funny and charming. RIP
Buckeye Fangirl19
Buckeye Fangirl19:
Loved this man❤☺👍
I didn't watch Kelly after Regis left EXCEPT when Jeff Gordon co hosted with her and after he left Millionaire I didn't watch it anymore at all. Neither show was appealing to me without his class and humor.

My deepest condolences to Joy, his daughters, extended fam and friends.

World is a darker place today without his smile but as Kathie Lee posted earlier, pretty sure he's already people smile and laugh in Heaven today. We will miss you though.

I am a legendary person And every woman knows me
I am a legendary person And every woman knows me:
Rip Regis greatness
Tim Uchwat
Tim Uchwat:
I will always remember Regis Philbin he made me laugh.
Kelly o
Kelly o:
So very funny!! This world will not be better without him! Thankyou to his family for sharing him with all of us. Bless his soul a thousand times & may he rest in peace.
Wesley C
Wesley C:
Regis was a Millionaire legend.

RIP Philbin 👍🏻🙁
Zenaida Denton
Zenaida Denton:
The best ever,no ego in him @ all.
Truth505 Productions -Ilovemystar-
Truth505 Productions -Ilovemystar-:
I grew up watching him in the 90’s RIP Legend! 😢😢👏🏾👏🏾
Sour Ark
Sour Ark:
Regis was a real gentleman,he is missed!❤
Willa Just Being Willa
Willa Just Being Willa:
A long life well lived! 😇
Eileen Doherty
Eileen Doherty:
Great man ❤️
Registered User
Registered User:
a great man, may he rest in peace.
RIP Regis, he was a fantastic host
A true Maestro....
loved waking up a little early back when i was a kid and seeing my mom watching regis and kelly. I don't think i ever once watched a whole episode but something about walking through the room and feeling the vibe of the show just felt so comforting. Nothing can hurt you. This is a calm morning. Regis and Kelly are just chilling in NYC and regis is going to punch a beach ball. Life is good.
RIP Regis.
Walter Griffeth
Walter Griffeth:
I enjoyed the video until twitter took over .
I started watching Regis back in the late 60's on Joey Bishop when I was about 13 , then Regis and Kathie Lee in 1988 when my younger son was 2 , I never missed the show , they were so good together , I lost my Son in 2006 , then when I heard Regis had passed I cried , I have never cried over a famous person passing away, but it made me think of all the mornings I turned on the TV and fed my son his breakfast and watched Regis and Kathie Lee , so many good memories .
Regis always reminded me of my Father who was also born in New York in the same area and had same sense of humor , my Father passed away this past September at the age of 95 .
Regis Philbin was one of a kind, I always remember him saying that his Mother would always say to him " The poorhouse is just around the corner " .
I love and will miss you Regis , ❤❤
R.I.P my guy🙏🏽☝🏽👌🏽
Andrew Flood
Andrew Flood:
James Shannon
James Shannon:
God loves ya Regis and so do we!💕
Ms V
Ms V:
🙏 Rest easy Regis Philbin ✝ 😇
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez:
R.I.P Regis he had a heck of life.But why die so soon?
John and Charlotte Brennan
John and Charlotte Brennan:
Love you Regis. Everyone will miss you. You were awesome
Sherry Singleton
Sherry Singleton:
Watched Regis for years! I never will forget that clip he spontaneously did on dialysis. He raised awareness of the disease to thousands. I don’t think anyone took note; but I thought he deserved an award for piece he did on that subject. RIP Regis.
Jenny G
Jenny G:
RIP Regis. We loved him.
I have not watched TV in so long they now have Kelly and Ryan Seacrest? I was wondering why Kelly and Ryan did a joint statement lol...
He had the fire.
Sticky Moantain
Sticky Moantain:
Live with Jesus Regus philban
Andre Walker
Andre Walker:
😥😥😥😥🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 WE WILL MISS YOU
John and Charlotte Brennan
John and Charlotte Brennan:
Virginia Pendas
Virginia Pendas:
he will be missed, R.I.P
Lourdes Jimenez
Lourdes Jimenez:
Lived long good life
Shelia McCullough
Shelia McCullough:
Regis will be missed. What a guy. Served in the military - thank you Regis. Truly a great American.
Kathy jcbible club Wagner
Kathy jcbible club Wagner:
Dawit Michael
Dawit Michael:
R.I.P Mr. Regis big fan from Eritrean.
Krista Smith
Krista Smith:
He is a wonderful person
Aedva Vil-Fleur
Aedva Vil-Fleur:
Martin Klanecky
Martin Klanecky:
#regisandkathielee #whowantstobeamillionaire #regisandkelly
I remember Regis Philbin was a guest in Don Rickles birthday party , few years ago when Don Rickles couldn't stand anymore , (his last years) , and he had hard time blowing out his birthday cake candles , and Regis Philbin said :"even he can't blow out candles no more " he himself is gone too..RIP both...
Yasmin McEwen
Yasmin McEwen:
So very sorry to hear about Beloved New York Titan Regis Philben. Such a Cool Guy! He always made me happy and cheered me up everytime I watched him in the morning. I cried when he left the show. Regis Hair Salons also were the place to go when I could afford it. I don't know if they are related I always thought they were his Salon's and that's why I went there. My Deepest Condolences to his Family & Friends. A Class Act who knew how to Brighten up our Lives. Regis will be missed but Remembered with Lots of LOVE~ 🌞💞🇺🇸
Lisa Cook
Lisa Cook:
You are outside really a mask
Vikki Nicholson
Vikki Nicholson:
My favorite talk show was definitely Regis and Kathy Lee. Say what you will, they were the dynamic duo. So funny together and seemed like a perfect fit. Regis was unique and NEVER boring. Some networks don't know who to keep and who to let go. Condolences to his family, especially Joy, a beautiful lady and his better half.
Piero Scatena
Piero Scatena:
Guida Torres
Guida Torres:
I am going to miss you Regis and always watch your show
Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn:
Who would dislike this video? Shame on them...Rest In Paradise Regis! You’ve always reminded me of my grandpa with your energy, quick wit, “just be yourself” personality, & humor. You were a gift to us & always will remain one. Thank you for all of the belly laughs! ♥️🕊
v a t o
v a t o:
Albanian blood flows in him....RIP
Miki Dewberry
Miki Dewberry:
White Demographics Matter
the unUSEFULidiot
the unUSEFULidiot:
F 😞
Karen O'Shea
Karen O'Shea:
Regis is an entertainment monument to kindness in an unkind world. A brilliant responsive REGULAR GUY, we all can mourn this brilliant great. HE BROKE THE MOLD. YES! the ultimate CLASS ACT. HIS JOY IS INFECTIOUS. loving these gracious memorials.
Joseph Lawson
Joseph Lawson:
Rip who want to be a
Sherry Singleton
Sherry Singleton:
I hate that Regis never came back as a guest or fill in on Live. With him being old ; someone should have reached out to him. I remember he said that Rippa and himself really didn’t talk. I always think that he left that job because of her. Not that she did anything; but I think that it was time to do new things for the show; and He wasn’t ready; she was ! old people can’t tolerate young people; don’t know why they put that mix together. He made that show what it was; Kelly made it what it is! I think Regis would have shared his true feelings with Kathy Lee. I note she never befriended the show again. She and Regis would have lunch together. I wonder is Kathy Lee will reveal some secrets in a book? Anyway there was a time when the relationship was ok with Kelly and Regis. I just think that getting old makes you less tolerant. He deserves for that show to be named for him! Regis! What a pretty name!
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez:
Becoming a Hollywood star is hazardous to your life these days...dropping like flies....
Ricardo Laudico
Ricardo Laudico:
Kathy park needn't wear a mask if you're 6 feet away from people and you're outdoor...jeez
Lee Connor
Lee Connor:
Ban Twitter
Larry Gomez
Larry Gomez:
I never heard of this guy who was he?
Terry Wix
Terry Wix:
rbla51 reef
rbla51 reef:
Met him in person, dwarf arrogant jerk. Kathy lee was a class act tho
Harry Higgenbotham
Harry Higgenbotham:
He's a white male how could you !
mike rosevear
mike rosevear:
was his mom marrion hutton sang with glenn miller band ?
D B:
Crocodile tears
Raymond Johnson
Raymond Johnson:
The reporter. Looks so ridiculous in that mask
Bucky Brown
Bucky Brown:
Pushy, loud Irish bore.
J.T. Brünner
J.T. Brünner:
"Natural Causes" good thing he wasn't in a motorcycle crash in Florida or he would have died of Covid-19.
Xfhu Lurf
Xfhu Lurf:
I’ve never seen this guy on television never knew who he was🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Røbbin Mølk
Røbbin Mølk:
So funny that the reporter is wearing a stupid mask but the anchor isn't. The human race makes me laugh.
dumb boyiam
dumb boyiam:
Regis Philbin was a contestant on the July 24, 2020 episode of Celebrity Bucket Kickers.
I hope he get well soon.
Thirsty 4more
Thirsty 4more:
Didn't he have allegations agaisnt him or now that he's dead its forgotten.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name:
Annnnnd none will miss him
A R:
the academy award nominee for MOST ANNOYING
Juls 33
Juls 33:
Who cares !